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  1. Oh is that the line they're going with? Sorry, I know I'm not in business or licensing but it seems crazy that they are allowed to make him in large scale but not in small. My tendency is to think they're holding out, getting as much money as they can out of the video game version before giving people the version they're really going to want. Kind of the same way Mattel played it with the Doomsday. Anyway, nice job on the custom. This is one figure I've wanted for a long time. It's not a line. Oh wait, it was.
  2. Yeah, but look at how Hasbro released those figures. That wave with Gladiator(the mohawk guy)...Cyclops and Cable are one per case, and Gladiator is 2 per case. Cable, who was hugely popular in the 90s boom and is still popular today, and Cyclops, who is probably the second-most recognizable X-Man, are shortpacked instead of Gladiator. Why? You mentioned Ice Cream Maker guy, and I don't know how things went around the country, but I never saw him warming pegs because Hasbro was smart and didn't flood the market with Ice Cream Maker Guys like they did with Yarna or some of the Episode one figures last year. And Legends...they are reshipping Punisher(repainted) and Ultimate Captain America from waves 3 and 4...yet they are unable to release any of those variant characters from the same waves? Even though Blade was the variant of that Punisher and presumably had the same UPC? Why is that? I'm looking at these new figure variant doubles they're showing off...Moonstone/Songbird, Batroc/Blizzard, and Radioactive Man/Tigershark, and instead of excitement at getting six great, classic villain characters, I'm wondering which half will we probably never see? I'm not optimistic that we'll get the last Wrecking Crew member either, which would be a huge bummer. Joes...why are they waiting until months after Retaliation is released, when retailers are moving on to Wolverine and Man of Steel, to release the best figures based on Retaliation? Why are they repacking figures that have been warming pegs for months instead of making Night Viper 2 per case? The Dollar General figures, supposedly, have been selling well and these retailers actually want more figures...but Hasbro isn't making any? I know Hasbro isn't completely responsible for all of the frustrations of the past few years...but they share some of the blame.
  3. I'm more worried about the RZA wave, since apparently it's just him, Jynx, and Night Viper. And with Wave 3 not out until July, we're probably talking way after the movie is forgotten before wave 4 supposedly hits. And I don't really want to buy a whole case just to get 3 figures(though I wouldn't mind an extra Night Viper).
  4. Are there any plans for a Cobra Commander in his actual Retaliation look as seen in the trailers?
  5. I really hope Burt Ward is in the first wave. Because if for some reason the line is cancelled after one wave, it would be such a shame to have Batman without Robin. And I'm surprised they let Penguin have a cigarette holder.
  6. Yeah, I am totally fine with the old 5-pack version of 90s Rogue. Definitely liking this modern version. It's a shame to see them going all Mattel with their 4-inch movie lines, but I'm intrigued by that line with Red Skull and Leader in it. They look to be Marvel Universe scale with full articulation...I think Red Skull uses parts from the Resolute Cobra Commander. Black Widow and Hulk look really good too, and I think that's the Marvel Now Captain America design in there too? Love Universe Cloak and Dagger, classic Abomination, and especially that Valkyrie and Executioner. Still no word on Foom with underpants? :/ Legends stuff looks very good overall. That Cyclops is badass. But geez, way to cheap out on Ultron. Guess I might have to settle for that Marvel Select version after all. Sabretooth looks like a good figure, but where's that design from? I don't recognize it. And are they not going to give Emma her cape?
  7. I visit the site itself every day and if I see a thread title on the sidebar that looks interesting, I click on it.
  8. When I saw the promo art, I just assumed Ultimate Fury would somehow end up trapped in "our" universe after the Spider-Men mini. I kind of wish I had been right.
  9. Sooo....I'm not gonna name them all, but I have all the DC BAFs except Brimstone, all the pre-Terrax Marvel Legends BAFs except the movie Sandman, and all the Star Wars Droid Factory figures. Oh, and the Bat Signal and MASS Device, I guess those count. And Metal Gear Ray, my first ever. I think that's all.
  10. I like Bandai, their higher-end stuff like the SH Figuarts DBZ and SH Monsterarts figures are some of the coolest toys out right now, but I didn't really feel these figures. I thought the Minimates were actually the coolest new Thundercats toys to be honest. But I don't think it would have mattered who was making the toys or how good they were, the line's survival was totally dependent on the show and whether or not it could appeal to kids. Look at the TMNT line. We wouldn't be getting a second wave of classic figures if the Nickelodeon show and the figures based on it weren't a hit. I don't think a nostalgia line based on an 80's cartoon can survive at retail on its own these days.
  11. You're overthinking it, he probably just robbed a convenient store or something. Have they set a date for the first "real" trailer for the movie? I'm dying for some for some footage that isn't boats and playgrounds or whatever. Honestly my only problem with the movie so far is that it's not an origin story I really wanted to see again. Still haven't seen the new Spider-Man for the same reason. But I can't blame the film for that.
  12. Agreed... There be less complaining if more were done like Fisto... You're absolutely right. Somewhere along the way, Mattel started going straight vintage with almost every figure. It was about when they said no more 200X heads and all that silliness. It hurt the line. It's been one hit like that after another for MOTUC. Even as mighty as it seemed, it looks like it caught up to them. Such a shame. Umm...when were they not? Classics Beast Man looks about as similar to his 200X figure as Rattlor looks to his. Even with the alternate head, Whiplash's physique/tail/color scheme don't look like the 2002 figure's. They've always been based on the vintage figures, I think that's been the goal from the beginning.
  13. I honestly thought the 2003 Snakemen figures were terrible. Not the stactions, they were amazing, but the 3 that made it to retail were the worst redesigns in that line IMO. This one makes up for it, though. He looks perfect.
  14. I'm always amazed that people care about the positive/negative thing. I guess Red Robin is payback for people complaining that the Wave 3 Tim was too small? They have plenty of "younger" bodies that they could use here, so cost isn't even an excuse. If the figure is shorter like Atom is then I could go for him, though. The rest don't interest me at all.
  15. This was what I thought too. It looks more like a military/espionage-themed movie, but with over the top action and ninjas and stuff. I never watched the first one and have no real desire to, but this one looks like it could be fun. Cobra Commander looks like Cobra Commander, and the original Cobra Troopers were guys in blue uniforms, so that look works for me. I'm actually kind of excited to see the toyline now. I think if they tried to fit 20+ Joes in there, it would be unfocused and most of them would just end up as cameos anyways. Everybody who grew up with the toys obviously has favorites and it's fun to imagine a movie with all of them there, but I don't think it would really work for a two-hour movie.
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