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  1. Hi All, After hearing rumours of an old hermet that had wizard like powers Vader heads to Tatooine to investigate this rumour as he belives that it might be a Jedi. After several days with no luck in finding this rumoured hermet he comes across a tribe of Tusken Raiders. His hatered for Tusken Raiders for what they did to his mother leads Vader into a rage and he starts fighting the 100 plus Tuskens, the fight goes on for nearly 2 hours and Vader comes out of it the victor, he is alive but damaged. RECIPE Darth Vader - is from Hasbro's 6" Black Series line and he has had he's left forearm and lower leg cut off and then I added a forearm and lower leg of a NECA Terminator. The torn outfit was done using AVES Fixit sculpt as were the wounded flesh areas, I then superglued the joints and then used AVES to putty over the joints. The battle to the uniform was done by using a model knife and the torn cape was done by using a model knife and a pair of scissors. Vader was painted and weathered using Vallejo and GW paints and pastel chalks. Base - I picked up from a craft store and the rusted object is from a 1/72 Falcon kit and that was glued to the base and then I used a mixer of plaster of paris fine sand and PVA glue and covered the base and the I painted and weathered it using Vallejo and GW paints and pastel chalks. Ron
  2. Hi All, I built a 3-3/4" Aqua Trooper way back in 2007 and decided to build another Aqua Trooper but this time in 6" scale. RECIPE Aqua Trooper - is a Hasbro Black Series figure and is just the scout redone by putting him in a pose I liked and then super gluing the joints and then Iputtied up the joints, once the putty had dried I the covered the cloth areas in tissue paper. I then added flippers/air tanks and hoses from a 6" Madelman Scuba Diver. The small connection struts that are on the back which are 1/35 scale pieces I had in my bits box, the weapon is a combo of the butt and midsection of one of the Sandtrooper rifles and the barrel from the Stormtooper rifle. Base - is built up using foam core and then using pieces of high density foam they were then pulled apart to get a desired look and then glued to the base. Once the foam rocks were glued I then used plaster cloth and covered the whole base and including the foam rocks. Once the plaster cloth had dried I then used a mix of 45% - plaster of paris and 45% PVA glue and 10% water and mixed the lot together and then applied it to the base and rocks. I let the mix dry for about 10 minutes then used an old paint brush and very lightly dabbed it over the drying plaster that was covering the rock to give it a more stone effect. The small coral and seaweed are from a bag of plastic plants that I got from the pet shop and they were cut to size and painted and then given light washes. Once the coral and seaweed were dry I placed them on the base and glued them into place using superglue, I then used washed river sand and covered the base in PVA glue and then added the sand. Once the sand was dry I gave it a wash of Dark sand then let dry and then a wash of Iraqui sand, the shells were given to me by my daughter and with the larger shell I added tentacles by using some snake tails that I cut off when I built a Indiana Jones Well of souls diorama I did in 2013 and yes I keep everything LOL as you never know when it is going to come in handy. Ron
  3. Hi All, I wanted to do something different for the Scout Trooper and when I saw HALCION's & spudafett's Snow Scout versions over at The Imperial Shipyards I knew that was the way to go, and thanks for the inspiration guys. RECIPE Scout trooper & Speeder - The Trooper and Speeder are from Hasbro. I started on the speeder first and pulled of the rolled cloth at the back and replaced it with a heater generator for when the Scout is riding. The heater generator was done buy using a 3-3/4" Sandtrooper back pack a 12" WW2 German torch and a tube from a 6" figure. The rifle rack was done by using two hand knives from two 3-3/4" TOD Thuggie Guards and I cut the knife sections off and glued them in place. I also cut the control panel out and trimmed it down so it would have sit a lot more even on the panel instead of sitting to high up. The rifle is from the Hasbro Stormtooper and has had strips of cloth wrapped around it so when so it can blend in with the snowy landscape. The Scout has had a cloth Kama and face cover made out of cloth material cut to size then the were glued into place. The tube from is back and goes under his face cover is from a 6" Madelman Scuba diver and the small circular connection which is for the heater generator tube was done by cutting a thin piece of plasticard and gluing in place. The small motion sensor was a 3-3/4" Snow trooper back pack and I cut of a few buttons and repainted a small screen with some reading on it and the antenna's are thin pieces of plasticard cut to size and then small holes drilled into the back pack and then the antenna's were glued in place. Base - is built up using foam core sheets and plaster cloth was used to get a uneven ground cover. Once dry a mixer of 45/45/10 of PVA glue 45% and Army Painter snow flakes 45% and water 10% were mixed together and I then started to spread it over the base. Once the snow was dry I sprayed the whole diorama with Matt Varnish and then used Woodland Scenics Realistic water and gave the snow a very light covering to in hence the snowy look to it. Ron
