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  1. Thanks for posting the picture Sisco. I can now see that the mouth area is definitely different, and that the finals are different, so I was wrong. The distance between the lips and the chin, and the lips and the nose is much shorter on X-23, when compared to Warbird, and as mentioned before, X-23’s nose is a bit upturned. X-23’s head seems to be smaller overall when compared to Warbird, which is odd. Perhaps a scaling issue, but that still wouldn’t explain the ears or the nose. I do think that the pictures I posted do prove that the prototypes of both figures did have the same head sculpt, but somewhere down the line X-23’s changed. Which is weird since if they had to change one of the head sculpts I would change Warbird’s as it doesn’t look like the character, while the sculpt looks pretty good on X-23. Regardless I’m sorry for wasting anyone’s time. While browsing http://marvellegends.net/ I noticed that Elektra and Black Cat also seem to have the same head sculpt, which I know is a can of worms, but I couldn’t help myself, and had to mention it. On an entirely different subject, does anyone else think that Banshee’s current head sculpt would be a great base for an Arcade custom? The X-Men/Spider-Man villain that kidnaps people, and then traps them in his killer amusement park called Murder World. I always wanted a figure of him.
  2. I like #1.. well, because its the hottest... I remember when I was little and read comics with her in it.. I couldn't believe my eyes! Wow looking at that website just makes me think that I really hate Dave Cortez work. Go to the website http://marvellegends.net/ click on year book, and then click on a picture of figure to see who sculpted it. I hate pretty much every thing he made except Iron Man, Colossus, and the Sentinel. As for the best sculptor I’d have to say Phil Ramirez, as everything he puts out is usually dead on. Anyway I won’t get into the same sculpt issue any more; however I would like to point out how similar the jaws and mouths look on all the figures done by Dave Cortez. translation = I know I am wrong.. but for some reason, still can't admit it. I know that if I just said, woops, I am wrong, everybody would be okay and forgive me.. but I would rather act like a little brat! just kidding with you man.. @lol@ First, let me say that I’m 19, and will be 20 years old in about a mouth. Second, why do you continue to attack me after I already dropped the issue? I already posted all the evidence and research I could think of on the subject, and until new evidence comes to light, that’s all I can think of to say on the issue. So unless you post some new evidence, like close up high resolution head shot pictures of both X-23 and Warbird, with their heads tilted at the same angle, I suggest you drop the issue as well.
  3. Wow looking at that website just makes me think that I really hate Dave Cortez work. Go to the website http://marvellegends.net/ click on year book, and then click on a picture of figure to see who sculpted it. I hate pretty much every thing he made except Iron Man, Colossus, and the Sentinel. As for the best sculptor I’d have to say Phil Ramirez, as everything he puts out is usually dead on. Anyway I won’t get into the same sculpt issue any more; however I would like to point out how similar the jaws and mouths look on all the figures done by Dave Cortez.
  4. Wow you didn’t have break your figures to prove me wrong. I mean you just wasted like $20. Hopefully you can reattach it later, like with super glue or something. Anyway as petty as it sounds I will still not concede the point, and continue to insist that X-23 and Warbird have the same head sculpt. Note that in the picture you posted, it shows that Warbird’s head is made up of three different pieces, and that X-23’s head is made up of at least two pieces. The back head piece on Warbird doesn’t have ears, while the one on X-23 does. I also notice that their profiles are the same. Here are some of your pictures that I modified to better show the seams between the pieces on the figures heads, and their profiles. In the profile pictures I rotated X-23’s head so that it would be at a closer angle to Warbird. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...rbird-006-2.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...ead-compare.jpg What still isn’t explained though is why X-23’s head look’s overall smaller than Warbird’s head. Hence I submit this evidence: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...3fixedsize6.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...Warbird-006.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...parison-of-.jpg These are both blue background prototype pictures of X-23 and Warbird, taken by Toy Biz themselves. Notice how X-23’s chin isn’t at her chest, coving up her neck in the prototype, but is in the final figure. Therefore I think that the final retail X-23’s neck joint is too small and based on their profiles in your pictures; it looks like X-23’s head is also slightly under scaled when compared to Warbird. Now I’ll analyze the prototype pictures similarities. I recommend saving this picture, as it is hard to see the lines when not zoomed in. