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  1. WOW 12" Joes by sideshow AND Nightcreeper appears. Amazing. I'm pretty psyched about this. Thanks to Brent I have a nice Medicom Star Wars collection and a Hot Toys Aliens collection. I'm not a big fan of Sideshow, but if they pull this off right, I'll be behind them 100%. Need to go change my pants now.
  2. That movie is older than most of the people I hang out at the con with... (Good movie though!) -Kevin Wow, I loved that movie when it came out! I guess Gary and I can count ourselves as "old men" then.
  3. Hey Don, I need to get in touch with you soon. Gary gave me your number tonight so I'll give you a call in the next few days regarding the logo stuff. No Prob, Throw me a PM if the number is a problem and i'll give you my cell. And Clam, yeah I think Chazz is right around that area, so he'll know all the night spots for us to attend. Yea . . . hopefully better than the night spots that were attended in Atlanta. Haha.
  4. Hey Don, I need to get in touch with you soon. Gary gave me your number tonight so I'll give you a call in the next few days regarding the logo stuff.
  5. Just got my newsletter in the mail today. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet by the 2008 GI Joe convention will be held in Dallas, TX June 26-29th!
  6. I saw wave 4 in one of the walmarts around here, and I got them. That is the only time I saw wave 4. Wave 5 I haven't seen here at all. But then again, the comic packs are just starting to hit here. Only wave 1 though.
  7. So is this wave out everywhere now? I haven't seen it at any of the WalMarts here in Charlotte. Target finally got the wv1 comic packs in last week for the first time. How long was it for ya'll in between Target and WalMart getting their comic packs? Still haven't seen wave 5 at all here either.
  8. Well, I ordered mine on the 29th, and received a confirmation of the order. Then, on the 31st I received a cancellation notice that read as follows: Dear George XXXXXXXX Thank you for your recent purchase from Toys"R"Us & Babies"R"Us! We would like to let you know that some or all of the items from your orderXXXXXXXXXXX are unavailable at this time, and we have cancelled from your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The following item(s) have been cancelled, and you will not be charged for them: Item Name: GI Joe Comic 2-Pack Scarlett and Hawk Model/Article: 5BCA1514 One Color Quantity: 1 @ $ 9.99 So, they were in stock, I ordered them, then they cancel them . . . this is beginning to feel like Amazon all over again! Luckily I stopped by Target this afternoon and the pegs were chock full of Comic Packs. So I was able to get what I wanted . . . but still, I'm a little perturbed that TRU did that. I mean, why put them as in stock if you don't have any? Maybe it was a glitch. I just hope this doesn't show a pattern. This happened with the comic packs pack on December 23rd or so when they first got them in. A few days later people were getting cancellation notices. So this has happened twice now with these.
  9. That's the same resolution I have, Joe wise. Complete the figures, and try to get a good number of the vehicles I'm missing. 08 Looks to be a great year for Joes!
  10. Well, so much for that. I ordered the comic pack on the 29th and today received an email saying that the order has been canceled. So this is the second time (it happened when people ordered the Hawk comic pack on the 23rd) that TRU has had the sets up on their site, took orders for it, and then canceled the order. That's a bunch of bs.
  11. Thanks Kevin, I got on that one. I'll give you a call today. Later. We both know that isn't true! You owe me bigtime for hooking you up with a Con set! (Or helping the parents!) I demand your children. -Kevin Let it be known!!! George did not keep his word! I recieved no phone call! -Kevin Yea for some reason my phone would not make any calls to Cali yesterday. So strange! ; )
  12. Thanks Kevin, I got on that one. I'll give you a call today. Later.
  13. To continue this topic, I was shocked to see in one of my Targets not one, not two, not ten, but 20 pegs FULL of Elite Force figures. Maybe they just put their entire stock out in hopes to get rid of it with the Christmas rush . . . but damn, that's about 140 - 160 figures. Whew. If only we could see that many Joes on the isles. Then everyone would complain in a couple months about all the pegwarmers not letting new product in... Haha, damn right about that. I was more or less reminiscing of when there were that many joes on the pegs and how cool it would be to see that again. You're right though. People would complain.
  14. To continue this topic, I was shocked to see in one of my Targets not one, not two, not ten, but 20 pegs FULL of Elite Force figures. Maybe they just put their entire stock out in hopes to get rid of it with the Christmas rush . . . but damn, that's about 140 - 160 figures. Whew. If only we could see that many Joes on the isles.
  15. Yeah, your mom called me right after the Convention. :-P Took us awhile, but we finally found one! Wires also got a little crossed on something else between them, but I'm sure it worked out. No Joes this year for me. Head over to the GD to find out the real score! -Kevin Yea, I think they like you better than me now.
