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  1. Maybe at TRU, but not at every store that asks to check bags. I never check my bag anywhere. EDIT - And clearly TRU doesn't trust their employees either. Why should I?
  2. I refuse to check my bag at the customer service desk. There's prescription medication in my bag. There's usually a laptop. The store wants to hold my bag because they don't know me and don't know if I'm a thief, well I'm sorry but I don't know the person working behind the counter and I don't know if they're a thief. How do I know they're not going to rifle through my stuff and rob me? A $15 figure that TRU thinks I might steal is less of a risk in my book than the meds or laptop that might get stolen from me. If they want to look through my bag on the way out, that's fine I have nothing to hide, but I'm not handing my stuff to a stranger. And as was mentioned before, no one ever asks women for their bags. The bag check policy is just sexist.
  3. For what it's worth, while looking at Joes I was recently shoved out of the way by a little kid who must have wanted to look at them more than I did.
  4. I really need to know if a ROC Cobra Commander coat will fit on a ROC Black Adder. Could someone, please, put one on the other, and snap a pic for me?
  5. How upset were you about an Australian playing him?
  6. I'm making a custom 25th Cover Girl and I was wondering if anyone had a clear print-out-able image of the patch on her sleeve. Anybody?
  7. How is pointing out that Cheney makes policies against his daughter's best interests the same as making tasteless jokes at the expense of the disabled? For one, being gay is not a disability and for two, he was reiterating a known fact regard Cheney's daughter. He didn't drag her out of the closet.
  8. That's certainly a viable interpretation, though it does require quite a bit of reading between the lines to get there. Though if the bible is considered to be to literally true, then a literal interpretation is equally valid. And I still maintain that if someone's making a point to pray in public in such a showy way - to gather around a flagpole or to write passages on banners - then it is definitely being done for show.
  9. Ok, your mama's so fat, she has a high risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  10. I guess that's ok, because half of yours don't make any sense and the other half are just you being hateful, racist, bigoted and a liar. Either you really don't understand how laws and the Constitution work, or you're some elaborate art project.
  11. Totally different. Saying some form of grace is a traditional part of most religions, writing bible quotes on a banner and then running through it is not. If they were in church or some other religious situation, you'd be absolutely right. But, if you'll pardon the expression, you really have to be playing devil's advocate here, there's no way you really think that putting bible passages on a banner or getting a group to pray around a flagpole isn't done for a show. I know kids that do these flagpole prayers, they outright say it's to show people that they're praying at school. It's a "let them try to stop us" thing. They want the controversy. Back up your interpretation. The text does not say that. The text says not to be like those that pray in public, to pray in private. I thought motivation didn't matter.
  12. Because the cheerleaders are not a student-run organization. They are a school-run one. If kids in the stands had the banner, I wouldn't give two shits, but the school should not be involved. Lots of things happen in your mind, that doesn't make them so. Well, with the amount of hate you spew, somethings are so obvious they don't need a lot of thought. Oh, you mean like how the majority of Americans wanted Obama to be President so you're totally cool with it and don't complain at all? It's relevant because you said, that if you were in the minority you wouldn't raise a stink and "adapt to [your] surroundings." Clearly, this is not the case, as you are currently part of "some small minority group of people who always squeak (b!tch) the loudest" in an attempt to "get the grease (appeasment)."
  13. Maybe the fact that my post said nothing about messages of love and faith being objectionable. As for... I call BS. Not a single thing I've ever read that you wrote would even imply that the above statement might be true. Oh, you mean like how the majority of Americans wanted Obama to be President so you're totally cool with it and don't complain at all?
  14. Way to not say anything relevant. But I'll play, how would you feel if the banners had quotes from the koran? Is it still a message of love and one's faith?
  15. And you honestly think putting bible passages on banners at football games isn't "for the sake of gaining attention from other people?" Even within the context, there's no real reason why praying around a flagpole or on the field before a game wouldn't fall under that prohibition. It is being done purely to make a statement. Sidenote - Why are you as Christians not offended by these kids tearing apart bible passages when they come bursting through the banners? If I were to tear up bible pages, I doubt you'd be defending me.
