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    Well, two weeks ago I purchased my VERY FIRST Hot Toys action figure i.e. of Michael Jackson Thriller version for $171 and it got stuck in customs. Hopefully I'll receive it within the next three weeks. I'm just so damn excited about owning an actual Hot Toys action figure. I truly hope that the hype over these action figures are worth it. Let's see!
  2. My sentiments exactly. This movie has GOT to have a sequel. The way the ending was built up, the sequel would kick some serious ass.
  3. Destro and Duke look great. Definitely will be buying them. But as for Hawk and Heavy Duty, oh man, those are sad. I tell you, someday, I will be buying colourful pants such as Hawks' and Heavy Duty's and happily wear it outside
  4. I just want to say for that comment that if I hate a certain movie (which was an adaptation of my favourite cartoon or comics) I will say as it is without trying to protect it. Period. But the truth is, I honestly loved the movie, the CGI, as well as the acting (except for Destro). So it's just a variation in people's taste, that's it. There's nothing wrong in liking something which others didn't enjoy quite that much, right? It doesn't necessarily have to translate into suffering from delusions or immaturity.
  5. Excellent movie. Very nicely made. Rex/Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow and Zartan were fantastic. The rest of the cast too were amazing. I really thought Marlon Wayans would be terrible, but surprisingly though, I have to say that he was the highlight of the movie. Even Dennis Quaid and Channing Tatum did a decent job of making Hawk and Duke come alive. Action sequences were terrific. Especially the Paris chase sequence, which was something I've never seen in my life. The ending with Zartan as the president was unbelievable. Vehicles, gadgets, acceletator suits were awesome. No complaints. I really really really hope they make a sequel to this movie and pick up from right where it ended. Now for the terrible part, which was undoubtedly Destro. Terrible terrible waste of character. Probably the best cartoon villain reduced to a joke. Absolutely unacceptable. Destro is and always will be my favourite character and that piece of crap was not Destro in my opinion. They better change his characterisation if there is a possible sequel or I am going to be pissed. Overall, A+. Mindblowing experience and THIS IS GI JOE. No doubt! (except for Destro)
  6. As a huge Transformers fan, I could bring myself to overlook a whole bunch of complaints that many people do have, but still there are three things that bothers me BIG time. First is ofcourse, how did the Constructicons appear separately when they were already in Devastator form. Second is, Bonecrusher appeared briefly in alt. mode. I was shocked when I saw it in the theatre, and I thought I had confused Bonecrusher with some other Transformer, but after I watched Transformers 1, it seemed even more wierd. And third, in the underwater scene, it's probably just me confused, but it seemed like Rampage was being torn apart to give Megatron the new body, especially the treads to match Megatron's treads. But then, he's alive in the end, and that too, there are two versions, one with Devastator and another a red colour Rampage. I guess I have to watch the movie again to understand the whole thing .
  7. Hi. Nice review. I purchased the Starscream action figure just today and after transforming it, I was shocked to see that the mech alive gimmick was not working. I tried turning the head again and again but the gears just won't work. Yet in your flv video, it was clearly working. Is there any sort of button to activate this feature or was I so unlucky that I got a broken piece? Anyway, if anyone else also had this same problem, but yet got it to work, please let me know how. Thanks. Update Okay, I feel really stupid now, because one of the Mech Alive panels black coloured peg had gotten detached from Starscreams back, and that's why it didn't work. But now it's working perfectly. If someone can, please delete this post. I'm really sorry.
  8. I took some pics of my Moto Terminators. Unfortunately the flash killed it. If you hold it in your hands, its just killer. There is a button on top of the Terminator which when pressed, the handle bar pops out, the front panel opens up and the spikey metal thingie transforms into a seat for John. Also, underneath there's a stand which opens & closes and the guns/missiles pops out. Awesome action figure.
  9. Well, the 3.75" action figures finally released over here. I got T-RIP, T-600, Marcus and Moto Terminator w/ John Conner. I just love these action figures, and the Endo looks really great. But Moto Terminator is just incredible, and looks just like in the movie. But the price is unbelievable as each one costs 400 Rs and Moto Terminator cost me 1000 Rs. But still, these are awesome toys. Too bad we still didn't get Hunter Killer. You guys are really lucky to get HK because that is the one toy that I was really looking forward too. Hopefully that will also get released soon because I don't want to purchase T-700 separately when it is going to come along with HK.
