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  1. I have an original G1 Devestator but this looks amazing. I was all about the newer versions as I have Encore Ironhide and Ratchet and the added third party head sets for them, the second Encore Minibots set with Bumblebee for his new head, Metroplex, and Sky Lynx. But now I'm torn. Devestator is great as he is but those colors and new head are very nice. Right now would not be the time for me to get it though....alas.
  2. From the looks of how the plot progressed, I think Megatron's plan was to get the Allspark and meet up with Sentinel Prime to rebuild Cybertron, betray him and take over. He was in league with the Fallen and wanted to become a Prime and only was going along with the Fallen's plan as well in order to have enough energon to rebuild Cybertron but most likely would have betrayed the Fallen as well. The problem with the movies is that this isn't very clear and we are presented with a Megatron that doesn't seem like the leader of the Decepticons but everyone else's lackey, a middle management if will (ala Noah Bennet in Heroes).
  3. David Kaye voiced Hardshell, YESSSSS!!! So is Bulkhead.....?
  4. After watching every episode of Headmasters until the rainbow of death killed Galvatron I have to say its a pretty crappy series. Masterforce is cool as a standalone type of thing but its VERY hard seeing Powermaster Prime not being Optimus Prime even though Ginrai kicks butt. Victory is my favorite of the three. It has the most coherent storyline and Star Saber is awesome. I'll buy the set regardless but I really would rather see a TRUE Season 4 to G1 that is put together better then Headmasters.
  5. I think its just a ship. There are lots of big ones and little ones seen throughout the trailers. I think they might be at Shockwave's command.
  6. I've never been a fan of the movie look of the bots, but this trailer has got me psyched. I am looking foward to July 1!
  7. Season 3 had a mess of terrible episodes with their plots making as much sense as Season 2's Child's Play. But season 3 does have a lot of really good eps though. Webworld, Ultimate Weapon, Dark Awakening, Burden Hardest to Bear, Ghost in the Machine, Fight or Flee, and Return of Optimus Prime were worthwhile. I like to forget about Suprise Party and Carnage in CMinor.
  8. I help out with my church's teenage group, called Oneighty on Friday nights. I'm there to mingle and to make them all feel accepted. I usually wear a fan Tshirt of some sort to spark up conversation. Tonight I wore my newest Autobot symbol Tshirt along with my track jacket that has G1 Megatron on the back. Sure enough it sparked a LOT of convos with them. Some wanted my jacket. Others questioned "Which Decepticon is that on the back?" It seriously shocked me to have to answer that question. I explained that he is the original Megatron and that he turned into a gun. A lot of them said they began watching during Armada so they thought he always turned into a tank at first. Others said they only knew the movies. I'm really taken back to be almost 29 and I'm giving these kids knowledge of Transformers of yester year. I wonder how many here feel the same way!
  9. Windcharger, Tracks, Jazz, Dirge, Thrust, Wreck Garr...... I want them ALL!
  10. The toy will be able to convert to Rodimus Prime regardless of trailer, but the vehicle mode won't be Rodimus Prime without it!
  11. He looks so worth it! I REALLY want this toy!
  12. The movie line really killed it for me. I also don't have space any more since i got married. I do want a lot of the Generations line though!
  13. Wreck Garr looks amazing. As does Tracks!
  14. That's an incredible piece of work! Hasbro needs to hire you!
  15. I really want that Rodimus Prime. I probably will keep the Rodimus face but move the legs so he's not TOO tall.
  16. I pray she gets better too. They say she's in a coma now.
  17. I will be there. Finally something I can plan to go to!
  18. That's sad. He talked REALLY fast. He was also the original dubbing voice for Goro in Son of Godzilla. RiP
  19. Wow what a heated debate! But in all reality, I can think the true reaction to this is simply put- yes it was wrong for that individual to vandalize the billboard. I truly think this shows an example of the fact that NOBODY'S perfect. Let's get something straight. Look at every other religion on the Earth. They all state you must DO something to get to God. Then there's the Atheist who believes "Screw it, I don't need to do ANYTHING to get to God! I'm just going to believe that he exists! Now I'll justify it...somehow." Christianity at its core does the opposite by stating WE ARE NOT PERFECT! God made us perfect at first but Man screwed up and now the only way to get to him is through a Savior. The question came up "What about everyone before Jesus died on a cross?" The answer is in Scripture that Christ died ONCE for all. Everyone. No exclusions. That means that those that worshiped God before the Resurrection are with him too. Now the "Great Commission" for us as believers is to share the Gospel(it means Good News) with the rest of the world. That includes our neighbor, our friends and even strangers. I know people will reject it. There's nothing I can do about that. But I also know God's heart is for everyone. Here's the most important thing. I know I have a relationship with my God, through Christ. I know he desires to know everyone, all of you, as I know him. Eternal life does not begin when you get to Heaven. It begins the moment you choose to have a relationship with God the Father. You see God created man with free choice. None of us are perfect. Some of us make stupid decisions and all have fallen short. It's God desire through Jesus to have a relationship with him. He offers it to everyone and its our decision to make whether we want to have one with him or not. To those here who don't know God, I don't hate you. Neither does God. I pray that your eyes and hearts become open to have the desire to have a relationship with God who will never leave you nor forsake you.
  20. I personally believe that its the heart of the individual that matters. If your toy collection is more important than God then yes its a problem. I have a LARGE toy collection but that doesn't stop me from worshiping God. He has blessed me with much and I thank Him for it. I do tithe regularly and put God first and I do take time to enjoy what God has blessed me with, whether it be my Transformers toys or video games, or my beautiful wife. Remember to but seek God first with all of your being and all these things will be added onto you!
  21. I've never left the country so I want to go to Japan and Italy. As far as in the US, California and Hawaii!
  22. I've seen it and I've been excited about it. Since they're using the Ultimates version of the costume, I assume the wings will never be there. But who knows. They may just put them on at one point. They did say he would be in a costume similar to the comics, buccaneer boots and all. The other plot point is that he chooses to go into the war and the costume we see now is that costume-with a WW2 like helmet.
  23. I like it. From the concept image I saw of Sinestro it seems all Green Lanterns have costumes like this. It's different while still being Green Lantern.
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