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  1. Chazz, it was great to see you again, man. That goes for the rest of you fools too. I talked to Kevin today, and we agreed that we are already going through con withdraw. Miss you crazy kids already. At least this time the time between the cons is a little shorter. I'll have to get my tolerance back up by then; I didn't shake off my hangover until last night. I feel the same way about the 25th line and the future of GI Joe. I'm excited and can't wait too see what's down the road. I wish ya'll could have seen my rental car . . . in true PD Destro fashion they hooked me up with a gold Lincoln Town Car . . . yeeeeaaaaaa.
  2. The factory screwed up on the tooling of a few of the pieces. By the time they caught the problem, there wasn't time to have them redo the tools before the con. The jet-pack figures are beautiful
  3. GGPiKE

    Scouting Ahead

    Be careful - that bar is CRAZY expensive on mixed drinks ($8-9 dollars for a Jack 'n Coke) and they charge $5ish for a Budweiser. And go directly to the bar tender, I waited 25+ min for a Sweet Water when I was there for Dragon Con. Oh man, you're kidding! I can't stand places like that. Usually though, they're that expensive cause they're the only "place" around or nearby. I've shelled out more than 5 for a Bud so I can get past that. But hey, I'll pay out the a$$ for any kind of drink after I've waited in line for an hour and dropped a few hundred on toys @loll@
  4. GGPiKE

    Scouting Ahead

    So, we'll basically have a herd. Awesome. Let me know when you guys get in tomorrow. I'm probably going to go to the aquarium and civil war museum, but I'll be back to the hotel around 4:30 or so. I want to try and get in line by 5 or so in order to get through it quick. Skarapz should have my #. While waiting on people to finish up, they have a bar on the level right about the lobby level . . . it's kind of out in the open, good place to hang out for a bit too. Cause we all know beer = fun.
  5. GGPiKE

    Scouting Ahead

    What about the dinner plans . . . did anyone ever make a reservation? And when are we going, since everyone will be at different places in the line (unless we all got the green sheets . . . then we should be ok)
  6. GGPiKE

    Scouting Ahead

    Hahaha, hell yes! My ex girlfriend teaches 4th grade. Definitely hot for the teachers.
  7. GGPiKE

