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  1. This urban legend could have been explored for 30 years...and now XBox is the one to do it? The one lagging behind in sales to Sony? Atari as a company didnt cease to be in all that time...they could have done it at one point. Countless other entities with money and interest in video games, so why now and why them? Just look at the headlines: http://variety.com/2...ame-1201164949/ "XBox" and "exclusive" are shouted loud and proud. Ah ok I missed that part. Heh it's kinda funny to see the tables turn this gen since it was Sony lagging behind last gen. Sony reportedly claimed they had better sales in Europe with PS3, but most would disagree. Also if they were doing so well they wouldn't be so close to going bankrupt. I refuse to believe their lack of tv sales is the only thing hurting them. PSvita anyone? http://www.giantbomb...ys-mac-1466863/
  2. Xbox pr stunt? Uhm yeah I believe this was just a shitty game nobody cared about. The movie was #$## too IMO.
  3. I still can't get over the Lex casting. Sure Jesse Eisenberg can make me hate him, he is pretty good at that. but he will never be menacing. I already hated the comical Lex from the Donner movies, but imagine how awful it would have been if Woody Allen was Lex in those movies? Eisenberg is basically the modern equivalent of Allen. The movie should just focus on Superman and Batman as well, but we keep hearing about other heroes being thrown in. Sometimes less is more.
  4. ^ Lol yes I prefer STC's simple concept of Robotnik just changing clothes. I wasn't a fan of archie killing him off and having Robo-Robotnik become the Sonic Adventure era Eggman. I wonder what they were thinking at Archie when they decided to kill Robotnik? Did they think Sonic as a series was over because of the Sega Saturn flopping in the US at the time, and they just decided to do whatever they hell they wanted to the series???
  5. The Singerman suit was overdone with S's though. I mean did he really need that S belt thing?
  6. Sonic Boom the game will be just fine. IIRC it's being developed by folks who worked on Jak and Daxter among many other highly received games. I'm not sure about the actual cartoon though. It's going to be only 10 minutes long or something along those lines. Also I think one of the my little pony writers is on board. IMO that is something to be VERY AFRAID of, because I can't stand that show, and the fanbase ugghhh.
  7. Uhmm yeah, but there is also Topher Grace as Venom and look how that turned out.. I really hope Eisenberg has "scheduling conflicts" or something and backs out of the role. Please Jessie do us fans a solid!
  8. Thanks to Forza 5 and Need For Speed Rivals I can drive all the cars I'll never be able to afford. Kinda saddening though at the same time.
  9. Yeah I prefer Chuck as well. Spoiler he does appear in DR3 as an older more grizzled version. The game takes place 10 years after DR2 so it makes sense. Even being older he was still more likeable than Nick. You can't hate Nick but he doesn't really do much to make you like him either.
  10. I'm still going to have to play Off The Record sometime. I miss Frank West, he didn't get a real cameo in DR3 like others did. Yeah they potentially could continue without going back to the past, but I'm not sure how interesting they could make it. Also we would most likely have Nick again, and he was kinda bland compared to Chuck and Frank. I don't want to spoil too much about DR3, but it wouldn't make sense to make a game taking place after DR3 without Nick.
  11. Doesn't that just stink though? Honestly I don't care if Activision loses the rights to make Marvel games though. It's not like they have done anything really worthwhile with the license these past 10 years. I think with Spider-man they have milked him about as bad as the Tony Hawk series. I finished the campaign to Dead Rising 3. To sum it up I can say it's a fun game, but the ending was pretty mediocre. It is the weakest of the 3 though IMO, I haven't played Off The Record but that was just a DR2 rehash. Dead Rising 3 does wrap up the storyline, so if Capcom decides to make another game it will take place before these events ala Devil May Cry and Street Fighter.
  12. Well Dead Rising 3 is very awesome. I was worried when the original E3 trailer hit that the game was going to be too dark and serious. Luckily the game is very much in line with the first two games. The graphics style is nowhere near as dark and boring as the E3 video. Psychopaths are in the game, and they are just as comical and messed up as the first two. The difficulty has been toned done compared to the first two, but it isn't really a dealbreaker.
