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  1. Thank you for the tip on Kohls. And holy crap on the part I won't say! -Kevin
  2. I'm guessing you didn't know that they've already shipped out one round of the "regular" figures? Most likely the rest of their "first stock" was what was sent to AFA, and they now are able to ship it? -Kevin
  3. Me too. I use all of his chars as Cobras when playing with 'em too... -Kevin
  4. They'll be small store exclusives. You'll probably be able to find them at Big Lots, CVS, and random dollar stores. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail I believe these are the figures you're inquiring about? -Kevin
  5. His 90's Ninja force figure was also considered a Joe character. -Kevin
  6. The person who WOULD have known had the trip to China cancelled. He was going to go with a Hasbro employee and go through all of their molds so they could have a complete and accurate list. I think you would get a better response on the GIJCC boards or not though. Since he is part of the GIJCC. (I don't know if he'd give any information, but he reads those boards. Not sure if he reads these.) -Kevin
  7. Wow Alex. You sound like you've been spending too much time on Hisstank... "sending it all to AFA"? Personally, I'll gladly buy something AFA'd if the price is cheap enough. Infact, I'll probably give them a large chunk of money just to MAKE the cases for all my RAH joes. -Kevin shhhh... don't use my real name in public dude! I have a secret identity for a reason! lol anyhow.. I don't care that they are doing AFA items that much.. I care that it's new stuff that they keep selling out of, even though they aren't really selling out, they are reserving some of it to get graded. like the SDCC Destros.. we couldn't get any off the HTS website.. and they claimed they were sold out.. but then later, some popped back up AFA graded.. HOW? if they were all sold out? meh Did you end up getting a PDD? I have an extra silver lying around here. You just gotta come pick it up, and spot me the $20 I paid for it off HTS! :-P -Kevin
  8. I actually did intend to come across as snide. Mostly because I'm tired of all the hatred the notion of AFA grading is. Like most folks, I was actually anti-AFA until I obtain a few AFA items in my collection (for the same price I as the MOC figure w/o AFA went for, hence why I went with it). Now, as I stated earlier, it's all I'll buy, for RAH, over the internet. I met the AFA crew, and think they're a bunch of dicks in reality, but their "graded figures" have become accepted by the collecting community (not specificly this one). (Odd, been here for how many years and still no idea how to multi-quote!) Ken, in no way am I offended by your comments. :-P I also am an opener! That's why I buy two. But I would like to be able to eventually let my children play with my Joes (whenever some poor girl decides to birth them of course). I'm also a visual kind of guy. Currently, all the MOC stuff is shut away, in dark places, as you suggest. But, I also plan to be able to display them. To give the feel of being back in a store in the 80s with all of the G.I.Joe a kid could want. And it will of course be in a dark room with only one light! -Kevin
  9. Boohoo... They paid a third party to give their items a nice case, and guarantee that the card's not being damage in transit to you! HOW DARE THEY! Guess someone who actually collects the item, as opposed to just playing with all of their Joes should drop some knowledge (thanks Gary)... AFA, Action Figure Authority. I agree that when I first got into toy collecting I had the same thoughts and ideas as you did. But here's what you (apparently just openly hostile) people don't seem to understand, they provide a service for those who buy online. Why am I going to buy a MOC figure that could be in who-knows-what-condition? Sure, they can provide me with pictures, but what good is that going to do? I could show you a picture of any number of items in my collection, and sell you the crappier version. By providing you with the "AFA Grade" you have a figure in a durable acrylic case, and a number verify that on AFA's own website. I will not buy an item off e-bay that is NOT AFA graded now, because it is that extra protection for a quality item in my collection. My RAH collection is now short some 30-expensive-ish figures. I'm happy to pay that extra 20% for these MOC to guarantee their quality. Now, for new figures, it's the same thing. I'm provided with a case, and a quality of a product. How many of you ordered cases of a wave, only to have that box partially crushed, bending maybe ONE of the 8 cardbacks, and it's one you intented not to open? Do you want a bent cardback on your wall? I sure don't. I do think the grading of loose figures/vehicles is a joke though. Although it provides the same attributes as the MOC items. -Kevin
  10. Wow Alex. You sound like you've been spending too much time on Hisstank... "sending it all to AFA"? Personally, I'll gladly buy something AFA'd if the price is cheap enough. Infact, I'll probably give them a large chunk of money just to MAKE the cases for all my RAH joes. -Kevin