  16. I had a wonderful Christmas! A big thank you to Kevin for helping my parents out in finding one of my Christmas gifts . . . The Crimson Strike Team Convention Set! I'm pretty much a happy camper right now! Oh and my Dad got an Smith and Wesson P&M-15. Rock on.
  17. I had these in my shopping cart at TRU.com yesterday and then last night, but decided I would just buy them this afternoon. Needless to say, they were all gone by the time I got home today. Somehow though, I never learn to get something right when I see it.
  18. Hell, that's ok with me too. I guess it's just sadness of the RAH going away for good. I just hope they don't replace it with JvC molds. It won't be nearly as bad If they go straight to 25th style.
  19. Per a topic going on at Joebattlelines. I guess I missed the news at the convention, but it was apparently said by GIJCC that it won't be long until they run out of molds and have to switch to JvC format. Now, maybe this was said before Hasbro decided to let GIJCC handle RAH (giving them the opportunity to use molds maybe they didn't know about or didn't have access to before?) Taking it at face value really makes me a little sad. If there isn't much left as far as using molds (though I don't mind repeats, as GIJCC will at least do those well) and they have to switch to JvC, I don't see much of a reason to have a membership. I will still go to the conventions, but not to get a convention set. Not to buy exclusives. GIJCC is the last bastion of RAH, and if that falls, there's not much left. I understand that these molds are old and all that. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but the news seems pretty glum.
  20. I talked to Neil about it at the convention, in regards to the annoyance we all experience when they keep changing the format / construction of the figures. He said that they would most likely stick with the 25th style for the foreseeable future and for the movie toys as well. Though not an outright confirmation, it's good enough for now.
  21. And the 25th "syle" will be carried through for the movie toys as well.
  22. I don't see how. The crotch didn't really hinder that much articulation to warrant a change. Not every line needs that much articulation especially if it can compromise the sculpt to a certain extent. Hahaha . . . not every line needs that much articulation? Except, you know, the line that STARTED the whole articulation evolution? I still don't see how this "compromises" the sculpt. The original RAH were similar in their construction as far as the crotch goes, except the crotch area was even thinner. I'm not too sure anyone ever complained about that. Again, if any action figure line needs as much articulation as possible, it's GI Joe. Not just because of its history, but also because these are touted to be the most articulated Joes ever. I have no patience for anyone thinking otherwise. It seems to me that if people think this, than they are either new to GI Joe or would rather collect statues. This isn't a dig at you, it's just the frustration I and many others feel who have been collecting GI Joe since we were little tikes feel when all of a sudden people start saying that articulation really doesn't matter as much as the way the figures look. The articulation is the essence of what GI Joe has always been, in both its 12" and 3 3/4" incarnations. It's like telling a Ferrari owner that the engine isn't as important as the look of the car body. Yes, to some the look of the car is important, but those aren't the kind of people who really appreciate everything a Ferrari is, or truly appreciate any car for that matter. Another thought. All the pictures that have been popping up . . . the focus is on the crotch, no matter what the picture depicts. So, you're always going to focus on it, and it's going to look off to you. If these had been the style from the beginning, this wouldn't be an issue. It's only an issue because you're focused on it, reading the debates and seeing it in the pictures. It's just like if someone says . . "Doesn't the word "______" sound weird, especially if you keep saying it?" Then you say it a bunch of times and it does start to sound weird.
  23. TV Shows As the Crotch Turns Days of Our Crotches Amazing Crotch Crotch Hospital Lost In Crotch Rawcrotch (that old show Rawhide) 2 and a Half Crotches Gray's Crotch or Crotch Anatomy Family Crotch Crotcharama Movies: Whale Crotch or Crotch Rider Honey I Shrunk the Crotch My Big Fat Greek Crotch Crotchbiscuit Old Crotch Crotches of Our Fathers Blazing Crotches More Movies (Christmas Theme) It's a Wonderful Crotch The Crotch Who Stole Christmas A Crotch Story Seriously, this will get old soon, but I say ride this one out as long as we can . . . I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!
  24. Don't forget some of the latest movie releases: No Crotch for Old Men (or No Country For Old Crotches) The Golden Crotch Beocrotch Mr. Magorium's Crotch Emporium Into The Crotch Crotchspray Supercrotch See, those make me think of the wonderful shows we all used to watch . . . Saved By the Crotch, Thundercrotches, Double Crotch!, PeeWee's Crotch House (never watched that one though)
  25. CROTCHFEST 2007 For all the lovers and haters of crotches. Bring the whole family! Arts & Crotches A live band playing all your favorite crotch songs And All the crotch you can get your hands on! Kids Welcome! We've got crotch races, pin the tail on the crotch, and crotch ball ! And don't forget the headliner for the event! Crotch Debates! This years topics: Toy Companies Pulling the ol' Crotcheroo IT WILL BE CROTCHSATIONAL!! UNBECROTCHABLE!!
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