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  1. man , we couldnt be so lucky as to have you get sued old friend lol @-@ I get busted you know I'm gonna drop the dime for less time... @*- Good thing I know nothing of this "mp3" as you call it! Otherwise, I'd have that same lawsuit! And for those who care, I use edonkey2000. A very nice file sharing product used more to garner software than anything else. My school has yet to cap download/upload speeds with it like it has every other file sharing program out there! -Kevin
  2. When at the con, and they showed the trailer, it was damn good. They advertised it more as a "music video" though for the song that is currently downloadable. This song is "so-so" but when watching it with the scenes from the movie, it gave me this nice lil tingle that told me I shall sell all that is precious, except G.I.Joe, so that I may own more Joes... -Kevin
  3. The only problem I have with it, which isn't noticable unless you stare at it for a little, is that some of the blue on my CC-statue's hood, is a bit lighter than the rest of him. Other than that, 'tis a beauty... And I wish they were making the Crimson Guard in that size, or a Viper... Or Serpentor... Or or or... *babbles on some more about the amazing Cobra statues he's purchase* -Kevin
  4. Not sure if I should go to bed now... You folks are fallin' down on the job! And I gotta stay awake so I can call SKARAPZ if his name's called! (And he'll do the same for me, if I ever contribute something worthy of an entry!) And then if I won the Unicron and he didn't, I he could hear my laughter as I point on his general direction! -Kevin
  5. Hmm... You guys SURE you don't wanna post 'em here? I know the # of a good telemarketter... -Kevin
  6. Thanks. I usually don't get to the second page in each forum, just because people keep posting, and I am keeping up to date! (Those semi-real-time conversations are entertaining!) -Kevin
  7. Not the biggest Transfan out there, but a minor one none the less... I'm just wishing they'd re-issue Menasor! (The bestest [yes, not a real word, I know] Transformers I ever owned) Transformers are a lot easier to collect than my current major-collection of G.I.Joes, just because it's not as popular in my area at the moment. I will give today's show credit where it is due... Most of the shows that are coming back from 80s properties are being written by the people who grew up with 'em as kids. (By grew up I mean were in their mid-to-late teens) -Kevin
  8. So, I'm confused... Of course I haven't done all the reading yet... But two out of eight so far? From the looks of things, I only saw one name, not two. (And wasn't there supposed to be ten? Pardon my ignorance while I go read the rest of the TF board now.) -Kevin
  9. I've never ordered from them, but at the Con, the folks from TSO44 very helpful and friendly... All my Joes that I've ever ordered offline were from BBTS, and e-bay before I knew there were good people here to help me get what I want. (Rah only off e-bay, no JvC) -Kevin
  10. Reminds me of a Jeff Foxworthy song from when the Redneck jokes were popular... Stay Intoxicated Nightly Get Laid Everyday. -Kevin
  11. My guess would be that the company that produces the figures doesn't produce the show or movie they get most of the crap from? For example, Transformers lunch boxes are not made by Hasbro. And I have no idea where I'm going with this... Until I remebered Transformers was on this list, I was going to say the people who make the "item" in question aren't the same people who make the "popular-media-production" of said "item"... Oh well. -Kevin P.S.- Hope to find out how right, or wrong I am!
