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  1. i dont bash the new trilogy because its starwars, in a different way,the same way the old republic starwars is, different and in a different era. i LOVE the clonewars tv series, hell i love those clones! the new stuff just completes the original. sure it ain't perfect but man did episode 3 really set things in place. anyways. if i had a kid he or she will watch the original three, before the new, and than the clone wars series. i embrace all things starwars.
  2. its just a curious question what if in 1977 we gotten starwars (phantom menance) instead of a new hope? how would starwars feel then? how would the toys look like in vintage style? like having a vintage style kenobi (young) and vintage style jango fett, jar jar binks would be a full blown puppetin the movie. as well as yoda, and what if the 1999 release of a new hope begin, would those who hate episode 1 hate episode 4 if made in the current time of 1999? would we get a cartoon show inbetween 4 5 & 6? would fans feel it doesn't feel like starwars to them? yet kids today would love it? ya'll know where i'm getting at? its a what if things were switched around. reason why i thought of this is...well i was fiddling around with my mail away boba fett figure i got recently and i stared at him and imagine a jango fett version. then my mind wandered.... its a fun lil topic to think of. i think anyway...
  3. i was just surfing the youtube for 'return of the jedi opening day' and i saw this inter view with john simons. i tell ya, he's a stick in the mud. not to mention calling kids stupid for liking starwars... the only ones who like it is siskel and ebert.
  4. i got mine on september 11th on satureday ^^
  5. i scored some infinate heroes at walmart (shockingly!) got me robin, hal GL in new body, firestorm, and joker.
  6. got lucky and found twoface today in target.
  7. all i found were snake eyes and stormshadow and i thought to myself 'bummer, missed out' i looked down at the mess on the shelves...and there i saw/found the cobra commander chase figure! lucky! X3 and then duke on another peg. wonderful! (along with starwars bossk, clonewars pre vizska, vintage collection bespin luke.) today was a great day! also, i HOPE to god almighty that the renagades action figures will be stylized like CLONEWARS.
  8. TMNTFAN85

    latest MU 3.75

    are those the only figs you can find? *shurgs* take what you can get. i'm lucky cus i started on the first day of the release save for bullseye. heck i have a flames on human torch. which is rare i think.
  9. TMNTFAN85

    Rare .

    try ordering from the hasbro shop or big bad toy store.com
  10. TMNTFAN85

    latest MU 3.75

    three pack? well theres the spiderman, firestar, and iceman at toysrus. i'd check your target right now because they have an exclusive 2 pack out right now. with classic ironman/black panther, modern iroman/punisher and wolverine/red ninja and spiderman/green goblin. they should have the new wave with colossus, juggernaut, kitty pyrde, and havok and some henchman dude.
  11. and by MU i mean MARVEL UNIVERSE collectors. i noticed theres thread of ML collections, so, why isnt there an MU thread as big as the ML? i know, i know, theres more marvel legends collectors on the boards, and no one dares mention marvel universe, but my collection is pretty decent. from the get-go, from the first release of the waves of MU i dived in and bought almost ALL of the figures from the wave, only bullseye, and warpath seem to escape my grasp. i am hopeful to find juggy and kitteh. i also enjoy mixing them with the dc infinite heroes, and tmnt minis, as well as the new power rangers figures to exspand my need for hero figures. and once i find a digital camra on sale i hope to show off my collection for me, the wrecking crew (some villians i never heard about but i'm learning.) is almost complete! something toybiz failed to do. and wow, just need susan reed to get the whole fantastic four group! they'll look great in the fantastic 4 car from the movie line. and the whole new figures coming in 2 years? wowzers! great time to be a marvel universe fan. oh sure, marvel legends are coming back in 2012 (i hope judgement day doesnt come that year X3 lol) and its nice to buy those again (i been collecting DCUC) but for me, marvel universe seems to be hitting the ball park with every figure made. but, Marvel universe has become hard to find.... (bet the stores are keeping them till christmas season comes along) but i find them when i'm NOT looking for them. which is kinda funny that way (thats how i found red hulk at target) and with the new 2pack target exclusives (and hearing them getting the juggy wave) has me excited! i have been obbessing for this wave for a few days now. hopefully i'll find this wave thrusday, but anyway, hows ya'lls collection going? share stories of your finds, show pix, ya know, share thoughts of the line itself when it first came around, are you an Marvel legends fan converted to the marvel universe? do you collect both? excited for the 3inch thor and captain america figures? and the figures coming this year and next? --- comon lets get this thread rolling and have a fun time talking about MARVEL UNIVERSE.
  12. man, marvel universe is sooo superior to hasbro's marvel legends :3
  13. cool!! moar 3/34inch goodness for my marvel universe collection! hell i like the new captain america costume so much i drew a FURRY captain america based on the figure http://tmntfan85.deviantart.com/#/d2v0xkp
  14. i for one am glad cage will make and be ghost rider again. i thought it was a pretty good movie! not to mention that ghost rider was one of hasbro's first movie toys (other than spiderman)
  15. well the new spidey is white (thank god...)
  16. way cool! i'm excited for this film! thor and loki look absolutely perfect!
  17. my walmart has them for 9 bucks too! walmart is crazy!! its madness! maaaaadnessss!!
  18. i dunno. cops hunting down mexicans seems racist to me. illegal or not. seems like history will repeat itself. like how the blacks were treated back in the 60's. but thats my opinion. dont care about anyone else's.
  19. so i found negitive man, blue beetle and cyclontron at walmart for 14. i bought them... then i found them again at kmart for 12:99! and a blue devil! so i bought those and return those at walamart to get my money back, so i got my cash back, and i got a blue devil which wasa bonus! now i completed the wave.
  20. Statements like that, Tend to make all Christian's look bad. Good going little miss tolerant. i'm catholic. and i have a problem with tolerating atheists... i'm just that way, make fun of my god and you'll lose some teeth. thats how i am.
  21. stypid atheist scumbags will never get rid of religion. and i hate atheists with a passion because they are nothing more but whiners and naggers, bitching and trying to remove god from everywhere, i'm a catholic, and i try to be at peace with everyone, but atheists pisses me off, and when it comes to god i'm easy offended and ready to beat the #$## out of them. sure god tells me to turn the other cheek, but i'm abit of a hot head. ironicly my boyfriend is an atheist....but the differance is, he RESPECTS my religion, and doesn't mock me cause of it. seriously, who CARES if atheist #@$#@ about this, its things like this that makes me smile. stupid fuckin' atheists....
  22. And when they kicked Mexico's @ss they BECAME AMERICANS! You know the Texas Rangers fought along side to keep Texas free right? You know Pancho Villa and his "men" were ten times worse than than anything you say about the Texas Rangers right? LOL! maybe, but even general s. patton couldnt catch himX3
  23. i saw in the news once that this man got into a car accident in the middle of nowhere, he was flipped over, he was aware of what happen, he saw two illegals coming out of the bush and pulled him out of the car wreck, then went back into the bushes before the embulance came for the guy. X3 i find that story awesome. but were they really illegals, or angels who were disguised as illegals...either way, fate is funny how its played out.
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