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...parison-ana.jpg Warbird’s head is a repaint of X-23’s head, with a different back head piece, that doesn’t have ears. Then to nail the point home, I made these GIF images: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...044/X-23gif.gif http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...Warbird-gif.gif In the gif images I rotated the head on X-23 to better match the angle on Warbird. Notice how the features on their faces are in the same location. That’s because they have the same head sculpt. Just incase you want to see a comparison between the prototypes and the finals I made this picture too: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...nal-compare.jpg Although the paint jobs are worse, the heads are otherwise the same as the prototypes. I want to address the same sculptor theory one more time. Which of these scenarios is more likely to happen? Scenario A: Toy Biz and or Hasbro hire a sculptor to make two completely different figures. The sculptor starts from scratch on both figures, but when they’re done the figures look like each others doppelgangers. Toy Biz and or Hasbro however are totally cool with this, release both figures anyway, and pay the sculptor their commission fees on both figures without any objection. Scenario B: Toy Biz and or Hasbro want to make a figure of a new character, but they either don’t have enough money in their budget, or don’t think the character is popular enough to justify a new sculpt. Instead they take a sculpt of a figure already made, that they think looks close enough to the new character, repaint or change a few minor details about the figure, then release it and hope that people won’t care or notice, and buy it anyway. On a side note I heard that the average commission a sculptor gets for sculpting a new figure is $20,000, although I would imagine that the price for sculpting just a head would be a bit cheaper. That’s just what I heard though, that number could be a lot higher or lower. Regardless, keep that information in mind while answering the question. If answered Scenario B, you are correct. Although Scenario A is possible it is very unlikely, because a sculptor making the same sculpt for two different figures would either, catch themselves before they turn in the sculpts, or have legal action taken against them for turning in the same sculpt for two different projects, and the sculpts would never get released do to the court case. Well that’s all I can think of to say on the subject. I’m tired of defending my observation about the figures, which I know to be true. I also think that I have submitted enough evidence, that other people can now make an accurate judgment on the situation and decide on their own who is right.
  5. If they make one in 6 or 7 inch scale that figures can ride in, I’ll buy it.
  6. I think the hercules face is just sculpted by the same guy who did Thing. Why go through the time consuming task of Resculpting the forehead, a new nose, filling in the rocks, making a beard, and making hair when you can sculpt an entire head almost as fast. Also Jesse Falcon said theres no such thing as a retool. Every figure has a unique tool made for it. It may reuse parts and sculpts to make a new tool but theres no way to retool a tool. LOL. As for Warbird and X-23 having the same face I don't see it at all. The black X-23 and Warbird have totally different chins, noses, eyesize and Warbirds forhead seems about a millimeter taller than X-23s. If you meant the purple face post a comparison pic I don't have a purple X-23 to compare Warbird to. Anyway So far Hercules looks the best of the bunch, can't wait to see these figs at SDCC. It doesn’t matter what it’s called, in the end it’s still taking one figure’s already released head, modifying it a little bit, then releasing it on a different figure and hope that no one notices. It’s a cheep tactic, used to save money, which leads to figures with poor likenesses, and should not be encouraged in any way. Why would a sculptor make every figure he does have the same head sculpt? Wouldn’t that get him fired? Why does Thing and Hercules have the same square head shape? How come Thing and Hercules’s mouth, lower lip, and sides of mouth are exactly the same length, shape, and spot on both their faces? Why is it that Thing and Hercules’s eyes are in the same spot, and are the same distance apart from the nose? I’ll tell you why, because Hercules is sporting a modified Thing head sculpt, that’s why. This is the last post I’ll do on the subject until more pictures of Hercules come out. The X-23 and Warbird comparison was harder then it had to be, since I don’t have a Warbird figure yet. So for the comparison I mainly used images from this website: http://www.mwctoys.com/ and a ToyFare cover with X-23 on it. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...-comparison.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...-color-swap.jpg Anyway the first picture shows a line up of three X-23 figures and one Warbird figure, to show how similar the faces look. In the second picture, using Photoshop I repainted each figures face to make them resemble the other figure more. Now I didn’t do a very good job on Warbird as it was hard getting the skin tone to match, but I think that considering how much X-23 looks like a dead ringer for Warbird while wearing her mask, I think it still proves my point. The only thing the least bit different about the figures is that X-23’s eyebrows seem to stick out a little bit more.
