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  1. The prototypes were shown with every intention of releasing them like that if people had been happy with them. Why would Shocker intentionally waste money making a crappy first tooling, if they planned to make a better one later on? They obviously saw that people had given them valid criticisms which they then implemented in order to improve the figure. Explain to me then how people "attacking" Shocker by finding fault in an early prototype has "hurt" the company? They never tried to sell Chick Tracy to anyone, the figure they're actually selling is better thanks to feedback. It's actually helped them to make something that now more people will buy. Listening to someone like yourself WWH is worthless for Shocker. If they listened to you, you'd tell them the figure was fine, and they'd have released it the way it was. By listening to things that myself and other have said looked bad, Shocker will now sell more products. Maybe not to me yet, because I'm still not happy, but certainly to others who are happy with the figure now, but hated that first prototype. If my goal in life was to "destroy" Shocker, I'd have kept silent and let them mass produce that hunk of crap and send themselves bankrupt. People didn't jump the gun to rip on a Shocker product. If people hadn't given any feedback, they'd have released the prototype they'd already spent money making. Geoff can't be stupid enough to spend money making an intentionally crappy prototype, then completely redoing it to make a better one. Give the man some credit. He made the better one because people told him how to make it better. If he didn't get so defensive, and was actually open to all criticism put to him, he could have improved it even more.
  2. Care to elaborate on all of these wonderful changes? Seriously, it is the same sculpt. If Shocker had any common sense, they would pay attention to the feedback from people who won't buy the figures unless they're better. What's the point in listening to feedback from people who will buy the figure regardless? The goal should be to improve the figures so more people want to buy them. I cannot fathom how the Shocker braintrust have decided that arguing with SWH = money. I agree that I do a lot for Shocker too. All my posts have probably brought far more attention to this company than they'd otherwise have received. Thanks for acknowledging that. Anyway, I've done a quick photoshop to illustrate what a big difference my proposed improvements could have made to this figure. Of course it still needs better sculpted hands and a few other parts. But just by making the neck thicker, raising up the collar more, as well as thicker arms and legs (and making them straighter and less lumpy looking), the figure is well on it's way to looking more like Dick Tracy should.
  3. I'm not only being negative WWH. I've complimented the fact that they listened to feedback and don't have a gun sculpted into both hands. It was a good move to make. I don't see why a month ago Geoff couldn't have replied to me by simply saying "good idea SWH, we're going to do that now that you helped bring it to our attention", instead of trying to justify it with stupid excuses, only to change it anyway. However beyond that single improvement they have not changed anything else, and the faults with the sculpt still exist. This figure would be much improved if it had a decent sized neck in proportion to the head, just like Dick Tracy is always drawn. Figures like ML4 Punisher have captured the look, so it's easy to do. The arms and legs are too scrawny, and there's no reason they couldn't have been sculpted to look less scrawny. You can't tell me the figure would not look better if it matched the artwork more. I still don't understand how you think the hands and face have been improved if the sculpt has not been altered. How do you improve something without changing it? Really, perhaps it's time to let go of your personal vendetta against me. Does every post I make about Shocker need to get a reply from YOU, attacking me personally? It does not effect you personally if somebody doesn't like something Shocker has made, so stop obsessing over it.
  4. Funny how much Geoff changes his tune. Just over a month ago he was saying this about removable accessories... Now he's sending out this official photo... What a stupid photo, now he looks just like Scarface, the way he's all holding it with one hand and shooting it into the air. I was wrong Geoff, you should have just left it sculpted into both hands. Now people might accidentally pose it to look like Scarface instead of Dick Tracy. How utterly terrible. Is it too late to get the figure adjusted back to the way it was? I take full responsibility for this horrible mistake. I suggested it, and I was clearly wrong. Maybe Geoff could give me credit on the packaging? That way he doesn't have to take the blame for the awful idea of removable accessories. (DISCLAIMER- hidden within this post was some sarcasm. Please note that quoting this post and treating it seriously will result in you looking like an idiot) What are you talking about? The hands and face are exactly the same sculpt still, they haven't been changed one bit.
