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  1. Yes, they've stated. However, I think they stated in would be a set of 7, and not 8? How do they make that kind of case?? In other news, all the Wal-Marts at a reasonable distance from me are not receiving DC W12. The Wally's ACROSS TOWN from me, though, get regular shipments (all of which I find the leftovers). Great! maybe you only get 1 Mary? That would be ok with me as long as there is a price reduction for it. Maybe 110 instead of 120 like wave 12 I meant like, physically? How do you make a 7-figure case? Lol And LJ, like I said, "select" Wally's in SA have gotten both A and B cases of W12, but they're all about 45 mins from me.
  2. Yes, they've stated. However, I think they stated in would be a set of 7, and not 8? How do they make that kind of case?? In other news, all the Wal-Marts at a reasonable distance from me are not receiving DC W12. The Wally's ACROSS TOWN from me, though, get regular shipments (all of which I find the leftovers). Great!
  3. While this is true, some other DC characters are inferior to others, for some reason...some that come to mind: Bane: strong villain, but weaker than Bizarro, Giganta, Solomon Grundy (maybe?) off the top of my head... Riddler: Intellectual villain, but outsmarted by Lex, Brainiac, Grodd... Deadshot: Great assasin, but Deathstroke is better. Elongated Man and Plastic Man....are they even? Or is one more capable than the other? Though none of them are as famous as The Flash, they're just examples...
  4. In that case, will you send me the DCSH body?
  5. I must say, having to see Shark, Steepenwolf, and Deadman hanging everywhere would get annoying after a while....especially if it ends up like these "Best Of" cases.
  6. 15, 16......it's news. I believe MM is a big enough anchor for the wave, Batman is just a strange inclusion...perhaps it's Batman (Sucker Customers). He's black/grey, features an extra wrinkle on his cape, and slightly longer gauntlet spikes.
  7. The reviewer forgot to mark a couple of cool details that the DCSH Bats' have over all the others - the detail on the gloves/boots (stitching, etc.). Why they stopped doing this once Classics started is beyond me. :/ It kind of makes DCUC look like a children's toy line by comparison.
  8. Isn't it the same version from the Dynamic Duo pack? :/ This is getting a bit redundant...
  9. Thanks to me friend, we've finally been able to track down this stuff. He got Eclipso, DocMid, Spectre (reg), and Nightwing, and I got all the same (minus Nightwing, I got him in W3). For some reason, Iron and Bats were always missing. Hmm.
  10. This is.....baffling? I think the last comment we got from Nolan regarding his comic-book days was something along the lines of "I'm not sure." And now all of a sudden he's in for Superman? And Batman 3?
  11. Looks like anyone with an opinion is getting -1'd, lol. I actually have a comic featuring Henshaw and Supes on the cover, ina cool green/metallic scheme. And a Lobo issue where he's sporting a chrome cod-piece. Are these prime examples?
  12. Now THAT would've been the big gun figure. Come to think of it, Wave 5 didn't have any "big guns". I think it's safe to believe this being a WM wave.
  13. I discovered Kamandi recently, in the Brave and the Bold cartoon. He has a talking humanoid dog friend. Pretty cool.... And I think it's funny that Mattel chose the wave right before 15 for their WM wave. Everyone's "pattern" just crumbled.
  14. I was expecting the body to say "...it is a nice store." I had figured the 6-inch stuff would get a turn in price-cut, since DCUC did. Guess I was wrong.
  15. I registered on my friend's comp, only to realize that the forums are not kind to my phone's browser, at all. (I can't post from my phone) So are there any signs of Mattel reps, hearing our cries?
  16. This was about 3 years ago when Target had the Clark Kent/Superman, Batman/Batgirl, and Superman/Bizarro 2-packs. I remember picking up both of the Superman packs on clearance for $2.48 since I already had the Batman/Batgirl pack. And now those packs (save the Bizarro one) run for $20 and up. I hate eBay...
  17. Dear lord, you're absolutely right! If that isn't a huge middle finger, I don't know what is. :/
  18. I think most of us ordered from Matty. I did for several reasons: 1. To avoid the inevitable price jump at retail 2. To avoid this insane driving around, having to visit stores every night to beat scalpers 3. I couldn't believe for a second that Mattel learned their lesson from Waves 8 and 9.
  19. CybertronianA: Is your sealed Orion in a good condition package? If so, how much?
  20. Bizarro/Supes pack, AGAIN? Didn't Target cover this like, 3 years ago? Also looks like Bizarro will get a repaint, giving him the brighter, more correct Superman-like costume. Wish they would've done that for Cyborg Supes.... But the two-packs in question aren't bad.
  21. Thanks to you, my buddy and I got a few rain checks as well. Each for 7 figures.
  22. Aw. I was hoping Target would be the first with these, while the sale was on. Too much to ask, heh. I'll be scouting a couple WM's here tonight, so let's see...
  23. Well, all the Targets have self-check scanners for customers. And the screen tells you if there is any in the stockroom or not. I always check that first. And then I find someone and tell them there is more in the back - would they mind pulling it for me. Can't lie to you when their machine tells me otherwise. Yeah, that is how I knew they were lying to me. I had just checked the scanner and it came up with YES by Stockroom, and then they would look at thier price gun and say, "Hmmm, no, sorry, check back in a week or so". I would just find a guy working, and they always pull all DCUC they have for me. Also, like someone else mentioned, some Targets do not have the price checker with the extra info. Some just check price only. Its rare to find Targets with those though. Yeah, most employees are basically trained to deal with collectors/scalpers this way, since they can't tell the difference. I personally hate when I ask if they can check in the back for more, and they interrupt my question with "Sorry, it's whatever we have out there."
  24. Public Enemies W2 have arrived in SA, Texas. Got me an entire PE set, finally. Now to search for W12...
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