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  1. Yeah, its cool for the newer collectors, but for the collectors who went out thier way to get certain DCSH figures, it sucks. At least with the Gotham City 5 Pack, the 2 Face and Catwoman were repaints and not the exact same. I don't see why they did not make some differences on the figures in thier other DCSH re released figures. They want to do this whole "Adult Collector" pitch, but then they re relase figures that are no different than previous hard to find figures. They should always at least change something so it does not hurt the value of the previous figure. If I wanted something that was going to stay the same value, I would collect pennys. Don't get me wrong, I collect because I love the comics, characters, and story lines, but when they do something like that, it just feels like whats the point of being proud of having a rare figure if they just re release it down the road. They are doing the same thing by releasing the 5 Pack of all of the DCUC Wave 5 figures. Everyone who went out thier way to get those figures are now going to be SOL. Its nice to have some figures easier to get, but I do not want to collect something that is 100% easy to get. That kills the part of the fun in collecting for me. Wave 5 5-pack?! This is news to me. O_O
  2. Thanks MrImpossible, I really appreciate your reply. I was hoping someone would answer who actually had both of the figures to compare right next to each other. The reason I am asking this is because I got a DCSH Cyborg Superman sealed for cheap recently and I do not have the 2 Pack version to compare it to. Mattel is pretty good about making re released figures a little bit different, but I was still not sure if it was the exact same in every aspect. I know the molds are the same, but I was pretty sure the paint was different. I like it when older figures have differences from a re release because if it was the exact same, it defeats the point of having the rare DCSH version. It sure does. It's why the Fists of Clay pack was a slap in our faces.
  3. In a strange assortment containing Kid Flash, OW Aquaman, WGSH Firestorm/Shazam, and Cyborg, my friend and I each found a Commander Steel and Mr. Terrific, at the sale price.
  4. A friend and I each hit a Target, hoping for new Public Enemies. We each found a very random case asst., with Commander Steel and Mr. Terrific. Scored em for $7.99...
  5. If it isn't just mine, the DCSH has some sort of tiny black specks on the robotic parts, and of course the darker blue. The DCUC 2-pack version had faded spots of blue on his costume. It also has a little more black wash on the skull, giving it an almost burnt look. This is all I can see in a side-by-side comparison. And, based off my figures, of course.
  6. jj, do you remember what the case asst. was like? Did it have the older ones as well (Banshee, Icicle, etc.)?
  7. Hopefully it's not an EXACT PE body, where the gloves and boots are painted on....bleagh. >
  8. Nothing's going on...

  9. I see there are two different packaging versions of Star Wars Unleashed: General Grievous. One is a large bubble-on-card release, and the other is a Target Excl. tube package. I just want to know which came first (the original). Thanks!
  10. I just hope they improve upon (better paint apps and better sculpting) these figures when they're shipped over to Toysrus. But, I highly doubt it. Because it costs money and time. Such a shame. Yes. I'm in great fear of how Two-Face will look in the final product... Although Harvey managed to impress me, as far as likeness goes. Especially if you look at him from an angle.
  11. I'm positive we'll still see them at Toys R Us. If they had announced that TRU would carry them, then turned around and put all their product on Matty, that would be a whole new kind of stupid.... I even have a feint feeling that they will re-appear on Matty before Spring.....they must have a ton of these things. Mattel claims to have increased production after the Joker as Robber, which is still sitting there on the site.....leads me to believe they're holding back, as they often do.
  12. According to Mattel's original plan, yes. Joker as Thug will remain a Matty exclusive (hence the stiff $20 price tag), and the rest will hit TRU at some vaguely specified point in time. In case assortments I don't even want to imagine. I'm glad I've ordered all the ones so far. *phew*
  13. I know a couple of other figures recently fell into this, but Two-Face was the first one I noticed...you can't tilt his head down a whole lot. And the way his eyes are painted, he's kind of always looking up. :/ You have to have him hunching forward in order for him to be looking straight. That bummed me out. Man-Bat was another. Great looking figure, but no thigh swivel? He could've been better. Penguin could have been better also. The way he looks, and is articulated, he reminds me of a DC Direct figure. I really hope they fix blue-aboo-dee-aboo-da Harley Quinn. Next to the W10 Joker, she looks funky. W11 Cyborg Superman should have looked like the prototype. The red eyes disappointed me a bit. And the silver paint on either sides of his teeth also threw me off. All that aside....so far so good, Mattel. In figure design, anyway!
  14. Heh, I got a story for this. I was barely getting into collecting action figures at this point, buying a General Grievous or other favorites of mine whenever I saw them.....I picked up a DC figure off the shelves, and was mesmerized... Wave 1: Only wanted Batman Reason: I always liked Flash, Batman, Superman, etc., more than Marvel dudes. The JLU show was pretty kick-ass, too. I couldn't find this figure, however. When I had finally noticed these on the shelves, DCSH had already come and gone, and Orion/Red Tornado were the only figures left sitting everywhere. So I thought nothing of it.... Wave 2: Only wanted Harley Quinn Ended up getting: Aquaman (long hair) Reason: I saw this Wave at Wal-Mart, when they began carrying the line. When I saw Harley, I bought her immediately (since I had recently acquired a Dark Knight Movie Masters Joker). I then decided that I would be picking up the big names of DC, so I picked up a long-haired Aquaman (because he had long hair in JLU, and I believed him to be more "accurate". Wave 3: Planned on getting Deathstroke, Robin, and Green Lantern Ended up getting: The entire Wave Reason: I found all three figures I originally wanted pretty easily at Target, but I met a guy in doing so. He didn't buy any because he was looking for variants. "What the hell are those?", I thought. This guy told me about the unmasked Deathstroke and the Sinestro Corps costume. At this point, I went back to see what other variants there were. I then realized why there was a short haired Aquaman, and that there were two different Supermans. In looking back at the first two waves, I just decided that this was freakin' awesome. I had to have them all. I have bought every figure in every Wave since Wave 4, eventually caught up on what I was missing (including DCSH), and am still going strong.
  15. Like the Dark Knight Movie Masters? lol So did you get that, scalpers? It's still in production, calm down.
  16. Awesome! My last-minute order got here, with a Deadman variant! I would be complete, if the Cyborg didn't get all bent from being stuffed in the case.... :/
  17. Ah, yes. Replace Your/You with Their/Them respectively....too lazy to edit... ;p
  18. Your store was probably halfway through the price change, and they didn't come up. Your cashier probably told you they were recalled, as protocol, or something.
  19. Holy moly. I did not get charged tax on the three occasions I've ordered from Matty...is that one of those regional things? :/
  20. Cheaper than retail? Yes. My grand total: $128.70(after shipping.....tax?) $128.70/8= about $16.09 per figure $14.97 after tax= $16.19 per figure Cheaper for me, ayway...
  21. So it really is official. They warned us some time ago that this would happen with Wave 11, I guess we all forgot. Now, there's no reason to buy figs outside of Matty Collector. Online, SHIPPED, cheaper than retail? I'll take a subscription, please.
  22. Picked up a W10 Bats today, for a buddy of mine. It came out to $16.19.....$14.97 w/o tax. This caused me to break down and buy a W11 case from Matty. As of now, buying them from Matty is cheaper than buying them from retail. Just....wow.
  23. Better get your Neytiri quick.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120512839322&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260530846940&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180450981032&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
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