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  1. Marlon Wayans' character with neither Ripcord, Alpine, nor Stalker. I really can't believe some people think he should have been Stalker. Stalker was a skilled soldier and leader while Rip was neither. Marlon Wayans' character was Cool-Breeze.
  2. Depends on how they were drawn, but sometimes Rock N' Roll and Quick Kick.
  3. The reason for the differences is the initial image (gray coat, clear mask, w/ hoses) wasn't a final product. Most of the first products and images on eBay aren't the final product. That's why you shouldn't form an opinion until the final product is released by Hasbro. That's why images get yanked.
  4. I'm primarily a G.I.Joe collector, but I've incorporated Wolverine and Marvel Universe into my collection. The ultimate team-up "Uh...yeah...we called last-call about an hour ago, but your buddy just won't leave." "Put the bike down, bub!" "HULK STRONGEST THERE IS!"
  5. You figured out the exact weight I intended it to be! I'll definitely make more weights eventually. I have a weight room in the works, so I'll make an incline bench, a squat rack, and things like that. This was kinda spur of the moment just to see if it would work.
  6. Since I didn't feel like going to the hobby store and spending more money (Because I ALWAYS spend more money than I intend to when I go.) I stayed in and made a weight bench from leftover styrene pieces. For a complete tutorial visit: Vexar Designs - Tutorials - Weight Bench
  7. Build-A-Headquarters, Part 1 - The Tactical Operations Center This is part one of a project I call Build-A-HQ. The idea of modular play sets have been around since the Star Wars line returned 15 years ago. The sections will be able to be set side-by-side to create a play set similar to the '83 HQ. They can also be stacked to create a Pit style play set and conserve space. Station 1 - Intel, Station 2 - Communications, Station 3 - Surveillance, & Station 4 - Data Analysis (Movie Scarlett & Breaker will go here.) Clocks set to different world time zones (London, Moscow, Tehran, & China) and 24hr news and weather Security desk (Movie Zartan will go here.) For additional pics, WIP pics, materials, and tutorial, go to: Vexar Designs - Build-A-HQ - Tactical Operations Center For further info on Build-A-HQ, go to: Vexar Designs - Build-A-HQ
  8. General Voltar We all know the Toys R Us Senior Ranking officers Purple Iron Grenader should have been the IG Officer instead of Trooper. I figured with the purple it could be Voltar's IG uniform. Head - Xamot w/ epoxy beard (It's hard to see black on black, but it's there.) Body - SRO Purple IG MARS Viper Commander & SAW Viper These guys are the first two of Mercer's ex-Viper squad mates. They took his defection very personally. They've made it their mission to track Mercer down...and kill him. Viper Commander Head - Hawk Torso & Arms - Shipwreck Legs - Viper SAW Viper Head & Legs - Viper Torso & arms - Roadblock Nobody betrays us and lives!
  9. First, I'd want a Zandar / Zarana comic 2-pack. Then, I'd want the remaining ARAH Dreadnoks in the 5-pack. 1) Thrasher 2) Monkeywrench 3) Road Pig 4) Zanzibar 5) Gnawgahyde
  10. Things can always be worse, right? lol Thanks, guys!
  11. G.I.Joe Resolute looks to have a more updated realistic look and the Cobra Trooper is my all time favorite figure. I decided he needed a ride. You can't just give Cobra a regular Woodland Humvee. It looks like they just stole a Joe vehicle. So, I had to paint it. Base - Power Team Elite Humvee (flatbed) - approx. - $15 - They may can still be found at Big Lots. Base paint - Tamiya spray Intermediate Blue - approx. $6 I wish the base paint was a little darker, but I think it works. Camo colors - Tamiya brush on Blue and Black - approx. - $3 a piece It may have looked better had I used spray on the camo colors, but honestly, I didn't feel like spending the money or making a mask. I know the blue camo usually has white in it as well, but I thought the white made it look too Arctic, so I left it off. I used a little red to paint back in the smaller lights/reflectors. The PTE Humvee comes apart REAL easy. The side rails just lift out. There are just four screws holding the chassis to the body. Once apart, the grill guard comes out and the steering wheel slides out letting the windshield come out. The only thing to mask was the headlights. I just put silicone on them. Then peeled it off later. This, of course, will be a lot more useful if I can ever find more Resolute Cobra Troopers.
