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  1. Well, asked SKARAPZ about the Tonka BTR and he says loudly, AGAIN, "Oh yeah!"... Not G.I.Joe articulation. Non-O-ring. 5 point articulation (head, two shoulders, two legs). They are 3 3/4" though... Now all I gotta do is see if he forgot to ask anything else!!!
  2. Happy little update from SKARAPZ forgetting to tell me something!!! The Battle Points offer will be... (Dramatic pause) Faces head, on a Crimson Guard body with helmet. This way you can get yourself a Crimson Guard, or a Spy Troop! The comment on the Flagg points is to save them! They might be a ten flagg points for one battle point ratio, but if we can use 'em, I'm happy!!! -Kevin
  3. This mornings roundtable discussion consisted of: 1. They changed the Viper/Alley Viper pictures from what we saw yesterday. The blue one is the Alley Viper, and the Red-ish one is the Viper. 2. Hasbro Canada is in charge of releasing stuff there. It's not DDP or anything. Canada fans have to give a lot of ground support/swell to get the figures there. 3. Uniforms hands were brought up, and they are going to start doing it more. Wave 8 or 9 should be more uniform hands with the C-grip. 4. All repaints from now on will have their own mission and story from now on. They won't be like the repainted Wave 1. It'll be more like a Tiger Force, and Python Patrol... Thanks SKARAPZ for this one as I was too tired, and slept 'til 11 anyways! (Now it's time to pack up and check out). -Kevin
  4. WTF do I have to do with any of this??? Tom You're one of the more prominent (sp?) people from this forum, that I'd like to get to know better! Especially after watching SKARAPZ worship that idol of you when it comes to the Diorama sets we saw... (He's not here, so I can post this for a few hours before he sees it!!!) -Kevin
  5. It's going to be on Cartoon Network in the end of September, and also be released in September (from what I heard). Nothing I say is law!!! Just what I "heard". -Kevin
  6. The heads are the actual heads, and one of the Officers is Scarface for those who remember him (he's leading the pack). The scarf/mask is going to be in the good ol' black and red colors of course to demostrate the difference between officer and soldie. As well as the red the Officers are being denoted by. My question with that is what's the racial ratio of the officers. The four shown appear to have one African-American, Scarface, one Caucasian, and one more that could pass for Latino, African-American, or Caucasian. -Kevin P.S.- This wasn't discussed at the round table, SKARAPZ and I learned this from talking to one of the Hasbro Employees. And remember, this can always change!
  7. Clam found SKARAPZ and I on Friday evening. And then for some odd reason listened to SKARAPZ when the gambling came about! That is the closest anyone came to dying, when Clam ended up pennyless. SKARAPZ and I also met up with Super Megatron. There was no violence involved here, because we didn't get to hang out too long before SKARAPZ and I were in need of food. I haven't met anyone else from the ADC boards that I recognized the name of. Just asked SKARAPZ if he met anyone else, but we ain't seen 'em yet! -Kevin P.S.- Proper English is your friend!!! (Or at least mine)
  8. "Right" -SKARAPZ when being read what was posted. -Kevin
  9. Well, SKARAPZ talked with Brian Savage about the idea of the Trouble Bubble for a con exclusive, and he said the whole concept at the moment is out of whack. When he got his in 97, it didn't even stay together. And if Hasbro's having this same problem, I really don't want them to rerelease the Trouble Bubble. I don't have one, and want one, but it would be nice to see a working one, instead of one that falls apart once I put someone in it. -Kevin
  10. Well, he's laughed at all my jokes, so I'm sure he's got SOME issues. -Kevin
  11. I'll make sure to ask that tomorrow, since I'm tired of SKARAPZ takin' over my comp, and now I have a good excuse! There were no pictures of the new Viper or Alley Vipers, just artist renditions. They were hoping to use more artist renditions like they did with Spy Troops, just not as heavy. They actually didn't let anyone take pictures when they had anything up on the screen behind them, which included the new SS, Duke, Viper, Alley Viper, Dr. Mindbender, and Heavy Duty. -Kevin
  12. How can you not see the appeal? We have Green Shirts for a reason! Not that I'd burn mine if I had 'em. But sometimes you just have to jump out of a flaming helicopter to survive! (Which usually means they won't if their parachute is on fire) The round table discussion actually had a few things that SKARAPZ forgot to mention... 1. Zanya is in the works if they can get it down. DDP said they can only put female out per wave, simply because women DO NOT SELL... (hint hint: Support the female chars if you can!) 2. Supposedly Wave 9 CC is black (right after the blue one from Wave 8, oddly enough). This can always change though. Even though I the guy I asked is the one who was in charge of holding the figures. I can't seem to think of what I had in my head before this, so maybe after tomorrow's next discussion, I'll remember, or even later tonight! -Kevin
  13. Bah, if I can get this Creative PC-Cam to work, then all is well. Until then, I'm confused about what exactly I need to do. I am holding onto two Firefly sets to deliver to Clam, and one of my own personal sets for Doc Evil, since he ain't got one, and he found the soft spot in my heart... "I ain't got one..." -Doc And I agree with Outsiders needing to learn some english. Where in the dictionary is Thanx? All in all, thanks for the street credit. Now that I feel semi-accepted, I only have one more hurdle of Tom revoking my newbie status! (Which won't happen anytime soon). -Kevin
  14. Well, my favorite would have to be the Hiss IIB, simply because I had never seen one in person before. Now I have both of them! The way I see it now, my favorite figures have to be Gung Ho, Duke, and Snake-eyes in Crimson Guard Spy Troops gear with helmets that will NEVER COME OFF!!! We did learn a few secrets today after talking to DDP, and Brian... I'm gonna leave that to SKARAPZ's lil report for later, since I don't remember half of it.
