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  1. I need some scanned copies of the 2009 SDCC Matty Collector Buzz Lightyear Spaceship box. I need copies of EVERY panel or side or whatever, including the interior. Please help! I want to make a more accurate box replica for the 12 inch figures. pic related: its a MUCH smaller version of what I'm aiming for. One wouldn't need to flatten out the box, just scan each side nice and flat, I can piece everything together from there. I HAVE the TSC box, but I want to make a more accurate box for my daughter's birthday. please help!
  2. I... dont think "Cotton Picking" was, like.... a slur right then... wait... is "wait just a cotton picking minute" a racist thing? or just an old person thing?
  3. I'm kinda REALLY stinking glad they dont come with a BAF part or anything, and it seems the bases can be connected in more than 1 way, and that's kinda cool. I want the 4 "New" figures in this wave: Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye (THE MOST), and Loki. I have the First Avenger Cap, I have the Incredible Target Exclusive Hulk, and I have the MS Loki, SO Hawkeye is the only character actually missing from my collection. BUT I would LOVE to have the modern versions of every one. My top TWO figures from this wave is Hawkeye and then Loki... the one I want least, I guess, is Hulk, but I still really stinking want him...
  4. UGH. Avengers is seriously HANDS DOWN THE BEST MARVEL CARTOON EVER. the very notion that its getting cancelled makes me sick. And what's worse is they want to tie the NEXT Avengers cartoon in with Ultimate Spider-man? that show SUCKS, ESPECIALLY compared to Avengers. They should just bring back Wolverine and the X-Men and Spectacular Spider-man and keep Avengers rolling and keep it as that. Everyone freaking wins and they'd have the 3 best Marvel cartoons ever going. Yea, I grew up in the 90's and LOVED Spidey's show back then, but seriously, the Avengers is SO MUCH BETTER. This Loeb fellow needs to loose his job if he has any power to pull the plug on Avengers. He sounds like a damn moron.
  5. http://marvellegends.info/roml/roml1/pics/GhostRiderStory.JPG
  6. Drax is not a popular character, he would have peg warmed regardless. He looks like a toned down hulk with the ml version.
  7. Haven't read the books, dont know what color ANYONE was SUPPOSED to be.... But in my experience with race changes in alternate adaptions of things, I never hate it when it happens, and this Hunger Games movie was pretty stinkin great, so... ignorance be damned!
  8. I know Marvel pretty ok, but who the crap is Hyperion???
  9. Pretty sure moonstar and mystique were confirmed, too
  10. It's weird how many changes they have made to Hulkling at this point. new chest, new gloves, new upper thighs (for the 2 Wrecking Crew members)... it's hardly the same buck anymore...
  11. Now that Wave 2 is hitting pretty hard (right? RIGHT?!), I really want to know who/what's next. I know we can FINALLY expect US Agent, Blade and Punisher are going to pull the Wrecking Crew thing, and so are Moonstar (who???) and Mystique... BUT I want to know who else to expect... Another Future Foundation member? Will the Wrecking Crew finally be completed? Where are the army builders??? Will the Guardians of the Galaxy see another member (please be Starlord)? And then there is the BAF... the possibilities!
  12. the worst part about getting SOME members of a team is not getting ALL members of the team up front (for me). I remember when Toy Biz released half of the FF in series 2, then Reed in series 5, then... Oh, wait. I had to buy them AGAIN in a box set with Sue... BUT THEEEEN, they were decently awesome with releasing the founders of Young Avengers all together... that was kinda cool... I guess... at any rate, I went ahead and fashioned me customs of Wrecker and Bulldozer. As soon as Thunderball gets here I'll take team pics. Man... I sure do hope all this team building actually leads somewhere.
  13. could people just stop with the "unrelated" topic starters? YES, KI looks awesome, YES Prometheus will be great! Go talk about those topics in their own threads. Im finishing the Chemical Plant Papercraft Sooooooooon. at LEAST before Tails official B-Day.
  14. the problem was that bearded Sentry was SUPPOSED to come with the hand as well, but DIDNT.
  15. Toy biz was worse about it... I still can't get over finding extra crispy wolvie so I could have giant mans hand... And the modok wave... Every one had a variant cept beta ray bill, and only wasp and moon knight stayed as only alt costumes, not alt characters...
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOaIcvMAhBs&feature=share I did this to Zola. If anyone wants this done, let me know, either provide the arms/torso, I can get you a price for everything. Also spotted Series 2 at Walmart.... twas a variant case
  17. Is series 2 showing up in target stores yet??
  18. TRU (or anyone, anywhere) could ship figures in plastic baggies for all I care, so long as I get the figure, the accessories, and, if I need it, the BAF part. Like I said.... I am +1 Hydra, -1 Masque.....
  19. Still sitting on a spare Madame hydra, still needing a Madame masque.... Just... Putting that out there. Did I mention I wanted masque so so bad??
  20. I took my receipt from friday back in (with a 5 dollar off coupon to boot!), and got 35 bucks back. SO THEN I got FF Spidey and a Madame Hydra to trade... SO if anyone out there has a Madame Masque... you know... just sayin...
  21. JACKPOT. MY TRU got 3 cases in! ALL were the Hydra/Piledriver/FF Spidey packs. I got everyone BUT Spidey. REALLY glad I got the unmasked Daken. What's REALLY Exciting is it seems like I WILL be able to mod my Arnim Zola body to have a real working screen (like I did a few years ago). A few facts about Zola: 1: the Purple area on his chest is all one rubbery piece that clips on at the sides, and is only glued via 2 small pegs in the bottom corners of the screen. 2: the Screen is only clipped on, and can be popped out with a small screw driver (once the purple area is removed) 3: the screen works like a lens, and magnifies things ever so slightly. 4: the Red Skull/Zola image is just a sticker. If anyone has a Madame Masque, or Thunderball, let me know. As soon as I figure out HOW to fit a photoviewer into Zola, I'll be able to do that for others, at a reasonable price.
  22. I've been far too lazy to actually do any toy hunting lately. the best thing I do is collect the item numbers for the various stores, then I call one of the stores, tell them I am looking for someone to check on an item using the item number. SOMETIMES they ask which Department, sometimes they just ask for the item number. After they check the item, I ask if they would mind checking the other nearby stores inventories. I kinda keep track of how many each store has by that... most of my Walmarts are getting low on the waves, so as soon as a larger number finally pops up, I'll head out. Typically, if the number of product on a shelf is around 2, according to inventory, the warehouse is supposed to automatically send out a new case (at least thats what the deal was when I worked for Toys R Us...), SOOOO it should only be a matter of time...
  23. I found a manager and asked them if they had any in the back, then I asked what the warehouses numbers where. she said they were at 0, and that the warehouses dont just sit on that sort of thing... she could see my disappointment, so she was like "here, I'll order 16 (or 2 cases). Is that cool?" and with a wave of her gun, it was done. Walmart has a single competent employee, and I found her yesterday.
  24. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT! My local TRU's Distribution Center seems to have gotten more cases in (FINALLY). HOPEFULLY it's just a matter of time now... Also, straight up, a manager at one of my Walmarts ordered TWO CASES right in front of me. said I should expect them in around the 23rd. I was like "THE HELL?! you people can do this sort of thing???" So... Soon. SOON. SO SOON.
  25. that looks freaking PERFECT. I think I MAY make one as well. I hope it can be half as good as this.
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