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  1. You're so wrong... The best was obviously the MARS set! Iron Anvil = The coolest thing EVER! Night-Iron Grenadiers = The second coolest thing! I've only got like 50 of each! -Kevin Bucket of v1 Eels is what I'm hoping for. I liked Tanks for the Memories for the Joes, really didn't like the Night Stalkers. (non fitting helmets, oversized weapons, constantly bent over). The Joes, though, were top notch. I have to agree with Kevin on the best set. Loved the MARS set. Hopefully they'll pump out a set that's equally as impressive this year. I don't know what molds they have left that we haven't seen in a while yet . . I'm really hoping though, that due to the resurgence of the brand, Hasbro will put the extra effort into finding molds that are "lost" or put in the money to make some new molds for the older characters. Who knows. I can't wait to get word on the set! Here's hoping for v1 Eels!!!! (Pic of rare Ghetto Eels) @hmmm@
  2. Wow. That is a GREAT idea. It could be like our own little shrine. Maybe we can leave offerings . . . though I guess it might be better to call them droppings, though.
  3. i believe he is referring to the crows in this press photo. After all, I predicted that it'd be awesome if we got a radioactive Snake Eyes. So everyone who said we wouldn't (which is no one, since no one was on the phone when Admiral Hunter and I were talking about that awesome possibility) can eat dead polar bears.
  4. The set includes Radiation Snake-Eyes, Baroness, Stalker w/ Jump, and Cobra Trooper. What you can see if you look at the package REAL closely is the two crows and Timber. The mail-in is the Polar Bear. -Kevin @loll@ Don't forget the upcoming Iceberg and Killer Whale set, with mail-in Arctic Boar with Snowboard. You are gonna kill me. I'm gonna go break with all these! DAMN YOU HASBRO! -Kevin aaahahahahahaha @loll@ Thanks man, I just came close to shooting beer out of my nose.
  5. The set includes Radiation Snake-Eyes, Baroness, Stalker w/ Jump, and Cobra Trooper. What you can see if you look at the package REAL closely is the two crows and Timber. The mail-in is the Polar Bear. -Kevin @loll@ Don't forget the upcoming Iceberg and Killer Whale set, with mail-in Arctic Boar with Snowboard.
  6. Wait, and correct me if I'm dumb, but are they saying that the DTC HISS that was shown at Toy Fair is not whats going to be released? Instead they're releasing the old RAH HISS? On top of the Target HISS release?
  7. That comes with a later repaint... What's wrong with you? -Kevin When he throws it in the fire it looks like he's throwing a gigantic piece of crap that is glowing with radiation. So . . . you also think a glowing piece of crap should be included in the set as well? Oh and I'm working on the Killer Whale / Iceberg set. Great idea.
  8. The Main picture has been updated!! New addition to the exclusive! Yes, that's right. It's the Polar Bear that attacked Timber in the background. It's not your imagination. . . . . . . . . . . . The mail in offer is also not your imagination . . . or IS it?! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . INTRODUCING
  9. Yea . .. you caught me. I have really never seen GI Joe in my life. That's a thermos of liquor he's holding, right? @hmmm@
  10. NEW! RADIATING SNAKE EYES PLAY SET!!! Includes Snake Eyes Timber w/ rolling over action 2 x Crows *Special Mail In Offer All with low level radiation ACTION! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . way too much time on my hands on a Sunday. AdmiralHunter and I were wondering what other figure they would include with the Mass Device playset. I commented that it would be hilarious if they included a radiating snake eyes with glowing action . . . seriously, it was a joke. Then Hasbro blew me away. God bless them.
  11. Say it while you can. Movie coming I keep thinking this same exact thing. Everything has been great so far, but with the upcoming movie, all of this rehashing of 80's stuff is probably gonna go by the wayside, and we'll start getting crappy movie figures. We should start a petition to stop the production of this movie! @hmmm@ Gi Joe was never meant to become a live-action film when are they going to get it!?! One could say the same thing about Transformers. The huge, multi-million dollar franchise Transformers movie @smilepunch@ GI Joe could get the coolest movie ever and people would still complain about it. Fans are just never pleased. Yeah, but movie figures are almost always terrible..........I don't know why its like that but movie figures are usually far lower in every category compared to regular figures IMO.....its almost like Hasbro is buttering us up for the onslaught of movie crap that will come out and peg-warm all over the place like every other movie figure. (with an exception of Transformers this past year) I'm still open to the movie.....but I never usually buy movie figures. but if they are using the same designs or what not, then why the hell would they such in any way shape or form I really do think there is no pleasing people, which its cool everyone has their own opinion, but saying stuff is gonna suck before we see anything is really stupid In my opinion. For once I'm going to agree with SKARAPZ @smilepunch@ (I kid, I kid) He's right, though. The movie figures will be the same style / construction as the current 25th. There will probably be other scales too, but the bread and butter of GI Joe is the 3 3/4. So there will not be any goofy changes to that. There might be some figures that are not what we're used to, but they will be most likely in a different scale, etc. I don't think they're going to go in and mess up what is working very very well for them now, anyway.
