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  1. Ultra Magnus (full armor) was pretty much confirmed, but we don't know when. Galvatron is highly likely and NO ONE is against this. These two are the most likely to be made...other than the clone MP repaints (Thundercracker, etc). I agree the commanders should be done first! With that said, people really need to be realistic and talking about it. Lets get these 2 guys made, new MPs take a lot of time, i believe the time frame is like a brand new MP every two years so you HAVE TO, HAVE TO be very picky on who gets picked. From what i read, none of the Dinobots will get made. Think about it, it be like 2018 before you get a complete set, and then onto the next ones. I feel like a lot of fans aren't being realistic with there requests, unless Takara has enough engineers to put out an entire line of MPs then i'm all for it. And i know fans know this but they just magically ignore this fact in there head, its funny, lol. I read all kinds of fan requests of new MPs and they all vary from Bumblebee, Arcee, Ironhide, Wheelie, to even Beast war characters. And then if someone says Oh oh i have an idea, make XXX and then the next guy replies to his quote! Yeah that's an awesome idea i would so buy that, make it happen Takara!! It doesn't matter who you say, people just say yeah that's cool! We just need to be realistic. Galvatron and Ultra Magnus First and that's it! Then maybe maybe we can talk about Soundwave, Shockwave or whoever is next on the list.
  2. I'm optimistic they will. This new version is a bit better, i mean look how many times Prime was redone. I think there's a market out there that people would want this. The Takara version is different, the Hasbro version can be more cartoon accurate at a cheaper price.
  3. I'll consider getting the Hasbro versions of these for MUCH MUCH cheaper. The good news is i passed on MP-3 Starscream so i don't have it at all. I'm predicting an MP-10 Prime Hasbro without trailer about $60-100 price range. SS for $50-60 range.
  4. Yeah, he did say MP11 would be Starscream. I am over joy to see MP11 is not F14 as speculated. Originally, the new MP11 Starscream was going to be F14 but later TTomy changed their mind so that F14 will be reserved for some other bot. Source? And more importantly, why on Earth would they make Starscream an F-14? He's never been an F-14 and unlike the F-15, the '14 is not even in service anymore. If Remi can find that thread I believe he posted a while back can show it. I believe it was TCracker??? From another forum that had all the inside information. I just hope, hope hope that the next 2 MPs aren't wasted on Thundercracker/Skywarp Starscream clones, etc. It's a waisted spot! [Edit] I found the forum. http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-toy-discussion/225008-one-only-end-all-all-masterpiece-speculation-thread-100.html ANyways, NOWs a good time to start getting into MP's. It's almost like the first batch were a waist (which exception to Grimlock.) If your going to get a Prime get 10. If your going to get a Starscream get 12 or wait for the Hasbro cartoon version. If your going to get Hot Rod get the 2nd version.
  5. Where is that lost thread that showed a link to "another forum" where an insider gave us information on the next 5 MPs. He told us fans would be upset at MP-11 but happy with the rest. He did say a real Ultra Magnus would fall somewhere in 12-15. And there is no Megatron in 12-15. He did say a Seeker for 11 which is Starscream.
  6. Yup it was rumored people were going to be pissed about this. It was rumored a Seeker! They didn't even get him in the cartoon colors. Well not all the way. OMG don't tell me the next 3 MP's will be Starscream clones.
  7. I had a few TF toys but not many and none of them were great characters. I had to steal most of them from my friends because my parents wouldn't buy me any. I wanted Optimus so so bad!! You guys have no idea how happy i would have been if i had him. I mean i have him now, but its not the same because i'm grown up. Imagine if i had MP prime back then, holy moly!
  8. The Hasbro version probably won't come with a trailer.
  9. Are you refering to the TakaraTomy or Hasbro version? Takara version, i just saw on BBTS a version 2 is coming out.
  10. I wonder what all the issues they are fixing for V2. I'm upset they couldn't get this fixed the first time, now I got V1 and I feel cheated. But I get its the black shins in the front, the Spoiler in the back, and also his hands because I can't even get him to hold his gun.
