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  1. This is really disgusting and probably the most grossly inappropriate post I've ever seen on any message board. Do you realize CHILDREN might be browsing a message board about TOYS? Honest to Christ, Man! This is why I believe with all my heart that if someone starts a thread, they should be imbued with the mod powers to police their own thread. They couldn't ban members permanently, but they could lock them out of the thread and remove their posts. The above should honestly be reported to the Police.
  2. Wow. How does somebody even say something like this without immediately stepping away from the keyboard and killing themselves for sounding so lame by typing that? You should hear Da Big Dawg say it out loud! HAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
  3. Not powerful enough to get off my Ignore feature! Bye!
  4. I think these will be available eventually through TRU but I haven't seen them there yet. They are available through a few online stores but a few have been selling out of the Superman-Brainiac 2-pack. There are other threads on these two-packs but this one focused on the Superman & Brainiac set which is what I'm interested in. I don't want to have to sift through conversation about Clayface and that muddy Batman to hear about this particular set. Absolutely.
  5. There hasn't been much since you hijacked the thread.
  6. More about Bruce... 1) Bruce is part owner of a club in Disney World called Jellyroll's. His daughter is another partner in that establishment. There may be more partners but I haven't heard him mention them. 2) Bruce has five children from his first marriage. Although he's about 77, his current wife, if Bruce's math and references are correct, is about 40! 3) Bruce is in favor of legalizing ALL drugs! 4) Bruce is on the fence about illegal immigration. He feels it's necessary and we'll never be able to get rid of them all anyway. 5) A former pilot, Bruce once survived a terrible plane crash that has left him with permanent damage. He has a good deal of metal in his body and can't raise his arms above his head. 6) He frequently mentions that he reads several newspapers a day. He always makes it a point to mention how he throws away the sports page of all of his newspapers. He has, though, mentioned being a fan of some teams. 7) Bruce hates reading the news on-line and prefers a printed newspaper. In fact, he doesn't like much of anything on-line and even prefers letters over e-mail! 8) Despite living right on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, Bruce dislikes the beach, swimming, boating and fishing. 9) He believes airlines should not serve food on flights less than three or four hours long and believes that smelly food like pizza and tuna should not be allowed on planes. 10) Everyone according to Bruce should have at least a million dollars of insurance and preferably two-million! Once upon a time, Bruce sold insurance! 11) Although he claims to enjoy cruises, he hates swimming in the pools, getting off at the ports, and eating at the buffets. He absolutely hates buffets! He also believes that cruises have lost some of their grandeur. 12) He hates airline security and feels that it's a waste.
  7. I disagree tremendously. The Grand Floridian has the best accommodations and the absolute BEST access to ALL of the parks. The Magic Kingdom is a five minute monorail ride away! You have to do it right though. Don't cheap out and get a low-end room in one of the larger buildings. Pay for a suite in one of the buildings with the concierge service. It will make all the difference in the world. As for those other two hotels, I wouldn't stop at Port Orleans to use the toilet and Animal Lodge is a nice idea, but if you're really going to spend that kind of money just spend a little more, do it right, and stay at the Grand Floridian. I couldn't imagine going to Disney and staying anywhere else.