  12. Saw this over at Hisstank . . . Now, I don't know about any of you all, but I wasn't really thrilled to hear about "neo vipers" and "sigma suits." Hopefully I'm jumping the gun, and these are just test shots jumbled together to give some eye candy to the toy fair display, but what do you all think about this? I'd really cringe if they start talking about Sigma suits. Though neo vipers have been mentioned before in relation to the movie, I really hope they're not in there. At least not in the first film. I guess I just have mixed feelings on this. The mention of the Night Raven is nice. But what's with the inclusion of High-Tech? Oh well. . . I'm going to try and not look too much into this.
  13. Sorry to say, but anyone who had ANY faith in that rumor is a little misguided... How many times have we heard the no big playsets-comment? We'll get TWO big playsets to go with the movie, if they're in the movie... some Cobra base, and GIJOE HQ. -Kevin Yea, I missed that rumor. Maybe after the movie in 09 they might think about releasing it if the movie does well. But I'd have a hard time believing they'd do it beforehand. Hey Kev, how was dinner?
  14. Yes! Im so glad we get a first look (no offense). We actually GET the MASS Device. AND the weather dominator. Beautiful.
  15. It's the Aliens EVAC fighter. I'm going to have to pick one of these up soon and do the same thing. I can only hope that Hasbro would release AVAC for the 25th line.
  16. Having a mild hangover and reading that made me worry that I lost a lot of brain cells last night. @smilepunch@
  17. I got my wave 6 from BBTS in today as well . . . (CC, Torpedo, SE, and R&R.) Torpedo I was so excited about, as he was one of my favorite characters when I was little that they just never got right in figure form. Meaning I could never really have Torpedo to play with. Now I can! This figure is great, from head to toe. The removable mask is perfect, even has a little bit of magnification effect that a real mask has. Backpack with removable oxygen tanks was a very nice touch. Flippers that have pegholes for a stand is another plus. Just a beautiful rendition of the figure. I love it. Cobra Commander was a very big surprise for me. I was pretty much lukewarm on the figure, just as I was with the original RAH one. But wow, this blew me away. The figure seems to be a more solid than some of the other figures in the line. Everything just works with it. The oversized backpack does indeed make the suit more menacing, and the helmet is a work of art. Combined with the mask he's wearing, it almost gives it a feeling that the inside of the helmet would be some kind of cushy but firm material for maximum comfort when he wears it. Ok, maybe I'm looking too much into it. But is just looks substantial. R&R - I'm actually pretty disappointed with the figure. The Duke/ Flint arms just ruin the whole thing. It's not something I'm being really picky over, they just seem to detract from the overall feel of the figure. Not to mention they look kind of goofy. So, imagining that R&R has no arms, the rest of figure is pretty decent. I love the headsculpt, band-o-bullets looks good, the gun's a little too much but hell I'll buy it. Overall, if they just chopped the arms off, it'd be a good figure.
  18. Stalkers and Shipwrecks? I could have sworn it was Cobra Troopers I sent you @smilepunch@ I'm right there with you. I have gotten almost sick of spending time and money driving everywhere to try and find the figures. BBTS has become my new best friend. Even though I have 3 Walmarts and 5 Targets to choose from, I can't spend my whole day driving to each one. And, like JAYC said, you literally have to be there when they open the case. If you miss it by 10 - 20 min, the Joes are gone.
  19. I wish this was in Colorado, but the original poster is in Austin, TX, taken this past Saturday. Lol, I was about to say, where the hell in CO is this, because up in Denver its tumbleweeds and one or two Shipwrecks. Although we are at least caught up here in CO, if you can find them that is. Which is better then Castle Rock, weve had absolutly nothing at walmart for about 4 weeks, total empty pegs for joes. But in their defence, it is probally the worst toy department ever, half the isles are always empty. I see the stock come in on the pallets but they take them to the back and then, poof, all gone. At least until somthing goes clearance, then they unload the stockrooms, 9 months after the stuff should have hit...lol. So im guessing around next sept I should see wave 2 and 3 joes at my walmart. Haha, Tumbleweeds and Shipwrecks. I'm picturing an old abandoned desert town with tumbleweeds and faded MOC and loose Shipwrecks blowing down the street.
