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  1. Oh is that the line they're going with? Sorry, I know I'm not in business or licensing but it seems crazy that they are allowed to make him in large scale but not in small. My tendency is to think they're holding out, getting as much money as they can out of the video game version before giving people the version they're really going to want. Kind of the same way Mattel played it with the Doomsday. Anyway, nice job on the custom. This is one figure I've wanted for a long time. It's not a line. Oh wait, it was.
  2. Yeah, but look at how Hasbro released those figures. That wave with Gladiator(the mohawk guy)...Cyclops and Cable are one per case, and Gladiator is 2 per case. Cable, who was hugely popular in the 90s boom and is still popular today, and Cyclops, who is probably the second-most recognizable X-Man, are shortpacked instead of Gladiator. Why? You mentioned Ice Cream Maker guy, and I don't know how things went around the country, but I never saw him warming pegs because Hasbro was smart and didn't flood the market with Ice Cream Maker Guys like they did with Yarna or some of the Episode one figures last year. And Legends...they are reshipping Punisher(repainted) and Ultimate Captain America from waves 3 and 4...yet they are unable to release any of those variant characters from the same waves? Even though Blade was the variant of that Punisher and presumably had the same UPC? Why is that? I'm looking at these new figure variant doubles they're showing off...Moonstone/Songbird, Batroc/Blizzard, and Radioactive Man/Tigershark, and instead of excitement at getting six great, classic villain characters, I'm wondering which half will we probably never see? I'm not optimistic that we'll get the last Wrecking Crew member either, which would be a huge bummer. Joes...why are they waiting until months after Retaliation is released, when retailers are moving on to Wolverine and Man of Steel, to release the best figures based on Retaliation? Why are they repacking figures that have been warming pegs for months instead of making Night Viper 2 per case? The Dollar General figures, supposedly, have been selling well and these retailers actually want more figures...but Hasbro isn't making any? I know Hasbro isn't completely responsible for all of the frustrations of the past few years...but they share some of the blame.
  3. I'm more worried about the RZA wave, since apparently it's just him, Jynx, and Night Viper. And with Wave 3 not out until July, we're probably talking way after the movie is forgotten before wave 4 supposedly hits. And I don't really want to buy a whole case just to get 3 figures(though I wouldn't mind an extra Night Viper).
  4. Are there any plans for a Cobra Commander in his actual Retaliation look as seen in the trailers?
  5. I really hope Burt Ward is in the first wave. Because if for some reason the line is cancelled after one wave, it would be such a shame to have Batman without Robin. And I'm surprised they let Penguin have a cigarette holder.
  6. Yeah, I am totally fine with the old 5-pack version of 90s Rogue. Definitely liking this modern version. It's a shame to see them going all Mattel with their 4-inch movie lines, but I'm intrigued by that line with Red Skull and Leader in it. They look to be Marvel Universe scale with full articulation...I think Red Skull uses parts from the Resolute Cobra Commander. Black Widow and Hulk look really good too, and I think that's the Marvel Now Captain America design in there too? Love Universe Cloak and Dagger, classic Abomination, and especially that Valkyrie and Executioner. Still no word on Foom with underpants? :/ Legends stuff looks very good overall. That Cyclops is badass. But geez, way to cheap out on Ultron. Guess I might have to settle for that Marvel Select version after all. Sabretooth looks like a good figure, but where's that design from? I don't recognize it. And are they not going to give Emma her cape?
  7. I visit the site itself every day and if I see a thread title on the sidebar that looks interesting, I click on it.
