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  1. I agree! Kick ass indeed! But we all know Duke's really in a coma... (Look at the space!) I enjoyed reading it, and wonder why there's only three HISS IIb's... :-P Maybe I should send you your fourth one!!! Tom, good job on the scripting. Ryan, you like Satan a bit too much. :-P But good anyways! -Kevin
  2. It's been the exact opposite for me! I've seen EVERY BTR that's been released, but I have yet to find any Treadfire's or Missile Storm Copters... And it sucks! The completist in me tells me I need them NOW!!! At least the Smoke Screen Transport, and Sky Sweeper Jet's started showing up... Now if only I had the money to buy two of each wave, and play with all my toys. -Kevin
  3. Only Cobra figures they had were Cobra Commander, and Dr. Mindbender... -Kevin
  4. It goes out tomorrow, when I go to the Post Office! :-P Will be sending Outsiders stuff, yours and Doc's! I can't find Alyosha's address to send his! :-P -Kevin P.S.- Maybe I'll send SKARAPZ's stuff out too...
  5. I can't find any of those anywhere... Which is why I was so disappointed when they stopped reprinting the old issues... My favorite was probably issue 3 as well. One of the most refreshing issues ever, on how the Joes had to do their job. -Kevin
  6. I thought Black Out was a sniper... -Kevin
  7. LOL. Well, you boys were getting a bit carried away... Hard to get carried away when I don't know what Scarlett/Lady Jay/Samus would look like! Right now I'm just sitting here thinking "Well, she's hot, but two would be better than one!" Don't mean to offend, but just what went through my head... -Kevin P.S.- Old enough to... Old enough to...
  8. No K-marts within driving distance of me, but when I drove past one on the way home from S.F. SKARAPZ said to stop in and check for those, and that it'd be worth it. Thanks for the update and telling me which comes with which. Only one I'd by, which isn't there, is Cobra Venom Cycle w/ Iron Grenadier pack. This way I can get a new Viper, and a new Iron Grenadier! -Kevin
  9. *edit* "THank you very much G.I. Joe Collector's Club and Brian Savage!" */edit* Sorry, I'm a stickler for props going to the right people when it's not going to me. -Kevin
  10. Cross it out in pencil, after righting the name in pen... That works for me! I've been to Florida once, and I was about 10 or 11 at the time, staying at a resort in Kissimme (sp?). So all I really remember is the trip to Disney World and seeing their Tower of Terror, or whatever it's called, and being scared outta my wits (good analogy by me!)... Now I plan to go, have a blast, and even more, hang out with Joe fans and "kick it old school" as a friend said to me last night. -Kevin
  11. I'm sorry, but this is bull$#!%. Not that you're wrong, Hunter, but that people actually have to go through such governmentally-instituted nonsense as to wait until someone turned 18 to have a relationship. The 18 year mark in this country was instituted to prevent children from being abused in labor jobs, as they had been for centuries prior. It has somehow developed into an red line someone dare not cross, no matter what. I don't see the difference between a 16 year old and a 17 year old having a relationship, or a 30 year old and 34 year old. Hell, my parents are 5 years apart from each other... This was just a rant, about how ridiculous government can get. :-? Tom That may be true Tom, but maturity levels do matter as well. I had this discussion with a friend of mine last night when the topic of dating Vanessa (SKARAPZ knows her) came up, as opposed to when I was a Junior in high school, and hitting on the hot Freshman... Why does it work now, but it didn't work then? If anyone knows their "whatever-class-teaches-population-curves" (maybe Economics?) there's a dramatic rise in the beginning, and it eventually levels out. We felt it was the same way for maturity levels... -Kevin
  12. How about the dreadnoks symbol - I personally am not a Dreadnok's fan... I'm glad they're there, to add a new sub-group to Cobra (meaning even the lowest of lows can join!), but they ain't my team! I was thinking more along the lines of a cool symbol they used, but I don't remember any Extensive Enterprises symbols, let alone my probably liking them. -Kevin