  4. Thanks heaps buddy and yeah it would have been great to get figures like this 30yrs ago. Ron
  5. Hi All, I went to TRU the other day and to my surprise they had a few of the Hasbro Scout Trooper so I decided to pick one up so that I can do a dio with it. I started looking thru google to get some idea's and came across the poster below and decided to do a dio of just the trooper and speeder. Inspiration Poster by David Munoz Velazquez http://www.munozvelazquez.blogspot.com.au/ I also received an email regarding the poster that I got the inspiration from for the scout trooper diorama and Miguel let me know that the poster was for an actual SW fanfilm called THE HOLO XPERIENCE which can be seen on the link below. Directed by Miguel Angel Sanchez Cogo Santiago Hernandez http://www.swthx-fanfilm.com/ RECIPE Scout trooper & Speeder - The Trooper and Speeder are from Hasbro, the trooper as been put into the pose a liked and then I superglued the joints and then puttied them up. The blaster rifle is from Hasbro's 6" Sandtrooper and the sling is from NECA's 7" POTA Gorilla's rifle. The speeder is straight out of the box except for the small controls which were cut don so that they were level with the rest of the speeder console. Base - Is a few cheap craft boards glued together and the tree and fallen tree I got from the back yard garden and nailed them to the boards. The ground was built up using plaster cloth and once dry it was painted brown and then a mixer of dirt and potty mix was glued over the base. Ron
  6. Hi All, This dio depicts Commander Hunter Hembling being the only survivor after his space craft crashed landed in the outer rims of the forbidden zone. After a few days travelling he comes across a dirt road and then suddenly he is fired apon, he looks where the shots had come from and to his surprise he see's Gorillas brandishing weapons. Hembling flees for the forest and takes refuge waist deep in a muddy river bed where he sits and waits with his pistol at the ready and hopefully the Gorillas will completely miss him. He waits in the muddy river for over an hour and he thinks they have missed him then suddenly he hears foot steps and he knows that a Gorilla is just above him and he realizes that he is still being HUNTED. RECIPE Gorilla Soldier - is from NECA and he has had he's joints superglued then puttied up and then given a complete repaint, again I paid particluar attention to the face and eyes. I also repainted the body and gave the outfit some subtle washes and drybrushing to bring out the details. Commander Hunter Hembling - I gave him my son's name and this figure has the body from a Artasylum's Star Trek Enterprise Archer and the head from Artasylum's TOS Scotty. The head was given a beard and new hair and the insignia and flag where found on the net and downsized and prined out and the name tag was done using PSP-6 and the pistol was from the parts box. Base - The base was first built up using left over pieces of high density foam and then glued in position, I then got a piece of branch from the back garden and used that as a tree trunk and glued and pinned that into place. I then covered the foam using plaster cloth strips and kept using them till I had the look I wanted. I let the plaster cloth dry then painted it dark brown and then covered the base with dirt, small twigs and bark I got from the back garden and ground it up into small pieces. The vines and grass I got from the backyard and I let them dry for about an hour and then sprayed them with dull coate and then I painted them. I also used small ready made shrubs from Army Painter as well. The muddy water was done by mixing light brown paint with Woodland Scenics Realistic water then added that to the base. Ron
