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  1. The picture has lied to you. All of the figures come with minimal gear. This means helmets (except for Tele-Viper and HISS Commander), and only whatever pistols and knives are necessary to fit in whatever sheathes/holsters that the figure may have. You have to get the regular releases of the figures (the ones that have them, at least) to get all the 'standard' gear. On one hand, it's cheap and the figures feel like they're missing things simply because they have the bare minimum. On the other, I've seen other companies just leave out the accessories on the vehicle drivers, so I'm actually quite pleased. Hasbro could have easily switched parts and removed all the holsters and such to begin with. I gotta be honest, I'm a little torn on it myself... I have a question about the gear? My Steeler didn't come with a gun, but he has an ankle holster for one. Was it supposed to have one? It is kind of bothering me. Yes, I'm still around, just haven't posted in a while. Hope everyone's doing well.
  2. I went to TRU this morning and found ONE peg worth of the single packs. It was ONE case only, and there was no Cobra Commander. I was the first person to the aisle, so an employee must have grabbed that one. I left only a Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I'm glad I got there when I did. What a paltry shipment!
  3. I found them. It's really not hard to dig them up out there. They look great! I am excited for Joe again.
  4. Finally some Joe news! I've missed collecting and can't wait to see what they have in store. I'm not that hard to please, so I don't have any real serious reservations. I'm just glad that some 3.75" Joes are going to be in stores again.
  5. Deep Frying makes EVERYTHING better! I haven't had oreos, but I've had twinkies, and they are delicious.
  6. It wasn't too bad when I did it for Gamecube. There weren't a lot of hardcore gamers there though, mostly moms picking it up for the holidays. I had to do it that way last time becasue the only game stores in my city were all selling only bundles with a bunch of crap I didn't want. One store even lied to me and told me that was the way Nintendo was selling them. Like Nintendo was shipping bundles with a thrid-party generic controller and a subscription to that store's magazine! I chese not to do business with them and went to Wal-Mart to buy just the core set. It was alright, but a friend of mine got sick, so only one person ended up waiting with me and coming over to play that night. Oh well.
  7. You guys are lucky. I got there to late. My nearby store only had 18 to preorder, and if you weren't there by 6:00 am, then you were too late. There was no way I could do that. People were saying that Wii would be more abundant, but you also have to figure in the fact that there is much more desire for it as well. Looks like Wal-Mart at midnight for me again. That's cool though. My friends and I will make an event of it.
  8. I love this show! It has really blown me away after three episodes. They all have such incredible endings! Hiro is my favorite as he is reacting the way I would, unlike some of them. Some, like Claire, are whining too much. "Oh, I have powers. I'm a freak! I'm not normal! Boo hoo!" Me, I'd be thinking, "Okay, I'm invulnerable. Time to head over to the fabric store and whip up a costume!" I am riveted and can't wait to see more.
  9. There are slots for GC memory cards and thes must be used to GC games and saves. They are hidden under a panel on the side (top if vertical) along with the controller ports.
  10. Also, the specs are much better than a Gamecube. People are saying that, but I've seen some games that look way better than current-gen. A lot of the first generation titles were developed using Gamecubes because the architecture is similar. I expect to see a big boost in graphics after a couple waves of games. I know it'll never match 360 and PS3 (since it won't be HD), but they will still look very, very nice. Graphics aren't everything anyway.
  11. The price isn't great, but it's not bad either. Nintendo is selling it for the absolute top they can get for the thing, which is actually just good business. Nintendo is a for-profit organization, and they are doing what'e best for them. I'm sold. I just have to wait two more months.
  12. It is a little steep, but not that bad. It's the controller that actually costs so much, as evidenced by the price of the thing separately. It is a big advancement, so the R&D has to be paid for by someone. I'm not terribly dissappointed. Remember that Nintendo is not in the habit of selling consoles for a loss, like the other two companies. It's a fair price, if not terribly exciting. I'm still getting on launch day, end of story.
  13. It is doubtful there will be a Gamecube version, but if it does well, I wouldn't be shocked to see some form of Mario Basketball on Wii.
  14. I've played it and it is a great game. The controls are awesome. You tap the screen repeatedly with the stylus to control the speed of your dribble. Very intuitive. Also, it's from Square, so there are some Final Fantasy characters in there as well (Moogle, Cactaur, Red Wizard, White Wizard). It's going to be great. I want to get it now, but I don't need to spend the money. Hopefully soon though.
  15. I loved the Croc Hunter and It is a very sad time now that he will no longer be entertaining us with wildlife education. I do agree that it is ironic that a guy who would let the most venomous snake in the world lick his face would be felled by an animal that is typically not considered to be life-threateeningly dangerous. It is very sad, but he went out doing what he loved to do. My thoughts go out to his family, who I'm sure are having a very difficult time. RIP Croc Hunter. You were the best.
  16. The red head is Ma hunkle's granddaughter, but she wil not be called Red Tornado. That is an all-new Commander Steel at the bottom. No word yet on his identity or origin.
  17. The guy behind Hawkman, if you mean just those two eyes, is Obsidian.
  18. Anyody pick up the latest Star Fox? I got it last night and it's pretty good. I don't play online that much as I don't have a good net connection, but I will be online sometimes. Here's my friend code: 932 165 647 111 I'll add anybody who posts their code in this thread. I'm looking forward to some good dogfighting.
  19. Yes, Rodimus, I like the idea of having Michael Knight as the Devon character, recruiting a new driver for the car. It would be great to have a new car and driver, but then they get in trouble and KITT and Michael have to rescue them. That way, The originals could still see a little action, without being the focus and without it being too cheesy.
  20. The spray bottle thing works well. The trick to training a cat is to not let them see you doing it. If you spray the cat when it does something bad it will curb that behavior, but only when you're around. If you spray him without him knowing wherre it comes from, then he thinks that getting sprayed is a natural response to the scratching and he will stop doing it. Now, this plan will lead to your couch getting scratched up a bit until the cat is trained. I think there are some sprays on the market that you can spray on furniture that will keep the cat away altogether. I don't know if they work or not. The plastic tips might be okay, but I don't know. Do not declaw the cat, especially if you are going to let him outside. It's cruel and takes away the cat's natural defenses. You wouldn't want someone ripping off all your fingernails, would you? Good luck with the cat. Post some pictures when you get him.
  21. This via Snopes: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0822talker-ON.html Looks like this may be a hoax. It's good to know that people aren't that stupid after all.
  22. It's one thing to toss rubber snakes around, as happened in my theater, but real, live rattlesnakes is crossing the line. I could maybe even understand someone bringing a live snake that is non-venomous, though I would not condone letting it just run loose. It's dangerous for the people and for the snake. That kind of uncool behavior just doesn't belong at what should be a fun movie experience.
  23. http://www.wizarduniverse.com/magazine/wiz...3.cfm?popup=999 That is the pic I am speaking of. The big guy is Damage.
  24. That's not Atom Smasher on the cover. It's Damage in a new costume (that looks a lot like Atom Smasher's). This was confirmed by Johns.
  25. Yes, it was really cheesy and generally bad, but it was FUN, and that's what counts. It helps when the audience is into it. People in my theater had rubber snakes and everything. What a great time!
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