  7. Which ones are retools? For the most part they didn't come off that way to me.....apart from Banshee, but he has a really basic suit so there really wasn't any need for a new mold for him. Planet Hulk is a retool of War Hulk from Hulk Classics 2. Emma Frost is a retool of Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four Classics 2 Hercules’s head is a retool of Thing from Fantastic Four Classics 1, his body is probably new, but the arms look familiar. Banshee’s body has been used before on a lot of figures, and I can’t remember exactly where it was first used, but it’s a retool. Movie Beast’s head looks familiar, and so does his pants, I still can’t place it though. I guess I exaggerated when I said they were all retools, as Ultimate Iron Man and Annihilus are new sculpts, although the Tony Stark head on Iron Man looks like a retool of the Tony head on Hulkbuster Iron Man. I'm sorry, but no way is the Hercules head a retool of Thing. For whatever other reused parts, the headsculpts in this wave are going to be new. Can anyone give me an example of a reused head in ML? And don't try to use Scorpion and Havok because Jesse Falcon already said they were different sculpts, just a really similar facial expression. And I think the Emma body looks more like Scarlet Witch than FFC Sue. Look at the legs, I'm pretty sure Sue has different hip joints. Hercule’s head is a total Thing retool. Here’s a comparison shot I made: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB...-comparison.jpg http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/ROB.../Thing-glue.jpg All they did was remove the brow and fill in the rocks on Thing and put new hair on Hercules, which is very the definition of a retool. As for when Toy Biz last used the same head sculpt on two figures, how about X-23 and Warbird? All they did was paint a mask on her face. What I meant about the Emma Frost figure is that it has the same head and hair as the Invisible Woman , however you are right and it is the same body as Scarlet Witch.
  8. Which ones are retools? For the most part they didn't come off that way to me.....apart from Banshee, but he has a really basic suit so there really wasn't any need for a new mold for him. Planet Hulk is a retool of War Hulk from Hulk Classics 2. Emma Frost is a retool of Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four Classics 2 Hercules’s head is a retool of Thing from Fantastic Four Classics 1, his body is probably new, but the arms look familiar. Banshee’s body has been used before on a lot of figures, and I can’t remember exactly where it was first used, but it’s a retool. Movie Beast’s head looks familiar, and so does his pants, I still can’t place it though. I guess I exaggerated when I said they were all retools, as Ultimate Iron Man and Annihilus are new sculpts, although the Tony Stark head on Iron Man looks like a retool of the Tony head on Hulkbuster Iron Man.
  9. Wow these really suck; they are all really bad retools. All the head sculpts are awful. Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man owns this one. Hercules has a retooled Thing head! Banshee looks like he is 8 years old. I know these are prototypes and that they don’t come out until early next year, but the fact remains that right now they look awful and Hasbro should not have shown them because it will give people a negative first impression of the line. By the way, even though I subscribe to Toy Fare I never seem to get the magazine until three weeks after it’s out on news stands, so I appreciate the pictures being posted.
  10. Awesome job! Excellent color, great painting, nice cape. Perfect Batman. I love the figure.
  11. I agree that Batman needs a new head sculpt. I really hate the eyes. I also agree that he needs to be a darker blue, and that they need to drop the shadow on his face. I’d like to add that I think the ears are too short for an 80’s Batman, and he needs to have a ball jointed head. I have to say that I really like the sculpt on the body though. It looks like it would be really fun to play with. I think Earth 2 Huntress looks pretty good, but yes her torso is twisted, and preposed figures are always annoying. Dr. Light 2 looks decent, but the likeness on the head sculpt seems questionable. I’m no expert on the character though. Weaponer of Qward and Superboy of Earth Prime are both wasted slots. I read the entire Crisis on Infinite Earths saga graphic novel two years ago, and I don’t remember Qward at all. So why would I want to buy him? Exactly. Superboy of Earth Prime should be in the re-activated line instead. I would go into a list of who should be made instead, but I don’t feel like looking up how to spell all their names. One last thing I’d like to point out about this lines notice how bad the paint apps are on all the figures. This says to me that the figures are still really early, so we shouldn’t be TOO hard on them. Also what’s up with 13 inch Aquaman? The head sculpt is awful, it looks nothing like Aquaman. It looks like Jimmy Olsen! It’s crazy. Since when is Aquaman’s shirt gold? It’s always orange. They need to retool this thing a whole lot for me to buy it.
