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  1. Huh, a stupid, inane, whiny and insulting question from CLAM. I'm just shocked as hell.
  2. z0mbie


    They're part of the Movie Masters line. Nothing to do with the Dark Knight, aside from the name.
  3. No, that's just a prototype version on display. It should be noted that HT has said the suit in the official pictures and on the figures on display is the suit from the original TDK Batman they did, as the one they're making for the DX figure is still in development.
  4. Yeah there was always just SO much stuff on shelves for G.I. Joe, the sales had to be tremendous. I can't really think of another animated show that literally had a representation of every single thing you saw on the show in toy form. And that was a hell of a lot of stuff.
  5. Hell, I used to get Joe figs from a Western Auto (hardware/Auto Zone-type place) store when I was little.
  6. That's a pretty good question. I would assume that Transformers would've been the highest grosser, but the sheer amount of G.I. Joe stuff keeps me from being confident about it. I'm sure over time TF would prove to be the winner, given all the different incarnations of the property over the years, but during the '80s, I have no idea. I know the amount of G.I. Joe stuff I had just dwarfed my Transformers and He-Man collections.
  7. well in a few weeks we will see how bad or good it will be. i just can get over sommers saying he knows what hard core joe fans want, while he had to go to a copic shop to find out about joe. also he has had the script since 2000. with res so they had a few deaths i dont see how it can be a snuff film ??? have you watched Sw clone wars they are about the same. With res at least they combined the cartoon & comics in a updated look . also it stayed true to what joe was. i think alot of hard core fans liked it. I bet it would of been even better if it was just a hr long movie. I hate Star Wars. Resolute was fine as a stand-alone story, I have no problem with it in that aspect. I just wouldn't want to see a movie in that style...far too dark and grim for me. It's like the G.I. Joe: Cobra comic mini-series that recently ended. A hell of a good series, but I wouldn't ever want to see anything else out of it.
  8. I wouldn't want a Resolute live-action movie. I mean sure, if you wanted a snuff film, it would be perfect, but as the beginning of a franchise...please, no.
  9. It's not a concept...it's a comic cover and a terrible Photoshop job.
  10. Agreed. I just thought of something, and a big 'ole light bulb went off over my head. If anyone wants to see a literal, almost direct translation of G.I. Joe on the big screen, go watch Street Fighter with Van Damme. Then come back here and tell me if you still feel like Hasbro's changes are unnecessary.
  11. Is it really necessary to bring right-wing garbage into this? Acting like that while complaining about "liberal cry babies" doesn't really help your cause any, and this is a damn toy board, not Glennbeck.com. I realize that this is pretty much all you guys (I say "you guys", though I'm far, far from a liberal myself) have left to do right now, aside from doing unspeakable things to yourselves while Google Image Searching "Sarah Palin", but come on. At least spew it in the right places. Off-topic, though, there is a problem with the military and the way war is portrayed in the media and on celluloid. If you can't see that, make sure your American flag bandanna isn't covering your eyes.
  12. You know, if they stuck to the TV show for their inspiration, it would be absolutely terrible. Just bad. Have you tried watching any of the episodes lately? Yeesh.
  13. Not expecting anything but special effects, explosions, and having a bit of fun in the theater, so I'm probably the target audience for this. I can imagine that 75% of this board will be frothing at the mouth and doing a bit of the WHAAAARGARRRBBBLLEEEE the entire time, though they're not smart enough to just leave or not even bother to see it if they've already convinced themselves they'll hate it.
  14. I still prefer Medicom's suit to this one, but I've already got this pre-ordered. The accessories alone make the figure. Plus that angry frown face is awesome.
  15. Finally found this guy today at Wal-Mart. Holy crap, he's harder to combine with Leader Prime than Ultra Magnus was with RID Prime.
  16. ouch, hope your alright buddy. Medical bills will probably keep me from getting joes for a bit sadly But I haven't seen any near here anyways. Thanks man.... I am ok and very luck.... plunged about 12-13 feet. I landed on my feet but they buckled and I slode backwards and slammed my back into the groung, then my head. I am sore everywhere..... have a cast/splint on my right ankle.......and im lucky that is it! Waiting a buddy to come by later and take me to get Joes lol Draven Be honest. You were playing GI Joe on the roof and got a little too into your Snake Eyes role play.
  17. Good for you. Nobody cares, pup. Hit two Targets and a TRU today. The Targets each had different assortments...one was identical to what TRU had (Destro, Baroness, Desert Ambush Duke), while the other had the Paris Pursuit figures and Cobra Commander. Here's what I ended up getting. Destro Baroness Cobra Commander Storm Shadow Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow Snake-Eyes Paris Pursuit Snake-Eyes Desert Ambush Duke The Accelerator Suit figs looked decent, but Duke's head was way too big and I didn't like Scarlett enough to grab her today. I may down the line.
  18. Not really. Since the SDCC one comes with all of the cassettes, that's your best bet. As far as non-G1 figures go, I always really liked the Energon one.
  19. Looks great. Did you primer him first? I've found the plastic the toys are made of is a nightmare to paint without primer.
  20. The Fallen is to Megatron what Palpatine was to Vader.
  21. Cool, glad to see you let others' opinions guide you through life. Hope that works out for you.
  22. Just found Bumblebee & Sam at Toys 'R Us. $34.99.
  23. Right. I think "raceist" and stereotype are two different things. People seem to be throwing out the term "raceist" a lot in their responses. I don't know about raceist. I don't know if Bay is a raceist or what. These characters are definately stereotypes, however. I'm sorry. I think someone here should go out with fake gold teeth, slack-jawed, jive talking, and admit to people that they are illiterate, and see how long before someone lables you a stereotype. I think you'd be suprised. That's all I got to say about it. So if another random person feels like taking the time to sign up to become a member just to tell me it's just a movie and to f off, it's OK. I know. I'm good. Post counts != validity of opinion. The ability to post 50 times a day in a Transformers forum doesn't make you more qualified to comment on an issue, unless the issue at hand is, "Who has way too much free time?"
  24. The only one that didn't get hit was Chromia, the blue one.
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