  20. I found those as well. Walked into one of the Wal-Marts here and found 4 filled rows of GI Joe. I counted about 13 or 14 cobra troopers and 7 officers. I grabbed 6 troopers and 1 officer. When I went back the next day the rest were cleared out. Unfortunately, it looks like I missed the wave 3 comic packs there. I thought maybe they hadn't put them out until I went home and saw about 8 crimson twins on ebay from a seller a few miles away. Guess I know what happened to those comic packs.
  21. Doc, I wish it would snow again down here in North Carolina. On the one day it did snow here this winter, we had 6 hours of snow and NO accumulation I miss living in CT in the winter Yea, that was HORRIBLE! I couldn't believe how much snow came down in those 6 hours and NONE of it stuck. It was like some cruel joke. We would have had, what, 3 or 5 inches if it had stuck? Maybe we'll get some more towards the end of February or beginning of March.
  22. and it only took about 10 minutes to read @joker@ Put yer feet up, sip a cold drink, and its not so baaaaad.... It was beautiful. Even more so with the aforementioned cold drink. I've never delved into the cinematic psychology, but it makes a lot of sense (obviously.) Great way of explaining Transformers etc, in terms of the translation between cartoons / print media and live action film. The extra detail and "other worldly" appearance gave the audience a sense that the TF's were not from this world. If they'd looked like robots that we are used to seeing or ones that draw from current technology / design the point wouldn't have been as strong. Plus, if they had kept the cartoon/print design we'd have a Transformers movie that would look like the old, really bad, Japanese robot films. Ha! Maybe the lack of hairspray in the current series bothers some people @hmmm@
  23. I don't know, I'm looking forward to seeing a movie about GI Joe and Cobra . . . not a movie about Bin Laden or terrorism. For that matter, why was The Kingdom so successful? Why was the Borne Trilogy so successful? It's not so much the topic that people do or don't want to see, as it is the execution and the story. If the story is good, the movie could be about my sock drawer people would go see it.
  24. I think hell just froze over, I agree with Arrow on this one. As a consumer the only power we have is our money. That’s it, our opinions count ever so little. As large studios, toy companies and comic lines will simple suck up the losses and move on to the next product. And really, that makes perfect sense, most people don’t know anything about what their complaining about. Now if you don’t like something, that’s well and fine, but get some insight on what you’re complaining about in the first place. But don’t pretend that you could do any better, until you actually can that is. Add to the fact that we really have no idea what, if any, changes will make it into the final film. How can everybody just go off on something that hasn’t even been filmed yet? I mean come on; complaining about something that doesn’t yet exist is insane. How do we know the whole ripcord thing isn’t a red hearing? We don’t, and companies love to do that these days. They throw us off the trail until the end. Until we see some actual footage I am staying out of this. Even then, their not going to change the film for a bunch of middle age fan boys, we aren’t the market their trying to grab. For every Joe 'fan' that boycotts the movie 10 little kids will be in line with their dads. Really this movie isn’t for us; it’s for the kids, same as the toys that I am sure everybody will #$#@# about will be. And who knows, we might all be pleasantly surprised and the film could turn out to be a fun little diversion. I agree with both of you on this. Arrow, didn't know you were in the industry. Card and I are both designers, I think Don's been at it a little bit longer than I have. I also have a background in film (albeit documentary) and worked in the production dept at NatGeo. The production process, however, is very similar for most aspects of creative work, and I know the choices and decisions that go into a film. Arrow, you're exactly on the money when you said to look at and learn why the writers / producers / directors make the choices they do. They need to re-envision things . . . it, like you said, is at the core of the creative process. I'm kind of with Card on this one. Though I'm not terribly active on the board, I do read nearly everything, and most of the time haven't really agreed with with things you've said. But I had to come and in and say something about this because you've really captured, in a snapshot, what the fans vs hollywood thing looks like when the b.s. is stripped away. THANK YOU.
  25. They'll be around $55. Not bad considering the really good 1/6 (Hot Toys and Medicom) go for about $150-$200. I'd much rather Hot Toys get the license though . . . more expensive, but I'd rather get Joes from a company that produces this: http://www.toys2.net/product.php?productid...=112&page=1
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