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    2 New Customs

    I've been working on a custom six-pack featuring 5 different 'un-named' cobra troopers and a 'named' squad leader. I finished 2 and a half, but ran out of dull cote and black paint, so the rest are on hold until the weekend, but I figured I'd post what I have for now. Here's my Anti-Armor Trooper Parts: Head - VvV Firefly Torso/Arms - VvV Zartan Waist - VvV Alley Viper Legs - Coils Next, a Flame Thrower Trooper Parts: Head - DTC Snow Serpent Torso/Waist - VvV Dusty Arms - DTC Range Viper Legs - VvV Overkill Flame Thrower - Built from Saw Viper V1 backpack, Overkill ST gear (I forget the orginal figure), and random hose. And my Sniper Trooper WIP As you can see, I prefer my Cobras to be predominately blue and black. I also have a SAW Trooper, Laser Trooper, and Squad Leader in the works. Clearly, I'm lacking in the name department, so if anyone can think of names for the trooper classes (nothing already in use), feel free to suggest them.
  2. slewis

    Recent Customs

    zweiman - I agree with the hands, I only hesitate to paint them 'cause I tend to get awful paint ribs if I do. Aly - Between the stuff I got from you and the rest of orders from the goodtogo main store, I'll be painting from now 'till my wedding (Sep '07). You guys are just what we need to keep this hobby going and get new people interested.
  3. slewis

    Recent Customs

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the great feedback. The head on my Night Viper is a VvV Tunnel Rat with a Goodtogo customs helmet. The helmet was out of stock for a long time and I was finally able to pick one up a couple weeks back, along with some other great stuff.
  4. slewis

    Recent Customs

    I've been working on these for the past couple of weeks, figured I'd share 'em. They're nothing that hasn't been done before, but I had never done any of these characters (except for a rather poor Lowlight) and wanted to give them a shot. First up is Lowlight. This one was simple, just a new head, courtesy of Aly, hand swap, and some sculpted padding. Ta-da. Next, Snake Eyes. I wanted a 'classic look', so I painted everything black except for the visor, knife, kneepads, and 2 grenades on the back of the belt. Third, Copperhead. I'm probably the only guy who hasn't already done this, but I had the parts and it only took about 2 hours to do, so I put him all together. Lastly, the most recent bane of my existence, Night Viper. I've been working on this guy all week. The arms are still a little messed up in the elbows and I'm not sure if I want to paint his hands or not, but for the time being, he's finished. I've got a couple of other projects in the works (a little more original), so stay tuned.
  5. I really like that Big Ben. Good use of parts.
  6. slewis

    WIP who am I?

    The body says Fast Draw, but the head says Horrorshow. I'm just gonna call him Quick Monster Movie. Nice work though, I really dig the missile system.
  7. slewis


    Try sanding the joints before you paint them. This will decrease the friction and help your paint stay on. Also try clear coating. I use testors dull-cote.
  8. I'm 25 (going on 26 Aug 2) and my parents and fiance have both come to the realization that this is my hobby. I've scaled back recently, as I've moved in with my fiance (note that I keep mentioning that I'm engaged, and to an actual girl), but plan on displaying more stuff once we get a bigger place. As far as my career path, I'm a full time pediatric mental health counselor (who spends minimal time on a computer), and soon to be a part-time grad-student. There are a lot worse things you could be spending your time/money on. As long as you keep your collection proportional to your income/living space (meaning don't spend your tuition/rent/car payment, and don't over clutter your room), there are a lot worse things you could be spending your time/money on.
  9. HTS does have pre-orders. They did for the Night Watch set (I think), as well as the BAT pack. I'm oretty sure they have some up for that SW mystery 2-pack thing too. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. My grandmother never knew what to get me for xmas or my b-day, so every August and December, she would have my uncle drive me to TRU or Childs World and tell me to pick out $50 worth of stuff. My uncle usually threw in another $20, So I'd go and spend hours agonizing over what to get. In particular, I remember getting a Brawler (the tank, not the later jeep) mispriced for $5. That was pretty awesome, so was the Sea Ray I got with 2 pilots. I still have that Brawler (as well as all it's pieces). Unfortunately, this ritual didn't begin until I was 7 0r 8, so it was already 87 andI had missed out on some of the earlier stuff. I also got a lot of C.O.P.S. and TMNT stuff that way. Semi-OT, but my Grandfather worked for Scheiring-Plough and they had a huge summer carnival thing where all the games were free to play and some of the prizes were Joe vehicles. I remember the STUN and that Laser tank who's name escapes me.
  11. slewis

