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  1. How could you not like that freshly-glued-together look!? It's what makes a Joe a Joe!!! But thankfully, as with most figures shown at cons, it's just a pre-production model... -Kevin
  2. This is very true. And I'm very happy with the figure choices in these sets. However, my point is that they are coming with an opportunity cost. That's a difficult thing for many people to realize (much like the cost of money, etc.) but it is an issue in this case. First off, I would like to see the posted transcripts where these people you freely quote said their purported comments. Something that was publically spoken carries weight. Something that was mentioned to anonymous message board posters does not. Secondly, if the more internet army builder packs are coming, why was there no mention of them? Was Hasbro asked about this point blank? Or, were people too excited over what they did see to think about the underlying issues behind it? In addition, I'm not sure of the intent of your post. However, as you've been strutting around various forums like a peacock since you attended the Convention, I'm assumming that your "tone" is that I (And Iron Snake. Who, if he is who I think he is, is someone I greatly respect) have no clue as to what I am writing. I will just suggest that before you proffer flamebait posts you do at least a little research into the other posters you are insulting. With that said, I would challenge anyone out there to contact the various Joe vendors and ask them how brisk BAT pack sales are this month. Maybe you could also ask them if they would buy more or less stock if another pack like this materializes. On top of that, maybe you could ask Hasbro directly about when the next internet exclusive army builder pack is coming out. My feeling is that the silence will speak for itself. Well, this month I'm sure BAT pack sales are down compared to the original offerings of them. SKARAPZ is always happy (sad to say), so he takes that tone all the time. When SKARAPZ says he asked those questions I don't remember if it was at the roundtable (which you'll here SKARAPZ's voice on at least twice), or when the Hasbro-folk were cruising the Dealers Room. Most of the information I gleemed from the Hasbro-folk came from talking with them personally. And we mentioned many times that we were going to quote them. I would like to know, as well, where you got the information of the B.A.T. packs not doing so great. Maybe they didn't sell upwards of the millions wanted, but I do believe they sold fairly well. -Kevin
  3. Damn cheater... Winning the way of a true Decepticon! (Which I admire!) -Kevin
  4. lol its war lol Skarapz is winning the best way a Decepticon can... (Bringing in reinforcements.) -Kevin
  5. KB Toys says 9/30/03. That's right, I remember it now. How did I forget that??? @*- Well, glad to know this, even more incentive to go get a job now... Damn bookstores not hiring. And stupid $6.75/her minimum wage for all other jobs! -Kevin
  6. Any particular reason? I never understood the idea of Army Building the Joes, since they're "unique" figures... -Kevin
  7. Let' see... If I spend $200 on thse... W/o Tax, I'm getting 60 Crimson Guards... That's not enough!!! Guess I'm spending $340 so I can have over one hundreded! *nod self* And the problem with them right is the helmets and lack of Cobra symbol (as Skarapz said, and asked about at the Joe con). Either way it'll kick mucho-arse-o. -Kevin
  8. You, Joe! Are not alone in your lack of sight! -Kevin
  9. Maybe they can do that in frontlines! I like serpy but i agree he could have stayed away a bit longer. But blaylock wanted to end his run HUGE. I think this can be good! Rest assured he'll prob kill him, or imprison him in some way at the end of Issue 25. Maybe it will be Destro Jr.s redeeming act. :-P (I hope he dies too if that's the case). -Kevin
  10. That supposed to be Beachead or some S.W.A.T. guy? He looks scared... I like it though! -Kevin Added: Wow, I feel like an idiot... I have that figure and didn't know it was Shockwave...
  11. That would be great if they came out tomorrow, but like you said we will have to wait until then to find out. And BTW CC, I noticed a while back that you and Tom-1 both have "Proud Fan Of JvC" under your sigs. And I have been meaning you what is that all about? I was just wondering because I too am a JvC fan. Well...a month ago or so,basically Tom and I (who are JvC fans of course) were getting a little sick of the anti-JvC sentiment...I'm not saying we were against people speaking maturely of stuff like "disproportioned torsos",etc,but stuff like "JvC is crap" over again and the claims that "JvC Fans aren't real GI Joe Fans".There was a thread where we really spoke out against it,but that ordeal is long over.It was a banner of our pride as JvC fans during that time,and we really haven't taken them off since. You're welcome to join the bandwagon though!LoL - I'd love to jump on the band wagon myself... I'm just afraid whenever I say anything when Tom's involved. :-P I have to agree that w/o JvC coming out, there'd be no RAH re-releases now... -Kevin
  12. What? Huh? You say something? I'm getting old and lost my hearing... Check the 5th trade, or somewhere between issues 41-50 to find out for sure! -Kevin
  13. All I know is that I'm excited for this... Serpentor always was a bad ass (when I played with my toys), and I never collected the Joe comics while he was in them... And in the cartoon he was just another CC with a different name. I want it to be October already, so I can be in my new place, have my Wave 7, have my Unicron, and have a damn job... -Kevin
  14. It must just be lip gloss! I wasn't a big fan of Busey's new show, but it appears (after lookin at imdb.com) he's been in half of the (now classic) movies I liked in the 90's... What a punk... You can always check comedycentral.com to see when it's on next which I'm sure you folks have all done already. -Kevin