  12. Wow the new season is starting pretty quick. I remember that it was like a two year wait between Justice League season 1 and 2. I guess they picked up the pace. Thanks for the head’s up.

    Dcd Pics

    Sorry I really didn’t know which of the two was the writer and which was the artiest, so I took a guess. I suppose I should have researched it more before posting.

    Dcd Pics

    I just want to warn you that this is going to be a really long post. Keep in mind that my reactions are based on all the pictures I have seen of DC Direct’s figures at Toy Fair, not just TNI’s coverage. Batman Rogues Gallery: Killer Croc: Looks awesome. My only minor complaint is that his teeth don’t look very straight. Black Mask: At first I was pretty mad that he wasn’t in his first costume, but now I’ve cooled off a bit, and can accept the figure at face value and he’s actually pretty cool. My only problem with the figure is that I wish they’d fix his head so that he can look straight ahead without his head tilted off to one side. Man-Bat: Man-Bat’s head sculpt is awful. It doesn’t look like any picture of Man-Bat I’ve ever seen. They really have to replace it. His body however looks great. Penguin: Is it just me or does this figure look eerily similar to the Legends of the Dark Knight Penguin figure? It’s almost to the point where I think they might be intentionally remaking the figure. There’s basically no way I could like this figure without them completely remaking it, so I’ll only say a few things they could do to improve it. Both his shoes need to be flat so he doesn’t fall over. He needs knee articulation. He needs to come with an open umbrella. Mr. Freeze: He’s horrible. His head’s too small, it look’s squished, he’s too tall, his paint app is awful, his paint is too glossy, and the colors are wrong for the suit he’s wearing. [it’s the white part supposed to be black?] On the plus side this is probably a really early prototype, and the final version should be a lot better, hopefully. Batman: The Long Halloween: Batman: This Batman’s body actually looks pretty good, but the head is a major problem. I know all these figures are supposed to look like Jeph Loeb’s art work, but that doesn’t make the figure look any less freakish. Batman’s mouth looks especially bad. Joker: I really hate the overly big smile. I also wonder if the bag of toys and gun are removable. Catwoman: I actually really like this Catwoman. It’s not freaky and it’s got good articulation. I could still use a purple costume Knight Fall saga style figure though. Mad Hatter: I think his nose is too wide, and the collar of his suit needs to be more spread out so you could see his face better. He also needs knee articulation. I hope his gun, top hat, and tea cup are all removable. Otherwise, he looks pretty cool. Two-Face: I really don’t like this figure. The head sculpt looks really rough, probably rushed for the show. The transition between the good and bad half doesn’t look right, the bad half’s eye isn’t buggy enough. He doesn’t look like he has very much articulation. It also looks like his gun and especially his quarter is sculpted onto his hands, which I hate. Both should be removable. Identity Crisis: Hawkman: This figure is excellent. The paint app, the sculpting, superb. I’d even go as far as saying that this best DC Direct figure at the show. Green Arrow: He looks a little undetailed and his head looks too small. The coloring on his tunic and hat seem off. It looks almost turquoise. I also don’t like that his elbows are facing inward. They probably did that so that he could fire his bow and arrow, but I still consider it preposing. Couldn’t they just add biceps and wrists articulation so could still make the pose, without having to prepose the figure? This was probably an early prototype, but still the Hard Travel’n Heroes version was better. Deadshot: Even though I like the blue costume better, I think this Deadshot figure is pretty cool. The only thing I want changed is to make it so no skin shows around his left eye, and to make his left eye entirely white, then it would look cooler. Dr. Light: He is really preposed. He might turn out pretty cool if they fix it though. His cape is lopsided, he’s too hunched over, and I think they should tone down his scowl a bit. Zatanna cardboard cut out: I don’t like that costume, but it’s probably what she wore during the story. Hush wave 3: Ra’s Al Ghul: Wow, he looks way better than the earlier prototype. He’s really cool looking now. Although I would still kinda like a Ra’s Al Ghul figure with a shirt and cape though. Scarecrow: He looks far worse in harsh lighting. His head sculpt looks weird. I really don’t like the shade of yellow on his hair. His right hand is too preposed. I still say that the Super Friends version of Scarecrow is the best thus far. Stealth Jumper Batman: I thought this would be an original sculpt, but looks like just a retool of regular Hush Batman. Look at the left leg for example, it’s the Hush Batman prepose. Still