    Some Customs

    Link doesn't exist to me, so there was no need. Also, I hate painting flesh/eyes. The Vipers were kind of LBC's, all spray paint except for the finer details and dry rubs. The other Viper is a DTC Footloose, but his face was smeared with paint, so I kept it hidden. I probably could clean it, but I'm lazy. As far as Duke's arms, I didn't have any rolled up sleeves (V1 Barrel Roll, I know) so I went with what I had. Thanks for all the feedback guys!!
  12. I would vote NY, Boston, or Philly. Then maybe I could afford to go.
  13. slewis

    Some Customs

    I figure everyone might be a little tired of con talk, nay-sayers, and complainers,o heres a couple of customs I did over thepast week. This way you guys can complain about my crappy skills instead of hasbro. First up are a couple of Viper Reservist. I got the idea for these while a I was doing a Steel Brigade custom. I figure these guys could be retired Vipers who live in Springfield and respond when needed, like Cobras National Guard. I'm looking to replace the web gear with SE wave 7 web gear, but I only have 1 extra. Anyone got a spare? I also made a Duke custom. He's pretty simple, and nothing that hasn't been done before, but I really like him. Also, is it too early for me to start stressing about where I'm going to be able to find all the viper packs I want?
  14. That viper pack made my pants dirty.
  15. Thanks guys. This was a pretty simple figure to do (orange paint = blue paint. done.), but I think it turned out pretty cool.
  16. I usually post over in the Joe forum, but figured I'd stick this up here for show and tell. I picked up this model to try some new paint techniques a few weeks back and this is what came out. It's pretty much in scale with the new unleashed battle packs. Feedback Begin!
  17. My fiance is out of town, so how do I spend a rare bachelor Friday? Customizing Joes and watching Samurai Champloo, duh. I put this together in about 90 minutes. I still need to scrape some more orange paint off the shoulder joints. I'm going to make another, but I ran out of blue paint. The whole thing is just a DTC Grand Slam with a Goodtogocustoms helmet.
  18. slewis

    Snake Eyes

    I also grew up with the cartoon in the 80's and didn't fully grasp most of this until I was in college and a fraternity brother of mine explained all the backstories. Now I (as well as my fiance) blame him for getting me started on collecting Joe's again.
  19. Yeah, I think I'll dig up a chute and maybe an O2 mask or something and make him Ripcord. Just seems a better fit. Thanks for the feedback all! As a side note, today I discovered that I hate painting eyes more than arms.
  20. I'm really glad to see all the recent Starduster customs. I always wanted one as a kid, but never got one. Great Work!
  21. I haven't done a custom in a while (like 6 months?), but I'm getting ready to move and was going through my stuff and saw this guy sitting there, half finished. I figured I might as well finish 'em up, if only to see if I could still paint anything. Well, my skills certainly haven't improved, but i gave it a good try. While putting this guy together, I couldn't decide if he should be Hit & Run, or Ripcord (or even Airborne). I know the camo isn't the greatest (I really need to practice), and the goggles aren't red, but that just seemed like it screamed "shoot me in the head please". But I digress. I thin the reason he sat fo so long is 'cause I hate painting arms. I always get rubs, no matter what kind of paint I use or how much I sand. Also, there are 2 different shades of green on the body, they're just difficult to tell apart. Parts: I put him together a while ago, so this might be off Head: HALO Jumper Torso: VvV FF Arms: HALO Jumper (slight mod to the wrists) Crotch: JvC FF Legs: ST Barrell Roll (BBI Pouches) Gear: Marauder John G36 & SoCom This last one is just for fun. It's a MSG Snake that a buddy of mine made out of pipe cleaner, felt, some black wire, a twist tie, and a wooden bead. I think he's awesome.
  22. I'm pretty sure he means the battle armor cc, since that was what Fred wore in the comics. But I could be completely wrong. And CRS beats me by about 3 seconds.
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