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  1. clot_master is awesome. I'm sure he'll re-list if they expire. I got mine from him, and it came in this morning. USPS said 6-10 days but it only took 5 to get here. It's worth every penny.
  2. Just some goob trying to up the final price of his auction. There's never any concrete info on Hot Toys' production runs, but most of their figures are readily available well after the fact. The only recent exception being their Original Costume Batman from the TDK line.
  3. I don't think I can wait either,found one in-hand,and a pre-order due out w/in 30 days.Also,some people are speculating that the American. Never, ever pre-order anything on Ebay. Buy something in-hand. With the Hot Toys stuff, if you pre-order, generally they will take the first shipment, sell them for about $20 more each, make some profit, then ship out the pre-ordered ones about 2 weeks later when their next shipment arrives. If you're going to spend the money, just buy one in-hand. And yeah, the Cop Joker head has always had fixed eyes.
  4. Got this guy shipping to me tomorrow from Hong Kong. Can't wait!
  5. You didn't see the big sticker thing on the cover saying, "PLAY AS JOKER!"? Or when you took the manual out, the instructions behind it telling you how to download and play as Joker? Were you by chance wearing a blindfold when you bought the game?
  6. There's a subscription service. That's your pre-order. As for SDCC, it's always been first-come, first-serve, unless you're a friend of the employees or a dealer. I don't see how anyone expects that to change anytime soon. Capitalism and Nepotism aren't new concepts.
  7. I'm getting really, really damn tired of this. Ever since the 200X line ended, people were requesting a revival of MOTU. It was always admitted, by both fans (at least the ones who are smart enough to comprehend the way a business works) and Mattel that a revival on store shelves was impossible because stores wouldn't buy them after the 200X series. So what did they do? Give up? No, they created a website in order to make and distribute a property that is incredibly beloved by fans and, while there have been a few hiccups here and there, most people are incredibly happy with the figures they've gotten so far and are getting in the future. The figures are extremely high-quality, amazingly accurate updates of the original versions, and the line itself is a runaway critical success. People may not be happy with the way it's distributed (which was necessary for the existence of the line), but all the positives far outweigh the negatives. Demonizing Mattel just because they don't do what you personally want got old about 5 years ago. Grow up and appreciate the fact that we're getting the best figures ever produced from this property. As for Moss Man, I'm nostalgic about the flocking, but I'd much rather see paint and sculpt detail. Unflock him.
  8. I can think of some place we could put it, but you probably wouldn't like it... Yeah I'm not a big fan of dry anal, but thanks for volunteering, I heard you take it real good. From VH, ironically. Maybe you two doth protest too much?
  9. you Sir are the Bigot! towards anyone you disagree with. You grossly mischaracterized what Vh said, unnecessarily drug in names, you insult vh personally for no reason, and you clearly can take what you dish out. We could easily tell you to shut your liberal hateful mouth and stay out of our business. Learn some manners, try getting along with other people. Also try to say something intelligent rather than resulting to unreleated personal attacks, that proves you have no ground to stand on. Or, what YOU could do, is knock off the "liberal" crap, stop assuming you know my political views, and stop bringing this #$@# up on a toy board. It's pretty simple, really. "Our business" here is G.I. Joe and the discussion thereof, not taking any excuse to forward your own personal agenda because you're rapidly running out of places to spew your hate-filled crap. Yes, I clearly can take what I can dish out, as you so artfully put it. I fail to see why you or anyone else thinks that just because this board is dedicated to a military toyline, you're allowed to turn it into a haven for radical right-wingers. That's not what this place is about. If you really want to suggest someone say something intelligent, I'd recommend you learn at least properly spell before you make the suggestion. Also, just to satisfy your obvious curiosity about my political beliefs, my grandparents were both Marines, my father was an E-7 in the Army, my stepfather is a retired MSGT in the Air Force who did 3 tours in the bush in Vietnam, I currently work for NASA, and I lean pretty far into the conservative spectrum. However, being conservative doesn't mean you have to hate everyone that doesn't adhere to your political views, nor do you have to claim some vast conspiracy when things aren't going the way you think they should be. Personally, all I hate are the unreasonable bigots like we're being exposed to in this very topic. And that's the last you'll get out of me relating to politics or any of the sort. I'd advise you to learn some manners yourself before sticking your nose in my conversations and letting fly with baseless assumptions about my views.
  10. Wow. You're insane. My "face" post was a joke, though you're probably too old to remember what humor's like. I'm not taking #$@# personally, I'm asking you if your little rant about "them thar homosexicals" is really necessary on this board or in this topic. This ain't the friggin' Rush Limbaugh message board, it's a G.I. Joe forum and, quite honestly, you need to keep your bigotry and bull#$&* away from here and put it where it belongs, pops. I don't care how you justify it in your warped, senility-ridden mind, it has no place here, nor does it have a place anywhere outside the Ted Nugent/Obama Be Takin' Mah Guns! communities. As for your little tenter-toed pissy puke comment, I'm pretty sure I do work every day that would cause your geriatric ass to drop dead within 30 minutes, if you would even be tough enough to step outside in the Texas heat at your ripe old age, you piece of garbage.
  11. I guarantee you it would warm the hell out of the pegs if it were released in stores. Maybe a fraction of a fraction of toy collectors give a crap about the Wonder Twins. If characters like Superman and Shazam are warming pegs, which they are in my area, the Wonder Twins would go on clearance in two weeks. Don't overestimate the amount of people who want them. Hell, I'd go so far as to say half the people throwing a fit right now don't even care about Gleek, they just take every opportunity they get to freak out on Mattel.
  12. You got burnt on that No Country For Old Men also huh? @loll@ Man..what a boring-azz, dumbazz ending of a flick THAT was, and I bought it before VIEWING it 1st...which is usually against my cardinal rule, but with all the previews of it (that made it LOOK good) and all the critical acclaim it received, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, of which I'll NEVER do again. Even with this G.I.Joe movie. Speaking of Shakespeare...you'd think that Hollywood must beleive that an actor portraying a homosexual in a MOVIE is tantamount to performing Hamlet or Macbeth?? They divy out enough Oscars to them, I know that, just check the number of movies and Oscars Hollywood has given the actors involved in homosexual roles or themes. I'll never trust a critic again, and only go by my instincts from now on. It only fails me maybe 10% of the time as opposed to 80% if I listen to someone else. Is that necessary? Really?
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