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  1. That baffles me as well. How many Spider-man repaints have they done? Also, can they not just make US Agent a variant? He has been one of my favorite characters just due to the costume. (He should have been the new Cap instead of Bucky)
  2. I'm down with that. Re-release the two pack with AIM soldier instead of Hand Ninja, and have a Gabe Walker with an alternate bald black guy (w/helmet) pack in. I'd buy six more of those to go with the six I already bought. C'aint nevah have too many SHIELD agents! I like the idea of releasing an Aim vs Shield Agent two pack. Different heads are a must and I agree that you can never have too many Shield agents.
  3. ...this is why scalpers won't go away. People are dumb and always will be dumb. Patience no longer exists with collectors nowadays. If people would stop BUYING at THOSE PRICES.....maybe the scalping will stop....
  4. I did find em all when they were first released...... only problem is that 3 out of the four figures broke. Abin, Hal, and Lightray all have broken legs. QC is terrible at Mattel. I may try to get another Hal and Abin two pack but if they break......I will be one angry person. They should have re-released the Lightray and Orion two pack instead of the Batman and Clayface one....
  5. Are the female heads supposed to turn? I had one Wonder Woman break and two Mary Marvel figures on the brink of becoming bobbleheads. It seems that the QC problems are returning. The PE figures were extremely horrible in terms of QC. My Black Lightning figure has a stuck swivel calf articulation thing whatever. (I do not know what each joint is called lol, I just collect em) It is already bad enough that people are having an extremely hard time finding these figures but breaking when they do find them? That is ridiculous. Instead of sending you a replacement they send you Mattel Dollars....yuck. My Nightwing, Abin Sur and Hal, Lightray, and Black Lighting (the wave 5 one) all have broken legs due to their pos Quality Control. I bought two Batman figures from PE to only have one stuck torso joint and the other one has duplicate biceps..... I am also afraid to turn the heads of Cyborg Superman and both Sinestro figures. They need to fix the quality control problems and the distribution before adding more articulation to everything.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. On a separate note. Corner Store Comics is offering the variant deadman to those that ordered the whole set. It will only cost you 10 dollars to get that figure added on to your order. It is only for those that ordered the full set though.
  7. I had recently done some math in my head to discover had wasted a lot of gas to not find these figures. I just got em all off Ebay. It is alot cheaper to pay extra and shipping than to pay for many fill ups. I just could not afford to do so. I will still keep an eye out for them in my area though for when I do have to hit the ol Wal-Mart. I do hope I see them in person at retail soon. I do still have to get em for some friends and family for Christmas. Doing a hunt like crazy for one crazy hard to find variant is one thing but to do one for a whole wave that is supposed to be a Wal-Mart Exclusive available to all? Not hunting for Mattel products anymore I say. I surely hope they go back into production for Wave 8. I saw those figures once at a local comic shop and did not snag em. I feel like a moron now. I thought 9 and 10 were hard to find. Wave 8 is barely on Ebay for crying out loud.
  8. All of the stores in my area have been putting these figures on clearance. The ones that do not do so are flooded with wave 1. So I doubt I will see any of these figures at all in retail.
  9. Whats scary is what the ebay prices on these things will be if not that much more will come out (which I think is the case) and everybody realizes that there is no more to be had. Joker and Manbat are essential to my Batman Family and Rogue collection so I have ebayed those already. PG will get rereleased so no worries there. I worry about Beast Boy because of my Teen Titans but not "essential" so I will hold off on him hoping to find him at retail. I think they will start showing up in bulk later on. Seriously, all of this could have been avoided if people did not pay outrageous prices on Ebay for wave 5 and the same goes for Wave 10. $100 a figure that originally cost $10 - $15 bucks? I could not do that. To each their own I guess.
  10. I saw the Red Hulk wave and Ares wave each one time in stores 50 miles away. They were never shipped to local stores which was odd for Target but standard for Walmart. No Nemesis figures have I seen either and of course no Wave 10. That is very strange. In the Memphis area, the Nemesis wave was everywhere. A couple of Wal-Marts even had to put them on clearance to get rid of em. I also saw a fresh case of em at a Wal-Mart 1 - 2 weeks ago.... I do think it is Wal-Mart that is screwing everything up.
  11. I almost started to give up on this line. To me, it depends on if I can find Wave 10 or not. I will know by Janurary if I do or not. I would boycott Mattel but I already subscribed to the He-Man figure line throughout 2010. As long as the quality control is good with the main DCUC line and are able to find them...I will be fine. I still have not seen wave 8 at a retail store. I have seen it in specialty shops but that is it. I have seen wave 9 twice....just have yet to see the human Mantis and black costume Wildcat. I really do not know what to do at this moment. The thing is that collectors should never have to be in this rut of not finding anything. I am too big of a fan of DC I guess.
  12. I will be checking some wal-marts this week. I am buying for friends as well. If I come across them in abundance i will try to hook some people up on here. Just keep in mind I need to get figures for my friends first.
  13. I hit the Target in Germantown today and picked up the only two I wanted from the first case. I called around to save myself some gas and the woman in Electronics found the case for me. I don't know if they put them out on the shelves, but I know they have a case there as of 2:30 this afternoon. I hit the Target on Winchester. I got a whole set and yes the quality control problem has returned. I had purchased both Batman figures, one for me and one for a friend. I opened mine to see that it had two right biceps..... I opened the other one to get a stuck joint that will most likely break soon...the one where the upper torso bends. If I ever figure out exactly how to post photos in forums i will show some pics lol
  14. How crazy people have gotten these days.....that is a major understatement.
  15. I just hope that wave 10 starts to hit the Memphis area in bulk soon. That would be nice.
  16. I am also in the Memphis area and the woman checked the comp to see if anyone in the area had the figures and no one did. Another employee did say to check on Monday because they are supposed to get a big shipment of things in. I guess be on the hunt on Monday....i will be checking it out later this morning.
  17. I almost would never insult anyone on a message board. This guy though....I just had let loose some steam. Anyhow, still nothing in the northern MS area. I am gonna try and go look again this weekend.
  18. I hope they break. I have words for that fellow but i do not want to get banned. 4 cases?! My God man....you sir are a (insert every known insult known to man here). I still have yet to find these but at least, like you all said, know what the case # is now. That should help a lot. 4 cases.... @grumpy@ @grumpy@ @pow@
  19. Thats the spirit and outlook to have!
  20. So far I have found no sign of Wave 10 in the Memphis,TN area. I was able to find wave 9 at a Target in my area. I am still lacking a black variant Wildcat and a human Mantis. I still have not found any Wave 8 figures at all at retail.
  21. Well nothing yet again. I am hoping to luck up on these soon. My enjoyment has also almost been destroyed by wave 9 and 10. I can always hit up Ebay or something for wave 8 or hopefully find them in a store. I have still not seen Wave 8 at all. I did luck up on Wave 9 at a Target a couple of days ago. I will report my findings the next time i get to go on a hunt.
  22. I will be hitting a few Wal-marts tonight to see if I find anything. I will let you all know if I find something.. I usually look in the Memphis,TN area including neighboring cities in MS.
  23. Man, I hope this wave hits in abundance. I also find it funny that they have announced a release week for the Public Enemies figures but will not for the Wave 10 figures. Maybe Wal-Mart will carry the figures online.
  24. Yay! I found me a set! I only lack Human Mantis and a Black costume version of Wildcat. I am sad that Black Canary cannot sidekick....still a great figure though! I found em here in MS at a Target. They only had one of each except for a couple of Deadshot and Black Adam figures.
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