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  1. So we're only getting these two entertainment packs? (Thus, we are not going to be able to BAMD (Build a Mass Device!)? And SDCC exclusives... *groan* I'll make my plans now I guess... Putting the request in now should get me the time off. Damn expensive summers! "Next fall" as in 09? Cobra La on hold? As in... No movie pack? Or no Falcon vs. Nemesis Enforcer comic pack? Do we know what, if any, of these items are going to be made into exclusives? We have the first "half" of 08's single pack releases... Any chance we'll at least get names of some of the last half, if not pictures of protos? All in all, thanks JayC. As I said earlier, I hate getting my news elsewhere, and now have official TNI pics to use. -Kevin
  2. To answer your question, yes. I also associated him with the Buzz Boar. More with the Buzz Boar than I associated him with the Pogo. -Kevin
  3. Since we're not in speculation mode... Arise Serpentor Arise: Serpentor, Slaughter, <third figure escapes me, but most likely Mindbender> w/ lab equipment. Movie: Pythona, Big Lob, Golobulus, Royal Guard w/ BET OR Golobulus' shell Pyramid of Darkness: Alpine, Bazooka, Quick Kick w/ Fatal Fluffy -Kevin
  4. Here ya go Kev....a Hasbro release: http://www.hasbro.com/gijoe/default.cfm?pa...2F47059AFCC322F That's actually what I used to help me determine the comic packs, and vehicle-break down... -Kevin
  5. Again with the broken records people... *points to the TF-threads pre-movie-release* -Kevin
  6. Yeah, I already spent 2k today on vintage Joes... So, quite excited to see I'll only be spending about 1k on the modern stuff! -Kevin
  7. As it turns out... I was not fed! It was horrible! I had to scarf on some chips to hold me over until dinner (which is still 90+ minutes out!) -Kevin
  8. So, let's recap!!! Comic Packs... 12 in total (I thought I read 15 somewhere). Wave 1 = 3 Packs Wave 2 = 2 Packs Wave 3 = 4 Packs Wave 4 = 3 Packs We've seen pictures of all of these... Vehicles... Unknown number. Looks like Vehicle packs. Armadillo Tank w/ Steeler vs. Serpantor's Air Chariot w/ Serpantor Ram w/ Breaker vs. trouble Bubble w/ Tele-Viper Vamp w/ Clutch Hiss w/ Rip It Entertainment Packs (Seen) Mass Device Weather Dominator Entertainment Packs (Unseen) G.I.Joe the Movie Arise Serpentor Arise Pyramid of Darkness Taking the BAF idea, it appears we can build ourselves a Mass Device buy purchasing all five of these bad boys. Single Packs, 7 Waves, 40 figures... Wave 1 '08 = 5 Figures Wave 2 '08 = 3 Figures Wave 3 '08 = 5 Figures Wave 4 '08 = 8 Figures That's 21 figures so far, and we haven't seen Wave 5 '08 or later yet. Did I miss anything? Exclusives not included. -Kevin
  9. Sorry to say, but anyone who had ANY faith in that rumor is a little misguided... How many times have we heard the no big playsets-comment? We'll get TWO big playsets to go with the movie, if they're in the movie... some Cobra base, and GIJOE HQ. -Kevin
  10. They're Star Wars! We don't do Star Wars here in the Joe Forums! Chief 1 1! -Kevin
  11. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I think that Hummer is actually for the Hulk movie line--the insignia on the doors and hood are SHIELD crests. I think he was just pointing out that they're also "Joe-scale" (being former Joe figs), thus we can buy them and use them if we want! -Kevin
  12. So, it's all a conspiracy among Joe websites, I've decided! First I spam refresh Hisstank.com, now I spam refresh yojoe.com! What's next!? -Kevin
  13. And what's new about this? Yojoe now has pictures of the entertainment packs too... Good ol' fashioned Radiated Snake-Eyes! -Kevin
  14. Mod Note: Full coverage of Toy Fair 2008 can be found here at TNI. Keep checking back as new pictures and information are added throughout the event!