  7. Hi All, The thing I remember the most about POTA was seeing the gorilla's on horse back for the first time so I decided to do one on horse back in a relaxed pose but being vigilant. RECIPE Gorilla Soldier & Horse - is from NECA and he has had he's joints superglued then puttied up and then given a complete repaint, again I paid particluar attention to the face and eyes and gave him an open mouth by cutting his mouth open and then using AVES Fixit sculpt to sculpt the teeth. I also repainted the body and gave the outfit some subtle washes and drybrushing to bring out the details. The horse is from a company called Breyer and is 1/12 scale and works pretty well with the 7" figures. This horse was all black so I decided to give it a brown colour and this was done by using Vallejo paints and pastels. I made the saddle and bridle from left over pieces of lever and used small O-rings and 1/6 scale buckles for the rigging, the stirups were made using plasicard and the the then leather was used to make the holders. The rifle bag was made using left over leather and the rope is some spare 1/6 scale rope I had in the bits box. The rolls were made using a old 1/6 scale German uniform and the straps were made using 1/6 German Y-straps. Base - The base was first built up using left over pieces of high density foam and then plaster cloth was used to cover the foam. I then gave the plaster cloth a paint over using dark brwon paint and once that dried I used a mix of dirt and potty mix to use a ground cover. Once the ground cover dried I gave it a wash of dark brown then once dry gave it a drybrush of light brown. The grass was done by using railway modellers static grass and was applied and left to dry and gave it a wash of medium green and the drybushed it light green once it dried. The tall clumps of grass were done by going into he back yard and picking reall clumps of grass out of the ground, I then let it dry for about an hour then gave it a spray of dull coate and then gave it a wash of light green. The smaller clumps of grass I used are from The Army Painter and the come as small clumps and all you have to do is pull them of the sheets and then attach them to the base using a small amount of superglue. Ron
  8. Hi All, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new NECA POTA classic figures and I have to say I wasn't dissapointed, these figures are execellent from the details on the uniform to the head sculpts are spoton. My only #@$#@ is the paint apps on the faces so I dcided to repaint Cornelius and mack a small display for him. The display depicts him in his office and keeping in mind that he is an archaeoligist I wanted to make display with some relics, maps and equipment in the office. My two kids kept nagging me not to cover the joints like the usual statue type diorama's that I usually do so who am I to argue with two critics LOL. RECIPE Cornelius - as mentioned before is from NECA and he was given a complete repaint, I paid particluar attention to the face and hands as the final made him look really pivved off. I also repainted the body and gave the outfit some subtle washes and drybrushing to bring out the details. Base - The base is made from foam core and then I used plaster cloth to cover the base and I also made the window using the plaster cloth. Once dry I covered the plaster cloth with more plaster, I made the table and chair using high density foam and foam core and covered them in plaster cloth and plaster. The shelf was made using left over balsa wood and the artifacts are parts from some other 7" figures and the rope is some leather that was repainted and the backpacks are from some 12" figures that have been altered. The scrolls on the table are just pieces of paper rolled up and painted and the map was done by drawing the design in pencil and then painting over that and the pencil is a piece of plasticard which was painted, I also cut some paper to size to look like notes and drew on the first page with a pencil. Ron
  9. Hi All, While on patrol Trooper 605-T comes UNDER FIRE from Rebel Troops who have the advantage of being on high ground. 605-T runs for cover across a creek bed while returning fire hoping to make the tree line for cover before he gets hit. RECIPE Stormtrooper - The Trooper is a Hasbro 6" Stormtrooper body and a 6" Sandtrooper helmet, I decided to putty up the breathing apparatus and the vents to give the helmet a different style I also added a range finder using the top section of Boba Fett's and some thin plasticard. I superglued the joints once I got the pose that I wanted and then the joints were puttied up and once the putty was dried I covered them with tissue paper. The karma is some left over leather from another action figure and glued into place, the bandoiler and pouches on his waist are from the Marvels Punisher figure. The back of the troopers armour was covered with plasticard and then I used pieces from a Warhammer 4OK space marine and some 1/35 scale parts to build the back up. Base - Is built up using high denisty foam and then I secured the Trooper into the base using superglue and a thin metal rod. A mixed plaster of paris and PVA glue and covered the base and once dry painted the base brown for the soil area and green for the water. One the paint was dry I covered the soil area with potty mix mixed with some dirt and crunched up leaves and twigs and glued it onto the base. The splash were the left foot is hitting the water and the waves were done by using Woodland Scenics Water Effects and once dry I covered the water area with Woodland Scenics Realistic Water to give it more depth. The small grass shrubs are from Army Painter and they were placed around the base to give it a realistic look and then the taller pieces of grass are from J's Work and placed on the base by drilling a holes and gluing them into place. Ron
