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  1. Let's face it, as immortal as Stan Lee's legacy is he's not going to be around forever. I have moved "Meet Stan Lee" to the top of my bucket list. Stan is going to be at the Baltimore Comic Con in September. That's just a 6 1/2 hour drive from my home in West "No not near Roanoake, the 35th state" Virginia. I figure this is my best chance to meet him. Here's the kicker: I have never had an opportunity to attend a con. I have no idea what to expect. My fear is that I will spend all day waiting to meet Stan and miss out in everything else. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. Ithat sounds fine, as long as we can finish the draft before 10 PM EST.
  3. Dang that looks sweet! The only Marvel Select figures I have are Juggernaut, Red Hulk, and the matching Green Hulk. I really want Thanos and the Watcher too.
  4. What happened to the Wrecking Crew coming out in 2012? Thunderball and Piledriver are insanely hard to find and we still have Bulldozer and Wrecker to go. I don't know why I'm so worried about it, I still haven't found the first 2.
  5. Do you want to wait till after the last week of preseason so the injuries are all over before the regular season?
  6. TommyGoth

    Marvel NOW!

    I was just worried that they'd end the title. I don't know anything for sure about that. I'm sure they won't write the character out after putting so much effort in him for 4 years.
  7. TommyGoth

    Marvel NOW!