  15. Huh? Where'd you see those? Same place... I really hate going to a site other than TNI, or GIJCC for this stuff. :-P But I'm too impatient to wait! -Kevin
  16. Don't forget the Trouble bubble below it... With what appears to be a Tele-Viper! -Kevin
  17. Yeah I'm kind of disappointed that TNI and/or YoJoe.Com have ZERO pictures up. I'm not going to sign up at the gijoeclub just to see the pictures. Whatever works for you... Not like the club sends out spam e-mails. And you'd then get access to their forums and what not. -Kevin
  18. So far there has been no announcement about it. I don't think they will be exclusives... The press release did not mention the TRU exclusives. -Kevin
  19. It's straight uot of the Mass Device series... with those crazy worm things that tried to f-up the Joes and Cobras under water... -Kevin
  20. Hey, I'm happy, thus you people should be too! That Stalker looks amazing. -Kevin
  21. I assume no one did the Math on this... 5 "Entertainment packs" at $19.99 3 Vehicles (that we know of so far) at $14.99 40 Single packs at $5.99 15 Comic Packs at $9.99... The Hasbro Press Release does not mention the Target, or TRU exclusives, which are even more! $532.37 worth of non-Exclusive 25th Anniversary 2008 product... I will be spending twice this... Not to mention the fact that this list is incomplete due to lack of knowledge about number of vehicles, and the additional exclusives we'll see. -Kevin
  22. This Firefly actually reminds me of the Reloaded Firefly. This is how I pictured Firefly appearing in the Reloaded-verse. -Kevin
  23. Absolutely! The thing to emphasize here is that there's no right way or wrong way to go about collecting. Its a matter of personal choice. If the circumstances and choices of a collector say to shop in stores, then I'd say by all means do so. I just feel for collectors that "complain" they cannot find anything, and believe that exploring other options might be the solution. Personally, I love when this topic comes up. When I lived minutes away from all the different stores, and my stores kept getting the figures, I enjoyed hunting. I think I have somewhere around 100 two-packs, and 50-100 single packs waiting to be opened still. (I actually cannot find the single packs of all my DTC Cobra Troopers.) But, now that my closest store is a ten minute trip, and the next closest is ten in the opposite direction from my house, I find it easier to shop online. I have ordered the comic packs, and the TRU exclusives from TRU.com. I get my single pack figures from BBTS and Brians Toys. I have recently started ordering cases from them. Originally my Wave 1 08 was from BBTS, but Brians Toys got them in first. The Wave 2 08 (which is on its way to me now!), and Wave 4 07 were both with BBTS. I am not sure, but I think I also pre-ordered Wave 3 08 from BBTS. The case break downs of these are getting more and more reasonable. I also bought four Stalkers (the picture was of the yellow one, had to check) from BBTS, and returned them when they were green, for store credit. Great Customer Service! With the recent luck of HTS having figures, I ordered two Cobra troopers, a Red Ninja and two Stalkers (also the yellow picture is up). The Stalkers are green though! So, gonna hold onto 'em, instead of returning them since I don't know how HTS' return policy works, and don't mind NOT finding out. Although, due to lucky friends (adroq, if anyone knows him and GGPIKE) I've also run into a few extra Stalkers, and Shipwrecks. I think I have a total of six figures extra. My plan, not exactly fair and honest to the brick and morter stores is to buy single figures when I find them, and return my "extras" if the receipt just says "G.I.Joe" and they all scan the same. Otherwise, I'll end up giving them away come Christmas! -Kevin
  24. Or you can order online and save yourself some gas! -Kevin
  25. http://www.gijoeclub.com/comics08wave4-ss.cfm That head, that backpack... On a v1 Storm Shadow, and gotta find some knee-pads, and I got a complete DD SS! -Kevin
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