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  1. Hey guys. Well I just stopped by to see what was goin on. The bulk of their letter was about the use of copyrighted names. They mentioned the swamp skier but only because in the Ebay add I used Zartan's name to decribe it. The swamp skier was just something that was gonna be Ebay only. I had never intended to offer that on the site at all. I mean with all of the Zartan variants floating around out there I would have been tied up with swamp skiers from now till the second coming. What they have ordered us to do is to quit making 'GI JOE' reproduction parts. This sort of gives the false impression that we had Hasbros approval to make this stuff when we really didn't and that was teh second point of their c&d. But who knew that calling something a 'Zartan head' would cause all of this. So we're not really gone, we just gotta change direction with what we are doing. I really had some cool stuff lined up too. One of the things that I had been working on was accessories for 6" customizers like Viper helmets and Alley Viper gear. But we'll see what happens. Maybe we can get something worked out with em. Don't be too critical of em though, cause they are just doing what's right by protecting their properties. One more thing, I will be completeing everyone's orders as well. That's only the right thing to do. Take care guys and drop us a line.
  2. Die, if it's something that I have in stock I usually go ahead and bag it up then or if it is a small order that I can make while I'm working on the other bigger orders then I go ahead and do that too. Thanks for the kind words Serpentor. I don't hear too much of that very often. It does help a lot when I do see a little bit of support. I promise you guys that when I get through this flood these long delays won't happen again. On our first night we took in over 100 orders and yeah there are still folks waiting for their stuff. But for the most part people are willing to wait and I really appreciate that. We've got some really cool stuff coming up soon that will include some HALO gear. If you guys don't subscribe to our news letter then please do. I give a general update as to what's going on with orders and what's getting ready to be released. Not to mention it lets people know that I'm still working on their stuff and not hanging 10 off the coast of some Mexican beach with their money. Oh and AVAC, I added 2 more clear swamp skiers to Ebay. Thanks guys.
  3. Thanks Pharm, i really appreciate that. Your comparison is also a good one. I've never done it before but I can sure give it a try. #US1#
  4. We used to have a time frame on orders but that just didnt work out. There are too many problems that come up to try to put an exact time frame on things. Moisture, molds going bad, air bubbles, and not to mention people ordering 40 of this and 40 of that. It takes a toll on things after a while. Stuff wears out and then I have to take time to make new molds which takes a very long time. This is why I don't commit to specific shipping times and I don't give estimates. That kind of stuff gets me in trouble due to tha fact that you never know what is going to happen. Everyone needs to keep this in mind as well, we opened our doors after being shut down for 9 months. There has been a flood of orders come in, over 200. I'm not closing the site down because I don't want this too happen again. Once I get through this mountain then things will be shipped in a more timely manner because people wont have waited in anticipation for nearly a year.
  5. Ok, I'm a little sick of this crap. Hey Firefly do me a big favor and never oder from me again. People like you are too ignorant as to how this whole thing works. I'm fed up with being nice to immature impatient spoiled brats like you. Here is something that I want to educate you with and everyone else who's going over the deepend on how long this stuff takes. First it's our shipping policy, everyone that places an order gets this so there should be no excuse for being ignorant to this: ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED AS Q! ! UICKLY AS POSSIBLE ONCE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. As q! uickly as possible is hereby defined as being as long as it takes to complete the order. Production time is influenced by the size of the order (larger orders take longer to do), number of orders from other customers, how cooperative the molding process is being today, and last but not least, lets not forget the current phase of the moon in relation to the subatomic particles of space. Unfortunately sending us e-mails asking when your order will be completed does not speed up the process. Please refrain from doing so. We appreciate your patience and your continued business Now what part of this don't you understand mr. architect?????? You have no clue as to how this whole thing works nor the damn problems that I incure on a daily basis. My biggest problem as of late has been moisture getting into my plastics before they cure. But hey I'm sure you know all about that don't you. Oh wait you don't!!!!!! I'd like to see how you would handle 200 requests for drawings and eceryone expecting to have them with in a couple of weeks not to mention the fact that you are the only one doing the drawing. People like you act like you are the only ones that have a friggin order placed with me, Well smart guy you are not. Sbarret has placed an order twice the size of yours and hasn't gotten it yet (it's actually near comlpetion Shan, I'm having a ton of trouble with the Viper waists). But you don't hear him whining about it. I don't rely on your money for my lively hood. I do this as a hobby. I'm not gonna stock 100,000 parts either. I'm not going to go into detail as to why I don't run things the way you want me too because it's plane to me that you don't understand what you read. And I'm not going to sit on here twice a week and give people an update on their stuuf. I have over 5,000 parst to make and doing something like that would be a really big waist of time. You get 2 emails, one that tells you we got your payment and another that tells you it has been shipped. What more do you want? Well it really doesn't matter what you more you want because I'm not doing it any other way, I don't have the damn time to do it!!!!!!!!! After trying to stomach your ignorant bilge you'll be lucky to get your stuff with in the next 6 months!!!! I'm really sick of this type of attitude and I've had enough. I'm a nice guy and easy to deal with as most of you know. I'm just fed up with this garbage. I mean I spent a week in the hospital, straight, we come home and then I get on here and see stupidity like this. People now a days are so spoiled and lack any kind of common sense or other wise. They tend to open their mouths a lot about stuff that they don't bother to sit and think about. I'm sorry if this has offended some of you guys that are patient with me, I really am, but I can only take so much of this crap. I'm doing my best and if that's not good enough for some of you then too F'n bad. And one more thing there Firefly, yeah you guys are my customers, that's exactly why it takes a while to get things filled. I don't send out garbage. But hey gimme your order number and I'll send you the biggest bag of junk that if it makes you feel better to just get something.
