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  1. My wife surprised me with this set for Xmas, because I could never find GG. Then she surprised me even more by telling me what she paid for it. Apparently it was mispriced in that Walmart's computer system at $7.88. Now I have an extra Hawkgirl, but I don't really mind.
  2. "Most people do not want an entire wave dedicated to a particular theme." This seems an odd sentiment from someone who was so passionately defending an entire Superfriends wave. Stuff you like: Good. Stuff you don't like: Bad? And for full disclosure, I have no interest in, and will skip this wave, and, if it comes out, the Superfriends wave as well. I'm not a completist, I don't buy multiple sets, and I don't buy whole waves of figures I don't like. Which won't cause the DCUC line to end.
  3. Sorry but I have to disagree with you on one point: Oscar was hilarious. Carry on.
  4. That's easy. Clearly, I bring passion for the source material and a burning desire to see it turned into a well done movie. That means being faithful to the source material. With that respect comes a lack of ego, which means no bastard son for Superman (good one Master Jailer! ), no warped costume changes, no silly attempt at psychology and tying the characters' origins together. Just a true to the source, well done movie. Thanks for responding. I definitely get from you that you have the passion. I, like you, have no knowledge or experience with the technical aspects of filmmaking. However, I do acknowledge that there are technical aspects that need to be addressed. Without having a producer and director that have at least a passing knowledge of how a film is constructed, it's very likely that the film would at the least wander without clear direction on the filming and pacing, causing conflicts, re-shoots, and cost overruns. Unfortunately, the method you state, "I can film it and know whether it is or isn't filmed well", wouldn't work in any sort of reality. Sets must be staged, actors prepared, costumes readied, for each scene. If you film it, then decide it isn't the way you want it, all the preparatory work would have to be done again. Your shooting schedule would be out the window in the first week. An experienced filmmaker would know how to setup the shot in advance for the effect they're looking for. We don't know you personally, so obviously we have to take you on your word on the popularity of your game scenarios, stories, etc. Good for you, I'm sure your fellow gamers have appreciated your work. The experience you gained may help you in writing a treatment or proposal for the Thor movie you want to do, but to even write a screenplay requires specific knowledge and skills, which by your own account you don't have. Much less to produce a movie. Confidence in one's self and one's skills is commendable. Misplaced confidence in abilities that do not apply borders on hubris. Can you please define what you believe to be the job of the Producer? And what skills you posess (other than comics passion) that would qualify you for the role? I have a passion for comics, literature, movies, music, and (since this is a toy message board) toys. However, I don't believe passion is enough. I know enough about how each of these things is produced to know that I don't know enough to be able to say I can do them better than everyone else.
  5. I've read through the previous posts, and some of the posters have gotten quite heated on the subject. You say you have the skills to produce a first class, studio quality superhero movie. Arrow has shared with us some of his resume, please share with us what your skills are. No confrontation, no hyperbole, just what do you bring to the table?
  6. I have to go with the 1950's version. Fin on the top, crime lab in back. http://www.batmobilehistory.com/1950-batmobile.php
  7. Actually, there was a prototype made for Wonder Woman's jet. Sadly, being invisible, it was lost at the factory.
  8. There are ML figures that are rare, notably Deadpool, Hawkeye, Juggernaut, Goliath, and variants like the Destroyer. The earlier waves can be fairly pricey, due to age and popularity. There were also some distribution problems that made some waves hard to find in some areas and flooded in others (Hasbro FF wave, Nemesis, etc). So they have some issues like DCUC, but are well worthwhile.
  9. I would like to weigh in on the subject. I think there are 4 main criteria that we can use to compare different lines of figures: Sculpt, character selection, production quality, and articulation. By way of full disclosure, I will say I remember seeing the Super Powers figures on the shelf when they first came out, and was turned off by the sculpting. Most of the figures were (and remain) quite chunky, to my eye. So obviously I'm going to say DCUC has surpassed Super Powers in sculpting. Point 2, character selection. Until the later waves of DCUC, Super Powers was the undisputed champ of DC character selection in a toy line. But considering that DCUC has recreated nearly all of the Super Powers characters (including those that were created just for the Super Powers line or were re-designed for it), plus many characters never in the Super Powers series, the win goes to DCUC again. Number 3, production quality. This one I'm going to defer on, because I have no first hand experience with the Super Powers figures, having passed on them as I've mentioned. However, I will say that the anecdotal reports I've heard regarding the Super Powers figures hasn't ever mentioned quality issues. DCUC sadly has had its' share of quality control issues. So those who bought Super Powers in the day, any production quality issues? Lastly, articulation, which based on number of points of articulation is an obvious no brainer. Ditto with range of movement, posability, etc. "Play value" is more of an intangible because kids will play with, and have a good deal of fun, with figures that have no articulation at all. But I suspect precious few DCUC are actually being played with. Though I did see a six or seven year old in Wal-Mart one time with a loose DCUC Flash clutched in his grubby little fist, so that gives me some hope. But for the win, it has to go to DCUC. So, in my opinion, yes, DCUC has surpassed Super Powers, based on my criteria. But the one thing it can never overcome is nostalgia.