  16. The bible says not to pray in public. Also, going back to what Clam said before - "I remember many religious clubs and events at school, they just could not be organized by school staff. For example, we had a "meet at the flag day" once... A bunch of students met around the flag on campus and held hands and prayed. The school could do nothing to stop it as long as it was not organized by staff and they didn't participate." Who do you think runs the cheerleading squad? Do they not have coaches? Does the school not supply them with uniforms? The cheerleaders are not at all the same as a student-run religious club.
  17. Yea, because liberals are known far and wide for taking potshots at people with disabilities.
  18. Well, considering that they're not making an attempts to get the network taken off the air, and have even said they will still do interviews with Fox, how are they stopping people from watching? Oh, nice. Going after my age again, running out of ammo? Again, I will be 30 in a little over a month. I've voted in every primary and general election since I turned 18, so Nov 3 will be my 24th election. When was the last time you voted for someone that wasn't a Republican?
  19. Every President is divisive. It kind of comes with having a multiple-party system. Some businessmen chose not to sell to Limbaugh, you know how stores have those "We reserve the right to refuse service" signs, that's all they did. They chose to refuse service. Go right ahead. As as ESPN customer, you have that right. Oh suuuuuure! Yeah, there's no controversy going on AT ALL about the Obama administration attacking FOX, noooooo none at ALL? I see the quotes all there. Where did you use the word Democrat? Are you assuming that I should know what your political party is? You could be a libertarian or Independent for all I care or would know. I'm sorry, let me be specific. I am a registered Democrat that has voted in every election from school board to President since I turned 18. I'm politically active, and volunteered for the Obama campaign. I did this, despite the fact that Obama isn't quite liberal enough for my tastes. Were there any Democrat politicians talking that nonsense? Are there Republican ones doing it now?
  20. Who says he's divisive? I guess that would be the Limbaugh HATERS? I mean, Limbaugh has no more to his words or background that would make him anymore of a divisive character than Obama, so I'm still not seeing where Limbaugh gets denied and Obama skates? I know it's merely a matter of double-standards and hypocrisy in the media, but I'm just wondering if you can explain it in another way that would change that? He's clearly divisive. There is a large group of people that don't like him, many of which would choose not to go to his team's games. I never said Obama wasn't divisive. Politicians by their very nature, tend to be. As for Limbaugh being denied and Obama skating, how is a business choosing not to do business with someone that they feel will harm their bottom line and a majority of the American people deciding they want someone else to President even comparable? Oh suuuuuure! Yeah, there's no controversy going on AT ALL about the Obama administration attacking FOX, noooooo none at ALL? Never said there wasn't controversy. I said no Democrat is saying that Fox is a threat. Maybe you never said you wanted to secede, but a hell of a lot of people that are sharing the same talking points as you have. And the "hollywood crybabies" never talked about seceding, they talked about moving to another country. Huge difference.
  21. So then my topics title about the Liberal media brainwashing Americans is true? They've spread their hate of Limbaugh around so much that it caught on with some folks in the NFL? No, just that they opted not to do business with a divisive personality, who is likely to cause them to lose viewers. Pure business decision. No one is saying that Fox is a threat, just that they have a bias and are a Republican mouthpiece. Fox couldn't keep Republicans from losing the last two major elections (08 and 06) in a big way. We're not scared of Fox. Why wait til 2012 for Civil War II? I thought you guys were all planning to secede.
  22. How about this? The invisible hand of the free market has spoken. The NFL (not the Obama administration) decided they didn't want to do business with Limbaugh.
  23. . Gingrich has also quoted Mao, Rove said in a Wall St Journal piece that Bush "encouraged me to read a Mao biography." Oh, no.
  24. True. What happened to "it's unpatriotic to question the president during wartime?" We're still at "war"... This isn't about WAR, it's about our country and it's Constitutional rights. Remember the topic? The WH is going after Fox news? Is the logic here, that during WARTIME anything the President desires..GETS DONE?? I think you boys missed the bigger issue here. @loll@ Ah, so calling a "news" organization out of their slant is a much worse example of that than the Bush administration putting critics and journalists on the no-fly list and tapping their phones without warrants. Gotcha.
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