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  1. There was an article on CNN that Target would be cutting prices on toys such as Joe 50% for the holiday season and these prices cuts were to take effect October 1st. So far none of my Targets have cut prices and from the looks of what you posted they haven't been cut as much as they said they would.
  2. Great vid...is it sad that it had a better cast than the actual movie? And that CC looked good? As for the Baroness, Sienna Miller or Olivia Wilde, either of them score in my book.
  3. ****SPOILERS***** I came into this moving with low expectations and I'd say I came out surprised in some regards and let down in a few others. Things I liked: - Characterizations - Most were spot on, especially the Cobras, a few sucked badly. Hawk was probably the worst as he suffered from bad acting (a big fumble by Quad) and terrible dialogue (a gripe I will get to later). The Baroness/Duke/CC/Ripcord connection was also pretty bad, but it was at least passable. Though how the Baroness turned out in the end sucked. I'd say one of the biggest highlights was CC/Doctor/Rex. Levitt did a great job and I like how they redid his backstory. Though they never explain his quest for domination his motivation of science (even sprinkling in some Dr. Venom) was awesome. Even Marlon Wayans was good. Breaker was also very good. - Plot - Up until the end of the final battle I loved it (CC and Destro getting captured). You can definitely see Larry Hama's touch here. A lot of his elements from the comics made it in, including an update of the brain wave scanner. The overall plot by Destro and MARS was clever and I'd say a notch above most movie villainous plots. The Snake Eyes / Storn Shadow dynamic was awesome, as were their fight scenes. The flashbacks were a little convolouted, especially CC being the Baroness' presumed dead brother who was in the military with Duke who was engaged to the Baroness who ends up with MARS through CC's new brainwave / nanotech but never realizes it is her brother because she thought he died on a mission where Duke called in an airstrike that came early on a bunker CC was checking as a science officer and killed him. Now what CC does in the afforementioned bunker and how he becomes CC is pretty awesome. But the mess before it is my only real gripe with the plot. In all it was very solid, though easily predictable. Things I didn't like: - CGI / Astetics - The CGI was flat out bad in most of the movie. It made some of the action scenes look silly when just a little touching up could have made a good scene. I'd say the only thing that didn't look bad was the actual strike and destruction of the Eifel Tower, which actually looked pretty awesome. The pursuit leading up to it was pretty bad though. Of course the Accerlerator suits were stupid, the didn't really fit the plot (as it was stated over and over again that Joes were the best of the best, so why the hell would they need these suits) and the coreography with them was terrible. It took what could have been an awesome chase through Paris and made it overly silly (as did Scarlett whipping around on a motorcycle and the invulnerable Humvee). And Destro donning his mask for the first time was putrid. The CGI looked really bad and kind of detracted from what could have been a really cool scene. But the biggest fumble was Snake Eyes and his molded mouth. It seriously looked down right stupid. It has to be up there with bat nipples. It was just bad. - Dialogue - This for me was the letdown. I came in expecting some cheesey one liners and I got those, some of which weren't bad. But in total the dialogue was a mess. In some cases the acting didn't help (Hawk) and in some cases it was just bad (Duke). It really detracted from the movie. If the dialogue was just a bit more polished this movie would have been awesome. The plot points it was driving worked but the dialogue really fell flat. In all I enjoyed the movie. The dialogue made it pretty rough going but if you think of this movie more as the cartoon and not the comics or toy backstory it works. The movie comes nowhere near as close to Transformers in regards to suckage, but the dialogue is definitely something I did not expect to be as bad as it was. Fangasm moments: Dr. Mindbender and the USS Flagg.
  4. I ordered on Friday from Smalljoes and they shipped today....desperately awaiting their arrival now.
  5. I am holding out hope for this movie. Part of me doesn't really want it to be all about the cartoon in style and substance, but I can take it if it works. Oh, and plot only gets in the way of drawn out slow motion action sequences that make very little sense @wink@
  6. From the looks of this picture, your memory served you correct. I'll admit it, I'm aroused I remember the days going to Kiddie City and Children's Palace and seeing this above picture. And just think, this pic is from what 1983-84. Now imagine that same image every year until 1990 (Kiddie City went under in 1985, but Children's Palace made it until 1990 and TRU is still going). As for what was bigger? GI Joe easily. Everyone I knew had a cache of Joes and vehicles. Yeah, everyone had some He-Man and Transformers but GI Joe was boss. He-Man was pretty much done by the time Joe hit the big time. Transformers were cool in the beginning but around the time of the movie everything either became really cheap (simple and easy transformations, cheaper plastic) or went overboard with the Gestalts. At that same time Joe was just amazing, some of the coolest figures and vehicles. And let's face it, no one wanted Brawn, Bumblebee, or Cliffjumper. They wanted the bigger, better figures. Plus you have Gobots to consider as well. GI Joe had no major competition in the 3.75 realm once Star Wars died. Transformers had Gobots (a cheaper alternative, somce actually pretty cool). Gobots also had a cartoon for some exposure. In the end I think GI Joe easily ruled the 80's but once the 90's rolled around they were easily swept under rug by newer and nicer things. The 90's were rough for all but Transformers.
  7. Great site with great customer service. Never had a problem.
  8. Every Target I have been to (6 of them) have a massive amount of ROC stuff out. I don't think there is a figure out I haven't seen already (even figures such as Flash that I didn't think would be out this soon). They have a massive section in aisle, I'd say maybe 1/5th of the total space on one side. On top of that there is also a whole end cap just for 3.75 figures and then another one for all the kiddie stuff. Never was there this much product out for the 25th line. Also, they have all been marked at 6.99 for the figures, but when the stuff was hitting the shelves before the official launch they were coming up at 7.99. Weird
  9. So the widely successful 25th line (packaging and figure design) is essentially being killed by a movie that may or may not be successful? Is it just me or is Hasbro putting too much faith into this movie being a cash cow?
  10. I am waiting for the TRU sale as well, and then I will still debate getting them. In all they really don't appeal to me. The sculpts may be nice but the color schemes look putrid. This is also one of my main complaints of the movie as one of my favorite things about Joe is how everyone has their own unique look and specialty. There are some figs I do dig, Desert Camo Duke being one, but most of them just stick out as peg warmer types. Add in the stupid spring loaded weapons (I know it's for a movie but they do realize the 25th figures sold because of collectors?) and the price (paying 8 bucks for a 25th figure that is a new sculpt and not the 80th version of the figure isn't too terrible) and these figures on a whole aren't worth it.
  11. If you are by a Marshall's or TJ Maxx check there, they have the DVD packs for 15. That's where I got the Quick Kick pack, and I also saw the Dusty one there as well...someone else on here said they found Alpine's as well, but I still haven't seen one of those anywhere.
  12. The weird thing about the Target that dropped to 50% off is that it never had them on clearance at 30%. There are a few more like that around me so I am going to hit them up hoping to find more vehicles (all I have found are the Tiger Rat and Python Conquest) and the newer five packs.
  13. One of the Targets near me had everything marked down again, 3.48 for single card, 6.48 for comic packs, and 12.48 for the planes and resolute 5-pack! They also had the movie Combat Heroes, so I think the regular movie figures aren't far behind.
  14. Well seeing as how Target is having a massive clearance at most stores on all things (except Combat Heroes) Joe and Walmart has scaled back their shelf space big time I'd say that both of your questions are more than likely true.
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