  8. When I saw the promo art, I just assumed Ultimate Fury would somehow end up trapped in "our" universe after the Spider-Men mini. I kind of wish I had been right.
  9. Sooo....I'm not gonna name them all, but I have all the DC BAFs except Brimstone, all the pre-Terrax Marvel Legends BAFs except the movie Sandman, and all the Star Wars Droid Factory figures. Oh, and the Bat Signal and MASS Device, I guess those count. And Metal Gear Ray, my first ever. I think that's all.
  10. You're overthinking it, he probably just robbed a convenient store or something. Have they set a date for the first "real" trailer for the movie? I'm dying for some for some footage that isn't boats and playgrounds or whatever. Honestly my only problem with the movie so far is that it's not an origin story I really wanted to see again. Still haven't seen the new Spider-Man for the same reason. But I can't blame the film for that.
  11. I'm always amazed that people care about the positive/negative thing. I guess Red Robin is payback for people complaining that the Wave 3 Tim was too small? They have plenty of "younger" bodies that they could use here, so cost isn't even an excuse. If the figure is shorter like Atom is then I could go for him, though. The rest don't interest me at all.
  12. This was what I thought too. It looks more like a military/espionage-themed movie, but with over the top action and ninjas and stuff. I never watched the first one and have no real desire to, but this one looks like it could be fun. Cobra Commander looks like Cobra Commander, and the original Cobra Troopers were guys in blue uniforms, so that look works for me. I'm actually kind of excited to see the toyline now. I think if they tried to fit 20+ Joes in there, it would be unfocused and most of them would just end up as cameos anyways. Everybody who grew up with the toys obviously has favorites and it's fun to imagine a movie with all of them there, but I don't think it would really work for a two-hour movie.
  13. I really doubt you're going to find some kind of strict OCD distinction between who goes in the sub and who goes to retail. I don't think they thought Poison Ivy would do poorly at retail(that wave with Catwoman also has Harley Quinn, based on a game in which it seemed like Ivy had more screen time), but she's a well-known character who helps anchor the sub. If they make a sub with a bunch of no-name characters, then people wouldn't buy it(look at the GI Joe Subscription...are any of them must-haves?). I've seen the masked Batman Beyond go for $50+ on Ebay, so I don't think he's a bad choice to rerelease. If they do add the "wings" I might consider buying him again, but this is Mattel so I'm sure he'll be exactly the same. I think Larfleeze looks good...not sure how they're cutting corners on him as he looks to be an entirely new sculpt? And I think in his first few appearances, his lantern didn't have a handle, he just clutched it. Anyways, I'm glad they're making him because I can sell the one I've got and it'll cover what I payed for him, the cost of the new one and Superboy Prime, and some left over. Might be in the minority, but I think Prime looks good, hoping for a Sinestro Corps variant. I haven't read Flashpoint, and don't feel the need for any figures based on it(I'm still not sure why I have a House of M version of the Thing). Is Plastic Man's part particularly memorable? Seems like a pointless variant and the figure looks bland compared to the one we've got, but oh well. I'll skip him and move on. Anyways, I'm excited about 2/3rds of the new figures in the wave, which isn't bad. But I hope this is just them scrambling to come up with something after the new mandate from "above"(I get the impression that these and the first few sub figures are just what would have been Wave 21), and that later waves will have more figures in them. I don't entirely agree with you on the figures, but I was actually thinking the same thing reading this thread.
  14. Da Top Cat