  10. Hi All, I have always loved the Argonauts movie and when Revoltech released these amazing articulated skeletons I knew I had to get some and make a small diorama with them. Skeletons - The Skeletons are from Revoltech and have been put into the poses I liked and then the joints were superglued and then puttied. I decided to make the swords and shields a little more like they have been in the ground for a while and gave them some rust and dirt affects using pastel chalks. Base - The base is a small picture frame from a $2 shop and the ground was done by mixing plaster of paris, very small rocks and potty mix and added to the base. The turned up soil was done by allowing the mixer to almost dry and with a tooth pick I just started to fold the mixer of and split it apart. The column is also from the Revoltech Skeleton set and I had to use two sets to make one column, I then glued the two together and then puttied up the gaps and the placed it onto the base. The skeletons, weapons/shields, column and ground work were painted and weathered using Vallejo paints and pastel chalks. Ron
  11. Hi All, In a lot of Stormtrooper units they modify not just their armour but also their weapons to help them in battle. This Trooper depicts the 5th Assualt Group Battalion and he has modified a DLT - 34F Sentry Weapon and which has a extremely high rate of fire power. RECIPE Stormtrooper - The Trooper is a Hasbro 6" Stormtrooper and has been superglued at the joints once I got the pose that I wanted and then the joints were puttied up. The binoculars are from the Darth Maul 6" Hasbro Figure and the heavy weapon is from a Hasbro 12" Battle Droid with a few pieces of plasti card added the weapon. The magazine backpack is from a Madelman astronaut figure and the ammuntion belt is from a 1/18th scale helicopter gunship, the strap was made is using piece of cloth elastic and some O-rings for the connections to the weapon. Base - Is built up using high denisty foam and then a mix of plaster of paris, fine washed river sand and potty mix and then added to the base. Once dry the mixer was painted and then model railway grass was added. The bushes small clumps of grass from the garden and left to dry and then sprayed with dull coate and then painted and then they were inserted into the base. Ron
  12. Hi All, While on patrol Trooper RH1968 and his Recon Squad take are break after 4 hours trudging thru the forest floor on the planet Belhun. The planet use to be one of the main bases for the Rebels until Vader found it and destroyed it a few months after the destruction of first Death Star. The Troopers deployed to this planet make constant patrols to insure that the Rebels or even smugglers don't set up of a base of operations. The Troopers wear modified armour as the normal Stormtrooper armour makes it harder to traverse the unlevel ground and vegetation. RECIPE Stormtrooper - The Trooper has the torso, lower legs, forearms, hands and shoulder aromour from the Hasbro Sandtrooper and the Helmet from the Hasbro Stormtooper and the new knee pad armour is from a 3-3/4" GI Joe figure, the upper arms and legs are from Hasbro's Han Solo figure. The joints were superglued and pinned and then I used putty to cover the joints and once the putty was dry I used tissue paper to cover the cloth areas to give it a more fabric look. The weapon is modified from the barrel of the BlasTech DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle and the body of a BlasTech DLT-20A which both have been cut to the desired length and then pinned and superglued together. Base - Is built up using high denisty foam and glued together and once dry cut to the desired shape, I used a broken piece of a tree branch and then cut out some of the foam so it would sit correctly on the base. I then used a mix of fine sand and plaster of paris and covered the base, once the snad and paris mixed was dry I painted the base with a mix of white PVA glue and Brown paint and once the base was covered I used potty mix and covered the base and then let it dry. When the ground work had dried I removed any excess potty mix and glued the Trooper inplace and then started placing the plants inplace by drilling holes into the ground work and using super glue to keep them in place once they have been inserted in the holes. The larger plants are just plastic fishtank plants which were given a slight wash of different greens, the small grass like plants are from a company called J's Works which are printed paper plants and the smaller shrub type plants are from The Army Painter. Ron
