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  1. It's just a personal preference. Although I was a big fan of the Enterprise "C". I think it might be the whole flat & Stubby engineering Hull on the "D" that bugs me. I dunno. And I'm also not too crazy about non-starfleet ships. Except for maybe a K'Tinga class Klingon Cruiser. Now THAT would be cool. Best Starship design? Movie era enterprise IMHO. J' Rek Vandekar
  2. Personally, I always HATED the "D" version. (Appologies To Andrew Probert who designed her), but I think I even cheered when it was destroyed on Nimbus III. But... I can see why fans would want one. They spent seven years aboard that ship with Picard & co. I'm sure that the "D" will probably come next, which is a shame, because Playmates did a halfway decent "D" version, but noone has ever put out the Starship Reliant. Actually, I look for The Enterprise E to be the last Trek ship AA ever puts out. With almost two years of broken promises and delays, I just don't see the line continuing. ...If the "E" ever comes out at all. J' Rek Vandekar
  3. To tell you the truth, I would be happy with just som epics at this point. I have seen 5 pics of the raw unpainted version (rapid prototyping model), one pic of the top detailing the aztec, and one semi-side shot from the toy fair. Seems like we had much better pics of the 1701-A before it was released. Colin
  4. Okay, this is ridiculous. Has anyone heard anything yet? I have a feeling that if the 1701-E comes out, it will be the last ship made by AA. Colin
  5. I don't know if I'll even pick one up. After waiting almost 2 years, I just don't really care anymore. @bs@ Colin
  6. My imagination is running wild. Colin
  7. No Offense, but Playmates did a HORRIBLE job with the starships. No detail, the contours & dimensions were all wrong. Pathetic. I own 3 of them and the only one they did a really good job on was the original (TOS) constitution-class ship. Colin
  8. Now that's more like it Looks like that's the model they came up with when they did their "rapid prototyping". Not quite as detailed as the CGI model they showed earlier, but all the contours look correct and I'm sure once they get production going, it will look awesome. The real fun will be putting it up against the Playmates 1701-E. That should prove quite amusing. Colin
  9. While that's good news for you, and anyone else collecting, It's bad news for Art Asylum. I doubt they will be selling the 1701-E at many retail outlets. I saw about 8 at a local Meijer store about a year ago. I had already bought one online, but I decided to pick up another and just keep it in it's box. That didn't work. The stand for my display model broke, so I ended up having to open the one I was saving. I think I was the only one who went to that store and bought one. Which reminds me of something I've never seen brought up: The pattern around the deflector of the 1701-A I bought online, was a very light blue. The one I bought at Meijer had a much different paint treatment. Darker metalic blue. Anyone else come across the 2 paint jobs? Colin
  10. Hey Trevor, Thanks for the info. Not to sound like an ass, but where can we poor schmucks who can't afford the AACC membership see pics of the prototype? Sorry, nothing against you, my friend. I'm just in a bad mood. Can ya' tell? Well, I'll be turning 30 in 2005, maybe I could buy the Enterprise E as a late birthday present to myself. I would love to have every ship in the "Starship Legends" line, but I'm sure I'll be long dead before then. Oh well. Maybe my great-great grandchildren will be able to enjoy them. I can really be a jerk sometimes. @cussing@ @ignor@ Colin
  11. Are they on drugs? I admit I was excited to read about an 11th Trek film. But one that takes place before TOS, but after Enterprise? One word: BOMB. The thing that has made Star Trek a sucess is its cast. We all have come to love Kirk, Picard, & Janeway (uh... at least some of us). It usually takes an entire season to get adjusted to a new crew, and build the characters. And now we're supposed to be enthrauled by a new crew (or crews) of yet unnamed starships. When this is done on a fan basis such as Starship Exeter, it's a phenominal sucess. But I would expect more out of Paramount. Sounds like they don't know their head from their ass anymore. Sorry this is so negative, but I've always been a born pessimist. Oh well. I suppose all we can do is cross our fingers and hope. Colin
  12. Hey, what's the story with Art Asylum's Enterprise E? I saw some computer renderings several months ago and I though they were close to production. Now I can't even find anything about it. Anybody heard anything? Colin
  13. I think the Buzz says it will be available sometime in 2005. Colin http://www.startrekanimated.com
  14. Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't think they should mess with the originals though. Definately no CGI, but I hear they will be released on DVD in 2005, so I'm hoping they will restore the original and make the prints nice and clean. When I used to watch it on Nickelodeon, it was always kind of murky looking due to the age. Colin PS: I was always hoping they would do TNG as a saturday morning cartoon. Marina Sirtis and Johnathon Frakes already have experience providing voices for animated cartoons.
