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  1. Well, looking at the figures we already know are done... Northstar and Aurora(with red/white variants) FA Storm and Gambit *OR* FA Storm and Magneto *OR* Gambit and Magneto *OR* Gambit and blue/yellow Banshee Gambit and Jim Lee Rogue(repainted XMC Rogue) Silver Samurai and Samurai Logan(like the Superhero Showdown figure) Lilandra and Professor X(with Hover chair) Now, some that haven't been done yet: Female Shield agent and AIM Soldier Wolverine(ML6 mold in tiger stripes) and Hellfire Club soldier Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey Modern Luke Cage and Modern Iron Fist(should complete the New Avengers roster) Modern Ares and Modern(or retro, "Jacket version") Wonder Man(completes Mighty Avengers roster) Reed and Ben(classic colors) Sue and Johnny(classic colors w/ transparant variants) Deadpool and Cable(Xmen colors variants) Winter Soldier and Crossbones New Cap and Red Skull(suit or green jumpsuit) Modern Warpath and Wolverine(use ML12 sculpt) w/ new Xforce variants Ok, that's all I can come up with. With doing these, Hasbro would only have to have a few actual ML waves a year, and then they could probably be retailer exclusives. I still can't believe how fast the ML fire went from almost extinct to shining brightly. Hasbro, you rock.
  2. DVD

    Iron Man Release

    Picked up Prototype Removable Armor and Silver Centurion at Target. Both are amazing. Can't wait to get War Machine, Titanium Man, Iron Monger(w/ cockpit), and probably a reg. Mark 3.
  3. DVD