    Scouting Ahead

    Well, I arrived here a little early, planning on doing the touristy stuff tomorrow before everyone gets here. So I decided to take a little walk around and see where the convention is going to be held, get the layout of the hotel etc. I came away with this. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the hotel layout before registration. With the construction in the hotel, it is pretty easy to wonder around for 20 min constantly muttering "where t.f. am I?" Take advantage of the hotel staff, there are lots of them around to help you out. There are different sets of elevators for different sets of floors, separate elevators for the convention level the convention is on (international level) etc. I ended up not being able to find the elevator down to that level, and instead took the fire escape stairs, which you get to by going down one level from the lobby via an escalator. Trust me, you'll figure out the madness I'm talking about when you get here. Add to that some kind of elevator emergency at the Hyatt next door, and boy it's a circus. Neat thing though, is that a huge bulk of the aviation industry is here in Atlanta at various venues. Pratt and Whitney are meeting here. Love to talk to some of those guys! Also, they are having a teacher's convention at the Hyatt next door . . . so there are some foxy ladies around. @smilepunch@
  8. I think the long sleeves are well suited for this set, as the theme is specifically Joes in cold weather training. @smilepunch@ Giving it more thought though, the Nightstalkers don't particularly lend themselves to cold weather operations with their bdsm outfits. Or DO THEY?! @loll@
  9. Well, it's a tough call you made Kev. I know that the job thing is important to you . . . but I can't say I wasn't happy hearing that you're giving them the one finger salute and hoofing it over this side of the country. I guess I have to buy the second round then @smilepunch@
  10. Not to change the subject entirely, but what is the word on the helmets / gear for the Con set that you've been working on Alyosha? How do those of us that expressed interest pick it up, etc. I for one can say that my con set won't be complete without your additions!
  11. Can I at least get on the VIP list? Give Skarapz a black jacket, shades, and a headset and have him stand outside your door. Oh and a velvet rope, gotta have the velvet rope.
  12. Speaking of signing up for the con... We still have room available in our "room-block" that we've got of our own TNI-folk... So far it's Card, Skarapz, Chazz, CmdrinChief, myself, and Dakele +3 (silly family). The room set up so far is 4 rooms. We'll be dropping it down to three if we don't get another two people... Volunteers? -Kevin I got a room way away from you all . . . I heard Ryan sleep walks and tries to get in your bed and spoon while wearing his special Big Brawler jersey. @smilepunch@
  13. Ok, half and half . . .we'll compromise? @loll@
  14. You know, this looks like how they're going to release the original members of the Joe team, but just not quite hitting the mark. Now if these had been just the original 13, it would have been a home run and the perfect way to sell them. Oh well. From what some are saying on the other boards, the Wave 2 comic packs are going to be very worth the wait. Here's to hoping that is when Hasbro will start putting in the original 13.
  15. Yea, I like the Snake Eyes V1 enough to not mind a repaint. You're right they should have replaced the hands for Hawk at least. All the other ones in the 2 packs are much too similar to justify picking them up in my opinion. But having said that, I'll probably end up getting them anyway. Maybe I was one of those suckers born every minute.
  16. Wow, I love Hawk!!! . . . ok, pretty much only Hawk. http://www.hisstank.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1086
  17. Well, I really don't know if I made the super special 100 list. Makes me feel special to pretend, though. I can't even remember what the whole point of being the first 100 was. But we're GREEN and that's all that matters.
  18. I received mine on Friday as well. AND I made it into the "super special first 100 top secret classified list"
  19. If they just put the villain in jail, we all know that they would get paroled in 5 years for good behavior, jail overcrowding, or a corrupt/ idiotic judge or parole board . . . Or the villain would obviously have a team of evil lawyers that would get him off by a technicality, lack of evidence, say the villain should not be tried in a military court, or drag the case through appellate court for years. @smilepunch@
  20. That site tends to post alot of BS, so I wouldn't put a lot of stock on anything you read there. Well, I'm crossing my fingers that this particular piece of news isn't. Even if it is BS, I'm sure it's true to some degree. Those other scrips were VERY preliminary and movies go through all sorts of rewrites and drafts before the final story is realized. I'm familiar with the process, I'm just trying to make myself feel better as far as where the movie seems to be heading. Even on such a preliminary basis, any little bit of hopeful news helps assuage my fears!
  21. That site tends to post alot of BS, so I wouldn't put a lot of stock on anything you read there. Well, I'm crossing my fingers that this particular piece of news isn't. Though you said they post a lot of BS . . . is it usually completely made up stuff, or just rumors?
  22. You know, I always wondered about that. In '01 when I was in Alexandria, Egypt they had posters plastered everywhere for The Mummy Returns . . . so obviously they enjoyed the first movie enough to have fanfare for the second one. So the whole "Anti-American" thing doesn't seem to bother a lot of people when politics and talking heads aren't involved. Granted, there WAS an air of hatred or contempt I got from some people there, while other times I ran into people either taking or preparing to take the English and Civics test for US Citizenship and Immigration Services. So, the duality of of "I hate America, but where do I sign up to move there" is pretty evident. Granted, the film took place in Egypt, so it's understandable that there was fanfare for it, but the fact that the hero was "American" in his character shows that it doesn't bother them all that much.
  23. Whoa . . . um, yea. DTC body, cheap Italian restaurant tablecloth kilt, weird thigh/boot thing, strange jacket. Not too sure there is anything I really like about this figure. If it was RAH maybe I could roll with it, but no matter how much I try I cannot find anything good about it.
  24. It's the same as the newer star wars figures. Just take the head between your fingers and pull, and it will pop right off. Simple and easy. Nothing will break. The heads are designed to be popped on and off with ease without damaging anything.
  25. I'm happy with a majority of what they put out, i'll offer my thoughts though whether its bad or negative, i'm still glad they are putting out products. Personally i cant wait for this figure. FULL card art is up!!!
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