I think it looks pretty cool. Odd how this figure actually looks better in harsh lighting. It really brings out the detail. It would be cool if it came with a real working parachute, but then again while I’m dreaming I might as well ask for the figure to come with a Batplane. Commissioner Gordon: I really like Commissioner Gordon. When Hasbro finally made one a few years ago, I was really happy. However, that figure was kind of disappointing. Now this figure, it exceeds all my expectations. The earlier prototype was ok, but his glasses were too glossy and you couldn’t see his eyes. Bravo DC Direct, they actually fixed it, and now it looks awesome. Alfred: I can not imagine a better Alfred figure. It looks exactly like him. Excellent figure. First Appearance Series 3: Nightwing: He looks really cool, but it sure would nice if he had a blank expression and not a smile. Still awesome though. Now I just need a Jason Todd as Robin figure that he could futilely mentor. Riddler: He looks really good compared to his earlier prototype that was basically just a repaint of the Super Friends two pack version, which I wasn’t too crazy about to begin with. I’m still not too happy with this Riddler though. The purple on his costume is too dark, it almost looks red, and the main question mark on his chest isn’t straight. Of course changing these things would make it not look like his first appearance. I guess what I really want is a slightly modern Riddler in his classic costume, more like the 80’s version for instance. Batgirl: I like the new Batgirl, and I’m surprised it took this long for anyone to make a figure of her. Maybe they thought she’d be a flash in the pain like the fourth Robin. Anyway this figure looks really great. The only problem with it is that the torso is really preposed, which throws off the figure’s posture and makes it really hard to stand. If they replace the torso, then the figure would be great. Composite Superman: Although I’ve never read a comic with Composite Superman in it, for some reason I’m a really big fan of his. This is a really great figure of him, it looks exactly like him. Alex Ross Justice line: I’ve talked about all of these figures before, and since they are based on Ross’s art work, they probably won’t change anything besides articulation and poses, so I’ll keep my comments short. Wave 1: Superman: Pretty cool Alex Ross Superman. No complaints. Flash: Still looks fat, and I prefer yellow to gold when it comes to Flash. Cheetah: Really don’t like the stitches, and she looks really preposed. Sinestro: Redundant Sinestro figure. Looks good, but not necessary. I’m starting to think someone at DC Direct has a crush on Sinestro. Bizarro Superman: Zombie Bizarro isn’t cool, at least I think so. I’ll take square faced Bizarro over Zombie or big chin any day. Wave 2: Batman: Still looks awesome, but his chest looks a little too wide. Aquaman: Still looks excellent. No complaints. Black Canary: Great looking, but I don’t see knee articulation, which is really bad. Black Manta: His helmet is indeed removable, and I love his real face’s head sculpt, but they still need to fix the long neck caused by the small top part of the helmet. Parasite: He looks really, really, really preposed. Otherwise he’d be a pretty good figure of the Ross design. What’s especially bad is that his right foot isn’t flat, so he’ll have a lot of trouble standing. JLA box set: Batman: Well they improved his head. They fixed the brow, and subsequently made the eyes not look so bad. They also toned downed the lip color. One problem that wasn’t fixed though is that Batman is still smiling. I don’t think I need to get into how wrong that is .I’d like a blank or stern expression instead. It’s pretty obvious now that he is indeed a repaint of the silver age two pack version, which is too bad, since I really didn’t like that figure. Also notice that his cape doesn’t have the jagged edges it usually has. It’s probably just a temp cape for Toy Fair though. Wonder Woman: Besides removing the eye shadow, and having a far worse paint app, I see no difference between this Wonder Woman and the one already released twice before. Green Lantern: For some reason they turned the green color on Green Lantern’s suit to neon glitter green, which needless to say was a really bad idea. Change it back. Otherwise great. Superman: From a profile the new head sculpt looks good, but with a full face shot, it looks really off. It’s hard to pinpoint the problem, but I think it’s that his cheek bones are too big. Aquaman: Still looks awesome. There’s a few other DC Direct lines I wanted to mention things about. Superman Batman wave: Metallo better come with a spare normal right arm, because if he’s stuck with the steam shovel arm that would suck. Green Lantern wave: How come now all the Green Lantern figures green color has been changed to neon glitter green? It looks awful. Change it back to the prototype’s green color. Well that’s all I had to say really. Sorry for the absurdly long post.