  13. Hi All, The planet Tillaran is on the outer rim borders and is a lush planet with thick rainforests which make it a haven for criminal activity as transports can not get thru the thick forests and rocky outcrops that populate the terrian. The only way to get thru this terrian are Tillaran Reptiles, these creatures are strong and fast and can manoeuvre thru the terrian with ease. Imperial Stormtroopers use these creatures for this very reason and once tamed and controlled they make the ideal mount and are also very loyal to the one who rides them. RECIPE Stormtrooper & Tillaran Mount - The Stormtrooper is the Hasbro 6" Sandtrooper which has had the joints superglued and then lightly puttied and once the putty had dried I used tissue paper for the body suit, I also added the blaster and holster from the Han Solo figure and also two ammo pouches. The Tillaran Mount is a Gigantosauras from Scheilch, I cut the head off and extended it about 2 inches to make it longer and then used AVES fixit sculpt to putty up the gap and used sculpting tools and tooth picks to make the scales. The Tail has had putty added to it to make it thicker so it didn't look like the creature was front heavy and a big thanks to spudafett from Imperial Shipyards for the advise on the tail. The saddle was made using some strips of thin leather and a 1/6 Sideshow Sandtrooper Pauldron and the rolls are just pieces of cloth rolled up and tied using model ship string. The reins is a long piece of round leather with small O-rings attached at the ends and a larger O-ring for the nose. Base - Is a few layers of oval bases from the craft store glued together and the high density foam was used for the rocks which were just pulled aprt using my fingers till I got the look I wanted. I then glued the mount to the base and also the rocks and once dry used a mix of plaster of paris and sand and covered the rockes and base. Once the plaster/sand mix had dried I used a mix of real dirt and potty mix for the ground cover by gluing it over the plaster and once dry I gave it a wash of leather brown and left it dry. Once the was had dried I used some paper grass from a company called J's Work and attached them to the base and then used fishtank plants and small shrubs from Army Painter to complete the ground work, I then weatherd the base, rocks, Trooper and mount by using pastel chalks.
  14. Hi All, While on a routine patrol in the Melholtor System Luke's X-wing begins to navigation and thruster malfuctions, he and R2D2 try to repair the problem but to no avail. Luke decides that he will have to make a force landing on the 3rd planet of the Melholtor System and sends a distress call. After the force landing in a small and shallow waterway Luke picks up a signal of a incoming landing craft and thinking it to be a Rebel Search and Rescue craft he is soon relizing that a Imperial Scout Shuttle has picked up his distress call and now are on his way to his location. After ordering R2 to stay with the ship Luke starts to head of and find the Imperial crew but it only takes a few minutes before he realizes that they have found him so Luke pulls out his Light Saber ready to defend himself, R2 and his ship. RECIPE Figure - Luke is from Hasbro's 6" Black Series line and was positioned into a pose I liked and then the joints were superglued and then puttied. Instead of painting over the figure I firstly added thin strips of tissue paper by applying watered down PVA glue the tissue to give the outfit a more fabric feel to it, once the tissue paper had dried I painted and weathered the figure using Vallejo and GW paints. Base - The base was done using left over foam core layered ontop of each other and glue togther using superglue. Once dry I marked out the feet and helmet areas and then cut the foam and removed the foam, I then inserted the figure and helmet using superglue. The water was done by using plaster of paris to cover the base and just before the plaster dried I used a plastic spoon and lightly flicked it over the plaster to simulate movement in the water. I then used Woodland Scenics Water Effects went over the plaster waves so that it would give more of a ripple affect. The ground work was done by using dirt and mulch from the garden and the plants and undergrowth are plastic fishtank plants and Army painter shrubs. Once all the plants were added the water was painted using GW paints and once dry I then used Woodland scenics Realistic Water mix with a little flat white to give the water affects a more frothy look. Ron
