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  1. I LOVED Man of Steel!!!! It totally made up for the colossal turd that was Iron Man 3.
  2. makes more sense, since original megaman premiered on the original nes. Original MM is more of a nintendo legacy than X is however I DO love me some X, i feel like he wouldnt be as fitting as orig MM is. I think the Megaman-X stuff was only on Playstation.. so I agree it makes sense to be the original Bluebomber Nope. Megaman X started out on the SNES. As for the new consoles. I say f*ck those things. The Xbox one in particular can go to hell.
  3. True, but more people should open their eyes to that kind of corruption IMO. Also I find it very hypocritical that these same people who are complaining about food stamps being used on junk food were up in arms about "dirty libs" playing health police against fast food resturants. I don't care how the money is obtained, if somebody wants junk food that is their bussiness. I won't play health police ever. Now I'm not saying everyone on food stamps is poor and down on their luck, but not all of them are criminal leeches either. I feel like both people on the left and right political spectrum only look at one side of things. The far lefts paints them all as victims, and the far right paints them all as leeches.
  4. Well I have a PSP vita now. I thought I'd never buy another Sony product again after PS2. I'm really enjoying it so far. I bought it just for Persona 4 Golden, but I'm really enjoying old downlodable games like Megaman Maverick Hunter X. I never had the original PSP so MMMHX is new to me.
  5. I find it funny how people get up in arms over a few poor people who use their food stamps in a way they don't like, but they never bat an eyelash at tax money being used for corporate subsidies and various tax breaks for already-rich folk.
  6. Jane Levy was originally up for the role, but I'm sure Michael Bay thought 14 year olds wouldn't think she was "hot" enough. @hmmm@
  7. As long as the next Xbox is fully backwards compatible with 360, and that includes the gamertags and downloaded games then I'm on board. It also needs to be able to play used games. If it doesn't do those things then I'm holding out for Dreamcast 2.
  8. The 2010 AVP game was pretty good. Sure it had some problems, but it seems like a masterpiece now that A:CM is out.
  9. Colonial marines is dog $hit. I was going to ignore the critics like I usually do, but they were actually right this time. I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever and RE6 which critics both hated, but those games didn't have major bugs and god awful enemy ai like Aliens CM does. The graphics in Colonial marines is terrible, I usually don't complain about graphics, but since Gearbox showed off those awesome looking demos I will complain this time. This game looks like a Wii game at best. The Xenomorphs are the inbreds from AVPR, that is how dumb and weak they are in this game. F*ck Gearbox I hope SEGA sues their asses.
  10. Thanks! I think yesterday was the last straw for me. He put packages on top of my dumpster in the garage. He is notorious for putting packages near the garage if it is opened, but this was just ridiculous.
  11. I think he is fooling around, I mean if other mailmen can make it by 3:30 then why can't he? Plus his arrival times are inconsistent. I'm thrilled everytime I see someone else delivering my mail because they are always nicer and come in on time.
  12. My current mailman is a big piece of #$##. This guy has been delivering packages in my neighborhood for over two years, and he is consistently late and he forgets to bring packages. His usual time for running is between 5:00-7:30, I think it is pure BS because anytime someone else delivers mail to my house it is between 3:00-4:00pm. Being late isn't the only problem I have with him, he is extremely rude and he is very careless with fragile packages. Should I file a complaint on this #$###? I'm worried it might just make my service worse. I would like to see the guy relocated or fired if possible.
  13. huh? never heard or took that away from 300...did 'those' folks read too much into it, or see some other s****y slo-mo movie about boobs-n-freaks? But I did hear that at one point in Man of Steel, Perry White will mutate into a 9 ft tall lobster-clawed behemoth to the tune of a Jefferson Airplane song. Maybe im being too hard on MOS out of the gate...at least its gonna give us all something to bicker about again in the DC forum now that the nightmare of The Dark Knight Rises has passed and DCUC is dead...been quiet as a corpse in here lately. Yeah a ton of critics read into the movie way too much, but they do with a lot of movies. They saw 300 as a right wing propaganda piece pushing for war in the middle east. The Dark Knight Rises was seen as both left wing and right wing propaganda by some people. I guess people really are like the characters in south park who interpreted scrotie mcboogerballs as one thing or another.
  14. I guess I will skip the single Destroyah in that case.
  15. I think Zack Snyder might be going overboard in trying to appease all those that called him a right wing nutjob for doing 300.
  16. Pretty much, but now you can't hold a pistol anymore. You have to drop your rifle or shotty if you want a boltak,gorgon or snub. Although I think the Gorgon has been removed because the Gears 1 Hammerburst is back. AFAIK grenades can be quick fired now, I'm not sure if you can aim em like the old days. The gameplay videos also make the rifles look overpowered. I prefer running and gunning with the gnasher.
  17. Gears of War Judgement should be coming out in March. Honestly I'm not all that hyped for it. A two weapon limit has been put on this game like COD. They took locusts out of all muli-player modes but Overrun, so it will be red vs. blue Bairds.
  18. Yes! Gearbox has a pretty good reputation, and the gameplay looks good. The game also has split-screen which is an important feature to me. Frick Dead Space 3. I'll wait for that game to hit $10.
  19. Dead Space 3. No Split screen and a new two weapon limit. Now I'm completely uninterested.