    wave 20

    Anyways, I just looked at the pictures again and Reverse Flash doesn't have the wing-tips on his boots? It's clearly meant to be the original Professor Zoom, so I really hope they fix this before the final figure comes out. They already have the parts to do it right, there's no excuse to screw that up.
  15. Da Top Cat

    wave 20

    I'm sure the Masters of the Universe fans will have something to say about that... And who knows what that number is. It takes a lot to make a profit these days. But there have been Matty exclusive DC figures before, and I was always able to get them all without waiting on the site thiry minutes before they went on sale. Maybe that'll change, but I'm just going by past history. I'm not saying people shouldn't buy the sub, I hope they get enough to make it happen. And I don't blame Mattel for not wanting to commit to it unless they know they'll make money from it. That's business. I'm just saying that IF the line goes as planned, you'll be able to buy any of the 12 regular figures without subscribing. I never said it was ending. Everyone else is saying "It's over it's over it's over!" because they're not reading Jay C's report. Then...what exactly is your point? All we know is that DC is rebooting and redesigning their characters in the comics(not exactly a movie tie-in), and Mattel is reworking their line to take advantage of it. How does that imply some kind of failure? You're pointing to Hasbro's Marvel Legends as a success even though it failed at retail and all but disappeared for three years. And you're proclaiming the relaunch a success when none of them have even come out yet(and really, how is making figures of Ghost Rider or Spider-Man's outfits from the new comics any different from making the Jim Lee redesigns of Aquaman or Superman?) You're pointing to GI Joe when they cancel their line and start a new one every few years, just like Mattel is doing. You're saying that repacking big-name characters is a sign that they're overly focused on collectors when pretty much every line does it. I'm not saying I know what 2012 will bring either. But until we do, your argument doesn't hold much weight.
  16. Da Top Cat

    wave 20

    a few minutes ago at sdcc on the matty panel. the lineup will be -hawk -dove -red arrow -hooded green arrow -reverse flash -white lantern sinestro and flash the line will continue exclusive on mattycollector from next year on. From the slide, I think Sinestro will be in his regular yellow Corps outfit, and White Lantern Flash is just a variant of Professor Zoom. I doubt he comes with his own C&C piece. What they showed of the wave looks really good. Not crazy about Red Arrow's headsculpt, but Reverse Flash has been one of my most wanted since...before the line began, pretty much, and Hawk and Dove are awesome. Hooded Green Arrow is one of those figures that on paper I wouldn't have been excited about, but damn he looks amazing. Nekron looks really good as well. I'm glad they didn't attempt an ab crunch.
  17. Da Top Cat