  11. 98? Really? Would like to know where this number came from. -Kevin
  12. It wsnt just my post it was another post too where i saw this guy have like a page of words puttin down scalpes we all hate scalpers but i was like whatttt. And just about every one on that post was fighting with eachother. Then it was cancled. so for my real first time in the joe thread it was like a maylay.. Most likely it has to do with you being unlucky that a mod was paying attention at the time! I'm confused as to why they haven't banned the other dude yet, for all his trolling. He doesn't insight fits so much as just makes us all say "Wow, someone's special..." -Kevin
  13. I'm guessing Sams Club/Costco. -Kevin
  14. Of the three different Wave 11 case break downs I have seen (credit to BBTS), Tiger Force Duke is the only figure that wll not be rereleased in Wave 11, or having been released in a Wave 9 revision (per your comments earlier, with Mutt and Junkyard). -Kevin
  15. As was stated at JBL... (And Generaljoes)... Nods to JvC-era.. Which got me back into Joes. I'm perfectly okay with this! They're just being lazy and using the VvV pics. -Kevin
  16. I again think they'd be great on a desk... But I don't think I'll be buying these at all. I don't have my own house, so I've got my ACTUAL Joes taking up the desk space now. My own house = lots of display areas, so desk is free for small things like Combat Heroes! -Kevin
  17. I'm waiting for JayC to weigh in on this. :-P I doubt he will though, since he's the most diplomatic of all the Admins. -Kevin
  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! After I've finished making my message board rounds (TNI, Johio.net NOT ORG, JBL and GIJCC) I'll make sure to mention this where Hasbro will see it easier. I've stopped going to Hisstank unless a friend links me to it due to the "community" and their "knee-jerk" (a term used quite regularly in related threads) responses to Hasbro's product. Sadly, I don't think Hisstank's going to have any problems getting new members, and those of us with accounts there will just "steal news" (like how HT started) and post it else where, with the pics editted to remove the lame "hisstank.com" that was added in MS-paint. -Kevin
  19. So you haven't been paying any attention to your in box on your eBay page? Well they first tried it in Australia... http://www.bloggingstocks.com/2008/05/11/e...ng-paypal-only/ They failed to impress the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission... http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080...nly-policy.html Here is the policy... http://pages.ebay.com/sell/August2008Updat...ents/index.html @grumpy@ http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080...nly-policy.html No, I haven't been paying attention to my ebay inbox. But, is it that hard to list all auctions as Paypal, or "Payment on Pickup"? It allows e-bay to say "Hey, you got screwed by a bad check... Checks are against our policy, we don't allow them." The risk is now for the buyer in the beginning. But there's not much difference between several years ago and now. -Kevin
  20. Since when do you HAVE to use Paypal? I've never done an e-bay auction where I could ONLY accept Paypal... And it's the few that ruin it for the many... I've been ripped off on e-bay (to the tune of about $1000) and got none of it back. So don't see how this "buyer-friendly" policy you speak of worked. -Kevin Part of the new ebay policy beginning next month is to have Paypal as the only payment option.I know because I sell my unwanted stuff there.Can we say monopoly (for those who may not know,ebay owns paypal)? So, you pay when you list ,when it sells, then when you collect the payment and it all goes to the same place. It's shady to still call it paypal and act like it's a seperate entity when it's all tied in,just to collect more money.Personally,it has caused me to not to bother trying to sell as much.I think this rings true for a lot of people. I know it's the recession, and not the fees that are causing the layoffs,but the extra fees and railroading does'nt help. I have not yet seen this policy. If that is the case and Paypal is the ONLY payment option available, I can see e-bay causing it's own downfall. But what other auction website will rise up in its place? -Kevin
  21. Since when do you HAVE to use Paypal? I've never done an e-bay auction where I could ONLY accept Paypal... And it's the few that ruin it for the many... I've been ripped off on e-bay (to the tune of about $1000) and got none of it back. So don't see how this "buyer-friendly" policy you speak of worked. -Kevin
  22. Someone else was inspired by Tom, again! Tom's so inspirational. -Kevin
  23. I recieved part of my TRU order today... I ordered two of each of the Wave 2 three-packs... Got a shipping notice the Sea, and IG sets, and a letter saying the air was backordered... Next day I got my shipping notice for the Air set as well... Lo and behold, two TRU boxes arrive today... Box 1 - Two Sea and two IG sets. Box 2 - Six IG sets. I say! Good show TRU! -Kevin
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