  5. It doesn't look any different at all. What have they improved exactly? I see they took on board my suggestion about not having the accessory sculpted to both hands. But other than that it's still the same sculpt as before, with all the same flaws it had months ago still not fixed.
  6. i'm not going to give you a list like the other poster did i'm just going to tell you outright how i feel as a dick tracy fan, and was looking forward to him.. the early pics i remember seeing of the sculpt didn't look anywhere near as bad as the pics i'm seeing now. the fact his head doesn't look like dick tracy is reason number one i can't go with this figure.. reason two being the joints and general look of the figure reminds me of bootleg dollar store toys.. i generally don't get this upset with figures but looks like the mez-itz are going to be the definitive figures of the tracy characters.. at least they looked like the comics. Shockertoysllp, i don't mean to completely knock on the stuff shocker toys comes out with, but this figure in picture form is horrible. both of em. and sadly i was really hoping this would've turned out great.. on a side note i honestly didn't know series one ever came out. i had the maxx pre-ordered through my local comic shop (which deals through diamond) and i was told these things still haven't showed up. We cannot please everyone but we are trying to better ourselves and our lines as we go forward. We are making a toy line in a different style then others and doing alot of new and different approaches . As far as Mezco if you love their deformed figure style that is your own right and we set out to try something different and uinque. Also we are sorry some of you feel you can't order from a yahoo connected paypal but after being hacked twice it was a way to keep the company account safe. Also if your local shop ordered anything from Diamond they will not see it from us as we did not supply Diamond with any of Indie Spotlight. So they should have notified your LCS who should have notified you as a customer. We notified all stores who were carrying Indie Spotlight and other who were not that Diamond would no longer be supplying our products. If you can't order direct from us (which only helps the company and further the line) you can order from our new distributor through your LCS it is Haven Distributors. Bottom line love us or hate us we are not going anywhere and we are going to keep trying new and different things with unique characters that no one else will touch despite the crys from fans. But again the more feedback the better and SWH IS1 changed for the better by us listening to everyone including toy collectors like you who have a very, very high standard. We will get there, it will just take a bit of time to do so now that we are on track and moving forward. Seriously, stop with this constant nonsense, talking up everything you do as if you're so revolutionary. It's not fooling anyone, and it has the reverse effect of what you're trying to achieve. You're not fooling anyone by saying that you're making figures in a different style to others and doing a lot of new and different approaches. You're doing exactly what Toy Biz, Mattel, Hasbro, SOTA, NECA and countless other toy companies have done. There's no shame in that, because it's what people like. But don't treat people like idiots by telling us you're doing something different and unique. Exactly how is this Dick Tracy unique? People have made Dick Tracy figures before, they've made black and white figures before, they've made super poseable figures before, and they've even done that comic-line paint ap before. Don't treat me like an idiot by telling me you're being different and unique. There's some free advice for you; stop treating the majority of collectors like they're idiots who will believe everything you say. Secondly, don't tell me IS1 was made better by listening to feedback. You flat out ignored plenty of things people told you did not look right. For whatever reason you chose to only selectively listen to criticism, usually because you get all defensive unless the person telling you sugarcoats it. Otherwise you come up with any sort of stupid justification as to why you're not going to change it. Like when I pointed out last year that the mini-Maxx has 2 elbows on his arms, and you said that it was okay because Sam Keith drew him in lots of different ways. That's just pathetic; why not change the figure so it doesn't look stupid instead of ignoring a valid complaint. Maybe then you wouldn't still be trying to give away last years SDCC exclusive a year later. Yes, over the 3 or so years the line was in development you changed things on the figures. However plenty of things were still left unchanged despite many people pointing it out along the way. And there were things that were missed that simply should not have been, whether fans point it out or not. I'm no fan of Kabuki, but I understand you left out her face scars (despite going to the effort of making a removable mask, you missed the entire point of even having it removable) and her missing finger. So don't carry on about how you listen to the fans, and listen to feedback. If you're just going to make the figures how you want to anyway, fine. I don't expect any other toy company to listen to every bit of feedback I might have either. But I would be just as ticked off if I kept seeing Hasbro, Mattel or NECA posting threads constantly asking for feedback and ignoring it, and then patting themselves on the back for listening to the fans so much. It's real old.