  11. Well if Hasbro is reading this, WE WANT YOU TO FIX HIS LEGS!!!
  12. Lets wait for the Hasbro version, under $100 is reasonable. I definately would consider this if the legs were not messed up!! Seriously it upsets me!! Even Takara knows it, i mean look at the photographs, its not like they didn't know it looked bad. Why do you think all the shots try to avoid the legs and have it on an angle. If they knew it was bad why didn't they change it? It's not like it had to be that way. We know it works the other way around which is what MP1 did.
  13. This would have been perfect if they didn't ruin his legs on the side. I be all over this if they fixed this!! Notice in that first picture they obviously hide it by turning it on the angle. BUt yeah i'm happy and sad, i mean I seriously thought the first one was PERFECT but now looking at this one i'm like wow this one is perfect except for that one part which ruins it for me. I think i know what they were trying to do, the head guy wanted to hide the tires and make his legs look like in the toons where his tires disappear but we don't mind seeing the tires. They really f'd that part up!
  14. I was kind of disappointed when he said no plans for Soundwave.
  15. Bumblebee would be interesting and deserving, I think though they can make him in a different line because he's so short.
  16. Alright that's cool. I hope its not Starscream either, it makes no sense to do a redo of that, he was fine when they I mean Hasbro did him. We want something new, Optimus is fine because he's the man. But give us new MPs darn it!
  17. Here's a possible thought, what if MP 11 is Megatron but his vechile mode is a jet and not a gun. Seeing how there were some issues with him looking like a gun the last go around. It is possible? Plus didn't they mention nerdrage after MP 10? I thought i read accurate robot mode but different vechile mode but in a jet form. Just throwing that thought out there, not saying i'm right, just a possibility.
  18. They have to take care of these guys first. Galvatron Ultra Magnus (Perfect Edition) *Pretty much confirmed just don't know when. After this then everything and anybody is up for debate. Seeing how there's a NEW MP every two years they have to pick carefully. It's possible they'll also redo Megatron.
  19. Why not Galvatron for the next MP? Makes perfect sense to me. And oh btw, i must be behind, I had no idea that MP-10 was announced. I saw the pictures, he looks great, in scale, my only beef is his legs where his wheels are. I liked how MP-1 handled that part. Not sure if i'll get it or not, i'm pretty happy with my first one.
  20. That's pretty lame, how did two Beast War characters win back to back? Both of those characters don't deserve to be even in the HOF. When you think HOF you think of Iconic, Dinobot and Waspinator aren't that but yet they still won...not sure how.
  21. What are your guys thoughts on his legs? I think they should have left it grey instead of making it look like the G1 toy. I prefer the look of how it looked in the toons. But that's just me.
  22. I'm going to write Hasbro and Toys R Us a letter about the Hot Rod, that way they will PULL ALL MP Rodimus Primes from the shelves IMMEDIATELY! Look for a big lawsuit to happen! No one will get this because of me!! This is unacceptable!! J/k... Anyways i'm waiting for the next MP. Usually its a 2-3 year window for a brand new one. Bring on Galvatron already!!! He's the last one. Last leader anyways.
  23. I have a bad feeling it will cost as much as MP Grimlock did last year....$80 HMM I got Grimlock for $60 any way now that I see his car mode I think I will get Hot Rod funny thing about Firebolt it looks like Hasbro lost the name for him and calling him Offshot. http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/generation-1-1/masterpiece-rodimus-prime-in-package-pics-back-shots-too-172359/ Also what is weird about this on the bottom of the pack it dose say Hot Rod and not Rodimus. http://cdn.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/attach/1/TF-Prime-In-Package-Rodimus-015_1307132691.jpg Lol your right, i can't believe it says Hot Rod on the bottom of the package? You think that was a mistake? I think it was, how stupid of them...i wonder if they'll actually get in trouble because of it. Overall, I love the Takara version a lot better, i'm glad i bought that version even though it cost me so much more. For people who still don't have this figure, The Hands SUCK!! I can't get him to hold the big gun on his own. Overall great figure, but hard to transform, i have not even attempted to do so.
  24. Actually the Hot Rod and Rodimus were done accurately for this toy. The Toon version of him was the same too. They did give the option for Rodimus to be taller, the shoulders to be shifted up as well as the wing. But virtually everything was the same but so was the toon version so it was accurate.
  25. I am guessing Galvatron will be next... Unless they do a black Rodimus repaint... I don't care about repaints, they don't count as "Next MPs" to me.
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