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  1. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/21/nra-blames-violent-entertainment-for-shootings-eca-responds Don't ya just love all the finger pointing people do in America? I guess having a scapegoat is easier than telling the truth. Why can't people accept the reality of mental illnesses and the failure of parents in this country?
  2. Looper > Avengers

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    2. gruntcast


      They are different movies, I need to see loper , wanted to see it in theaters but with kids its hard to find a babysitter. Don't know why it seems that the avengers movie is starting to get negative back lash, it looks like after a few months people are trying to find flaws in it, to much over analyzing I guess

    3. jjlecaros


      i wouldnt call looper a blockbuster. good movie yes but far from a blockbuster.

    4. Rockzilla


      Looper is one of the best sci-fi films of the past 5 years. Maybe Avengers is getting a lot of backlash because people are starting to realize the only thing it accomplished is having more than on hero on screen at once. Besides the multitude of heroes, Avengers offers nothing that can't be seen in any other superhero film. I would actually go on to say many other superhero movies offer a more intelligent and enjoyable viewing experience.

  3. IMO all the warner cartoons from the 90's were gold.
  4. Actually, no you're not. I also like Sonic the Fighters - I think it was a good arcade game. I have it on Sonic Gems Collection on the GameCube, and I think it's great! Bit out of the ordinary when there were eight Chaos Emeralds, but they had to fit in the number of fighters somehow... As a fighter it is unbalanced as hell..... but I somehow love it.
  5. Meh I prefer Freakazoid... and even Tiny Toons.
  6. Today I received a brand new factory sealed copy of Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. Oh and surprise surprise the disc worked! I was a little worried that the game wouldn't boot, because the very first copy of the game I got for Christmas in '99 did not work yet the game was brand new, so I had to trade it in after christmas day to get a new copy. Needless to say I was really upset back then. It turns out that I wasn't alone and that a few launch Dreamcast games were duds. http://www.zdnet.com/some-dreamcast-games-not-working-3002073597/ My copy that had worked for years was heavily scratched and the case was in bad shape, so I decided to just buy a brand new one.
  7. I thought that classic Metal Sonic was a really bad custom.
  8. Young Justice happy meal toys are in mcdonalds, So WB is promoting a show that isn't even on tv anymore?

