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  1. The issue in question was printed back in the 80's. The colors were off on most of the Joes in that issue and then there was the infamous "Hedge Hopper" who we can assume that was supposed to be Star Duster.
  2. CPT Kost

    Gi Joe 32

    Yes, it exists. I have one in my collection. Just FYI, the cover images that Jeff has in the comic section of Yo Joe.com are all scans from someone who has the comic. (I know because I have provide a few scans for him) Phil
  3. I read it, and I like it. I have been a GI Joe comic fan since the first Marvel books hit shelves years ago. Currently the main line is good and I enjoy picking it up every month because it takes me back to my childhood and lets me turn back the clock for a little while. The Reloaded line has me hooked. I can understand where some people don't care for it, and where many of the old school (or new school) GI Joe fans don't care for it. Reloaded is taking the GI Joe world and doing two things with it: 1.) Updating it. - No more Vietnam references, no more wondering why Snake-Eyes is still running around kicking ass and taking names at the age of 50+, and no more 20+ years of continuity. Now, I am all for continuity, I love the 20+ years of history that GI Joe has and the characters that have been developed. However, sometimes it does get old trying to keep track of who is who and who did what when. To me it is nice to pick up an issue of Reloaded and if I have a question go back a couple issues to find the answer instead of a couple dozen issues. 2.) Changing it. - Yes, that is right I said change....which usually around most areas in the world is bad. The GI Joe team in concept is still the same, Cobra is still the same in concept, but the characters, the people who we grew up, got to know, became our favorite heroes or villians are now different in some way. This either draws people in or pushes people away. Me? It drew me in. Has Reloaded been perfect? No. The art has been hit or miss (thus we have a new art team coming on board), and the story has moved a bit too slow for most people or there has been a lack of action (thus we have Chuck Dixon taking the reigns). Both these things have hurt the book considerably. I for one am glad to see the new artists coming on board and am very excited about Dixon taking over the writing. It would have been easy for DD to pull the plug and move on, but I believe (as I guess someone at DD believes too) that there is a great potential with this book and they just need someone on the book to bring out that potential. I am hoping Dixon is that person. By this point there are those who are saying "GI Joe didn't need to be updated and it didn't need to be changed." To that, I have no reply because that is your personal belief and I am not going to tell you what to think. All I will tell you, is that if you believe that then Reloaded is not for you, plain and simple. I have told numerous people who are deeply entrenched in the main series that Reloaded is not for them because it will change the way you see the characters you grew up with. To those that think change is not a bad thing and updating is not a bad thing then hang with the series a little longer and let's see where Dixon takes us. Bottom line, is Reloaded different? Yes. Is Reloaded for everyone? No. Should Reloaded be canceled? No. Because it has done what it set out to do and that is bring new people into the GI Joe world. I have met and chatted with people that have no interest in the main series, but are faithful followers of Reloaded. Remember when Reloaded was pitched, it was not for the fans, but to introduce GI Joe to a new group of readers. Ok...I have rambled long enough here.... Be good. Phil
  4. The crossover I have always wanted to see was GI Joe and Team 7. I had hopes that since Team 7 was an Image title and Devil's Due was printing through Image at the beginning that someone might suggest the idea.
  5. CT, I am down in Austin (North Austin, about an hour from Ft. Hood). Shoot me a PM and maybe we can get together and talk GI Joe when you get back. Phil
  6. Well, the way I like to put it is. For those of us who collect only the comic, reprints and incentive covers are kind of like toy collectors looking for that TRU exclusive. But you are correct the inside story is the important part, but for guys like me....incentive and reprint covers are the fun part of the "hunt"
  7. I think it all depends on where you look There is a lot of GI Joe comic talk over Here
  8. Plano wouldn't be bad for me, but that weekend I will be in the field at Camp Bowie.
  9. I am in Austin, and would be up for a meet if I am available at the time.
  10. Ain't nothing wrong with that. The Reloaded title is not for everyone. Me, I still love both series. The Main title gives me the original line and keeps them near and dear to the heart, and the Reloaded title gives me something a little edgier and up to date. Both have their place.