    If you haven't seen it yet: http://marvelousnews.com/index.php?catid=23&itemid=15169 Personally I'm really excited about this. They're not retconning or rebooting, they're basically just having a massive change in creative direction. I think the catalyst behind this move is Bendis moving from Avengers to X-Men. I've heard that he's going to have the full scope of Marvel characters to work with, where normally the X-Men just stick with X-related characters. My one worry is that the Hulk (red Hulk) comic will come to an end. I've enjoyed that comic since the intrigue of the early issues. I also expect Avengers Assemble to end. I've enjoyed that one as well, but Uncanny Avengers will take it's place in my stack so I'm not too hung up on that. What do you guys think?
  8. Can we do it on a Friday night this year? It's much easier for me because I'm always home on Friday nights. Unless I take the wife out, but we just bought a house so she's not all about going to Red Lobster anymore lol.
  9. I've been searching every Wal-Mart for Hulk and Hawkeye. The way I figure, Thor, Iron Man, and Cap will eventually go on clearance. $16 is a steep price for these. If I can get Hulk and Hawkeye I know I can get the others later. I'm praying for a Widow. I'm not one of those dudes that goes nuts over female characters, but the movie was so awesome that I just must have one. BTW, I have an extra 3 3/4 version of Widow if anyone is interested in trading for Hulk or Hawkeye. Doesn't have to be an even trade, PM me if interested.
  10. Who's setting up the league this year?
  11. The last new series was Power Rangers RPM, then they "re-versioned" Mighty Morphin last fall. I haven't really watched Power Rangers since Ninja Storm. On a side note, I saw the PR Samurai figures and Megazords at Wal-Mart this morning.
  12. I scored Hulk, Doc, and Spider-Woman like 3 weeks ago at the TRU in Charleston, WV. I was about half as excited as I was when I found TNA Deluxe Impact 3 Velvet Sky, Jay Lethal, and Matt Morgan. TRU is the only place to find toys anymore I think.
  13. I don't get a lot of time to post on the boards these days, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy playing you guys this year. After 8 years I finally did well. Good luck to the Cosmic Avengers this weekend. I had to do some crazy scrambling when so many people on my team either got benched or went on IR. Outsiders, it was a nail biter Monday Night. Good game.
  14. I've found 2010 Wave 2 already, but I have yet to see 2010 wave 1. I need the Jean Grey, Sunfire, and Warpath from that wave. I've heard on some podcasts that those are actually really hard to find. Anyone seen them?
  15. Because Mattel is about to stick it to the MOTUC collectors by forcing us to buy all products if we want a 2011 subscription I decided that I better start saving now. I'm estimating that next year's subscription will cost around $650 for the whole year so now I'm selling off the few figures that I can part with. I have a couple of Treasure Hunts that aren't Super Treasure Hunts that I'm willing to part with. They are '34 Ford and Ford Mustang. Here is the link to the auction on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110506642046&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT I'm also selling the following: 1: Transformers Classics Series 1 Megatron loose 2: DCU Series 8 Gentleman Ghost MOC 3: Marvel Legends 2 Pack Dum Dum Dugan and Hand Ninja
  16. My favorite episode was Sink the Montana. Lots of nice flashback stuff and it showed how far a man will go to protect what he loved.
  17. Lets talk about some of the more obscure characters (by casual fans perspective) that sold well when they were out. Luke Cage Iron Fist Baron Zemo (C list villian) Crossbones (C list villian) Ant Man Ms. Marvel (Warbird) The Falcon Sentry the Wasp Taskmaster (C list villian) Hercules Xorn and on and on and on. None of those characters was in a movie or an X-character and they were all hard to find or kind-of hard to find. Almost the entire Wal-Mart wave was made up of characters no one has ever heard of. Of course they put in the token Wolverine figure that sat on the shelf. On top of that, the most recent wave of Marvel 2 packs had the Kree/Skrull pack. If that's not obscure and without fan following I don't know what is. But they did a recent storyline involving the Skrulls so I guess they threw it out there. So why not a character like Constrictor? I didn't vote for Constrictor myself (Or Bi-Beast as was previously assumed). My point is that the selections could have been so much better. I'll be getting Deadpool/Warpath and that's probably it. I'm a sucker for a sweet looking Hulk and I king of want Valkrie so that one will be dependent on appearances. But I never cared much for Widow and I don't care about Bucky and wish he would have stayed dead. CJ, stop being such a dick. (I voted for Paper-Bag Spidey, Deadpool and the Hood by the way.)
  18. So I just picked up my November issue of ToyFare. The prospect of what could have been just ticked me off. So we're getting Deadpool/Warpath, Winter Soldier/Black Widow, and Valkrie/Hulk. *sigh*...*double sigh*...*frustrated sigh* Warpath is a cool choice. Valkrie is a good choice. Another shot at Deadpool is cool. Winter Soldier could tickle someone's fancy I suppose. But why do we need another Black Widow and especially another dang blasted Hulk??? I'm not even going to start there, I'm going to start with a few prospects of what we could have had. Constrictor: Almost everyone I talked to wanted this figure. A nice C level villian to fill in the gaps in the back of a display. This would have been great. Bi-Beast: Instead of Hulk we could have gotten this. While I wouldn't have been too interested in it, I can guarantee almost everyone would be more interested in a new character than a 40th Hulk. Brother Voodoo: While he doesn't have a big following, he is the new Dr. Strange and has been very prominent in recent storylines. Not to mention, he's probably the coolest looking sculpt. Terror Inc.: I think we can all agree that this would never happen because 85% of comic fans have never heard of him, but it could have been a shocker. Ms. Marvel (classic sculpt): She's HUGE in the Dark Avengers storyline. Plus it's a rockin' sculpt. Havok: He looks really cool, is an X-Character which automatically gets him a reacharound by marketing, and he's not a 40th Hulk. Madrox: Multiple Man. People would buy multiples of him. Seems like a no brainer. the Hood: He's been in the top 5 most important villains in the Marvel U for years now. I know it looks like he stole Han Solo's outfit (as indicated in ToyFare) but this one could have been incredible. Paper Bag Spidey: I really wanted this one. Let me make 2 things clear: #1: I don't think the fan poll results were reported accurately. #2: Marvels choices for the 3 additional figures sucked. I don't think this could have turned out worse. We did NOT need a Hulk. He's one of my 3 favorite characters and I already have about 10 Hulk figures counting Marvel Select.
  19. Well, I thought about the foot locker set. But I already have the Kid Rhino release of the first 2 mini-series and Season 1 part 1. Then I have the DVD's from the figure sets so I have the first 3 mini series x 2. Then I bought Shout Factory's Season 1.2 which gave me only 6 episodes I didn't already have. Buying the foot locker set would give me about 50 episodes I already have for the third time. It's just not economical.
  20. I've been looking around for info on the Season 2 release. From what I can gather, it's only going to be 1 volume instead of being split into 3 parts like season 1. Is that accurate or am I just not looking in the right places?
  21. Wal-Mart. And he comes with 1 loose arrow. The bow has no string though.
  22. Finally! Thor and Hawkeye, but for Pete's sake the paint apps on most of them were ridiculous. I had to choose between 6 Thors and about 4 Hawkeyes and it was tough. The problems with Thor ranged from crossed eyes to crooked helmets. Each Hawkeye either had paint blotches on his face or paint missing from his hands. It must have taken me 5 minutes to find acceptable packs. I didn't get Mr. Fantastic/Ultron today and thank goodness I didn't have to choose. Mr. Fantastic has saggy bags under his eyes and just looks like he's 90 years old. They only had 3 of that pack. I like the MU line, but they definately need to do a better job with paint apps.
  23. Chances are they were going to up the price on it anyway. This way at least you get something for the $1. New and Dark Avengers don't give readers anything extra and just charge the extra $1. Plus there is generally more than 1 splash page in those titles, which I find unexceptable. If I pay $4 for something I expect to be reading it for longer than 10 minutes.
  24. I'm creating a routine of watching Power Rangers on Saturday Morning then when my wife, daughter, and I go shopping I'm picking up 1 figure at a time. So far I have Pink, Black, and a Putty. I've only seen Zordon/Alpha once and the Yellow Ranger once. I wish I would have picked them up now. The little backpack things are pretty cool. By-the-by, I just found out they're going they air all 3 seasons of Mighty Morphin this year. If we get Zeo, Turbo, and In Space I'll be psyched. Other than Ninja Storm I didn't really enjoy any of the other series. It's been nearly 10 years since He-Man and GI Joe were revived. I honestly thought my toy collecting days were drawing to an end, but it looks like Power Rangers might have staved it off a little while longer. (I still collect Marvel U, Marvel Legends, and MOTUC.)
  25. I found them on clearance at my Wal-Mart too. They'd only been on the shelf for about 2 weeks. Problem is, I can only find the red and blue version of Goliath.
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