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  1. These customs really are amazing. I love the craftsmanship and detail put into these. By the way, about how much money do you get these made for?
  2. Here's what I have: FFF Lower Torso Nemesis Lower Torso Nemesis Upper Torso(helmet missing) Galactus Upper Torso Sentinel Lower Torso x2 Apocalypse Right Arm Pitt Left Leg Giganta Left Leg Chemo Right Arm Metamorpho left arm's hammer only And what I want: Ares Right Leg FFF Head/Neck FFF Left Arm/Wing And all of the Ronan BAF, but he's a low priority so I'm not going to trade much for him.
  3. Just saw Jame's Cameron's "AVATAR" a few days ago and it inspired me to make a Na'vi figure. fortunately, I had just bought an extra Tigra at Wal*Mart for the BAF part, so I had an extra female body with native clothing and a tail. Her nose, tail fur, and widow's peak are all sculpy. The spear is a paintbrush shaved and carved. It was difficult to get the right texture for the stripes and the glowing spots all over her. And no, the stripes are not Tigra's painted over. I had to redo them all. You have to look closely to see the glow-dots. I realized that I left a few unpainted spots on her hair, and the unpainted spots on her joints could not be helped.
  4. Well, I just found 4 ships for about 6 bucks each, so it's not unrealistic. I've seen the Ferengi Marauder for ridiculously low prices before, so no trouble with that one. I'll check out Federation Models.
  5. Um....what? So nobody knows anyplace? Well that sucks.
  6. Hmm...I just looked them up. F-Toys is way out of my price range. Romando is difficult to find, and they look a bit smaller than the Furuta ones. Are the ships still being sold in comic shops? If so, about how much are they?
  7. I am an AA/DST collector, and I have many of the figures. I saw AA/DST's Starship Legends line, and fell in love--that is, before I did the math for the price on all of them combined. I also noticed there was no B or C to be seen, or any non-Enterprise ship. So, after some searching on the net, I foun a company that made ever ship I wanted; Furuta. Does anyone know where I can get them for a very low price? I'm looking for the following: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E(I realize this was rare and I am willing to pay a bit more for it.) Phoenix USS Voyager Deep Space Nine Secondary(I don't really want to get these until I have all of the above first): Klingon Bird of Prey Romulan Warbird Ferengi Marauder Borg Cube I also want Johnny Lightning's NX-01, but for a decent price as well. I think their stuff costs a bit more... If anyone can give me good sites or maybe sell them to me yourselves, that'd be great! I'm hoping for prices like 4-5 give or take.
  8. Well, obviously the Beyonder, whilst in his own universe that is, which is himself. Does the betonder have a number for his universe considering he is a universe(or was)? Just wondering...
  9. I will always remember Whiplash as the guy with a green pony tail....
  10. A few quick things that may or may have not been clarified, but I just wanted to say, the person with the spikes coming out of him in X3 was not Spyke. In the credits he was liste as Quill. Please don't make things up. Second, Russian is not a race, it is a nationality. With Marvel now giving much more supervision to their movies, it is more than unlikely that a black man would play Cable, even if he were chosen. There are plenty of muscular white men that could play him.
  11. They took it off because this thread doesn't belong in this forum. It belongs in the custom forum. Great custom by the way, and I'm not even a MU fan!
  12. Ultimate Trek, Trek Earth 2, Trek Unlimited, the good one, so many posibilities...
  13. Eh, none of the above. All of them have pretty boring origins.
  14. Xman, Storm is by no means the most used X-Man. At all. Ever. In any way. Storm does not have her own movie. Storm does not have her own cartoon. Storm does not appear in half of Marvel's merchandise. And if all you have to back yourself up are childish insults, then I suggest you reconsider your strategy. No one is offended by your immature remarks and you're not proving anything with them. Just making yourself look childish. If Storm had a better origin and Halle was not cast for her, sure, it might be an okay movie. But with her origin it would be boring and the moviemakers would be forced to invent half of her origin, which would just upset comic fans. So, no, I don't like Storm. I am an X-Men fan, just not Storm.
  15. spiderman origins .....thats the fracking first movie *slaps idiot upside the head* I was thinking more like Spider-Man Origins: [insert Villain Name], actually. Sorry for not clarifying.
  16. Ew. Absolutely not. Storm was boring in the comics and worse in the movies. Why waste the budget for a good movie on a crappy character? I'd rather see a Blob Origins than Storm(hehe, that would be funny). Honestly I think more Origins movies would be great, even beyond X-Men. Maybe something like Avengers Origins or Spider-Man Origins, but definitely not Storm. In one word, she sucks. She is definitely not one of the favorite of the X-Men characters. Maybe your favorite, but definitely not on an average fanbase. It would be wiser for Marvel and Fox to make movies of more important characters with better origins, considering it would be an Origin movie. Storm really doesn't have much of an origin honestly. She had powers. She was treated as a goddess. She went to Xavier's and BAM, X-Man. Magneto or Rogue would be much better choices.
  17. Guys I'm so sorry I haven't gotten those updates I promised. I've been so busy all week. I'll try to fit them in sometme, but no promises.
  18. Thanks, man. I'm hoping to get an update on Arana because I noticed a few flaws on her. I'm going to paint her belt red and make her "tattoo" more visible. And I might do other paint touch-ups.
  19. ...and my personal favorite, Araña. She came out surprisingly well. I don;t like her shoes though. Recipe: DCSH Supergirl - Body Sculpey That's all for now. I am working on a Planet of the Symbiotes "Phage" figure. I might have pics of him this week.
  20. Alright, I'm going to keep all of my customs here. First off, I know I'm not the best at painting and sculpting, but hopefully I'll get better. With that out of the way, here we go. First off, this is my very first custom. It is Hulk 2099. At least it was supposed to be. It was inspired by RickCoronel's, although I tried to make it look different. Recipe: SMC Hobgoblin - Head ML Planet Hulk - Body I used Super Sculpey for the rest. Next is Gravity. I honestly hate how he turned out. i didn't even bother taking a back-shot of him. Recipe: ML Wolvrine(from Wolvie/Forge 2-pack) - Body Hourman(from some old DC line) - Head And Sculpey. The pants were tricky, and they still arten't quite right. Next is Scarlet Spider. He's okay. His hoodie's shading is abominable though as well as the web-shooters' sculpting. Recipe: SMC Ben Reilly Spidey Sculpey
  21. Those are amazing! The orange one looks like an evil jack-o-lantern!
  22. I love the texture on Groot. Using an old Spider-Man figure that big wasa creative idea. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  23. That Hulk 2099 is amazing, and it's inspired me to make one as well, although I'll use a War Hulk from the Hulk Classics line. Thanks for the pics, it'll help me out a lot.
  24. I have Parasite arms from Kigdom Come, but not DCSH, sorry. But keep the wips an such coming. I love it all. I'm so jealous of all these great customs.
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