  9. Well, I'm not a parent but I graduated from high school in 2007. I'm sure that is more recent than some other members here. I unfortunately had to move to Florida in the middle of my sophomore year, I was homeschooled for the remaining sophomore year and then put into a shitty florida public school for the last two years. During my last two years the school banned the use of soda machines entirely, and they placed a mandatory dress code. My sister was still going to that school after I graduated, she said the cafeteria stopped selling snack foods. In my honest opinion all these health regulations are bullshit. I feel that I should be able to put what ever I want into my body. I don't care about the supposed obesity epidemic, I have a great metabolism and I can eat what ever junk food I desire without the fear of becoming morbidly obese. Why should somebody like me be punished because some other guy needs to use a mobile chair at wal-mart? I was enraged when KFC stopped selling the double down. Now if marijuana becomes legalized I can't get the ultimate munchie food. DO the health police want us to go to a PETA approved restaurant when having the munchies? Maybe I should just stay home and enjoy a granola bar. @loll@
  10. Damn I guess I've been under a rock for a while, I had no idea a 1989 Godzilla was even in the works. I'm glad because the 1989 suit is my favorite of the heisei era. He is gonna tea bag the 94 version when I get him.
  11. Does anyone ever complain about the majority of NBA teams being too black? Yeah, I didn't think so. This kind of this is ridiculous.
  12. Yeah I feel the same way, I really like Bayonetta. I thought maybe The port of Tekken Tag 2 could also sway me, but I already bought arcade sticks for 360 and the Wii U port isn't going to be native 1080p like some suggested. Ninja Gaiden 3 Razer's Edge might be good if it is on par with 1 and 2.
  13. The channel has been heading that way once it went from TechTV to G4. Now it's just finally starting to show how utterly stupid the idea was to become Spike TV light without ANY original programming besides these two shows and con coverage. Honestly, who the #$## thought shows like Cheaters and cops would appeal to the gamer/techgeek culture? I dunno when they changed to G4, but I remember 2003-2005 being pretty decent. The channel still had Icons, Cinamatech, and X-play was still good back then. I also liked the anime unleashed stuff. The channel unfortunately had shows that had nothing to do with gamers like The Man Show and some Fast and Furious style drama show. Both of those show should have been on spike. It seems like it became the worst in 2006, and has been spiraling down further. The douchebag ceo of G4 and whoever watches cops and cheaters is to blame for the success of those shows on G4. He stated that those shows had high ratings. @grumpy@
  14. Bsnes is a highly accurate emulator for snes. I'm not sure if they updated for widescreen support yet. I may have to download it on my new pc. Old games look really good in HD on my new 42 inch plasma. Plasmas are better at displaying sd content though. I tried running old games on an lcd tv and the results were horrid.
  15. I knew G4 was done for when they started playing cops and cheaters over and over again. What the hell do those shows have to do with video games or technology? Now they want to turn it into another spike tv, which is garbage.
  16. I think the analog stick on my controller is fucked up, so that might be why I had such trouble with those particular QTES. My brother also had trouble when we switched characters. He just played the last chapter of Chris with an old friend from middle school, and that guy somehow got passed the knife scene in one try, and this friend is usually pretty bad at games. Luckily I have all the mercenaries stages. I pre-ordered from Amazon and then I bought the other two stages from a seller in the UK for cheap. I think most people don't realize Xbox 360 dlc codes are usually region free.
  17. Why does everybody thinks it corporations? Hell it could be same idiots who want us to not have christmas and remove all the decorations Doom Saber said it pretty nicely, but I'm going to give my answer as well. Big corporations are INDEED the cause of stuff like this. The RIAA and MPAA pushed SOPA to congress. They were the biggest backers of that bill. Big corportions show no party loyalty either, as long as politicians are willing to cave in to their demands. Although some hysterical Irony is that bleeding heart celebrities like Lady Gaga become uber capitalists when they find out someone is downloading their music.
  18. So I finished Ada's campaign in RE6 today. I was putting it off because supposedly this update will add co-op to her campaign, but I wanted to unlock her and Carla for Mercenaries quick. Overall I really enjoy RE6. I liked the Chris campaign, but its final boss was the weakest of all. The QTE with the knife sucked. Ada had a similarly bad QTE in chapter 3 against that chainsaw beast. QTEs utilizing the analog stick just SUCK. Those are the only teeth grinding moments I had with the game. The vehicle parts were a breeze for me and actually pretty fun, unlike the vehicle portions in Gears.
  19. I don't want to sound like a blind fanboy, but I haven't run in to any of these flaws. Honestly I like this game a lot more than RE5. Zombies are back and Leon's campaign particularly feels reminiscent of the old days. The set pieces in RE5 were bland, and looked like something from COD. Chris even has more depth as a character in this game. He was only interesting with Wesker in RE5. The Gameplay mechanics are so much better than 5 too. The only thing I miss is quick turn, but it isn't really a deal breaker for me. I feel like most RE fanboys these days must be as bad as Sonic fans. Seriously what is wrong with a little change? We had 7 games with the same gameplay and formula. Yep that is right 7. Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Code Veronica, RE Outbreak, RE Outbreak file 2. I played those games to death. I have no desire to go back to tank controls and that formula though.
  20. I'm not surprised by this at all. Big corporations hate it when consumers can get a better deal on used products. The game industry has been trying to combat it by putting in online passes with games. The online passes can only be used once, so if you buy a game used you would most likely not be able to play online unless you buy an online pass separately. @grumpy@
  21. I loved the RE6 demo. So I pre-ordered it on Amazon, and I got a free mercenaries stage plus $10 credit. So far I have been loving the real game. I'm playing split-screen with my brother just like we did in RE5, I used the $10 credit on two DOA5 fightsticks.
  22. Damn I haven't had a woman in a good while and i'm not that desparate Nope... not desperate. I just happen to find this cartoon babe to be hot.
  23. I'm surprised to see many female characters actually being released in the first Nicktoons wave. Jazwares usually has the archaic women don't sell in an action figure line mentality. Boo at Tuff Puppy only getting mini figures. Where is my articulated Kitty Katswell?
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