  15. Here are my thoughts: Alex Ross JLA Series 2: Batman: Looks awesome. I still prefer the yellow oval Bat symbol though. Black Canary: Looks really great, but I don’t really like her very much . Aquaman: Well it trumps the Super Friends box set version, and I honestly thought that would be the best version of regular Aquaman we’d get. Fantastic. Parasite: He’s actually a pretty cool villain, I’m not sure if I like this figure though. I would have preferred a leech head version, of course that would not be how Ross draws him. He’s also horribly preposed. Still I love villain figures, especially ones that never had a figure before. Black Manta: For some reason I hate the look of Black Manta with red eyes. It just looks wrong, and destroys the ensemble. They should also make the head bigger, so the neck doesn’t look so weird. Super Friends box set version was better. I think I’m going to have to buy all the Alex Ross JLA figures now, since I’m a completeist and some of these figures are just too good to pass on. JLA Box Set: Batman: Wow, already a repaint of Alex Ross Batman, though I think the box set version is supposed to come out first. Anyway the replacement head sculpt pretty much ruins the figure. I’ve got four main problems with it. First, why is Batman smiling? Batman hardly ever smiles, like once in a blue moon. Batman should not be smiling. Second, why are there so many wrinkles above Batman’s eyes? Is he a Neanderthal caveman? No of course not. Batman’s cowl is made from a think enough material that it would not wrinkle no matter what expression Batman had on his face. Granted the Alex Ross Batman also has wrinkles on his cowl, but there’re on his forehead, not on his eyebrows, and that’s how Alex Ross draws him, the regular figure has no excuse however. Three, why are Batman’s lips so pink? Did he just eat a cherry popsicle? It needs to be fixed. Fourth, since when does Batman have giant white circles for eye? Why doesn’t he have his stretched out loop sided triangle eyes? [Obviously I’m not very good at geometry.] He needs a new head sculpt. Superman: His lips are also way too pink. I’d say it’s hard to judge the head sculpt at this angle, but it looks like the lower half of his face might be too skinny. Aquaman: I’m not sure, but I think I like Hook Hand Aquaman better than regular Aquaman. I guess because it gives him a couple of extra powers, using the hook as a grappling hook or a harpoon, stabbing people, and so on and so forth. Needless to say I’m pretty excited about this figure. I was pretty mad when they originally cancelled the figure, in favor of the more current holographic hand version. Now they’ve finally righted that wrong, and the figure looks superb too. It’s also great to have another Total Justice figure remade and totally surpassed. Now if DC Direct could just make a Despero and a way taller Darkseid I’d be all set. Green Lantern: Need a new John Stewart. The old one’s look is a tad dated. I have to say this new one’s head looks a bit too cartoony though. Wonder Woman: I really liked this figure the first time it was released, but a third time? Is that really necessary? Also I can't see the difference between this head sculpt and the old one. Still this is a major improvement over the other two repaint box sets. I’ll buy it, mainly for the Aquaman and Green Lantern figures.
  16. Well I never was much of a fan of McGuinness’s art, but I could tolerate it. However I think these figures are just plain awful. I mean they are all uber glossy and have short stubby little arms that are disproportionate to their bodies. I’ll probably still buy Metallo, since I need villains bad, but I think I’ll pass on the rest of the wave. Also I’d like to say that Metallo better come with a normal right arm too, because I don’t want to be stuck with only the steam shovel arm.
