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  1. Wow! Thats damn cool, nice work.
  2. CHA77, porn stars are not where it is at. Some are great (Aria Giovanni), but others are just fake titted morons.
  3. "You've seen one Godzilla, you've seen them all." My love for Godzilla comes from a childhood obsession. They aren't great movies but sure bring back great memories. Plus they are kind of entertaining.
  4. Arrow, I'm sure you've made me laugh dozens of times with Ren and Stimpy. I was talking to you awhile ago about it and I'm pretty sure you said that you worked on an episode where they go to a town and are going to be hung but they couldn't hand Stimpy because he had no neck. I can't remember it exactly because it was quite awhile ago when I finally saw it(pretty sure it was never aired on Nick) and I thought it was hilarious. I think that it is really sad where the show has gone. It made me sick watching the new "adult" Ren and Stimpy, I was actually happy when it was canceled. If by adult they mean potty humor that is so extreme that it isn't funny then they achieved their goal. The original Ren and Stimpy had the perfect combination of vulgarity and style to make it a great enjoyable show for everyone.
  5. Wow, that looks really great man. Can we get another shot with better lighting.
  6. I'd hate to pull this out of the ashes, but I just remembered about a picture I made after I saw bowling for columbine. Origional- After a little tweaking-
  7. It is worth seeing once. It gets a little dry at times but over all it is a decent movie.
  8. It was good. I liked the first two better though.
  9. I saw the first ten minutes of it on MTV last night and it looked pretty bad. I'm probobally never going to see it.
  10. I just saw a clip(Real player Required) and you should hear the bullshit coming out of his mouth. @loll@ Damn this is going to be the funniest movie of the summer. @loll@ Clip- http://cgi.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/tv/v...20Cannes%202004
  11. GC is great. They ahve a bunch of great titles coming out and thats on top of the great ones already out there. RE4 and 3d Legend of Zelda is enough to make me stay.
  12. And how is Bush bad? Kerry is 10 times worse than him anyway. If Kerry wins(which he won't) this country is going to hell. I will see Fahrenheit 9-11 because Michael Moore makes good fiction movies. I read a quote about his somewhere, I can't remember where, I will try to find it. It said something along the lines of Moore bending the truth to conveniently fit his agenda. Just seeing this prick makes me angry... That fat slob is too cheap to even buy more web space.
  13. I've been a fan of Godzilla my whole life. I remember I would stay up all night watching the 3(I think it was 3) day Godzilla marathon. I think I still have the tapes with like 3 Godzilla movies on them. I wouldn't mind seeing his life come to an end. He had a good run. I only hope that this one gets a state side release. I remember I went to go see Godzilla 2000 and my brother and I were the only ones in the theater. Edit: Hell yea! I can't wait for this. You know that all of his enemies will die before he will. I wonder if he will die by the hands of humans... Just becuase he dies doesn't mean that he is gone forever... Edit 2: @hmmm@ http://www.godzilla.co.jp/ - Check it out! Cool site... in all Jap though. There is a very badass picture of Godzilla standing in the middle of a crater(that he most likely made)
  14. @loll@ AHHHHHH HAHHAHAHAAHAH HHAAHAHAHA HAHAHAH @loll@ It did, really. I really truly enjoyed the movie, it did make you think, or at least open your eyes to the whole gun situation. As much as I have heard some of his facts are mixed up, the columbine stuff was pretty heavy. The video and the interviews behind that were just really powerful. Bowling for Columbine was well made, thats all I'll give that slobbish disgrace of a man Michael Moore. Lets face it, the movie was 95% bullshit. Blame all of the problems on the govenment. Yes the American government has problems, but is the right to bare arms one of them? I don't think so. When someone gets shot its so much easier to blame the govenment than blame the people that did the killing. America's problems with shootings is life styles, broken families, drugs, ect. The terrible American media also plays a part in it.
  16. www.gamemilitia.com You sign up at this site and receive free demos and game stuff by mail! If you sign up could you please use this link?- http://www.gamemilitia.com/signup.php?refID=2926 Get me a few referral points.
  17. Punisher1187


    Same here @grumpy@
  18. I'll probobally just hang out around here... post once in awhile. Ive been checking out the movie club all along. venal I barely recognized you because of your new sig/avatar. I'd watch the whole Punisher movie because it kicked ass @firedevil@ My friend was actually asked this and he said he would have walked out half way through lol. Split into two parts(for no reason other than greed, too long is a bunch of crap) So I see it as kill Bill volume 1(first movie) and Kill bill volume 2(second movie). Thats like saying the Matrix is good if you look at all of them as one movie.. The first one would make the next two good? Nope.
  19. I can't wait for this movie, its a great battle that people have thought about (and played through in video games) but now its coming to the big screen! There is a feeling in the pit of my stomach that this movie is going to blow. I'm pretty sure the director who did Resident Evil is going to do this one... RE sucked so much... I was also waiting for that for a long time, actually about 3 years. Followed news and rumors and I even heard that John Romero was directing it... but he turned it down. After years of waiting the outcome was the worst zombie movie I have ever seen(forget that Return of the Night of the Living dead 3 was made) I have a feeling that this movie is going to look cheap. It will never be able to stand up to the quality of the original Predator and Aliens movies. Even the story sucks: *Previews guy voice*[black screen comes up fading in the words as the announcer says them] "Five teenage Predators sent down to earth..... Their battle begins atop pyramids that were build for this specific ritual that takes place every 500 years. Follow them their journey through hordes of blood thirsty Aliens on their quest for manhood. Aliens Vs. Predator." [something jumps out at an attempt to scare you but its an old Aliens toy on a stick] -I made that up but that is roughly the story, I saw a video with the director talking aboutit. This is going to be a disappointment.
  20. I heard this movie wasn't that great...... And thats coming from a huge terintino fan.... It doesn't look as good as the first also...... I don't know if I'm going to even see it.
  21. I am looking forward to the Special Forces WW2 by Plan-B.
  22. This movie looks insane. I was reading about it and some of the stuff that happens is awsome, gory and funny. I just bought it on ebay, I can't wait to get it.
  23. The worst movie(s) ever in my opinion are both the second and third matrix. These movies sucked. In fact I havent seen the third one, but I know people who have and they said it sucked, and they liked the second, so it must be bad. I have to disagree with alot of you. I loved Cable Guy and Silverbolt, saving private ryan was a great movie. The guys mother already had to deal with the deaths of he two other children, dealing with the last would be terrible. It also shows the courage of our men during WW2.
  24. eccentrik, since you know everything, do you know when punisher is going max? Or if its official that he is going max.
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