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  1. I think they should reboot and take Smallville to the big screen.
  2. I agree. I'd be buying a lot of them if they had MU level articulation.
  3. The Wolverine figures look great. I'm looking forward to seeing wave 2. The movie isn't coming out for a couple of months so I'm sure we are going to be seeing a lot of these figures in the near future. I definitely wouldn't resort at Ebay at this point.
  4. This is the thing that has got me the most jazzed about the 4 inch scale - they are going to make the BAF's look even bigger and cool. Now that I have a few of the 4 inch I can safely say that I still prefer the 6 inch scale, but the 4 inch definitely has its place.
  5. These figures do seem to be hanging around on the pegs in my area. I've passed on the line because of the poor articulation. Otherwise I'd probably have gotten quite a few by now. If they didn't have t-crotches, I think that might be enough to get me to buy them. As it is, I'm passing.
  6. Are they still making DCUC? The last wave I've seen in the stores was wave 4.
  7. ransomz

    Sgt Slaughter

    I was just comparing the new MU Daredevil who has the torso tilt and the new 3 3/4 Undertaker who has the waist swivel and ab crunch. Suprisingly, they both have about the same range of motion. Daredevil's torso joint let's him lean about as far backwards and forwards as Undertaker's ab crunch. The both of a 360 swivel. Asthetically, I think the torso tilt looks a little better since it tends to flow with the rib cage definition. As long as Hasbro can make an effort to ensure there is decent range of motion with the torso twist, it's not a minus.
  8. ransomz

    Fury Files

    2 different codes came with my Silver Surfer. I put them both in. The first unlocked Silver Surfer. The second didn't do anything so presumably it was also for the Surfer. This means that each code is probably unique, though associated with the character it came with.
  9. ransomz

    Fury Files

    I'm saving my UPC symbols. I put in Bullseye's code and a negative performance review of him was displayed. I didn't see any info about the Fury figure, though.
  10. ransomz

    Sgt Slaughter

    I do agree about the waist cut/ab crunch. That setup allows for a much greater range of motion and poseability. The mid torso swivel does look better, but motion is limited on both axes. My new solider uniform Wolverine barely tilts left and right at that joint.
  11. I had bought a few of the Showdown and found them to be crappy. They fell apart if I touched them. Most of the figures were too lanky and some of the face sculpts were weird. The only one I kept was the Hulk even though he was a so-so figure. The new MU figures seem to be far superior in design than Showdown, much sturdier. I agree that Panther and DD have odd bulky bodies, though. The Wolverine line seems much better designed and so does some of the future MU figures that were shown recently. Though I'm still a 6 inch guy, I'm enjoying MU, mostly. As others have said, it does appear there will be a learning curve for the design team but it looks like the line will shape up nicely. Thunderball looked quite well proportioned.
  12. ransomz

    Sgt Slaughter

    Sorry if this is old news - Jakk's has this coming out in April, in scale with GI Joe.
  13. What I'd really like is a new and improved Terrordrome. The old toy is cool but my standards have been raised by 25th ann. and the new MU/Wolverine figures. I want more detailing and features. I want better engineering. I want better paint apps and decals.
  14. I'm liking the Wolverine line and I do plan to get the 3 3/4 line, but I also want the 6 inch line to continue. Plenty of other properties produce figures in different scales so I don't see why Hasbro can't too. I want to army build SHIELD and Kree. Hopefully they're still coming in April.
  15. So how did you extend the neck? Did you paint it? Does he have a range of motion in the neck?
  16. At my TRU I found Deadpool, Gambit, Maverick, Weapon X and uniformed Logan. The figures have great detailing and paint apps. I'm definitely a 6 inch fan and plan to continue buying whatever Hasbro manages to put out, but it looks like I'll also be getting the 3 3/4 line.
  17. I just got my Nemesis wave w/ variants from Toy Globe. They arrived about 10 days after I ordered them. All the figures were in the box and everything was in great shape.
  18. Incidently, there was another Torch shown at the Hasbro presentation at Toy Fair. There will be an Invaders 3 pack coming out later this year - Cap, green trunks Namor and the original Human Torch. This is for the 3 3/4 line, of course.
  19. Same here. It seems like Hasbro plans to make a lot of the characters that were demanded in 6 inch but not done, like Klaw and the Wrecking Crew. Classic Ultron and Titania could also be done.
  20. Here are some things the Hasbro reps, who are nice guys, told me about upcoming Marvel lines - 1) There will be about 50 4 inch figures this year. 2) Hasbro will do 6 inch lines for upcoming Marvel movies, though not necessarily for all movies. That decision will be made on a movie by movie basis. I remined the reps that Hasbro had the 12inch Frost Giant molds for Toy Biz/Marvel and they confirmed there were aware. 3) There will be 2 of the 12 inch/4 inch 2-packs this year. Galactus and Silver Surfer were hinted out for next year. 4) There will be 12 Secret Wars 2-packs which will include the Wrecking Crew, amoung others, as well as reprints of the comics. 5) Iron Man and Spider-Man 6 inch lines will contine, though they would not say if or how many new characters will be inlcuded. Just FYI, the pictures shown of the upcoming Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man, while having more familiar color schemes, did not look big and bulky. They looked from the pictures to be of a similiar style as the Iron Mans in the 6 inch line. There was no actual product shown though so we'll have to wait and see. 6) The reps reiterated that they will have an announcement at SDCC for how new Marvel Legends will be coming to us in 2010 without dropping any hints as to how that will be.
  21. The only Wolverine I don't want is ones with bone claws. That still seems like the most non-sensical ret-con to date.
  22. In case no one mentioned it, Mattel said they will not be selling that 30 inch Anti-Monitor. He will only be available at the raffle, either 1 or 2 a day. They are having each one hand made and hand painted. It would be far too expensive to mold, they said. And it did not have elbows or knees so it has less articulation than DCUC but the same, I guess, as JLU.
  23. Mattel said, regarding the He-Man line, their online store works only because most of the figure is re-used parts. I have nothing against re-used parts as long as they look right for the figure. The majority of super-heroes are actually naked painted people, so re-using parts usually isn't a big deal for many characters. Obviously characters like Man-Thing and Iron Man are going to have unique bodies, but Deadpool, Spider-Man, Bullseye and Daredevil can all use the same body. Mattel said the expensive part in making figures is creating new molds. If they can re-use the mold, there is a great cost savings which in turn allows online stores to be profitable. So - I'm fine with appropriatly re-used molds. I don't want to pay $20 a figure but I have and I am willing to for characters I want. If characters do sell out on a manufacturor's site, the odds are good they will make more shortly.
  24. I agree that ML, even Hasbro ML, is better than DCUC, but Mattel is certainly getting a lot more buzz at this point. The Mattel booth was swamped and Marvel's little corner wasn't. To be fair, Mattel was also showing He-Man, Ghost Busters and other lines, in addition to having a store. I'm hoping Hasbro will be willing to take a page from Mattel and offer more 6 inch product on thier website, if retailers aren't expressing interest. They sould have more than enough molds at this point to get by with only new headsculpts for a lot of characters. Blink could just be a repaint of Psylocke, US Agent of Captain America, Northstar of Quicksilver, etc.
  25. The Hasbro rep did say this is the fan list and they will make which ever five figures win. They also said that didn't preclude Hasbro from making any of the other characters down the line. Obviously Hasbro plans to make all the main stream characters so this list does intentionally include "d-list" or more obscure/eclectic characters that management would be otherwise reluctant to approve for production. My choices, because I'm losing hope on seeing them in 6 inch form: Nighthawk Hellcat Firelord Dazzler Blizzard
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