  7. You just found a way to dismiss every single problem I found with the figure. And that is why your figures end up disappointing a lot of people, because despite what you may say you DO NOT listen to any criticisms people make. Yes, some people may be happy with your figures as they are, but those people are obviously very easily pleased. If you took the time to listen, and make things BETTER, those people who like them now would still like them, but so would more people. Why have non-removable accessories? So they don't fall out of the hands? That's the stupidest way of dismissing a valid criticism I've ever seen. I have hundreds of figures, and I've never had accessories just fall out of their hands. The way to avoid this is... SCULPT THEM SO THE DON'T FALL OUT OF THEIR HANDS! Why should I have to point out something so bloody obvious to a toy company? Then, if someone wants to glue their accessories into the hands they can. But then I an choose how to have them hold their accessories, give the weapons to other characters, etc. This Dick Tracy resembles the character, I'm not denying that. The problem with the appearance is not as major as giving him the wrong outfit or something. But much like the Maxx, the problem is in all the details not being just right. Sure, you might have based the sculpt on a real suit, but show me that picture, and I will show you how in comparison, this figure does not match that suit's shape. But, whatever... choose to ignore me and everyone else who criticizes your toys. Continue to latch onto that handful of good comments people might make, and finding reasons to dismiss every criticism made. At the end of the day, you're the one who's toys will remain substandard because of it, and you're the one who's missing out on thousands of potential customers by not making your products better.
  8. Shocker Toys is asking what is wrong with them? Same stuff people have told you was wrong with them since you started showing the original prototype over a year ago. - The guns are sculpted into the hands. Why not have removable accessories? - Worse still, he has TWO HANDS sculpted to hold an accessory, severely limiting poses. - The interchangeable hands are in THE SAME POSE as the ones holding the weapons, meaning there is absolutely no advantage to having interchangeable hands instead of just removable accessories. - The face doesn't look like the artwork. Not at all. - His neck is too skinny. - The arms stick out too far from the body at the shoulders. Nothing to do with how they're attached, the torso is sculpted so that the shoulder joint is located out too far from the body. - The coat is too thick, and doesn't sit properly on the shoulders - The shape of the suit torso still isn't right. - His feet are sticking out on stupid angles. - His feet are too long, it looks like he's wearing clown shoes. - That big ugly visible gap between the end of the left hand sculpt and where it goes into the sleeve on the coat version. - Absolutely pitiful hand sculpting on the right hand holding the tommy gun. - Huge gap down the left side of the suited figure where the suit piece meets. Also the front and back of the collar doesn't even match up. - Suit legs should go straight down on the sides. The double joint at the knee gives the legs a stupid looking shape, and the legs weren't sculpted to look like proper suit pants. - His arms and legs are too skinny. - The lines on the tie are crooked. - His hair style doesn't look like the comic art at all. - You've tried to give it a stylized paint job, but the figure is not sculpted in a stylized fashion. You're straddling two different styles, and by failing to commit to one, you've failed to achieve either. - This is just a repaint of a regular figure from series 2. No new tooling involved at all. But you're charging more than double the price of the regular one, for a cheap repaint. - Lastly, you're completely overcharging by expecting people to pay $40 for a figure no different from what you would normally charge $15 for. And what sort of ass-backwards reasoning is it to have the more in-demand and iconic version of the figure harder to obtain? What kind of a milestone is a 6th Comic Con? How does that explain such a dumb decision? But justify it all you want, you're the ones who would be screwing yourselves out of more potential sales by doing it that way.