  11. I am going to step in here and explain what the Reloaded story is all about. Reloaded IS NOT an "Early Years" GI Joe. Think the Ultimate line and that is what GI Joe Reloaded is. GI Joe Reloaded is the telling of the GI Joe mythos in a modern setting. The Joes are not Vietnam Vets, and the team was not formed in the 80s. Here we have a serious terrorist threat from an organization named Cobra and Hawk and Duke form a team to deal with them. They are non-sanctioned, non-government supported (for now anyway), and they have all basicly given up their careers do to this. Feel free to come over to Joe Reloaded.com and check out the info there on the series. Hopefully this will clear some of the items up. Phil
  12. David, say it ain't so man. The news section you provide for fans is awesome, I check it daily to see who has the latest comics reviewed. As always, the site is yours and you are free to do with it as you see fit, but I rank QKTheatre with Yo Joe.com and JMMs Comic site as THE places for Joe fans to visit. Phil
  13. I am in the married with child catagory. After my wife and I did our budget we set aside a certain amount of dollars a month that we can spend on whatever we want. For me it is a good deal since I only collect the GI Joe Comics and am always with in the budget.
  14. The short answer would be yes, but I would say that Reborn was the introduction of GI Joe Reloaded, not a preview, but it is all from your point of view.
  15. Josh was kind enough to answer a few questions in regards to the GI Joe Reloaded title. Check it out here. Phil
  16. I'll take any chance to pimp my site. Joe Reloaded.com and our forums Joe Reloaded.com Forums Come by and check it out, I just added a mini-interview with Josh Blaylock about GI Joe Reloaded.
  17. I knew where it came from, I was just making the point that it wasn't funny.
  18. If that was a joke, I must have missed the punch line. As a member of the Texas Army National Guard, and working closely with several members of the Texas Air National Guard and seeing their work ethic I think you might find it hard to come and go as you please.
  19. oh the glory!!!!!...............just joking....SIR!!!!!! LOL......... WHAT UNIT ARE U IN??? I WAS 3-7 CAV FOR 3 YEARS............U PROBABLY KNOW SOME OFFICERS I WORKED FOR!!!..........R U A CITADEL GRAD??? WAIT LET ME GUESS...........TEXAS A&M............ I am actually currerntly serving as the Squadron Maint. Officer for the 1-124 CAV and I serve as a new equipment fielding officer for the state of Texas. I am a proud grad of the little known University of Texas-Pan American down along the Texas-Mexico border. I currently work for a couple Aggies, but they are good guys, so no complaints here.
  20. Is that the GI Joe REBORN Incentive cover? (as opposed to the RELOADED incentive cover, which I don't think there is one.) Also, I think your plan is completely fair. Thanks for doing this for us. Phil
  21. bigfan, let me just take this time to say YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for doing this.
  22. I think you are misreading the team. Having served with three different platoons as Platoon Leader and as a Company Executive Officer in a Task Force that was thrown together and then put into a forward operation. I can tell you while everyone is well trained and knows their specific field, that does not mean that they will automaticly work well together. That takes time and training and trust. All those things the Joe team lacks currently. Each one knows their piece, but they have not work together before, they have not formed a chemistry. Shoot, they are from different branches and sgencies. I can tell you from experience that even just working with other branches of the Army is difficult. I can not even imagine working with Navy and Marine personnel as well. Remember in GI Joe #1 of the Marvel series it is established that the team had been together for a while and had been on missions together. I know some people have complained about the way Lady Jaye was portrayed, but she was dead on. She was one of those Intel Gurus who is great behind the desk, and ok out in the field, but she has never had to think Operationally. Thus the reason she got half of the plan of what Rock and Roadblock were doing. You are still entitled to your opinion, but remember you are comparing the Reloaded Joe team, which is brand new, with the Main Series Joe team that has been around and worked together for over 20 years. Just wanted to share that.
  23. Reloaded IS NOT Frontline. They are two seperate universes. Frontline was like the Special Missions title from back in the day, and Reloaded is a whole new telling of the Joe story (as some people put it "Ultimate GI Joe") My guess, and this is only a guess, is that DD will see how the market responds to the two titles and then with the mini-series later and determine if the market can handle three Joe books going at the same time. Time will tell.
  24. Frontline - Done (for the time being, hopefully it will return) - Last issue #18. Joe/Transformers - Done - #6 TF/Joe - Will be done next week (we hope) - #6
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