  8. What has happened to Bruce Williams? I can't say I've been a longtime fan of his. I've only discovered him about two or three years ago on XM satellite radio. Bruce Williams hosts a three hour nightly call-in talk show that is syndicated nationally and airs from 7pm to 10pm EST. Although largely conservative, he speaks on just about everything with a good chunk of his show devoted more to finances than politics. Callers are invited to call in with questions and problems and if he could, Bruce would answer their questions and give them advice on their problems. Most of these problems were of a financial or legal nature. When I discovered his show, XM carried the show in its entirety on one of their channels devoted to talk shows. They have a few of those and they've undergone a couple of name changes. Bruce's radio career is a very long one going back to the 70's. At one time, he was part of a very popular radio trinity that also consisted of Sally Jesse Raphael and Larry King. Although not as well known as the other two, Bruce's show has continued in one form or another uninterrupted for over thirty years! Satellite radio offered Bruce's show an extended life but now it may also have dealt him a death blow. Recently, many of the stations that carried Bruce's show dropped him in favor of carrying Lou Dobb's radio show. Bruce then decided to syndicate his show himself and so his show continued. Following the XM-Sirius merger, Bruce's show was no longer carried in its entirety. Now only ONE HOUR of his show is carried and what's really terrible here is that they hour ONE HOUR of his show from 9pm to 10pm but it's the 7pm hour! This means that Bruce is no longer heard live on XM! Aside from giving Bruce a new outlet, XM also provided him with many of his callers, many of whom were truck drivers listening to Bruce on XM. Now it is very clear that Bruce has lost many, many of his listeners! In fact, most nights, he'll average about three callers. He has taken to urging his fans to calling during the 7 to 10 hours even if they can't listen to the show live at that time. Personally, Bruce is in his late seventies... and brother! He sounds it! He's had many jobs during his life and has participated in many businesses. Prior to his radio show, he was a two-term mayor of a small New Jersey town. He currently resides in Florida but frequently flies back to New Jersey on business. He flies often and much of his show is sometimes about his plane flight. Here are a few observations I've made about The Bruce Williams Show... 1. For such a venerable national show, he has absolutely one of the WORST websites I've ever seen: http://www.brucewilliams.com/ 2. Most of his advertisers are businesses in which he himself has an interest in. Jersey Boy Pork roll, the Potting Shed, the old newspapers are all Bruce's own businesses. 3. As I mentioned, much of his show is devoted to talking about his many plane trips, but a former pilot himself, he often speaks about the airline industry. 4. Although politically a conservative, Bruce is no Rush or Hannity. In fact, he's more of a Libertarian than a Republican. 5. His show suffers from numerous technical problems and Bruce never tries to hide these difficulties. He often yells at his engineer live on the air. 6. He usually broadcasts from his home in Florida and his boston terriers can often be heard barking in the background. 7. Perhaps symptomatic of his age, Bruce has almost NO awareness of pop culture and struggles with references to television or the movies.
  9. It's not true. What can I tell you? This is an ugly charge to make. I've consistently treated EVERYONE with absolute respect ...even if they've disagreed with me. The threads I've started and participated in ALWAYS become the most popular and active threads on this board. Sure. I bring a lot of valuable inside info to the party, but Da Big Dawg also has charm and personality that other posters find irresistible. My inbox is full of PM's from other posters anxious to compliment me and thank me for my contribution. I, Sir, am loved! I'm sure they would but I lack your need to show off. YOU'RE the one who hijacked my thread to make fun of Da Big Dawg. Again, what can I tell you? Having failed at the witty back-and-forth, the ultimate "gotcha" line having eluded you, you've collapsed into flat out insults. Welcome to the ropes, Buddy. If you weren't before, you're sure on them now! Well, thus far, you haven't. You've just been getting slapped around in this thread.
  10. I don't have any plans right now to go. I've been there a million times though. Let me tell you. If you're going, you've GOT to stay at the Grand Floridian and get the unlimited park-hopper ass. Anything less is just ghetto and you shouldn't bother. Yeah, but I hate having to rely on those.
  11. Wait a minute! This was about two posts ago! You already responded to this one. Now, given your lackluster response I can understand you wanting to take another try. What happened? Did you walk away seething and then after a couple of hours you said to yourself, "Ah! THIS is what I should've said?" I had no idea you really did this. I'm just going by my observation that a lot of your responses involve "I've been in this business blahblahblah...," "I've done blahblahblah for fifty years," etc. Hell. In this very thread, you raise your vast experience as a UFO researcher. Tomorrow a thread could go up about hunting unicorns on the moon and you'll probably chime in with how you did that professionally for a hundred and twenty years! Then if somebody challenges you on it, you'll probably draw a little doodle of a unicorn poking them in the a$$ with its horn and post it in the thread. Uh-oh! Doing some internet Sherlock Holmes-ing? This is a sad basic tactic. "This guy I'm having difficulties with... I'm sure he's GIJoefan2009 who got banned last year! He's back under a new name! See? They both use the word "the" and spell "up" the same exact way!" I suspect if you suspect that I'm a banned dual you've suspected this for a while and the only reason you're resorting to throwing accusations like this around is that you've desperately been trying for the "gotcha" here and just not getting it. What's next? Are you going to make fun of my mom?
  12. Yeah. I made a couple of quick comments about the figures in post #5 of this thread.
  13. Oh! Oh wait! Excuse me, Miss! You forgot the little smiley face!
  14. Good God! This would ruin my whole vacation. I imagine there must be a lot of angry park-goers. This doesn't affect the deadbeats who go for one day, but if you go like I do where you stay in one of the Disney Hotels and get a park hopper pass, something like this could turn your vacation into a huge inconvenience. Without those monorails you're practically stranded! You never if at all possible want to be dependent on those buses. I'd be demanding my money back.