  9. Then Ditko, you know what you can do if you're sick of reading the arguments? Stop clicking on this thread and reading them. Yep. That simple. How many people here have claimed they want to "end" Shocker toys? Why should a whole thread, with arguments on both sides be locked, because of what maybe one person has said? Again, don't group EVERYONE into a single group and try to say that we're all sharing the same motives and opinions. We're not all the same. Respond to what an individual has said, not making up broad assumptions about the motives of anyone who doesn't like Shocker. What do you even think the issue is here? What would I go to a lawyer for? Because Geoff made a Shaddowhawk with a crooked mask and lopsided eyes? But because I can't sue him for that, I shouldn't be entitled to a complaint about their poor product? What, we don't have complaints about every other toy line on this board too? Seriously. Stop reading this thread if you hate it so much.
  10. Doom Saber, Domu never "attacked" you over the use of the term "you guys". It was already explained to you that you totally misinterpreted what he said, and at the time you even agreed. So why are you now going back to feeling sorry for yourself as if you're a victim. Nobody ever accused you of being Geoff Beckett, or a sockpuppet. After it was clarified, you agreed you had never been accused of being Geoff or a sockpuppet, and that you had misread what was said. You said: Domu was addressing an statement you made, and was addressing some underlying assumptions you had made. What Domu was saying is that you had assimilated assumptions into what you were saying, which Geoff himself often uses in formulating his arguments. Geoff implies that there is some sort of organized conspiracy against him, where the likes of myself, Domu, Alvatron and others all must share the same opinion and mission. We do not, we are all individuals, and a statement from one of us does not reflect upon others who may share some other similar opinions. If you feel one person has gone too far, then state exactly what that one person has done, and address that person in particular. Don't make broad generalizations that anyone who has the opinion that Geoff Becket is a liar, must be "taking it too far" by simply sharing that opinion. Also don't make vague, unsubstantiated accusations about peoples conduct or behaviour, because that is also another Geoff Becket tactic you appear to have fallen for; "they tell lies", "they make stuff up", "they go too far", "they take it personally". By combining everyone who dislikes Geoff into one single minded "group", people like yourself, WWH and Geoff himself can then ignore the individual points people have made and speak in broad, sweeping general terms. It makes it easier to try discredit any argument against Geoff by lumping it all as part of a "smear campaign" or a large "vendetta" against him. If you feel I've told lies, gone too far or anything else, feel free to question anything in particular I may have said. As seen, I gladly produced evidence to back up what I said when WWH questioned my honesty. I'm only more than happy to do that if anyone doubts anything I might have said. If anyone here feels that they've heard all of this before, can I ask why you're still reading threads like this? Geoff's own forum would be a great place to talk about the toys without negative comments or people highlighting his shady conduct, if that is what you want. If this thread and the posts I or anyone else make upset you, then don't read them. Real simple.
  11. Not true at all Arrow. The fact Shocker finally had to fulfill their obligations by releasing Indie Spotlight figures after 3 years was brought about by the fact numerous people have drawn attention to their scummy pre-order practice. Shocker took people's money for these figures like they did with Gwar many years ago. However this time Geoff knew that he would be in big trouble if he missed another deadline. People are holding him accountable for what he's doing now. We're not going on and on about the same thing that happened years ago. Geoff stole pre-order money with Gwar. Then he tried the same scam with Indie Spotlight. But we made sure it didn't happen again. Soon he'll be trying again with Series 2. The fact the figures are absolute rubbish was Geoff's choice. He could have made something decent, and actually sold more than just the sight-unseen pre-orders. But he chose to make rubbish. But since he's made crap, I'll hold him accountable for that too and make sure everyone knows not to waste their money on this half-assed junk. If Geoff wants it all to stop, the ball is in his court. Don't lie. Don't steal. Don't insult people with rubbish products. How hard is that?