  13. He had a pretty nice collection, but just too many Fords. Seriously no love for Chevy man?? Also It's a crime that I didn't see any Aston Martins. Still he was a good man. RIP
  14. [ No body mentioned the figures from Mcfarlane or Neca!??
  15. Well I haven't been here in ages. I've been busy with school work, and playing Sonic Lost World on the side. I got the game on release day, but didn't get to play until this past week. I'm so glad they issued an update to grant you lives for 100 rings. Why that wasn't in the game from the start is beyond me. Anyways the game is pretty fun overall. Although I hate Frozen factory act 2 with a passion. That was easily one of the worst things in a Sonic game I've played. Seriously who was asking for Katamari in Sonic? It sure wasn't me.
  16. My brother who works at TRU put an Xbox One on layaway. Been playing it for a few days to make sure it doesn't have any early console bugs. So far it's been good and fun. Forza 5 looks friggin gorgeous, I thought NFS Most wanted on Wii looked amazing until I played this. Killer Instinct is also a blast. Th drm policy being reversed was enough for me to still side with Microsoft. I was just never a Sony guy, and I have always hated the dual shock controllers.
  17. I thought this was supposed to be a Superman/Batman movie. Is it going to be Trinity or friggin Justice League? The Wonder Woman casting is terrible. Gadot is a terrible actress, and she has the body of a 12 year old boy. Hell Gina Carano would have been better, she's not a great actress either but at least she can fill out the costume.
  18. Well I downloaded the demo and gave it a shot. It's pretty darn good. I think Capcom did a better job porting this to Wii u than Resident Evil Revelations. The 1080p res is beautiful in MH3U.
  19. Try Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate... I might give it a shot, is it turn based? I'm not really big on those kinda games, but their are some exceptions. I'm really enjoying the Wii u though. NFS uses the pc textures and easily blows the 360/ps3 version out of the water. As for the Xbone and PS4, I'm still not sold on either one. Maybe next year when the game library is more enticing I'll consider buying one.
  20. Actually almost all of the DLC is available for Wii U. The only things we seem to be missing are Zatanna,Martian Manhunter and the MOS skins. I assume those will come to the eshop eventually. All of the DLC came late but it didn't matter to me because I didn't get the system until recently.
  21. Yep thats the fuggin truth. It's even worse when they send a message with something like "ugh I'm not that desperate to sell it!" F#ck all those greedy douchebags.
  22. I recently got a Wii u. I mostly pre-ordered it for the exclusive Sonic Lost World. Yeah I'm such a whore for Sega/ Sonic. Anywho I've been enjoying it. So far I have Rayman Legends,Injustice,Zombi-U, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, and Batman Arkham Origins for it. Need for Speed is really impressive and looks much better than 360 graphics.
  23. SO why is the Mighty No. 9 called that? Is it because this is the real Megaman 9? That cheap rom hack on xbl just didn't do it for me.

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    2. EvilHayato


      If you havent played them and want sort of updated graphics (16/32 bit haha) I would suggest checking out the Megaman X series. Minus the 3d ones. I dont see updating the graphics for a new megaman would really be that important, the games were never that insane looking and they did the 8 bit as a tribute to his prime.

    3. Rockzilla


      I've played all of Megaman's spinoffs. I still think 9 and 10 were shamefully lazy.

    4. EvilHayato


      Well I think Capcom has lost how to manage a megaman game properly. Theyve cancelled all their last efforts for no real reason and then trolled their fans constantly with fat MM in SFxT and MMX as a skin for Zero in MvC.

  24. Well I liked Man Of Steel, despite it's lack of character. It was the action filled Superman movie with no ties to the Donnerverse that I wanted. As for Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, I'm fine with it. If Affleck can serve as producer instead of Nolan then I think we have a winner on our hands.
  25. Duck Dynasty action figures!??? Yeesh I knew America's fascination with white trash has been at an all time high on network TV, but I never thought that trashy show would get action figures. What next a Swamp People figure line?
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