  10. G.I. Joe means the life to me. Plain and simple. Growing up, watching G.I. Joe cartoons and playing with the action figures always made me happy and always made all my sadness go away. I used to imagine myself as a Joe character and then play with that action figure for hours and hours together. Whether being sick, yelled at, getting bullied, getting low grades, didn't matter, because I could always go away from it all with my G.I. Joe action figures. And today, just looking at my old Funskool action figures just makes me notalgic and makes my childhood memories really sweet and pleasant.
  11. Or atleast sell them there. Hey, I am from India and I will gladly buy all the old stocks if they brought them here. I mean I cannot believe that Mattel completely stopped the line a long time back here and yet they are overstocked in the US. What kind of idiots are they? There is whole lot of overseas market where they can sell these overstocked goods. Hell, I went to Singapore last December on vacation and even there I could barely find any Mattel-DC products. Talk about completely missing the target over and over and over again. Who ever the marketing strategist at Mattel is should be fired immediately. Seriously though, every thing Mattel does makes them look like they are totally out of touch with the current toy market.
  12. That was absolutely fantastic. This is what I always wanted in cartoons spinning off from the old classics. No re-introduction of characters, no heavy changes in style or characterisations, but just being a direct continuation of the old one. I freaking love it. This one is for the fans. No bull-shitting around trying to appeal to a new generation of kids. Old school all the way. But mature enough for all the fans who have grown up. 2009 has been great. First Hulk vs. Wolverine which was without a doubt the greatest cartoon I had ever seen; completely remained true to the existing mythos. And now G.I. Joe Resolute. I guess the cartoon creators are slowly realising that tapping into the existing fanbase is definitely much more resourceful than trying to rope in a whole new generation of children with whom it might click or may just fizzle away. I just hope that Hasbro decides to continue this series as a full length season. This is gold that they are having in their hands right now.
  13. Hey there. Yes, I did grow up in India. And all my GI Joe action figures that I have collected since the age of 7 has been only the Funskool version (except 2 imports of Spirit & Night Vulture of the Air Commandos series that I was lucky enough to find in a store). It was only after 2003 when Funskool lost its GI Joe licence that I had to abruptly end collecting the Joes action figures. And finally last year, after I got an Ebay account, I was able to order a whole bunch of the 25th Anniversary action figures. It certainly is sad that the 25th Anniversary series never saw the light in my country. But to my relief, I found out that Funskool had acquired the licence to the GI Joe movie franchise, only to later see my govt. ban the import of all action figures from China, due to which Funskool has decided to drop the GI Joe and Transformers 2 line completely. So as much as it sucks, I have to now go again on Ebay to buy these movie figures.
  14. Well, I have been a hardcore fan of GI Joe since I was a kid and I must say, this new look of Cobra Commander looks incredible. I was really disappointed when I first saw the Combat Heroes version and I thought it was going to be an absolute mess. But now seeing this awesome new interpretation of Cobra Commander, I have to admit, I am even more excited about this upcoming movie. I personally don't think that the classic helmet version or the hooded version could have made a real solid impact in a live action movie as it had in the animated series. When I first heard the news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was finalised to play Cobra Commander, my heart just fell. I just could not bring myself to accept the fact that this annoying snot-nosed punk 'alien kid' will be playing the world's most dreaded terrorist. Also the fact that Marlon Wayans was playing Ripcord almost made me decide to boycott this movie. But it was only because of Sienna Miller's presence that I decided to follow the madness that was going on with this crap. But once I saw the 30 seconds trailer, that was it. It was awesome, tremendous, fabulous and all the synonyms that comes along. It was something I never quite expected - it was the best damn trailer I had ever seen. And that is the reason why I completely changed my opinion about this movie and now I am just loving it. My only concern was with Destro and Cobra Commander's head gear, and after seeing the final result on the leaked images of these action figures, I am totally satisfied with it. Now I can accept Joseph as Cobra Commander with this amazing mask on. I just can't wait for the movie to release because I genuinely feel that this one is going to be for the ages. Now I only wish that my country's idiotic, messed up, hypocrite, bastard of a government would completely reverse the ban on Chinese made toys and thereby, would allow these totally cool action figures to be sold in our marketplace. Oh the agony of an international collector.
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