  12. I was actually being serious... I mean c'mon now... The cartoon itself took upon many supersticious moments that led to the defeat of Cobra, or small victory of Cobra... Why couldn't the breaking of all those mirrors really mean "You will never win."? -Kevin
  13. My collection will be complete when... 1. I have one of every single released-in-America RAH figure. OR 2. I have to sell my entire collection to pay for my free MUD!!! (It's free, so hmm!!!) OR 3. I finish catagorizing, sorting, and putting into seperate groups each and every figure I have, and can't find anything I want to army build (this one is less likely to happen than #2). OR 4. Skarapz talks me out of my entire collection for $500. OR 5. I die. OR (yes, that is a lot of possible scenarios) 6. I mistakenly marry a woman who doesn't understand that G.I.Joe comes before all else... Even her? -Kevin
  14. o hell yes. Hef is THE man. Definitely a true American Idol (no not the singer stuff). I wrote to Playboy several years ago when i was in the Army, sending them a check for $10 because i wanted the Carmen Electra issue. They wrote back saying they were out, but offered to give me a FREE subscription if I simply sent back the response card. They started me out on a 2 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION, and the very first ish happened to arrive while we were stuck out in the woods for an extra week and a half because some stooge hid a pair of Night vision goggles. It sucked but having that Oct 1997 ish made it A okay - Anyway you gots mail Outsiders...LMK what you tink! I appreciate the pixs... Good times! I tell yea... Now... I'm gonna be busy tonight with these pixs... I mean I'm gonna be busy... Does this mean Outsiders is your stereotypical male collector (in general, not just toys!): Single, living alone, and a middle-aged man? HMM! Makes me wonder! And which Real World girls are we talking about? I see the show when channel surfing, but my TV usually finds its way to Cartoon Network and Comedy Central when not on the War... Err... History Channel... -Kevin
  15. I don't really consider Cobra Commander a politician at all. I mean he's a good business man, that's for sure. I bet he could do just as good of a job as Xamot and Tomax at running Extensive Enterprises, or a good job running Destro's M.A.R.S. corporation... Never thought of him as man who never makes decisions and passes them on to underlings based on what will get him re-elected. (Yes, I have a stereotypical opinion of politicians.) -Kevin
  16. I feel like a thief but... Hunt-man approve! :-P I wouldn't object to seeing it, except that I rather be able to have "basic cobra troop", and "basic destro troop" each wave. Army building is a hell of a lot cheaper that way I think (since it's less at a time).... Especially if you like the Iron Grenadiers (which reminds me, I only have those 15 Skarapz). All in all, good idea, but not really the kind of idea that would ever pick up. -Kevin
  17. I was just watching the Revenge of Cobra and did you ever notice how many mirrors they broke? Episode 2, I just watched AT LEAST 7 break... Could I be wrong in thinking they have bad luck now? -Kevin
  18. Only problem there is that I plan to stay for the week afterwards too... And if we can get in two days earlier, that rocks too. :-P -Kevin
  19. I ended up with about 15 CGI's, 3 T.A.R.G.A.T.'s, 1 Storm Shadow, and some more, but I don't wanna go through my Joes in that corner of the room... -Kevin
  20. I completely agree with you Clam. :-P Hence what I'm still working on! (Let's not forget we have an entire year still too) -Kevin
  21. Like I said... Trying to get in a day earlier!!! But, oh well. Gotta talk to the place I'm staying at, and I got no objections with sleeping on the floor in the hotel lobby! I just object to going to jail. -Kevin
  22. I really hope so!!! I'd love to see Operation Dragonfire get a DVD-release... Hell, they could make it it's own DVD (instead of having two Mini-series, like the original two Joe ones were), and I'd buy it... -Kevin
  23. So, as of right now, I can get a nice place (condo-even) from July 3rd to the 10th... It's 13.5 miles away from where we'd prob spend most of our time! At this point in time it's costing me $175 for that entire week... Advertisement: Fits six-no-problem! One King, two Twins, and a sofa-bed... Might be more, who knows!? Full kitchen included, along with a perdy-TV and VCR set (ooh, ahh!)... /Advertisement Who's up to join? So far I got me, and SKARAPZ for sure!!! The rest of you folk need to let me know! Trying to find out about going in a day earlier for a small extra fee. The real problem would have to come in the form of me not having a car. Any volunteers? I have until tomorow night to cancel w/o any fees! And I need as many folks as possible. I'd prob charge you all $25 per person to stay though, so as to reduce my cost. (For an entire week in Orlando, oh yeah!) Not to mention I get to pay a fortune to fly out there! -Kevin
  24. Like woah... Love it Tom... Hope to see a conclusion where Duke kills a few hundred more! -Kevin
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