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  1. Does anyone remember Children's Palace or Kiddie City?
  2. Has anyone heard or seen anything on these new toys from Playalong? I'm interested in seeing more images.
  3. I think Lady Jaye looks kind of fat in the face I'm excited regardless but I hope they mold her in flesh colored plastic and not paint her
  4. That's a rather weak argument. And I dare say kinda stupid. These figures, BASED ON THE PICTURES, are not significantly better than RAH or new sculpt (as your Star Wars example is). Are they? Well now, nobody has them to really say, do they? But, again, from what we've seen from the PICTURES, there are possibly significant flaws in these figures relative to what came before. I'm sure it is safe to argue the 95 POTF figures not being much better then the original Kenner figures. And based on photos alone, I cannot wait to replace my original Joes.
  5. I don't hate anyone, this is the internet now... let's be realistic, and my topic is obviously poking fun at ToiletMonkeys thread "Does anyone else hate the 25th figures?" But I keep forgetting the joe fans cannot detect sarcasm. And I find collectors who wish the new line the quickest failure, when they have no good reason to, just as absurd. I'm not saying this is you, but I've seen on several boards fans who would rather have the line fail then succeed at all. That's just as absurd. I just cannot believe you can look at Scarlett V1 and compare to the 25th figure and even justify yoyr reasoning in RAH being better. And I feel like Microman figures are much more skeletal than anything Hasbro has produced. because, unlike gi joe, those are superheroes. they are more popular with younger children and are/were more of a role model (i guess thats what you could say. . . they're more iconic) to more people than gi joe. they have a bigger fan base imo. so does star wars. their aren't gi joe pez dispensers at walmart all the time, or mugs or pillow cases. its not as popular. and because there isn't as big of a fan base i think a lot of collectors feel that hasbro should be making figures that they personally like so they complain about it because they know they are one of only a few collectors of the line. (i'm not saying their right for complaining but they have that right. . .lol) i'm talking about the 3 3/4" figures not those awsome 12" figures that children loved back in the day. they, obviosly had a bigger fanbase then the 3 3/4" ones today. I've read how Toy Biz stated the Marvel Legends figures were a collector driven line. Sure kids would buy them every now and then, but during the VvV and JvC climax I saw way more kids buying Joes at the stores then Superheroes.
  6. Yes, and I realize this... I just struggle with the ubsurdity of the RAH purists believing the old sculpts are perfect. RAH began my rabid fandom, and will always have a special place in my heart, but I can admit when the old dog just doesn't have anymore tricks.
  7. I cannot understand how someone can dislike the new 25th figures simply because they do not match their RAH collection. G.I. Joe collectors are some of the most uppity individuals in the action figure hobby. How is it the current Transformer toys and thriving and they are vastly different from the original series? Did anyone complain when the MOTU relaunch figures featured surperior sculpting to their counterparts? Why is Marvel Legends continue to do so well when they don't fit in with my 5" Toy Biz figures from the 90's? The new series feature some of the best sculpted joes we've seen in a long, long, long time... if not ever. I want to support this line as much as possible to insure new figures are released year after year. Could you imagine Star Wars toys being so popular today if they were still produced in the same style and same 5 points of articulation as the Kenner figures? Why can't we let go of the inferior past and just embrace the superior future?
  8. When I see footage of several people claiming several different types of planes, and some even claiming helicopters, struckthe pentagon... I wonder. When there is no wreckage from the plane found and little damage done to the land in front of the pentagon... I wonder. When the size of the holes in the pentagon don't even make sense... you get the idea. I'm not saying our government was behind these attacks, I'm just stating things and "facts" aren't adding up. The same can be said for the towers. Steel melting for the first time in history. Buildings falling from not even being struck. Similar buildings (like the Sears Tower) being struck by planes in the past and burning for much longer and remaining standing. These are all things which stand out in my mind and continue to ho unexplained.
  9. I would hardly consider "Well, if the video is true the creator would have been assassinated by now" as a legitimate argument...
  10. Any links? And has anyone (besides VH supposedly) watched the film or, you know, just interjected your opinion?
  11. Now, I've never been overly liberal. My capital punishment and abortion policies are pretty conservative (just listing mainstream "controversy" topics) and I never thought the government was out to destroy America. And since Bush is mostly a figure head for the real men in power, I never really hated him either. I still am shocked by the overwhelming amount of facts screaming at individuals in the face which just go unnoticed or dismissed.