  15. The first day of my attending is over, and I'm finally glad!!! SKARAPZ had taken over my computer! How mean! I just gotta say "wow" to this entire thing... I'm sorry to say I'd like to hook you folks up with Fireflys if we can, but as it is, we've already taken care of four or five extra sets, and I ain't got the cash anymore. (Literally, or figuratively) For anyone thinking about it, since I ain't read any of these... The HISS IIB is sold out and by 9:30 am I'm sure the Firefly sets will be too... Thank god we're getting up early to finish off my cash!!! This convention has almost no vehicles either. As soon as I can get my camera to work (which probably won't happen until I get back on my desktop), I'll have some more pics from different angles, even if they do suck. Now I shall retire to dreamland, and dream of a repainted terrordrome to go with the MCC!!! -Kevin
  16. As far as public Transportation goes... I plan to pick up SKARAPZ, and if you take Bart to SFO I can give you a ride too (I plan to be at the end of Registration if I have to, but I want to get my sets tonight!) -Kevin
  17. I'm goin'! And it's a longer drive for me! (Coming from the Santa Rosa area!) Plus, now you can meet your local Joe collectors that are to lazy to connect with you any other way! (me!) -Kevin
  18. Well, I wasn't a big fan of my own NAC when I first bought it. I just bought it to add to my list of "haves" in the JvC line. When they had the Spy Troops Desert NAC, I was actually thrilled, because it looked ot me like it fit better (especially since my friends who dunno JvC said it was just because of the war in Afgan, and Iraq). This version looks very good to me, except for a few small points: 1. All the grey on the helicopter itself looks like it was something left over from a previous toy, as if shot up walls, and they wanted to get rid of the material. 2. The black and red paint scheme looks good, but the solid red would have looked better to me. Overall: This will be a great buy on my part. If I do play with it, I would use the CST Tomax and Xamot in the place of the ones that it comes with. I am happy that Cobra has a NAC now aswell, since my vehicles usually don't get used by team-orientation ('cept team specifics; i.e.Tiger Force, Night Force, etc.) this will be very entertaining to see in a Dio-Story.
  19. Well, seeing as how I'm eagerly awaiting what this item is aswell, I might have to run and get there at 6 pm! Although it would be kind of rude of me, since I'm picking SKARAPZ up at the airport (I swear it's faster than taking the shuttle) at 8 pm or so. I got room for three more people too!!! (hint hint for those arriving at or around 8 pm than wanna send me a cell # to call) And as far as the uploading of pics goes... I'm borrowing a friends laptop, and taking it with. Anyone who wants to upload some pics can look me up, if they bring their camera and some software to go with it. -Kevin (I can give you my # in person, or over AIM/MSN/ICQ/Private Message, for those who haven't left yet)
  20. I got the laptop to go with me... If someone brings a camera, we can hook that stuff up!!! But, I got my crap webcam going too... I'll most likely be hanging out with SKARAPZ, since I dunno any of you, and yeah. (Wonder if they'll let me carry around a laptop in my backpack or get mad like they did at the anime cons.) -Kevin
  21. I got three convention sets on me, and if you name the right price, I would lose of one of 'em. To clarify, no one but me personally made the claim about the rage. The post on qktheatre, was only about the new puzzle he saw/found/has. I actually just looked at a picture on my wall, and one of my rages DOES have a bumper! (Go me!) And next to the HISS I, the Mobile Command Center (since I didn't have a Terrordrome) was my favorite piece of vehicle to use in the name of Cobra. Of course now that I'm low on cash, I need to find a new base of operations for my Python Army. The Rage was second fiddle only to the Stun when it came to Cobra-troop-carrying-ability in my eyes. -Kevin
  22. That's one way to make a guy feel dumb. I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at it. Want to post the reply before this strange woman who just left got too curious. This is also the second time I've seen the CAT. (And from the picture, that's what I assumed the Rage would be like in action, since I can't find the bumper for mine!) Thanks for correcting me. Guess I just gotta buy a ton of CATs insteads... -Kevin
  23. Heh. Been following these boards for a month (never logged in) before I even made an account. I'm hoping to be a regular on here just to get mee off my MUD addiction. So please, be kind with my useless, spammy posts! I like the chrome btw... Still didn't read how you did it, or was I just on crack and missed it? -Kevin
  24. Just read the nightly paper at qktheatre.com, and saw that EagleEyeJoe posted an image of a new puzzle... There's this wonderful Venom Cycle, HISS IV, and a sleek looking Rage. I know for a fact that if this is realized in this color I'll have a nice toy for all three of my Crimson Strike Teams... And don't hate me for starting this, it was just too damn good to pass up on! (Cause I want it so bad!) http://members.toast.net/photos/slideshow....ex=1&PictDisp=1 Apologies to EagleEyeJoe for using his link w/o permission. -Kevin
  25. I'll be at the convention, commuting from Benicia (about a half hour, or fourty five minutes away). I hope to be there every day. I have a crappy webcam I can take and upload pictures nightly. :-P But I know other sites'll beat me to it! So, if even one person wants me to, I will. Then I'll start throwing in all the goods anywhere asked.
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