  15. Hello. I have just completed an online comic book titled: "For Death Or Glory" based on Star Trek: The Animated Series. You can view the comic at www.startrekanimated.com Here's the synopsis: The Crew of the Enterprise teams up with Captain Garrovick and the Exeter to uncover a plot that threatens to bring the Romulan Empire and the Federation to the brink of war Please also take a look at 6 other comics that were created by Kail Tescar (the site's owner), Charles Kelso, & Raul Quiles Jr. They're all really excellent. Colin
  16. Well, I have to agree. I thought New Voyages was very good and enjoyable. But Exeter kicks so much more ass. It was very impressive to see John Winston (Mr. Kyle form TOS) doing a cameo in New Voyages. I think that New Voyages has a good concept, and tremendous special effects for a fan film. But Exeter is truer to the genre. Besides, Garrovick and B'Fuselek and Cutty are likable characters. New Voyages' cast need to work on their acting. I think that might make the episodes stronger. Exeter has the same problem, but so did TOS at times, and sometimes goofy dialog is not neccesarily a bad thing. I laugh everytime I hear Chang's incredulous "Are you drunk on Saurian brandy?!?" or Cutty's "Captain! Finney's been... vaporized!" Exeter should be done with "The Tressaurian Intersection" in December, so I'm looking forward to that. J'Rek Vandekar
  17. For many years there was a fierce debate over which was better... TOS or TNG. The debate kind of lost momentum with the introduction of DS9, VGR, and Enterprise. But now there are fan films, and two of the biggest I have found are "Star Trek: New Voyages" and "Starship Exeter" Both are based on TOS. If you haven't seen them, here are the links: http://www.5yearmission.com/ http://www.starshipexeter.com/ If you haven't seen them, please watch them both before you vote. I would also like to hear people post their opinions about each show. J'Rek Vandekar
  18. I find your obsession on this subject disturbing. That being said, Kirk told Spock and McCoy that he was more qualified as a command pilot than either of them (The Immunity Syndrome). So it would seem that one of the fields Kirk trained in was navigation. And since Lt. Kirk failed to destroy the Dicaronium cloud while stationed aboard the Farragut (Obsession), that might also put him into the field of security. J'Rek Vandekar
  19. I was saddened to learn of his passing. I own quite a few of Jerry's compositions. He was truly a genius of his craft. One of the most talented composers of the 20th & 21st centuries. J'Rek Vandekar
  20. Hmmm. That's interesting. I didn't mind Janeway's scene at all. But I HATED NEMESIS! Go figure. J'Rek Vandekar
  21. Great! Hope we can see some pics when you get it. J'Rek Vandekar
  22. No Problem. I'm afraid I can't rearrange mine in as many configurations as possible, because the Saucer section and engineering hull are kind of stuck together. But even with that, I can still come up with at least ten different combos. It also appears they are getting more rare. I haven't seen one on ebay for quite a while. So if you can find one, I would snatch it up. J' Rek Vandekar
  23. Remember when you watched Star Trek for the first time? What episode or movie was it? What Genre was it from? (TOS TNG etc.) My first exposure to Trek was STII The Wrath of Khan, when I was about 8 years old. From there, I went back and caught TOS on TV reruns. I thought it was goofy at first (It still is), but I fell in love with the stories, crew and ship. The rest is history. J'Rek Vandekar
  24. QUOTE: It just comes down to personal taste. Wiser words were never posted. I don't know. I guess for me, DS9 just never seemed like Star Trek. When I would watch an episode with Worf or O'Brian in it, I would think to myself, "Hey... they used to be on Star Trek." I think also that for quite a few people on this board, DS9 might have been their first exposure to Trek. In the end, your right. It's all just a matter of personal opinion. J'Rek Vandekar
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