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  1. Yeah, crap with a BIG helping of nuts and corn mixed in. Talk about f**king up a good thing.
  2. Haven't even looked yet, hoping to find the Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp set as well.
  3. WTF is up with Bumblebee?? That dude looks JACKED. Jetfire looks like the Machine Wars Megatron or Megaplex guy......that line is so shitty, WHY do they always try to bring it back as newer lines of Transformers?? Menasor? Looks more like Bruticus. Okay, Whirl ACTUALLY looks cool. Anything is better than that goofy G1 version.. which looks like Shockwave's anorexic cousin. LOL
  4. Yeah, nice to see some of the Old school commercials back then. Too bad we had to see all the gayness, before we actually saw the COOLASS Tf commercial. Hasbro and Takara really wanted to let the bootleggers know what was up. LOL @loll@ Love the 1st Tf commercial, that also shows Prime running with Jazz, Prowl and Sideswipe. Always wanted to buy all 3 of those guys, because of the commercial. What's up with the seekers with all black heads? They look like they were wearing ninja masks??
  5. FRENZY?? YEAH RIGHT.. It looks like that mofo was in a shark feeding FRENZY, and that ugly thing is what's left over. @rolleye@
  6. I'll pass.. I actually think GoBots are cooler than this dude, and that's not saying much. Oh yeah, Reflector was way COOLER than this guy.
  7. Yeah, I know, some of their car modes are alot cooler than the Tf ones. The price of them is the same as the original G1 cars.. reasonable that is. They're sorta like modern day Diaclones. Actually, it'd be nice to see a cartoon of those guys, too.
  8. That's a load of crap. First off, we've seen CGI versions of G1-like Transformers made by amateurs, and they looked AWESOME. Nothing official, mind you, but it proved that if it was, it'd only be better. And secondly, Street Fighter didn't really have anything to do with the source material... if anything it proved that taking things in a different direction like that probably won't work. An even better videogame example is Super Mario Bros... BINGO. Your exactly right, DPrime. Gimme a break, the original designs DO sell. Someone said, the boxy Tfs wouldn't do good or would be LAUGHABLE?? The movie goers know how the Tfs are, if they think robots transforming into cars and planes is real life, then DON'T buy a ticket to the movie. Simple as that. Why does everything have to try to make things look realistic. It's a movie made after a toyline. Not the other way around. @grumpy@ All I gotta say is, they tried to make Godzilla 98 more like a real dinosaur(as if anyone's seen a real dinosaur) instead of the guy in a rubber suit, and that shitty movie BOMBED. Notice, how the Godzilla fans flipped out and wrote Toho Productions about the embarassing American Godzilla? That 98 version, NEVER saw another movie. All Godzilla movies after that involved the regular, popular classic Godzilla, and the newer movies have done ALOT better in merchandising and the movie ticket sales. I think the Tf movie is it in just name, just like the 98 Godzilla, was just in name, not substance. I've seen an updated 2006 version, some average guy made of Scramble City and that thing was HOT, and alot of people gave it good reviews. So saying the usual style of Tfs is laughable.. I don't buy it. @hmmm@ Retro is in.
  9. ryo777


    "Whatchoo talking about, Willis??" Gary Coleman 3:16
  10. On the last few pics in the gallery, it says he was reissued as a few different mofos.. Geez, talk about MILKING a mold. As if he wasn't ugly the first time around.. His alt mode kinda looks like G1 Sureshot.
  11. Megatron? More like Mechagodzilla's ugly ##$%$#ed cousin twice removed.
  12. That's when parts bots and a Dremel modeler's kit come in handy, my friend.
  13. Good work, dude. lol I plan on adding those Classics Starscream stickers from Reprolabels. They're made to make him look like his G1 version. That Delta is amazing when it comes to stickers. Have you done any Diaclone blue Bluestreak customs? What color paint do you use for him? I seem to always get the wrong shade of blue. I swear I've painted that sucker about 5 times already.@rolleye@
  14. Hi, Starman Yeah, he's a real sought after character right now. I saw him on the "Japanese transformers" listing on Ebay going for only $20+. I want to get him, but I'd rather get the RM Skywarp and Thundercracker set 1st, before their prices go way up, like E-hobby Astrotrain. I'm kinda happy with the Classics Starscream for now. Also, check Ebay seller "snarlshp", he always has a few NICE Tf items in his store, all the time. Good Luck.
  15. Okay, now THAT'S just wrong. Hahaa. LOL @loll@
  16. I couldn't have said it better, myself. If liking the story and the designs of the original Transformers makes me a fanboy, so be it. Just like the 98 American Godzilla, think it SUCKED then, and it sucks now. Kinda looks like the TF movie is sorta headed in that direction. Nah mean? @hmmm@
  17. Well, since I didn't post for Christmas, I'll be adding that too. Here goes..... Christmas, thanks babe(Jen) Classics Wave 1 - Bumblebee, Starscream, Rodimus, Astrotrain Alternators Tracks Optimus Prime KO Sixliner Mini Devastator - those lil guys are NICE This month: G1 Bluestreak complete WST Diaclone Battle Convoy/Prime MISB Diaclone Yellow Sideswipe original Diaclone Green Hoist Diaclone Red Skids/ Honda City R Diaclone Smokescreen E-hobby Deep Cover MISB Diaclone Train Robo No.1 Shouki G1 Long Haul complete with Devastator parts Diakron black Ironhide's weapons(mine came with the original gun piece, but came with G1 Swoops missiles) Go figure Diaclone Ravage 5 new Diaclone pilots More on the way. lol :)
  18. HAHAA.. ...and I thought the newbs were bad. @loll@ CD, you so QWAZY @jump#
  19. If it's not Springer..... then the only other helicopter type TF around during that time would be the RARE Diaclone jet plane/helicopter/robot triplechanger that was released by the Italian GiG Diaclone line..... but he was blue, not green. Hmmmmm. Are you sure he wasn't a Gobot?
  20. Yeah, those RID Car Bros. robot modes were hideous. Especially the feet, they look like they're running around with Barbie's feet. Since when did TFs have human calves? @loll@ The sucky part is poor Prowl had to come back as one of em. Okay, I'm liking the Prime. He actually looks like he means serious binness. Although, I'm not feeling Megs..... he's actually looking alot better than the earlier Insectoid versions we've been seeing. Hopefully, Frank Welker gets the voice acting job for him. #US1#
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