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  1. But why does Iron Man look so short?
  2. The gum bubble accessory just goes onto the microphone mouthpiece. From certain angles, it looks like his bubble-gum. From others, it looks silly. Breaker is still cool though.
  3. 1. Snow Job 2. Torpedo 3. Stalker 4. Clutch 5. Rock n' Roll 6. Wild Bill 7. Snake-Eyes 8. Scarlet 9. Flash 10. Grunt
  4. I was rooting through my accesory baggie and found several brown and green accesory pack helmets. None of them really fit any figure well, new or old. Rats.
  5. Well, I ordered from Alyosha tonight. I can't wait to get the helmets and gear for the convention figures. Problem is, I won't see everything together until Christmas. Now I wish I had a way to outfit the comic-pack figures well. I have Breaker, Hawk, Stalker, Steeler, and Clutch. I am awaiting Zap, Short-Fuze, and Rock n' Roll from eBay. I would like to give Hawk, Zap, and Short-Fuze a helmet with visor. I would like to give Breaker a helmet with headset. I would also like to get an extra Breaker and make him Grunt, perhaps with a comic-pack 4 Grunt head. This picture has sort of inspired me: http://www.joebattlelines.com/m6d/index.html
  6. Actually, Marvel finally updated his hair color somewhere around issue #128 or so. Ah, until issue 155, the artwork, or coloring was pretty poor in the last fifty issues or so. I would not trust coloring errors in a comic. Besides, General Hollingsworth, an African-American was coloring Caucasian in one issue in the 50s. That was when the artwork was good.
  7. Is there a place to easily find clear visors to replace or modify my existing G.I. Joes. I saw Alyosha's wonderful helmet-visor and weapon combinations for this year's convention exclusive Zap and Flash. I may get the set but $25 seems like a lot. Well, I figured I could find similar 1982-1983 style helmets and visors and get the helmets in a dark green for some of the comic-pack figures. I figured (hoped) the helmets would fit on the comic-pack Zap and Short-Fuze since the Zap head is the same (right?) and Short-Fuze's head seemed small. Also, I just got a 1982-1983 Short-Fuze off eBay that was missing the visor. I also have a 1982-1983 Zap and he would look better with a visor. I would like real accessories but I would accept repro accessories because I will never pass these off as legit because I don't sell anything and will keep these figure until I die. One last thing. I remember the accessory packs having dark green weapons. Did they ever have dark-green helmets? If so, how close to the comic-pack Joe's dark green?
  8. Very cool. Yours is fantastic. It looks production quality. Hasbro could do this figure no problem.
  9. I want another AWE Striker plus Crank Case looks mostly original. The chest and head look new. I also want Grandslam but could careless about another SHARC. I wish they would have redone the JUMP set (not just the pack) instead.
  10. For me, Hawk is only figure in wave 1 worth getting. Funny, I thought the head sculpt for Hawk really captured the Herb Trimpe version of Colonel Abernathy quite well. Plus, the helmet and visor kick arse.
  11. Joes 1. Hawk v2 2. Breaker v1 3. Barbeque v1 4. Rock n Roll v1 5. Leatherneck v1 Cobras 1. Eels v1 2. Snow Serpents v1 3. Tele-Vipers v1 4. Monkey Wrench v1 5. Iron Grenadiers v1 Joe Vehicles 1. Steeler with Mauler 2. Clutch with VAMP 3. Tomahawk with Wild Bill 4. Torpedo with Devilfish 5. Footloose with A.P.C. Cobra Vehicles 1. Snow Serpent with Wolf 2. Stinger Driver with Stinger 3. Cobra Trooper with ASP 4. Cobra Trooper with SNAKE armor 5. Cobra Trooper with FANG
  12. xhairs, these are your best yet. You managed to update the figures yet still keep that A Real American Hero color scheme and flair. Very good. The paint looks Hasbro like which is what I think makes a good custom for this line.
  13. I think Hasbro will handle it like Marvel Legends. The movie figures will exist side by side with the original-design figures.
  14. Actually, I have found all of my Joes at the Wal-Mart in my town. I have bought one of each figure at that Wal-Mart and the figures still sell out by the next day, except one Storm-Shadow and one Cobra Commander seems to linger. The fact that they are selling at out at every Wal-Mart within 10 miles of my house (sure it's the only Wal-Mart but my argument is at least logical) is not because collectors are buying two of every figure. There are only four pegs and my Wal-Mart seems to get four cases at a time. Except for Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow, my store is only receiving four of each figure. I am at my Wal-Mart every day (because it is located on Illinois Route 3 and everyone in my town, or towns South of me have to take Route 3 to get to work unless they work in town). I do check other Targets, Wal-Marts, and Toys R Us stores in the St. Louis area and I think the fact that these figures are popular and produced in limited quantities are the reason for the perceived shortages. A wave that just hits on Friday - don't be upset if you cannot find it immediately. According to my receipts, Wave 2 hit my Wal-Mart on September 24. The pegs were cleared by the 25th. This was a short time later. No wave 2 figures have been seen since. Then all of a sudden, on October 8, wave 3 is put out and sells out. I didn't even get a Red Ninja. I think if they are selling out fast, Wal-Mart and Target who have "just-in-time" inventory systems will order more from Hasbro. Hasbro is getting the message and will start producing enough to meet the demand. As someone who has been buying my own G.I.Joe figures since 1985, I am very happy that this new Joe is popular and scarce for the moment. That means they are successful and we are getting Snow Job, Flash, Destro, Hawk, Crimson Guard, Doc, Ripper, Torch, and hopefully more. I cannot wait to hear people whine about peg-warmers or rumors about recalls. This is Star Wars in 1995 all over again.
  15. Check your Wal-Marts for Wave 3. My Super Wal-Mart in Waterloo, IL had the remains of this wave today. I picked up Stalker, Shipwreck, Firefly and Zartan today. I left one each of Snake-Eyes, Stormshadow, and Cobra Commander on the pegs. No Red Ninjas.
  16. I think we need them to do the rest of the original 13. They need new web gear for Rock-n-Roll, Short-Fuse, Clutch, Steeler and Zap. They need new short-sleeves for Breaker and Clutch. They also need to mack or modify backpacks for Breaker, Zap, and Short Fuse. Then I really want a good redo of 1986 General Hawk.
  17. I would trade my complete set of wave 1 (MOMC from BBTS) for a set of wave 3.
  18. I would really like the original General Flagg in an accurate U.S. Army dress uniform and then we could get other repaints such as Colonel or General Abernathy, General Austin, and General Hollingsworth. Also Colonel Sharp for the cartoon fans, although he appeared to wear the dress tans of a Marine Corps. officer (although I may be wrong about that).
  19. I hate origin stories in movies unless it was done like Tim Burton's Bat-Man.
  20. I liked SpyTroops. It was the best of all the G.I.Joe cartoons. Remember, he probably was told to write toward kids, instead of what he did thoughout most of the comic run - more of an adult flair. I think Hama should advise. Remember, he wrote the filecards and came up with most of what think about these characters. I wouldn't throw him out. But, I would want someone with more cinematic flair to write the script. Read my signature.
  21. Dr. Venom. I think any of the original 12 could be done using existing molds, if they created some short sleaves, new web-gear, and accessories. Like, other people said, Star Duster and Airborne could be done largely from Duke with maybe Cobra (Soldier's) legs.
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