  12. Make Your Own Fencing Based on Pyro's Dios Supplies 1) 3' Aluminum Gutter Guard - Found at any hardware store on the roofing and gutter isle - approx. $2.99 2) 18 gauge Aluminum wire - Found at any hardware store - aprox. $3.45 for a 50' roll. 3) Evergreen Scale Models 3/16" diameter styrene rods - Found at your local hobby store or Evergreen Scale Models - product #226 - approx. $2.99 NOTE: They make wooden and aluminum rods as well, but styrene is cheaper and easier to cut in my opinion. 4) Your choice of gray/silver acrylic spray paint - approx. $2.99 and up depending on brand. 5) Screwdriver 6) Wire cutters 7) Pliers 8) X-acto knife 9) Measuring device - ruler or tape measure Cutting 1) Remove the product sticker and gutter tabs (w/ screwdriver) from the gutter guard. Cut in 4qty 9" pieces. 2) Cut the styrene rods in 3qty 7" pieces and 2qty 8 1/2" pieces. Then spray paint and let dry. 3) Cut the 18 gauge wire in 2qty 3' pieces and 15qty approx. 2" pieces. Assembling 1) Use the 2" pieces of wire to tie the 7" rods vertically to the ends of the 9" gutter guard. Put the wire through the guard and twist around the rod at the top, middle, and bottom. Twist twice with your fingers. Then use the pliers to grip the wire closest to the rod and give it two extra twists to tighten it up. Cut off excess. 2) Join the two pieces of guard together at the center with your third 7" rod. Insert the wire through both pieces and twist around the rod in the same manner as the last step to basically form a hinge. 3) Attach the 8 1/2" rods horizontally across the top the same way as the vertical rods. 4) Coil the 3' wire around a broom handle with coils approx. 1" apart. 5) Twist the ends of the coiled wire around the vertical rods. DONE!
  13. AND all the humans from Transformers!
  14. I'm down with this idea! Bring on all Joes from Adventure Team to Sigma 6 in 4" scale. I brought this idea up over on HissTank a while back, not just a G.I.Joe Universe, but an Ultimate Hasbro Universe. Revamped like the Ultimate Marvel Universe with all Hasbro properties like G.I.Joe, Transformers, MASK, and COPS existing in the same universe. G.I.Joe is the military force in the universe, and deals with global threats like Cobra. COPS is the universe's Federal force and deals with domestic threats like the Headman, the Dreadnoks, etc.. MASK is a group created from within G.I.Joe and got it's vehicle transformation technology from the Joes encounter with the Transformers. Have comic and toy crossovers. Who wouldn't want an Optimus Prime that Clutch could drive, and the trailer can double as a Joe mobile HQ. Have it set up in a way that those purists that don't want their properties to mix, don't have to.
  15. This is my customized version of the helicopter for those who may not be familiar with it. I haven't put any decals on it yet, because 1) I just made the graphics and 2) I'm out of ink and decal paper. I plan on doing three more. One in Tomahawk colors, one as a Navy Sea Knight, and one Cobra. (The decals on there right now are from a label sheet for file folders.) US Army CH-47 Chinook Most Army helicopters don't have any color on them, so these are done in black. US Army CH-47 Tomahawk The Tomahawk had color decals, so these are color. US Navy CH-46 Sea Knight As with the Army, most Naval aircraft, with the exception of trainers and the CAG, don't have color, so these are in gray. I used all the names of the Joe helicopter pilots I could think of with the exception of Flint. There aren't any Naval helicopter pilots so I used Glenda and the Battle Copter Ace for the Navy helo. The Battle Copter Ace has a different file name than the Skystriker Ace. I also promoted Glenda to Warrant Officer to be a helicopter pilot. Feel free to use parts of them for other vehicles you may customize as well.
  16. Uh...WOW! Both those customs ROCK! You could use that body from Robo-Joe and make a pretty cool Overkill custom as well.
  17. Where'd you get or how did you make the new seat, and what brand and color paint did you use and how much did it cost? I've been using Tamiya spray and it's around $6 a can. Great paint though!
  18. I thought the same thing, but I just can't see buying 2 just to make 1. This was $27.30 including tax, so $54.60 to make one helicopter? I already spent roughly $18 on paint 3 $6 cans (2 od & 1 black) of Tamiya. That puts it well over $70. It's not like it's BBI or anything. I do plan on eventually getting at least 2 more. One to paint as a CH-46 Sea Knight (gray) and one as Cobra (blue).
  19. It has screws holding everything together. Take all the screws out, and remember where each one goes, because some are longer than others. Lay the pieces out, and paint. I used Tamiya spray paints. If anybody wants it, it's on *cough*eBay*cough*
  20. It was previously a True Heroes Freedom Helicopter. The helicopter is not bad even if it is a little squat. I just couldn't stand the original paint job. It was painted with quality Tamiya paints.
  21. Colonel Shariff's Guard have no idea who they've "captured". "Remove your soldiers from our country, or we remove the head of this infedel assassin!" When I get the parts, I'll add combat boots to the terrorists.
  22. I think the one behind Lady Jaye and Scarlett may be Duke. The one between Quick-Kick & Rock 'N' Roll my be Dodger. The other three, I really don't know.
  23. Thanks, guys! I figured if it was just boring repaint, I'd better jazz up the pics a little. Those pics are a little fuzzy to me, so I took another one: Wouldn't you hate to see this on the rooftop across from your office window? lol
  24. I haven't read Scarlett's file card since I got one WAY back in '83. I've reread the file cards since getting the 25th figures and one thing that stuck out to me on Scarlett's was, "Marine Sniper School". Scarlett has had sniper training! She's even more bad-@$$ than I thought. Forget about Devil's Due's version of Shooter! Scarlett is the Joes' real first sniper! But how much of a bad-@$$ sniper can you be running around in a purple and yellow leotard? This is just a simple repaint. All I did was paint the main body stocking black, painted the bottom half of the unitard black making it look more like a vest, then painted the vest gloves, and boots tan. I wonder now, if that red pad on Scarlett's right shoulder is a shooter's pad since she's a sniper?
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