  17. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Killer Croc and Man-Bat look awesome, but I really don’t like Penguin and Black Mask. It looks like they just remade Legends of the Dark Knight Penguin, which I think was the worst Penguin figure ever. I would have much preferred it if they made a white tuxedo normal looking Penguin, except Penguin would still have his long nose and fat belly. I hate Black Mask’s new second costume, it sucks and it contradicts his name, since he isn’t wearing a black mask. Plus the Black Mask figure already looks really proposed. I mean he’s all hunched over and his legs are at a weird angle. Why can’t they just make him in his first costume, the brown gangster suit with a matching fedora hat and a black mask. I know this line is supposed to be based the most recent art of Batman villains, in their most recent costumes, but DC Direct has to realize is that not costumes are instant classics, and not all art deserves a figure made out of it. Killer Croc and Man-Bat are great and I’ll still buy them, but I already have decent six inch scale figures of them, so they’re not really that needed. I really need a good six inch scale Penguin and Black Mask though, and I still don’t have them. The two packs Penguin’s legs didn’t move and had a lot of trouble standing up, and this is Black Mask’s first figure. Only total resculpts can save these figures now. I hope they don’t screw up Mr. Freeze too, because that’s the figure I’m looking forward to the most. Wait I just checked out Mr. Freeze and he sucks too. Why don’t they just remake the Mattel one, but at a larger scale and with accurate colors. I can tolerate one or two bad figures in a wave, but when more than half are bad, I get mad. What they need to do is make an all encompassing ongoing Batman line, where they release figures of any Batman character, wearing any costume, from any era.
  18. Well I ordered it today. The figure wasn’t cool enough to warrant the $50 plus subscription original price. I do think it’s worth the new $18 price tag though, so that’s why I bought it.
  19. Knightfall, definently Knightfall. I’m a huge Bane fanboy and I love all the character designs from that saga. They could even make obscure characters that look cool like Ventriloquist, Firefly, Clayface 3, and Mr. Zsasz. It would be awesome.
  20. Wow, a wave where I really really want all the figures. I want Battle Armor Lex Luthor the most, since I’m a Lex Luthor fanboy. Now I’m just one step closer to my dream of having a black business suit Lex Luthor figure. Robot Brainiac is pretty cool too. If they would make a Challenge of the Super Friends Brainiac and a post crisis human Brainiac I’d be all set Brainiac wise. Barry Alan Flash is necessary because I’m not particularly fond of any of the other DC Direct Flash figures. JLA Flash has some kind of glitter in his paint app, Silver age two pack Flash just sort of looks funny and Alex Ross Flash is too fat, so I’m looking forward to this Flash. I really like the Justice Society of Earth 2, and I’ll jump at the chance to get another member of it, especially Superman. Anti-Monitor is cool, and is of course the main villain of the story, and is necessary for the line. This is what I want for wave 3: 80’s Batman, with at least 12 points of articulation Huntress of Earth 2 Pariah Lady Quark Alexander Luthor For the guy who asked about Battle Armor Lex Luthor, he will wear the same costume as Super Powers Lex Luthor. The same also goes for Brainiac. Here’s links to pictures of the Super Powers figures: http://www.toyotter.com/sp/lexluthor.html http://www.toyotter.com/sp/brainiac.html
  21. Wow that was damn good episode of Justice League. In fact I’d even go as far to say it was the best one since Twilight. I really like that the show is much more action based then before. Justice League used to more story based, and was often too chatty, and character development scenes went on too long. That’s all fixed now. They actually made Green Arrow seem cool, who I really wasn’t a fan of before hand. They also made Super Girl more likable then she was during the Superman animated series. I didn’t know who Captain Atom was before this episode, so this was a pretty good introduction to him. All in all really great episode, and I hope that the rest of the series is this good. I can’t want till next weeks episode, because I love the issue that it’s based on. By the way, the most obscure super hero I spotted in the crowd scene was Johnny Thunder and his Thunder Bolt.