    wave 20

    But you don't have to buy a subscription to get him. Just buy him on the day he comes out. I hope enough people do buy subscriptions so Mattel doesn't say "Sorry, the numbers weren't there" and cancel it, but if the service does go as planned, only the poll winner(Metron, most likely) won't be available to non subscribers. If Atrocitus is the only one you want, just buy him that month and you're done. Yeah, yeah, there's shipping, but $15+shipping is less than you would pay on Entertainment Earth, BBTS, etc. And for somebody like me, who would buy the MOTU figures anyways, I can ship it together so it's not as bad. And going by the con reports, the line itself is not really ending, any more than DCSH "ended" in 2007. There have been multiple Q&As since the DC Comics reboot was announced about the effect on the DCUC line, and their response has been some variant of "It has given us the opportunity to work some of the new looks into the line and refresh key characters. We are actually reworking some of our 2012 line up to take advantage of this! Stay tuned for more at SDCC!" So I think it's still going, they're just rebranding it to take advantage of Jim Lee redesigning so many big name characters. Star Wars does this kind of thing, like, every two years. It sounds like the Matty stuff will focus more on the collector-friendly characters. And honestly, looking at how much MOTU has expanded since it started on Mattycollector, there are some exciting possibilities with it. MOTU is getting vehicles, giant monsters, army builder sets, crazy obscure characters, and such. Characters who would probably never make it to retail(The Chief, Doc Magnus, Johnny Thunder and T-Bolt, Granny Goodness) might have a chance as Matty exclusives. I know "Last wave at retail" sounds very doom and gloom, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will turn out okay. NYCC should be interesting, at least.
  18. See? It'll make things simpler and easier to understand!
  19. Yes we can. Because we've been reading the Batman comics for years and they've been really awesome lately and we will be sad when Dick becomes 12 years old again.
  20. My dad actually called me Tuesday night to break the horrible news to me. I guess I'll wait and see exactly how much they're changing, but yeah. It sucks. What I find kind of amusing is that after Jim Lee failed miserably to reboot the Marvel Universe in 1996, DC is letting him do it to their own universe. Brilliant! I'm sure I'm not the first person to make that comparison, but still, that was my first thought when I read the article.
  21. I am also kind of worried that Atom will be too tall, but I'll wait until we see the final figure side by side with other figures. This figure was from a cancelled TRU/internet exclusive Golden Age Hawkman/Hawkgirl two-pack, so I'm sure they'll fit her into the line somewhere. I think the negative reaction to Hawkman is because he doesn't look that different from the one we have. I mean, with figures like Camo Aquaman and Blue Lantern Flash, they at least look significantly different from the original figures(and people complained about them too). And there's this perception in a lot of fans' minds that if Mattel makes a new version of a major character, it's "taking away" a slot from the fan's all-time favorite character ever, who will now never ever be made. I don't have a problem with it, and I'm glad they went with his Golden Age look instead of the later yellow-cowled look most people associate with Earth-2 Hawkman. I'm always glad to see more Golden Age figures(love the upcoming Batman and Joker), and I hope a GA Superman is in the works.
  22. Where's that STRIPE design from? It's not his original look or his newer look with all the stripes. A cool wave overall, but I was more excited for the original rumored list that had Flash, Vandal Savage, and Shade instead of Kobra, Magog, and Hawkman. Still, Kobra and Magog do look like awesome figures.
  23. ...yes but its in a tux @loll@ I hope its worth it.......for Green Lantern.......I hope Captain America is a super failure at the box office. Really, why? Caps an awesome character and we as fans all win if these movies do great(= more comic movies). I hope it's both a good movie and a box office hit. Marvel needs the balance, a few hits and a few misses. DC needs the boost to get Warner motivated to produce more movies, Marvel has hit a stride and a a fail would be appropiate at this time. I am hoping Thor is good though! How would Captain America failing be a good thing, though? If people stop seeing superhero movies, then it's bad for superhero movies. I mean, if the new Twilight bombs, I don't think it's going to make studios more eager to make a new Anne Rice movie... Or to put it another way, do you think people are looking at Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark and thinking, "Let's make a big-budget Aquaman musical!"
  24. Yeah, he looks insanely awesome, but with figures like this, I'm always afraid the "skin" will tear/crack if I move the joints around. We'll see. I have actually never had any problems with my cave troll...almost a decade later, he still looks awesome with Legolas standing on his head. How big is Swampy? For $30, I'd hope he's at least as big as Lobo. If he's normal sized, that's basically $15 for the base and packaging(unless you're at the con and get the Un-Men). The packaging just seems like a waste anyways...I'd guess MOC collectors would rather be able to actually see the figure, and openers will just throw the thing away. I'd rather have a normal package if it lowers the price.
  25. They aren't hacking it because Sony removed features. They are hacking it in retaliation to the fact that Sony was trying to get IP addresses and ban anyone who had visited the website, or viewed the videos of the person who originally did the jailbreak hack...which didn't affect Sony IN ANY WAY. All it allowed for, from what I'm reading, was modification of your PS3...which you own, and should be allowed to do what you want with it, IMO. It gave the ability to run different firmware/software on your PS3, but Sony was all butt-hurt that someone could exploit it for the purpose of pirating games. It would be like me buying a Fender guitar, and replacing the pickups, and then Fender suing me for modifying their guitar...it's BS. These people hacked the PSN because they also thought it was BS that Sony was suing geohot and trying to get IP addresses of anyone who had viewed his site, and ban them...regardless of whether or not they actually used the jailbreak hack. Um, yeah, it's really super that they're fighting for such a righteous, important cause, but it's still BS. Plenty of people don't like how the music industry handles piracy, but that doesn't justify hacking the Itunes or Amazon MP3 stores and stealing the information of the customers. Or, to use your example, temporarily screwing up the Fender guitar of everybody who owns one and stealing their personal information in the process. Yeah, that'll show those lawyers! I know it's a different situation, but I'm reminded of several years back when one of the guys on Penny Arcade got a virus that screwed up his computer, and the creators of the virus had released a statement along the lines of "Bill Gates, why do you allow things like this to happen?" I can't remember it word-for-word, but part of his response was: "Hanes doesn't make bulletproof underwear, but that doesn't give you the right to shoot me in the crotch. I don't care if you're making some BS statement about the lack of underwear security, the end result is the same: Hanes keeps making the same underwear and I can't use my johnson."
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