  10. "...wave 10 was massively easy for most of us to find..." I think that's a highly dubious assertion. It was easy for SOME. MOST? No way. For example, I had the amazing good fortune to find a complete set of WAVE 5 the very first time I actually left the house to find them. Based on that experience, I could easily say WAVE 5 was easy. I don't think anyone is saying Wave 10 was easy to find based on ONE experience. In my experience, I ran into full sets of Wave 10 probably 20 times. When I say full sets, I mean a FULL set, including Man-Bat. So, from that experience, I would definately say Wave 10 was easy to find for most. When Wave 5 was at Wal Marts, it was not insanely hard to find. Now it is obviously, but when it was released, you could check Wal Marts here and there during that entire time and put together a set. Definately not EASY, but not extremely hard. Now it would be though, just because you never see Wave 5 at any Wal Marts anymore, except for a random Riddler every once in a while. I feel safe in saying, in my area at least, wave 10 was infinitely easier to find than wave 5. I found the entire set of wave 10 the 1st time I spotted any of them, and found the full set together in one place, at least 4 more times. Wave 5? I have never, to this day, ever seen any of wave 5 in person, much less had a chance to buy any of them.
  11. If I remember correctly, I believe he could briefly in his Teen Titans incarnation, but that's been awhile. As to other DC characters that grow, there's Atom Smasher, Elasti-Girl (Doom Patrol), & Colossal Boy (Legion) that come to mind. Plus the Spectre has used giant-size from time to time also.
  12. I hate to burst your bubble but I'm an adult in a leadership position responsible for telling hundreds of people what to do to themselves everyday. As a friend, it was my responsibility to go to my friend's parents and tell them what he was doing and what I thought of it. There's a right way of doing things and a wrong way. Why do things the wrong way? And if you don't know better, then the Big Dawg will help you out. Ugh! This should not be! If you were my friend, I'd be tempted to take a bat to your whole shelf. I will say... of all of these incestuous mergers of action figure lines, the ONLY ONE the Big Dawg will tolerate is the inclusion of the DCIH Atom in a 6" display. Either DCD or DCUC would be acceptable. I would do this myself but I haven't been able to find a DCIH Ray Palmer. As for customs... I don't do customs. They always seem cheap and trashy to me. The Big Dawg's not a toy maker so why should he pretend to be? OK, you convinced me. You're a troll, and this whole thing is a joke/persona that you are playing at. Bye.
  13. Ok, judging by your comments (especially those listed above, and the fact that you claim to have involved someone's parents in your dispute) I'm estimating that you can't be over 13 years old, probably an only child, and spoiled beyond all belief. When you grow up a little bit, you'll start to realize that you can't force your obsessive compulsive desires on other people. And seriously, if discussing a toy line brings you to tears, then there are some major issues going on. I would suspect that it is not so much the toys that are causing your tears, but more likely the fact that people are disagreeing with you, and probably mocking you, which is something you're not used to being an "entitled" child. And the time will come very soon, if it hasn't already, where the other kids won't want to "hang with the Big Dawg" because they're sick of listening to you. If they are still hanging out with you, it's probably because your Mom buys you the best toys.
  14. 1.) the point of the "old news" is to answer this....Where was Man-Bat confirmed?( see above post) 2.) that joker is the pic from the sdcc screen. i also have a vid link that i posted a while back that shows the supposed "mistake" showing at the panel. so, yeah....WTH? ....from POA: Mattel has posted most of the slides from their NYCC presentations on their Facebook page (although not the preview pic of DCUC Joker, in case you were wondering–he’s in this month’s ToyFare). so if that pic is fake, then i havent heard about it. A previous poster (St. James) claimed that Man-Bat was "confirmed" for Wave 10, which I questioned. What you posted says he is coming in 2009, not necessarily Wave 10. And again what you posted doesn't claim that the Joker will be in Wave 10, or even 2009. Besides I would take anything in that statement from Mattel that hasn't already happened with a BIG grain of salt since they claim that the Walmart wave (5) will be "easy to find".
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