  15. Who ever cared about that? I sure didn't. You really needed to punctuate that with an "LOL?" Is that really your best "gotcha" statement? Not true. Sounds like an admission to me. Hello? Security? Hmmm... first an "Lol" and now one of those little smiley face things. You sure don't have the wit for this. Am I really arguing with a twelve year old girl here?
  16. What a pain in the a$$ this must've been! Thank God I wasn't there! I'll bet this must've shut the monorails down for hours! I can just imagine the lines. I'm just grateful this never went down during one of my visits.
  17. Out of ELEVEN replies to this thread only TWO have been about the topic. The rest have been this stupid debate on whether or not the topic should've been started in the first place. Hey! The thread is here. Can't we just go back to talking about how great a figure Brainiac is? Why does Da Big Dawg always have to be the Voice of Reason around here?
  18. Exactly what I said. You're just embarrassed and a little desperate because I cut the legs off your two standard tactics... brag about your resume and draw little infantile cartoons. Ouch! You just got chomped by Da Big Dawg!
  19. No, but you are taking the time to participate in a message board thread about reptile aliens ...and "lol-ing" at your own... I guess you'd call it 'brilliance." I put the subject out there with an open mind. You're coming in here to be an a$$ about it.
  20. ah words of a RAH-Whiner Oh. I see. Either you love it, or you're wrong. In that case, Da Big Dawg can play ball... I love these figures. Drab gray...beauitiful! That big stupid childish op gun that everyone is going to throw away anyway is EXACTLY what this line has been missing until now. If only they could get some power action into these figures, then they'd be BEYOND the perfection they are now! The accelerator suits? Ninjas in armor? I'm joining all the eight year olds in remedial school in thinking that this is sooooo cool! And the eight bucks! I will go on record right now in saying it's not enough! I will gladly pay ten!
  21. Yeah. Really. These are on the same level as those Bravo Squad or whatever they're called figures. They arouse the same level of excitement as well. They have the same articulation, detail, and body construction, but they look like generic soldiers. I may as well add Navy Seal figures to my collection. Even worse, they all bear that stupid, drab new Joe logo from the movie that once this bomb comes out, will have us all as ashamed for buying these as we were for buying Seaquest figures!
  22. These "wish lists" threads always deteriorate into total fantasy. You usually get three categories of wish lists... 1. The Complete Cast of ONE Character List: Some Bat-fan will list "I want Commisioner Gordon, Alfred, Neal Adams Batman, Carmine Infantino Batman, Azrael, Poison Ivy, Hush..." 2. The Complete Cast of the ENTIRE DC Universe: These lists read like somebody has cracked open their DC Who's Who and just started listing every name they read. 3. The Masturbatory List of Wishful Thinking: These are lists of characters who have absolutely NO SHOT whatsoever. "I want Yellow Peri, Charlie Vicker, Sunburst, Owl Woman in her original Global Guardians costume but looking the way Bart Sears drew her in that one issue..." Here are three more credible lists and I always take into consideration WHAT MATTEL IS LIKELY TO MAKE!!! The Absolute Musts: 1. Classic Robin 2. Martian Manhunter 3. Super Friends Lex Luthor 4. Classic Bizarro 5. Cheetah 6. Darkseid 7. DeSaad The List Of What Aren't Essential But It Would Be Nice If They Got Made: 1. Reverse Flash 2. Riddler in tights. 3. Captain Boomerang 4. Guy Gardner 5. Alan Scott 6. Jay Garrick 7. Arkillo THe Longshots: 1. Blue Devil 2. Geo-Force 3. Jade
  23. Every DCUC wave from Wave 10 onward will have ONE DCSH repaint in it. Wave 10 will have the Brown Man-Bat which is fine since of all the DCSH molds, the less-than-human bodies such as Man-Bat and Clayface are acceptable in a DCUC collection. Wave 11 will have Cyborg-Superman repainted in his Sinestro Corp colors. This isn't as acceptable since the DCSH basic Superman body on which this character was based is not very compatible with DCUC figures.
  24. Yes. A Superboy figure is now possible again. All legal issues have been settled.
  25. Wow. A lot of people on this board just need someone to take control of their finances. It doesn't matter that the money was there. Put it towards your mortgage, your car payment, or that two-year old's college fund.
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