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  1. Capcom may have killed Megaman but at least he still lives on in figure form.
  2. Yeah I would like to think that he could really change things, but he will have his work cut out for him. I don't know if you frequent Fwoosh or not, but in the MK figure thread it was pointed out that one of jazwares employees made this terrible comment on the facebook page. He basically called people stupid and that they would continue to buy their sub par products. So, yeah jazwares really sucks. Luckily Street Fighter and Megaman are getting top notch figures from Japan now, so whatever jazwares makes is completely irrelevant. I think Street Fighter might be getting a D-arts line.
  3. I like the idea but jazwares leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The Sonic sculpts are decent, but the line is full of issues. What to expect from jazwares. Low quality plastic (Almost bootleg quality) Poor paint aplications Severe scaling issues Figures can barley stand The company also refuses to acknowledge complaints. They slapped a quality tested sticker on the Sonic boxes yet I still see several Sonic figures broken in my TRU.
  4. Brilliant matty ,just brilliant. Lets charge 60 bucks for an amimated two pack. Regular DCUC two packs were like $29.99 plus tax. An animated two pack like this one should have only been $24.99. It WOULD have sold in retail. The show is VERY popular, it is just that fans aren't going to succumb to extortion.
  5. I think she has the right build for Wonder Woman. I'm not sure about her acting ability, but apparently some critics were surprised by her acting in Haywire. Lynn Collins could be a good choice if she buffed up a bit. Personally I wanted Lynn Collins as Lois Lane, but Zack Snyder chose Amy Adams.
  6. I liked Marvel better in the 90's. Maybe Supes wasn't doing so well, but not everyone had mullets and energy suits. I'd take the 90's X-men any day over this new crap. The Jim Lee designs are superior to astonishing/new x-men IMO. *Jubilee wasn't a vampire in the 90's *Wolverine didn't have a lame son in the 90's *Colossus was not Juggernaut in the 90's Music wasn't so bad in the the 90's. Ever hear of Nirvana,Tool,Nine Inch Nails,and Bush? Sure it may have been the birth of rap and boy bands, but that stuff is nowhere near as bad as today's pop. I thought the rap sucked back then, but this new stuff is even worse.
  7. All this is a he said/she said thing, because Hitchcock isn't alive to defend himself.
  8. I find those listings kind of fishy. Why would Jazwares release a bunch of 5 inch figures for Sonic and The Black Knight? That game is long past the promotion/marketing time. Unless that game is getting a Kinect/PS Move release or something.
  9. I really like that Wonder Woman despite being a new52 design. The DKR figure is friggin awesome.
  10. Man I hate people like that. I thought being liberal included being tolerant of different opinions. For some people that is not the case.
  11. Honestly I liked it better than Dark Knight.
  12. I'm not a fan of Kevin Smith, but at least he spoke out against Superman Returns. Casting Brandon Routh as a gay guy in Zack in Miri was also a stroke of genius.
  13. I just hope it will have widescreen support.
  14. Did EMH really get better as the show progressed? I watched the first episode on Netflix and I wasn't a big fan. It seemed like the usual ADD inspired cartoons of today. To be honest I haven't enjoyed any of Marvel's toons since the 90's. I thought Spectacular Spider-man was overrated. I didn't even bother with the new Ultimate Spiderman, I really hate teenage Spiderman.
  15. It can't be Ackles because his voice is immediately recognizeable. He literally sounded exactly the same in BURTH as he does in Supernatural. But who knows maybe he can have more depth than I give him credit for?
  16. How could a Rayman action figure be made?

    1. spystreak


      maybe clear plastic for the invisible arms and legs

    2. Rockzilla


      Yeah I always thought of something like that. Something clear or translucent. I hope Neca will take a crack at it.

  17. Considering his weakness to wood and his almost flaming like construct power he will be the "butt" of many jokes. @loll@ Did DC even think about this? Looks like we have another Rawhide Kid here.
  18. While DC may not be dominating the big screens, they have been beating Marvel when it comes to Television. DC's animated shows have all been better and have lasted longer than any of Marvels shows. Heck even Smallville lasted longer than any of Marvels live action shows. Honestly I blame Warner for not taking initiative when it comes to the movies. Warner bros always goofs up by picking bonehead directors/writers and bad casts for their movies (see Catwoman,Superman Returns and GL). Then when Warner goofs they blame it on the characters. @hmmm@
  19. http://www.sonicstad...-on-a-warm-day/ Did anyone here buy this statue set? Do those quality control stickers actually mean anything?
  20. I'm fine with gay marriage and gay rights, but I still refuse to read a comic starring a gay superhero. Hot Lesbian fanservice is still a good read though. So does that make me both homophobic and a male chauvinist? Personally I think I'm just an average joe that still has balls.
  21. Most not all straight males like girl/girl I don't know of a straight guy who wants to see two men kiss.I have nothing against gays but I don't want to see them kiss even if it was drawn True dat. The majority of comic book readers are straight males anyways. Why add gay male Superheroes when only a small minority actually care about them? If Hal Jordan turns out gay he will open up a constuct made closet door! @loll@
  22. The movie was much better than expected for me. I'm not a Joss Whedon fan at all, but he pulled through and made a damn good movie. As much as I prefer Batman over everyone, I still hope the Avengers beats the Dark Knight Rising at the box office. The Avengers proves to all the Nolanites and naysayers that a team based Superhero movie can be done. The movie also has colorful costumes that don't resemble the matrix and it is not limited by bs gritty reality. One funny thing is that in my theater nobody was hyped for The Amazing Spider-man or Dark Knight Rises Trailers. More people were stoked for Brave and Frankenweenie.
  23. Since Disney distributed the movie it will probably get a blu-ray release in August. They release their stuff fast! Plus the movie is damn good and should be seen in theaters at least once.
  24. The way I heard it, and this may have changed, Invasion is considered a seperate mini-series. After this 10 episode arch the 'official' season 2 starts. Whether that means a return to 2011 or what, I have no idea. On a side note: I do miss Kaldur, Artemis, and Roy II, but if the show did stay in the 'future,' I'd be okay with that. I kinda like this new Team. Do you have link that states it is only going to be a 10 episode arch? I really hope that is true.
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