  12. I assume you haven't watched the whole movie, considering you replied 40 minutes after I posted. I can't really view your opinion of the film since your opinion is unfounded. Seriously, watch the whole thing... you might learn something.
  13. Having just read the recent Rosie O' Donnell thread, I wanted to post this video. If you have an hour to kill, please watch it. http://stage6.divx.com/Louder-Than-Words/v...82/Loose-Change Or visit the official site... http://www.loosechange911.com/ I'm not looking to offend anyone, nor sway opinions, just perhaps raise awareness. This isn't a politically biased propaganda movie. Even my conservative friends found this eye opening.
  14. Of course I was "mocking" him. I think that kind of crap (flamboyant, outrageous dress) is silly, just the same as I think some kid wearing his pants 4 sizes too big and baggy is silly. These are merely factions within a community, that doesn't entirely represent the "group" as a whole. Your opinion, is that if I mock or make jokes about ANY portion of a community (the gay community for example) for what I decide is "silly" to me, or is offensive to my personal sensibilities, then I'm condemning and insulting the ENTIRE group. You also attempt to correlate a persons objections to certain behaviors in a given community, to that of condoning violence against them as well. That's weak. Black men are "Silly", but I'm not racist.
  15. If you think the picture of the gay guy at a gay parade is "degrading", wouldn't that be upon the shoulders of the guy himself, for having dressed up that way and paraded around in it, having his picture taken, as though he was PROUD of it? I doubt he thought it to be degrading, and my humor with it had more to do with a silly notion of eating Snickers and turning gay, which accompanied the picture I posted. Your picture was of a normal, good looking young man, who was brutally murdered and the only thing "degrading" was YOUR choice of using it, with the Snickers message. Big difference I would say, but I'm not the one with an issue to trump up here. So what (in your bitter brain) would have been the appropriate conclusion to add to the end of the commercial, of the two HETEROSEXUALS kissing each other while lusting over a candy bar......that being gay ain't so bad after all, and ran right out to support gay marriage laws in their state? I suppose you would clump all detractors of gay marriage or the homosexual lifestyle in general, into the same mindset of those hate mongers with murderous tendencies, who would kill somebody (Matthew Shepherd) for WHATEVER reason they seen fit, be it color of skin, religious beliefs or sexual preference? Submission of approval and acceptance by means of guilt? They'd be like me clumping all homosexuals into the mindset of those that molest young boys or murder them and then eat their frozen brains for dinner. Yes....GAY people do BAD things too! You're obviously having an issue over this commercial, or at least the version of it that NEVER aired, and falsely assuming the behavior of the actors in it, getting all indifferent to the idea of being less "masculine" because they accidentally kissed going after a candy bar, as justifying abuse of gays, in some subliminal manner? Absurd really, just absurd! Personally, I would have ended the commercial with the guys continuing to make out before the camera pans to a customer standing outside looking through a window eating a snickers bar. "Hungry, why wait? I think this is funnier, but I never had a problem with the original commercial. Just the advocation of the players reaction. But, I haven't been saying that already in this thread... And I'm positive you posted that picture for nothing but the upmost support of the gay community. You certainly weren't mocking him at all.
  16. How is posting a picture of Matthew Shepard any different than VH posting a picture of thar obviously gay man. It's all about degrading someones character, but it's still freedom of speech... which almost every poster of this thread has supported. The original commerical produced by snickers wasn't what the gay community was offended with. What the community was offended at was the commercial of the two men beating one another over their perceived lack of masculinity, and really why was Matthew Shepard murdered? His lack of masculinity. Also, snickers advocating the athletes reactions to this commercial. I've posted all of this on the first page, but my post seemed to go ignored.
  17. Hey, it's my freedom of speech right. If you don't like it you should just move somewhere else.
  18. "You'll take the rights we give you or you'll get out!"
  19. Well, really there is a difference between free speech and televising said themes. When I saw the commercial I genuinely thought Snickers was making fun of idiotic heterosexual males. I'm one of those dirty queers and didn't really understand the offense taken. But I can empathize with others feelings and realize some things aren't just free speech.
  20. It's just the U.S. It's a result of the continual pussification of America, by the libs. It's just too bad we abolished slavery.
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