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  1. So anyways.. I won an auction on Ebay from Toynk toys of the WSTF wave 2.. as us TF peeps know has the MANDATORY figures of Anime Prime, Megatron, Thrust, Prowl, Red Alert, and Jazz. It shows like Wave 1, who is in the box REGARDLESS of chase or doubles. Right? @grumpy@ Anyways, the auction says SEALED box of 12 random figures(obviously random, because we consumers NOR the seller knows who is in each 12 individual boxes), since the case is SEALED. Well, from the get go, these guys have been hounding me to pay them. Even though I gave em a date when they would receive payment. Talk about impatient. So, I finally get my WSTF order from them, and when I open the mailing box, I take the WSTF case out the box...............Well, I pick it up and look on the side and notice the case tape is ALREADY cut on each side. I was like THAT CAN'T BE GOOD. When I open the case flap.......... ALL 12 individual box tabs are already torn off!! WTF?? Those #$%%%^@^&&@!! obviously took who they wanted out, and put in who they wanted to give me!! Friggin fraudulent JACKINTHEBOXES!! I wanted Megs and Jazz. I didn't even get ONE of those mofos. I did GET: 3 Thrusts(the lamest of the Seekers) 2 Red Alerts 2 Prowls 1 Ultra Magnus chase figure(snooze, I wanted Bluestreak) and get this.......... COUNT EM.................4 PRIMES!! GREAT.. if I wanted to start a Cybertronian version of N-Sync or an Autobot bowling team. 4 Primes?? Are you SERIOUS?? I already reported them to Ebay and Paypal for fraud. RIPOFF artists, I got them just on NOT getting a Megatron or a Jazz. You're at least allowed ONE of these guys in each set of 12. @rambo@ TOYNK
  2. Yeah, Digital Toys is from around my area, Boston..or was it Springfield? I forget. They are very reasonably priced. Their service is very friendly and on point. You shouldn't have any worries, bro.
  3. Classics, of course. Then she would have a new mold all her own. When I envision her as an Alternator, I think of her using one of the usual Alt car molds, over and over, and over again. Enough with the repaints already Takara and Hasbro. @grumpy@ I hope if they make her into an Alt, she doesn't look fat and bloated like Alt Sideswipe does. He looks dumpy, like Jim Belushi or the way Rowdy Roddy Piper looks now, flabby. Don't like the Alt Sideswipe at all, he looks like he has a beer gut.
  4. All, it depends on the robot it's on. The stupid question is animal mouth?? Obviously, it's gonna look good on an animal? As opposed to being on Prime or Megatron. Duh. The UGLIEST mouth is the mouthplate and humanoid mouth combo on Optimus Primal in Beast Wars. WTF is that crap?? Either draw him with one or the other. It looks like his mouth plate is worn out, and his mouth is showing through. Kinda like an old, worn out pair of socks, that is showing a big toe. LOL @loll@
  5. Noizu Z Is this thread locked now.....Hmm
  6. That would be Squawktalk, Squawkbox is Beastbox and Squawktalk combined. Yeah, thanks CB.. Something like that, I knew it wasn't Beastbox. What was Beastbox, a gorilla or something?
  7. It has to be one of these mofos: 1)Raiden in the G1 TF world(issued only in Japan) 2)TrainRobo- the Pre-TF Diaclone version of Raiden 3)RID Railspike or Railracer, whatever his name is.. 4)Sixliner(Japanese Victory series or other Japanese G1 series)??
  8. not really. you just have to be trustworthy, non opinionated, and someone that is dedicated, and will be around lots to take care of the boards. Gee, you're not one of those, so what side of your family is the Administrator on? Hahaa
  9. The second one looks like Sqwawktalk.. Or is it Sqwawkbox?? I know it's one those guys.
  10. Boo-Foo, Egypt. LMAO Is that anywhere near MoFo, Iraq? HAHAA @loll@
  11. Thanks for the review, man. Very informative. Yeah, my girl bought me the Classics Rodimus last night. We also saw Bumblebee, well we went to do some more shopping.. then by the time we went back to the toy section.. he was sold, too. I like the car mode and the robot mode, on Bumblebee, but what's up with the shoulderpads??
  12. Hiya, I'm Ryo, I am 35, currently living around Boston, MA or Assachusetts. The lovely state of high taxes, no jobs, and sarcastic assholes. HAHAA. @smilepunch@ Started collecting TFs in 1984, my youngest bro bought prerub Skids and I bought Gears.
  13. Ah yes, the thrill of the hunt. lol Me and my girl, went shopping for some gifts, and went to Wally World. Hehee. They musta just got their shipment, because the TF section was jamming. I saw a shitload of Alts, only 2 Classics, Titaniums, Universe, Galaxy Force and a ton of Cybertrons.. My girl got Blue Tracks for me and Classics Rodimus. They also had a Classics Bumblebee... by the time we walked around the store and came back to the toy section, Bumblebee was already sold out. Damn, are the Classics THAT popular? Haven't seen any Grimlock's or Mirage's though. Also hit National Wholesale Liquidators, bought a WSTF Devastator. Wow the quality on those lil mofos is amazing. They'd look much better with some Reprolabels, instead of the ones they came with.
  14. wow, that was one of my very first posts on TNI @loll@ man i've been here for over 2 years now.....dont really feel like that long @hmmm@ Actually Fugayzie, I was viewing that thread at the same time I was viewing the TNI forum, then Add Replied this one by mistake. lol Yeah, you're right, man. Doesn't seem that long ago, does it? I just wish I knew what those cassettes looked like. That was during my Agent Mulder from the X-Files hiatus stage. Hehee
  15. Did you ever check to see if the Soundwave that plays real full-size tapes will hold them? It might. It's kinda rare now though. Wow, great toys, man. Hopefully, they're not so big, that THEY hold Soundwave.. instead of the other way around. Hahaa. @loll@
  16. Triple? How about a Sextuple changer. Sixshot baby! Yeah, yeah, no doubt.. Uh, is it too late to change my answer? lol
  17. Oopss No problems, Elias. I can't do that either. If I wanna post some pics, I usually wait till my girl comes home from work. lol Thank you for the comments, DPrime, Blackheart, and JFAK. Thanks for the props on my avatar, too Blackheart. That dude is annoying looking, but I couldn't think of a funnier avatar. Hehee.
  18. Hi Alexx, those lil men with the magnetic feet are known as Diaclone driver/pilots, also Diakron commanders. They were going to be called Inch Men by Takara, but I guess Takara didn't bother. They were the drivers or pilots of most of the Diaclone robots.. that's why you see them packaged with some Diaclone versions of some of our favorite TFs, also notice the lil cockpits for the Autobot cars, the Dinobots, the Insecticons, the Decepticon Seekers, and the Omnibot Dasher type cars. The TFs are sentient beings, meaning they can think for themselves, so no need for a pilot. Well, the Diaclone figures were not, and needed the pilots to control them. The enemy of the Diaclones were the Waruder Empire. Their lil pilots looked more alien or insectlike, who also had magnetic feet. The Insecticons were part of the Waruder line of Diaclones. Not all Diaclone lines had these lil men packaged with them, for example they were not present in some of the Trasformer(no, it's not a mispelling, lol) Italian GiG cars. Although, GiG added some the Trasformer Pre-TF Omnibot dasher cars. Weird. They were not included in the Joustra European line of Diaclone vehicles, either. lol
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