    1. EvilHayato


      theres also in game purchases... not to be confused with DLC... and they say they are going to go crazy with story DLC. :/

  20. If you mean her comic uniform then that sadly isn't going to happen because PAK only has the Arkham license. If you meant her Arkham Asylum outfit(skimpy nurse) then they already made a figure of that, and it is quite lovely.
  21. After taking courses in child psychology and social problems I have heard so much on gender roles in society. From those viewpoints gender is considered a constuct and that society enforces uber macho manliness on boys and extreme girlishness on girls yadda yadda yadda. When I was a kid, my parents didn't enforce any specific gender stereotypes on me, I just naturally gravitated towards manly things like trucks and Dinosaurs. My little sister's Barbie dolls did not interest me in the slightest. Honestly I feel that most kids are the way I was ,and they will choose what gender type suits them most. I know my Grandmother freaked out over me playing with a Mcdonalds play set when I was 4, because she thought cooking was too girly. My parents knew something like that was gender neutral, and the fact is many of the best cooks in America are men. As for the wussification of America my science class brought up an interesting theory on that. Polluted water has been feminizing male reptiles and amphibians for quite some time, it is very possible that us humans are being affected too. The picture below is a man believe it or not!
  22. what a joke the only thing that should be blammed is the shooter I played all the violent games when I was a child Doom,Quake Turok,Mortal Kombat and Duke Nukem 3D and I've never gone out and started shooting people Yeah I think we all did. Yet some people still fail to realize that millions of other gamers exist, and they have not went on shooting sprees.
  23. Yeah it seems like R rated movies and Mature games would both do some marketing for kids back in the 80's and 90's. Nowadays they both seem to stray away from that. I particularly loved Mortal Kombat and Primal Rage when I was 10. Hell I still love them now.
  24. Yeah thats exactly how I feel. The talk show example also works another way, and that is when the subject is something like my pre-teen dresses too slutty. How could a parent complain when more than likely they bought those clothes for her in the first place? Since when do pre-teens have a source of income other than their parents? The same logic applies for when parents buy an 8 year old an M-rated game, and then flip out over how violent it is. @hmmm@ Now some Rockerfeller a-hole politicians wants to look into violent video games, he even makes the same old claim that these games are marketed towards children, even though they are not. R-rated movies on the other hand used to do some marketing for children, but now that is forbidden. This is awesome.
  25. I wish there was, sadly over 90% of the RC Tumblers don't even open up because of all the parts inside. If there is one, I don't know about it.
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