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  1. If nothing else, it's a heck of an achievement to bring together actors from so many previous DC-based tv series. If they could get someone from Lois & Clark and the old Shazam series, I think you'd have pretty much everything outside of the DC Universe and Gotham shows represented. I don't think there's anyone left from the George Reeves Adventures of Superman, sadly...

  2. I'm happy for everyone that is into this, but personally I think it's a step backwards from Classics so I won't be investing in it. It just feels like adding more articulation to G1 Transformers or Star Wars figures rather than updating the whole product to the sort of thing we've had with CHUG, the Vintage Collection and the like.

    Of course, given that they're selling straight repros of vintage SW these days, what do I know? 😉

  3. 21 hours ago, Satam said:

    It's a very long list when you consider characters from all three other series that they've started and haven't given us more than a handful of characters. 

    Yep. I dread to think how long that list would get if we included Justice League Unlimited in there as well BTAS, STAS, TNBA, Beyond & regular ol' JL... They may have been small and way under articulated, but at least we got a reasonable depth of character selection with the Mattel JLU line! I can't help but think the DC Collectibles line would be healthier if they had gone for a full on mix of the entire DCAU from the start.

  4. More BTAS-style figures is always a plus for me and there are definitely some nice looking designs there. I just don't know if I should put AzBats on my BTAS heroes or BTAS villains shelf!

    Still, we definitely need more actual show characters interspersed in there as well. Clock King, Red Claw, BTAS Baby Doll, Lockdown... the list goes on and on...

  5. As a Club Eternia fan, I'm only moderatley interested in a couple of these figures (Kittrina, maybe Roboto as an earlier model, perhaps Shadow Weaver but I'd need a means to justify her as a differnet character given that I have the existing MOTUC one) so looks like I'll be on the secondary market too. Wonder if Super 7 will ever change from their 'all or nothing' ordering mentality for these figures?

  6. Sadly, Joe is pretty much a line that is eating it's own tail with little in the way of innovation or actively keeping the line fresh or invigorated. After Retaliation, it became all too obvious that effort would only really be put in if there was media to support and anything else would pretty much be recreations of old figures to appease an aging fanbase. Masters of the Universe managed to do reasonably well under a similar system, but that was predicated on being collector-focused figures with a relatively sparse release pattern. Such a shame because I love the Joe mythos and there was such energy and inventiveness shown in the Pursuit of Cobra era.

  7. Well I'm afraid I have to count myself as one of the 'somewhat disappointed' crowd - I have no problem with the 'ultimate' concept but I would have liked to see more than that, otherwise it seems like Classics just becomes a 'best of' series rather than pushing forward with anything new. Don't get me wrong, I love that they're doing this for those that haven't been on board until now or missed out on previous versions (like perennial favourites reamining in print for books, albums and movies - why not the same for great toys?) but I'd like to see something that's going to push the line forward rather than just retread the same ground. They seem to be doing some of this with the smaller scale line but I'd rather see 'battle damaged Skeletor' or 'Terror Wolf' as Classics size characters than just the 3 3/4 inch versions. Maybe that will come as their plans become more clear and are better communicated, but until that does happen, I don't see myself needing to spend any further on MOTUC. Good on those that can now jump onboard though!

  8. I was lucky enough to score a reasonable Rogue One haul late last week due to stores here in NZ really not knowing what they're doing about on shelf dates. Pretty cool once you leave aside the usual five points of articulation aspects - nicely sculpted and painted and give a real tease as to what might be in the movie. These toys actually got me more excited for Rogue One than TFA toys did for Ep VII - probably due to them playing off the nostalgia designs and everything. Looking forward to future waves being available - love me some cool new Imperials!

  9. COPS was definitely awesome and ahead of it's time in a lot of regards. Shame it never really caught on - I did a Toy Chat about Buttons McBoomBoom a while back and I'd love to have been able to get more of them.


    I'd totally support taking photos of all my old toy haunts to document them for the future in their glory days and as nice as it would be to BttF2 all those old toys, I'd focus on telling me to do two things: 1) buy Shockwave when I had the chance that one time I saw him and 2) not to stress about getting much Star Wars and Masters of the Universe at that stage 'cause the early 21st century figures would blow them out of the water :)

  10. In fairness, Joes still have an active Collector's Club pumping out exclusive figures on a fairly regular basis, a small presence at retail with the amzingly still staggering on 50th Anniversary line and has had multiple live action films and animated adventures in recent years vs. one cartoon reboot with multiple aborted toy lines in various scales for the T-Cats. So I'd say the Joes have a slight edge on the love at the moment.

  11. I don't mind them rereleasing Enchantress as I haven't been able to get the SDCC Raft set, but I can certainly see how it sucks for those who did. Of course the same can be said for quite a bit of this whole wave, even the B-a-F. Lazy seems to be the most apt description. I gues they don't have as much faith in Strange as they did in Guardians a couple years back and are going for an absolute minimum effort here which is a shame. A few changes to the paint and this line could have been substantially different - classic colours comic Strange, original outfit Brother Voodoo with a few flesh tones, even just some glow in the dark plastic for the astral form just to give it a little something extra... Oh well, I'm glad for what new stuff we are getting at least!

  12. Personally I'm hoping for Firewall but that's a) a long shot and B) questionable as to how well she could be done without new tooling that just doesn't seem likely to get at this stage. I'd be happy with Mayday, but if GI Jane is the choice we end up with, it'll be intersting to see what sort of outfit she ends up in. I can't see the SDI Director outfit being translatable with the current library of parts, so I guess we'd end up with a remake of the Viper Lockdown version, though hopefully with something more to distinguish her from another Renegades Scarlett repaint ala Bombstrike and Retaliation Lady Jaye.

  13. Hi everyone!


    I hope this is of interest and not against the forum rules (I couldn't see anything that said I shouldn't post this sort of thing) but as a long time reader of Toy News International and watcher of JayC's vids on YouTube, I thought I'd share my own channel that has some 'toy chats' (not quite a full on review but a bit more than just a beauty shot), movie reviews and the like with like-minded folk!


    You can view it here and I'd love to hear if people have any suggestions or requests - feedback is gratefully appreciated.


    Thanks everyone!


    - Sledgehama

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