  6. My guess is if he is Korean instead of Japanese I'm betting he's a Sinanju master. But it's just a guess.
  7. Hey I never said not to post anything. Things'll be up soon and I'm hoping that production wont be as slow as it has been. I'm stocking up and I've also been building my mold library. The AV kits are kickin! They work great for upgrading any IGs into custom AVs. The backpack fits them perfectly and the helmet is really designed for that particular head because it's so small but others will fit it. I've got a lot of killer stuff that's just waitin to be put up. Before the site is open again we'll be posting it in the news section of the main site and on the forum.
  8. Well I find this a fun topic no matter what bilge spills out from others mouths. My vote is he's not a ninja. Why, cause he gave Stormy nunchukus. I mean they made those for the Bruce Lee movies, or at least that's what good ol' R. Lee Irmy said on his show Mailcall. I think a lot of the glamour that Larry wrote into the Ninja side of the comics stemmed from the Ninja hype that ran wreckless in the '80s. In some ways Ninjas were sort of super human depending on how you look at it. They were very smart and crafty when it came to fullfilling their agendas. Due to the ways they accomplished their tasks this gave birth to the belief that they were super human. They freaked people out and due to the superstitious nature of the people at the time everybody thought that they were supernatural. I was part of the Bujinkan back when Shinobi Waza (stealth training) was still being taught. Those days were fun and the most memorable of my martial arts training. Oh yeah, as for Snake Eyes being the greatest Ninja ever, who was it that attacked Cobra Island with a gun and who was it that attacked Cobra Island with traditional weapons? @cobracommander@
  9. Well I'll tell that they can remold them and still have the same quality as the original parts. I know that when I first started J and R the copies were not coming out like the originals, close but you could still tell. I've added a few techniques into the process and now you can't tell the originals from the copies except for the color. And with todays technology it wouldn't cost them nothing to laser scan em, throw them into a CAD program, use a CNC mill to machine the mold, and then make the figure. As for Viper legs we got em.
  10. Yeah the BAT kits are a tad troublesome. I'm not happy with the current material that I've been having to use to get the backpacks to turn out. They need to be made of stronger stuff but when I use it it takes about 4 runs before one backpack turns out good enough to put in an order. The SMG is the one that came with Flint (Colt SMG). I took the silencer off of Mutts Mac 10 and added to Flints gun and Duke's M4. It looks great. I'm gonna be getting a couple of helpers so this should also take up the slack as far as shipping goes. I've got a ton of projects that I'm working on right now and this is why it's taking so long to get things back up and running. I'mnot sure if there are any paintballers in here but I'm working on a line of paintball safe Cobra helmets. The first one that I'm working on is a Cobra Viper helmet. I'll be adding others later on as well as Master Chief's helmet. But hey that's not what's been taking up my time. I'm adding a ton of new stuff and I've got to make sure it's all ready to go not to mention we are gonna be restructuring the site a little, adding new and better pics, things like that. Can't give it all away though but that's a little as to what's going on here at Cobra Studios (Jand R Designs)! Cobra Studios. Hey I like that, I wonder if that's copyrightable? #US1#
  11. Hey guys. Man I really appreciate all the good opinions that everyone has of us. At times it does take a little while to get things out and I hate it just as much as everyone else does. One of the reasons why I haven't opened up the shop just yet is because I've been really busy making duplicate molds of all of the heavy movers. I'm gonna be doing my best to deal with the issue of slow shipping. But things are improving. And quality is always priority. Not every part comes out good enough to send to a customer so sometimes it takes a few tries to get what they need. Some of the new items are gonna include an Alley Viper v1 kit, Snow Serpent v1 kit, Cobra Commander Battle Helmet, M4 with silencer, M4/M203 combo, SMG 9mm with silencer, and and M82a1 just to name a few. And I mean a few. We've really got a ton of new items on the way not to mention that I've been working with a new flex material that doesn't take nothing to color so the price on the flex stuff is gonna drop to a buck. Shipping is gonna change a little. I'm gonna be shipping things out in small boxes to help protect the parts better during the shipping process. It won't be much more than what it is now though. Well I'm done rambling. Thanks again fellas for the good words.
  12. Dude you should have told me I would have replaced it. Heck I can still replace it.
  13. Hey guys. It's been a while since we have posted here, or anywhere else for that matter. But I just wanted to let you guys know that we have now added weapons to our site. We also have a few replacement kits available for anyones figures that are missing their weapons and backpack. The resin that is used for the weapons is very strong and has been designed for parts with very close tolerences. In my opinion I think that this material is actually stronger than the material used to create the orignal parts. But that's just me. Anyway stop by and give us a look see. We've also added a ton of other stuff too. Also thanks to everyone that has helped in contributing to our continued growth. www.zfactor.org/jandrcustoms
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