  15. Hi All, I decided to make another 6" diorama but this time add some lighting to it and a eygptian style tomb was the way to go. Once the base was done it was painted and weathered using Vallejo and GW paints and pastel chalks. RECIPE 1: Indiana Jones - The figure is from an earlier Figma Indy which I repainted, I'm waiting on another one to arrive so I can add him to the base. 2: Base - The base was made from a left over pieces of foam core. Once I got the desired look I used a led pencil and softly drew out the wall mural and once I was happy with that I used a very sharp led pencil and went over the original drawing. I then used my fingers and a pair of tweezers to remove some pieces of foam to simulate corrosion. The sand is just fine washed river sand and was added once the base was painted and once the sand dried I gave it a wash over different colours of sand. The torches were made from home decorative sticks cut to size then bound togther using model boat ship rope and superglue and the flames were made by using Woodland scenics Water Effects. The light from the flame is some fake candle light I picked up from the $2 shop and attached them underneath the base with a hole so that the buld could protrude thru and sit inside the flame
  16. Hi All, When I heard that Figma were doing a 6" Indiana Jones figure I was stoked so I picked up two of them but after receiving the figures I was a little dissapointed in the paint apps and some of the gear. So with not being happy with the before mentioned items I decided to repaint and twik some of the gear. RECIPE 1: Indiana Jones - The figure itself is just a straight repaint using Vallejo, Games Workshop and pastel to paint and weather the figure. I removed the strap and bag and replaced the plastic strap with a strip of leather cut to size. I then attached two small o-rings made from thin wire to the leather strap and then attached some material to the o-rings and attached that to the bag, I then cut the buckle from the plastic strap and attached that to the leather strap. The whip holder that is on the figure is just a molded piece of plastic which has a slot cut into it so that a whip can be attached to it. I decided to remove this molded whip holder and replace it with a thin piece of leather cut to size. I then used two very small magnets and attached one to the leather and the other I drilled a hole and inserted the other magnet in to hole and superglued it into place. The whips that come with the figure have no details so I cut the handles off and drilled into the end of the handles and inserted strips of pleather and then added model ship bout rope to the end of the pleather. 2: Base- The base was made from a left over piece of high density foam, I cut the foam to make the step and then used a sharp pencil to inscribe the stone. I then pressed a piece of sandstone into the foam to simulate a stone look, I then used a mix of dirt and mulch to build up the ground work and then used fish tank plants and army builder shrubs to make the folage. Ron
  17. Hi All, After doing a few dois of late I thought that I would just take it easy and just do a nice simple repaint. RECIPE Figure - Solo is from Hasbro's 6" Black Series line and was given a repaint to show how good the detail on these figures are. The figure was painted using Vallejo and GW paints. Ron
  18. Hi All RECIPE 1: Figures - Indy was done by using the body of TLC Henry Snr as are the glasses, I cut off the ear sections of the glasses and replaced them with some very thin cut plasticard. I also removed the bow tie and replaced it with a tie and fixed the collars using AVES Fixit sculpt. The head is the TOD indy with the fedora cut off and replaced with the top half of a KOTCS indy head and the hands are from the bits box. 2: Base and box/crate - The walls have been done using foamcore and the floor and the partial wall paneling is thin balsa wood, the floor panels aren't movie accurate but I'm not to worried about that. I did the floor boards by measuring them out then using a very sharp led pencil I very lightly scribed the pencil into the balsa wood. The nail holes were done by using another led pencil but this time sharpening it to a very sharp point and then pushing it into the balsa wood, The window was made using some clear plastic from a action figure box and the frame work was done by cutting some balsa wood into strips and then gluing them inplace. The latches and hinges are some resins pieces from a 1/35 scale 20ft container which was sent to me by my brother, the wall panels have had line vertically done to them. I scribed them by using that good ole sharp pencil again. The platform and desk were made from balsa as with the chalk board frames, I used double sided gloss paper for the chalk boards and the section above the middle board is