  22. Well I want a lot of exclusives this year. The one I want most is definitely the Evil Ryu and Psycho Bison Street Fighter two pack. Then She-Ra. Fallowed by Fred Krueger. Then Tarantino Crazy 88. The last one I want is Batman unmasked. So far I’ve bought all of these off Ebay, except for She-Ra. Still looking for a good price for her. I’m willing to spend between $50-$75 for her total. Right now the cheapest I’ve seen is $80 without shipping, so now I’m just waiting for the price to go down.
  23. DC Direct figures: Crisis wave 1: Earth 2 Robin is too early to judge. Psycho Pirate looks really good. Hush wave 2: Harlequin’s mallet and gun appear to be sculpted in her hands like in wave 1, which is really bad. I also still think Harlequin’s costume’s ears should have articulation so you can move the ears up or down. Nightwing’s weapons also appear to be stuck in his hands, which is really bad. Riddler looks way better than his other prototype. His legs need to be closer together, to look less awkward. They need to fix his left hand so it isn’t always pointing, or at least add articulation to it, so he can still make a fist. Again I hope Riddler’s cane is removable, or else that would suck. Catwoman is pretty good. I don’t like that costume very much, but what are you going to do? That’s all she wore during the story. The whip looks removable, but I can’t be sure. Maybe it’s the angle, but Superman’s head sculpt appears to have changed for the worse. I could be wrong though. I read on a lot of message boards that people passed on the Joker, Huntress, and Hush from wave 1 just because the weapons were stuck to their hands. So having sculpted on to the hands weapons will greatly reduce the sales of wave 2, which is why they really need to fix it. Alex Ross wave 1: Superman actually looks pretty good. I’ll buy it. Sinestro looks really good too. No complaints. Ross Flash looks too fat. Cheetah is just really bad. I hate this interpretation with all the big black stitches on the costume. The whole figure would have to be redone. So far we’ve gotten two normal white faced Bizarro figures ever. Then we get this unnecessary interpretation. When will we get a square white faced Bizarro Superman? I mean he’s one of Superman’s top five greatest villains, yet we still have yet to have a figure of the classic interpretation of him. Modern Teen Titans Wave 1 and 2: Robin looks way better than the prototype. Little worried about if the pole staff is removable or not. The Deathstroke figure looks pretty weird. His Head and feet are disproportionate to the rest of his body. Everybody else in the line looks great. Mattel Comic Batman line: The Scarecrow and Bane 6 inch scale prototypes have really bad paint apps, but I’m sure final product will be fine. I think that super articulated Batman, with that color scheme, would look better with the yellow oval bat symbol. The Batman wave 2 and 3: That’s an interesting interpretation of Man-Bat, yet still pretty accurate. It’s really cool and I like it. I had a hard time telling who the next villain with a jet pack is, but I think it might be a very bad interpretation of Fire Fly. There are two main things wrong with it. The color scheme and the lack of his flame thrower. I have no idea who the big red guy is, but he does look cool. New Justice League figures: Looks like there’ll be a battle damage wave. Battle damage figures never sell. Bad call on Mattal’s part. Why does Dr. Fate have a burning woman symbol as a weapon? Is he a sexist? Otherwise the figure looks great. Green Arrow looks really great, probably the best new JL figure. Atom looks ok, but is a kinda obvious retool. Aquaman’s prototype looks very cheaply made, I’m sure the final will be fine though. Brainiac is pretty cool but I would have preferred a different villain before him. Amazo looks pretty plain. A very simple retool. They should add the Hawkgirl wings and mace, maybe chrome paint and then he would be cool. Is invisible Martian Manhunter really necessary? Couldn’t you just not use a Martian Manhunter figure when he’s invisible? I’d much rather have a transparent but still painted Martian Manhunter figure before this. Still too many heroes and not enough villains in this line. At very least, they need to make figures of Vandal Savage, Mongul, Gorilla Grodd, and the rest of the Injustice Gang. Put them in two packs or box sets if they don’t think they’ll sell, but they have to release them. Sorry for the long post btw.


    I love the Toxie, but I just wish he had a real cloth mop and bucket so you could actually clean with it. That would be awesome.
  25. Those are pretty cool, now if only they could make Snake Face and Squeeze so they can finish off the snake men.
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