    Worst ML of 2007

    As much as I don't care for the Emma figure, I do have a use for it(Astonishing lineup). Ditto with the 2pk Marvel Girl(goes pretty good with ML10 Cyke). SM3 Mary Jane however, is utterly useless. I'm not regretting picking her up, but I sure could have gone w/o her.
  4. XMC Tiger Stripe Wolvy was slightly under articulated and had that spring loaded waist. Other than that he was awesome. But again, I'll bet my year's salary that Hasbro doesn't put out an ML line w/o Wolverine in it. A Banshee w/ interchangable heads would be awesome. In that '08 listing from Hasbro, the ML 2pks mentioned having removable heads and hands, among other features. As I said, a Blue/Yellow Banshee and Forge 2pk would be beyond awesome, esp with added accessories.
  5. I don't mind a Wolvy here and there, but I don't want him in every wave. However, when it's a freakin Xmen line(like Spidey 3 and F4), you pretty much *have* to have a Wolvy figure in there. I think that's why some of us have him on our lists; we know Hasbro won't do an Xmen wave without him.
  6. This wave would be an excellent place to toss in that Magneto that was up on ToyFare's website. I wonder if they'll still do the 8 figure wave, though? Wave 4 doesn't have 8 figures, yet it has a BAF. Maybe this will start to matter on the size of the BAF as well, kinda like how the articulation is different figure to figure? I'd do this with the wave: Cyclops(Jim Lee) Jean Grey(Jim Lee) Rogue(Jim Lee-repaint XMC Rogue) Jubilee(can use X-23 as a base, probably) Gambit(the new one from the TF poll) Wolverine(ML6 redecoed into tigerstriped costume) Magneto(again from the TF poll) Prof X in fatigues w/ *wheelchair* Here's the cool part. Instead of a BAF, how about a BAH? Build A Hoverchair. For it to be big enough, I think it'd have to come as parts and not on a single card. Then you can remove Prof X whenever you want, or you customizers could use that base body for something cool. I would have loved to throw Forge in there somewhere, but I'm gonna save that for a hopefully upcoming Walmart 2pack of Forge and Blue/Yellow Banshee redeco.
  7. I'm gonna have to go with HML3 Astonishing Cyclops. From issue #1 on, I've wanted this costume in figure form. I still can't believe that we got it this quickly. As a figure, he's got it all. Cyke's got every joint(except fingers) that any TB ML had, and the overall sturdiness of the figure is way better. A close runner up is Rachel, for many of the same reasons. Also, she's the first female ML where I felt that the reduced articulation worked just fine. SheHulk on the other hand, needed double elbows and fists, but that's neither here nor there. Here's to Hasbro looking not only into Marvel's past, but also their current and future. If it were still Toy Biz(and mind you, I'm not trying to start a debate), I don't think we would have gotten "current" figures(Ast. Cyke, Rachel, Danger, Ast. Beast, Movie Beast/Juggernaut/Colossus/Phoenix). I love that Hasbro is mixing it up, and hope to see it further mixed up in the future. I'd really like to see a better done version of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.
  8. How about the Mark 1 armor in gold? It'd be like a tribute to the 616 original armor.
  9. I would buy each and every one of those.
  10. Strong Guy, The Watcher, Thanos, Nimrod, Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, Drax the Destroyer, Box, Odin, Ulik the Troll, Dragon Man, Mr. Hyde, AOA Apocolypse, Man-Spider...all would be a great choice for a Hasbro BAF. Larger BAF's like Goliath, Atlas, Stature, or Foom would have to be in an exclusive wave like Giant Man. That series took 10 figures (including a variant), so I'm guessing that either Walmart(or maybe it's Target's turn?) would have to bite. I think the GM wave was popular enough to warrant another try. If they really wanted to make some money(and this is Hasbro we're talking about, so yeah) they'd just mold another head for Giant Man and repaint him. Bam, Goliath. Or make the evil version from the Masters of Evil. Either way, it'd be a cool idea.
  11. Anyone here own the Lego Batman UCS Batmobile? If so, is it Minimate compatible since the cockpit is larger? I saw it on sale at my TRU for $50 and almost bought it, but didn't. It'd make a sweet ride for MM Batman(either the new DC version or the older C3 figures).
  12. Some really good lists/picks here. Here's mine: Wave 4: Thundercracker Cosmos Arcee Prowl Voyager: Shockwave(really don't care if they repaint/remold E. Shockblast) Wave 5: Blitzwing Slag Ironhide Sideswipe Voyager: I guess Soundwave, but they've already said no Classics Soundwave, so bleh Wave 6: Thrust Kup Smokescreen Swoop Voyager: Galvatron Wave 7: Dirge Jazz Snarl Springer Voyager: Proper Ultra Magnus Wave 8: Bombshell Ratchet Sunstreaker Trailbreaker Voyager: Blaster Wave 9: Blue/Silverstreak Kickback Powerglide Sludge Wave 10: Shrapnel Brawn Hound Wheeljack And I'm spent. Sure, you could make every G1 '84-'86 character, but I think these cover just aboutl everything. You could also repaint E. Superion and make a gift pack to match Devastator. Ditto with Bruticus. If Soundwave or Blaster get made(my bets on Blaster) then like someone mentioned, you could do 2 packs of the tapes, just like the old days. They're throwing away a fortune if they ditch this line after Cliffjumper and Ramjet.
  13. We'll see how the 2.5" stuff goes, but so far it looks like they're off to a good start. Lots of vehicles and the figures are like crosses between the 3 3/4" stuff and the small SW Unleashed. Which is funny, because with S6 Hasbro seems to be trying to bridge markets. For instance, the reg. Sigma Six figures are 8". They're not 12" figures(which never sold) but they're not the base 6" figures like most companies offer. It's something *different* and I think that's why it's working. I, for one, love that they're 8" instead of 6". Yeah, it'd be kinda neat to have a Snake Eyes that could face off with Wolverine, however, if everything was in scale at the 6" mark, it'd be kinda boring. Ok, end of rant. New Kamakura and Spirit rock. I wonder what they'll do differently? Also, when is Sigma Strike due out? I thought it was the same time as Parachute Duke? He looks amazing. Also, is the Quad coming with a Duke figure now? I thought it was said that it was just going to be sold like the Ninja Cycles?
  14. DVD

    Wave 4 out?

    Apparently, as someone has picked up the Lady Jaye comic pack. Here's a link. http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=100507&page=2
  15. The cave is already out. Picked it up at TRU this past weekend. Haven't put it together yet, but it looks awesome. Also, this Arkham set looks amazing. It pretty much finishes up the minifigs we saw in ToyFare, so hopefully we see some new ones later this year.
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