  12. Domu and I both lie? And people jump on board our bandwagon because we lie? You know what happens when you tell lies, people show proof that you told lies and you look like an idiot. Then you lose your credibility. Kind of like how Geoff posted a message denying that any threads with criticism of the figures were being hidden, because "everyone" liked them. Then I showed the proof that such threads DID exist, and were being HIDDEN. See what Geoff did there? He lied. Now he once again looks like an idiot. And you know how you also denied any such threads existing, and then there you were, first reply on the hidden thread. You lied. And you looked like an idiot. You know how I said that Shaddowhawk head has crooked eyes and isn't symmetrical? That's a fact. I showed proof to back that up. You said you had proof that your figure didn't look like that. I ask you to show it several time now, and you ignore me. Then you run off and won't respond any more. Because you lied, and you'll once again look like an idiot. Running away is what you do when you're losing. And so far, you and Geoff are the ones who're being PROVEN to be liars, WWH. Now, how about you explain exactly what we've made up? Hmm? Because I think we've proven everything we've said so far. 1) The figures have cheap plastic with visible swirls in them. The paint is fuzzy and messy in many places. PROVEN 2) The legs have broken off several Scud's and Geoff acknowledged it is an issue requiring alteration in future figures. PROVEN 3) Geoff has been hiding threads with criticism of the products. PROVEN 4) Shaddowhawks head is not symmetrical and his eyes are crooked. PROVEN And your only defense for all that is to say that you don't mind sloppy paint or breaking figures, because apparently you have low standards yourself and break all your toys anyway, and just glue them all together, so everyone else should accept defective products too. Oh, and you lied about the criticism being hidden (yup, after denying it, you were actually the first to reply in the hidden thread... and tell the guy to glue his figures back together, so it was certainly you alright) and you lie about this Shaddowhawk of yours that apparently has an entirely different sculpt to the one being sent out to be reviewed. Thanks WorldWarHulk for once again proving the likes of Domu and myself right. Couldn't have done it without you. Say hi to Geoff for me.
  13. So you're gonna go back and hide on the Shocker site, where you know anyone who speaks out of turn will be banned instantly. How very bold of you. What's wrong with continuing the discussion here? I take it we're not going to be seeing a nice clear picture of your Shaddowhawk, and how he's supposedly symmetrical? Go on! Show us all please, otherwise we'll all just have to assume I am right, and they're all that craptacular.
  14. I just have to quote this for it's pure stupidity. So, now you're not even going to acknowledge that ANY figures have broken? It was all a trick by me? I photoshopped a broken figure. Wow, a way to absolve Shocker of any responsibility AND blame me for it, all at once. Good work. No, it's being HIDDEN from the public. You shouldn't have to sign up to join Shockers crappy forum and give that cyber stalker access to your personal info. If you're a member it doesn't matter where it's posted, but to the general public it does. He is hiding it. And in it's place he posts a message about how "because everyone likes them" people seem to think they're "hiding comments", and he claims they are NOT doing that. Well, that is a flat out lie.
  15. Okay, you take a picture of the face on your Shaddowhawk straight on, just like the one in the review, and lets see how it stacks up. C'mon... How does ONE figure get the entire shape of the head and the placement of the eyes messed up? That's not a one off, that's how it was sculpted. Here's another review. Unfortunately no pics of the head straight from the front, to compare the eyes, but you can see the right side of the mask still curves in while the left does not. But I challenge YOU to take a picture of the figure you have that you claim does not have these issues. Put up or shut up. I've shown my evidence. And we're not talking about other companies here. The fact other toys might break sometimes is NOT a defense. I've yet to hear of any consistent QC issues with any DCUC figures, only one off issues of stuck joints here and there. Scud's legs snap off at the hips. Name one large scale breakage problem on a particular part of one DCUC figure. Geoff has said that he has "fixed" the problem for the "second shipment". So he has acknowledged that this was not a one off. This is a widespread issue with the design of the figure. Otherwise, if it was a one off occurrence, what would he need to "fix"? So if he has acknowledged there is a problem with the design, and likely breakage issues, why not be responsible and recall the figures? As for "moving" the thread, he's put it out of public view in a locked forum. As far as the general public is concerned, it's not viewable any more. What could be the purpose of that? To perhaps give a skewed impression that "everyone" loves these and there are no serious problems being raised...? Oh, yes, that's exactly the reason.
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