were the pull down screen and cord will be. The chalk boards were done using Vallejo's German Field Grey and they were given 4 coats each I decided not to give them a drybrush and try something different. I did the drawing and writing by getting a led pencil and sharpening it on some medium sandpaper till it was very sharp and once the pencil was ready I wrote and drew on the board and then went over the pencil with watered down white paint. So instead of drybrushing I decided once the drawing and writing had dried completely, I gave the boards a wash of matt white to simulate the chalky powder that is left behind from the erasers. I was really happy with the way the boards turned out. All the maps on the chalk board are printed off and stuck into place, the rolled up maps are again printed off from the net or just rolled up printing paper. The stool and map stand were made by cutting thin strips of balsa and gluing them together, the map on the stand again printed off and glued inplace. The books on the desk and stool were downsized and printed from some 1/1 scale book covers designs I found on the net and then glued to some thin balsa wood and then the balsa was painted. The erasers are again some balsa wood cut to size and and painted and the chalk is some broken off led refills and glued inplace and then painted, the small pics near the chalk are from the net downsized and printed off and glued into place. The skeleton poster was done by taking a pic of thd dvd and using PSP 6 it was lightly darkened and printed off and then cut to length and glued into place. The corner near the window has been completed by adding a few extra rolled maps, a vase and some papers and books. The vase was made from high density foam I just cut out the shape I wanted and started sanding, the handles are pieces of plasticard. The maps are either just plain paper rolled up or maps downloaded and then resized and printed off. The books are printed off and then glued onto some balsa wood. I had a look at the dvd and it has some sought of feather item on top of the chalk board I had a look thru my daughters craft box and she had a few brown feathers so I stripped one except for one little section and glued it into place. The blow dart is from the KOTCS cemetery warrior which was given a new paint job and again glued into place. The gold idol drawings I did by hand and and then when I was finally happy with the look I glued them inplace. The globe was made by using a ball from some cheap costume jewellery I then painted it and then added the support section which was made by using a 1/4 of a 1/72 scale cannon wheel and some 1/72 sacle WW2 tank parts. The larger artifacts were carved from high density foam as were some of the smaller pieces, the rest of the items were bits and pieces are from 1/72 scale models or action figures parts. Ron
  19. Thanks for the reply buddy I really appreciate it. I have to be honest and being a hard core indy fan I've never liked how the boulder was really smooth even when I saw it way back when it originally was at the movies I couldn't understand why it was so smooth so that's why I have that rough stroke/texture look to it. Ron
  20. Hi All I have always wanted to make this scene into a 1/6 scale dio and after a few experiments with different materials I decided it would cost less money and easier to make it in a 3-3/4" format. RECIPE 1: Figures & Accessories - The torso and legs are from a TLC indy, the jacket and arms are from the Indy horse deluxe set and the head is ToD indy. The whip, bag, gun belt/holster and idol are from the hasbro indy's as well 2: Base and box/crate - The crate was first made using foamcore and the front and left sides were cut out and then balsa wood was glued to the foamcore to make it into the crate. The top of the crate wasn't glued inplace until the lower half of the base was done. The walls were done by using plaster cloth and cutting different size's and once wet it was just added the the sides of the walls and then it was either spread apart or pushed together to get the stone affect. The stalagmites and stalactites were made using plaster cloth and again cutting different sizes and once wet twisted one end then pressed the other end onto the ceiling and floor. The boulder was done by covering a foam ball with plaster and then while it it drying getting a damp brush I just brushed the plaster to and even level over the ball. The roots/vines I picked up from a florist and then broke of pieces that I wanted. The moss is lichen moss which was mixed with some paint and then glued inplace and the ground cover is a mix of real dirt and pulled apart model railway shrubs and some dried lichen moss. Ron
  21. This is a execellent looking figure mate, I like everything about him. Ron
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