  13. Huh? Ken, what do you mean? I didn't say terrorists are exclusive to any skin color or belief. What I meant was Cobra has a distinct goal - Global domination, with an intense focus on the USA. Much like Islam-oriented terrorism is exclusive to Muslims, or IRA related terrorism is exclusive to the Irish, so is Cobra. As I said, I envision Cobra as a white's only organization, because it's an effort in demonizing Cobra in my own mind. Tom I have to agree with Tom on this one... The way I always pictured Cobra was take over the United States of America, then you can take over the rest of the world easily. And as far as the nationalities goes, they are Afro-American (the current p.c. term), and Caucasian (sp?)... They have no plans to make other nationalities, mainly because they don't want to insight controversy anymore than they have to. -Kevin
  14. SKARAPZ mentioned to him that he should start reading the ADC boards, but he said they snuck in the G.I.Joe CC's boards when no one was looking. I'm sure he must read those... -Kevin
  15. Now that's a sign of love... Did you tie the knot dressed as Destro, and her as Baroness? I'm not a big fan of Tattoo's myself, but if I ever got one, I'd have to go with the LotR inscription from the One Ring. After that, a Cobra symbol to show my allegience... Other than those two, I don't know what Joe Tat's I'd want... Suggestions? -Kevin
  16. Ugh I hated being 20 and in college. U feel like a complete idiot. 20 is such a hard year to get through...not old enough to go out to the good clubs or drink legally, too old to go hang out with younger people and cause debauchry. If you make it through 20 with your sanity, then you deserve to be 21. Oh yeah and Im 26....and hey Im getting married on the 26th of July...freaky..... I agree completely on the troubles of being 20!!! So far this summer the incoming Freshman are not exactly legal yet... The girl I was with last night I can't touch (mainly moral reasons) for another 15 days. My Logic states that once it's legal, it's not morally wrong anymore. And yesterday when a girl asked me how old I was, I said "18... Nope, wait, I'm 20, I forgot..." This only made me look like a foolio though!!! -Kevin
  17. So, I vote you update this list now! *votes and votes* I'd do it, but as SKARAPZ can attest, I'm lazy. -Kevin
  18. I hate to admit when someone else says what I was thinking... I have no idea what issue it's on right now, ain't seen it in Diamond's Shipping Lists the past few times I've checked either... I am attempting to salvage this series though! -Kevin
  19. I loved the Death of Superman series... It was one of the few Superman books I ever picked up, and I wasn't ever a big Supes fan... Thankfully, he did come back, and he came back in the best way, with people trying to fill his shoes!!! Anyone think of a better way to replace a lost hero? I don't know how exactly he "came back" because I ain't read it in at least five years (was more into my Age of Apocalypse, and Onslaught X-men series'), but I do know that it wasn't as bad as it could have been... I mean at least it wasn't as bad as his blue costume. -Kevin
  20. I believe the proper responce there is COBRA! (with a few La's at the end if you want to be hated forever)... Welcome to the board, and The Contemporary Resort is what it's called, not in Orlando exactly, but the Disney-make-shift town I believe. -Kevin
  21. Oo, oo, oo! Newbie question!!! NEWBIE QUESTION!!! What's watermarked? -Kevin
  22. Admiral Hunter

    wave 7?

    How much does she cost to get my hands on her or do I have to talk to her Pimp, Destro? Actually, I'm her Pimp... Destro Pimps out the Dreadnok ladies, and Baroness though... I got the right to the Joe-side of the street... And I assume Wave 7'll be out in two weeks, and Wave 9 won't be out until late September, or October. -Kevin
  23. Admiral Hunter

    wave 7?

    You can always give me some of it!!! I promise not to mind! -Kevin
  24. She's still there!? And I'm sure she is great, or you wouldn't have married her... Not that you know me or anything but congrads on being married, and how long you two been married? -Kevin
  25. I think it's more along the lines of you saying something that has been mentioned time and time again (no offense). Doc's a nice chap though. :-P Not to mention that they wouldn't require receipts, cause then they couldn't make an extra $500 of everyone that loves Crimson Guards! I honestly plan to Army Build my Crimson Guards to over 100... Of course I blame this on Rich for having 103 of the originals (I think SKARAPZ is the only one who knows him). -Kevin
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