  15. You're just jealous cause you don't have one! Admit it!!!! -Kevin, wearing his yellow and red ultility belt...
  16. yeah you should be here with me lol @-@ - Haha, I don't think you'll be saying that again after everyone finds out what an ugly ho I am... :lol: J/k... but yeah, live it up, get a tan... life is good. 8) well, why dont u post a pic lol @-@ - , computers at the LIBRARY suck lol *shiver* The library... How could you ever bring yourself to such a level!? You know what they do at those places? THEY READ BOOKS! GOD SAVE US ALL! -Kevin
  17. I have to agree with you on this one... If I moved into my own house, I'd prob open all my JvC and display 'em... Since that's my idea of playing with toys... Of course, when this happens, I'll have to spend enough money to go buy two of everything, cause like Skarapz, I like MOC stuff to show off once in awhile. -Kevin
  18. What a punk!!! Ryan calls me to have him check this thread for replies! Boo to SKARAPZ some more! -Kevin
  19. All this for a couple of Treadfires & Coils? :-? What's the world coming to? :roll: Hope they show up on the shelves SOON! So we can all be friends like before! :lol: Violence solves everything!!!! Cobra Commander has proven it time and time again! And the Destro family has proven that selling the weapons for it can make you a very rich man! -Kevin
  20. This new Destro is too PDD for me! I really don't like it... And an IG with a Cobra insignia just means CC's paying out of his ass for these wonderful troops! -Kevin
  21. Well, mainly Wave five is keeping Walgreens (checked there last night), TRU, and Walmart safe, while Target is still dabbling in the arts of wave 4. Somehow Target had last latest wave first, and I scooped that one up, and ain't seen any more of it since. Only seen the DNAC twice at two completely different Targets that areout of the way of my normal living-routes! TRU has about 7 Rattlers out (I bought five the first day), 4 Snowcats, 4 Conquests, 5-8 Tiger Force packs (black hair), and around 10 or so Python Patrols. And they carry two HQs. Did I leave out any TRU exclusives? -Kevin
  22. For Cobra to end... There'd have to be descent inside Cobra's chain of command... And by descent, I mean not the same kind that involved Billy shooting his dad... the kind that is all out mutiny... Maybe if you're lucky, Storm Shadow would "accidently" kill Cobra Commander when attempting to stop an assassin...? The way the for Cobra to ALMOST take over the world would most likely come in the holding of the U.N. and actually assassinating leaders as their demands were not met. Of course they could always use a nuke... -Kevin
  23. Without a doubt the best one ever... I don't have any, but wish I did! I'm a sucker for anything Python Patrol, I can't help it... The original "elite" viper in my books! I have this, but it's not a REAL viper! It'd be a sick ass Toxo-Viper in one way or another... Freaky colors... Ain't got one of these but need to get my hands on one it appears! My Viper-and-Savior! Color scheme fits for Cobra VERY Well... My paint job on this one ain't so great... So I'm kinda disappointed in it... Joke-Viper 1 (Which I army built!) Joke-Viper 2 Good colors, too bad have to get bike to go with it. A great idea! Yet it seems the idea of a Crimson-Team is getting watered down Mistake-Viper... Lighter color, that's all. Thanks for the image-theft!
  24. No! If I didn't find MOTU a terrible terrible line (no offense MOTU-whores), due to my distaste for the series since I was a child, I will not offer up any wonderful items! But don't forget Outsiders, I provided you with two Firefly sets! Now you just need to provide me with four treadfires! -Kevin
  25. With all the previous waves of figures I was in the same boat as you (ordering online), but I never break down on vehicles! I shall persevere!!! And if someone in Northern California finds a store with some, let me know. I can drive too! -Kevin
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