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  1. I rarely see series one on the shelves anymore.


    Series 2 was a flash in the pan and I am hoping that they re-release it. I would love to get a Jason Rusch Firestorm.


    Series 3 was an absolute #$#@# to find and complete. I completed it and even found the chase figures before finding the standard figs. Solomon Grundy just got assembled this week.


    Series 4 I got lucky and found one day when walking into a store. After finding them that first day, I never saw them again. I really can't complain ... I know some have yet to come across them at all. I would still like to find Artemis.


    Series 5 has hit and it is a Wal Mart Exclusive? So many scalpers work in the toy departments at the Wally Worlds in this city. These are going to be an absolute #$#@# to find.


    I do remember dealing with the Walmart exclusive series for the Marvel Legends. That was an awful mess. Once Marvel Legends started doing that ... I quit collecting them. They also had problems shipping their product. This discouraged so many people that I knew and noone wanted to collect as a result.


    Series 6 is projected to start shipping at the beginning of December and with so many waves hitting, how long before other collectors start to truly get pissed? How many people are falling behind with their collections?


    My brother and myself will be out scouring stores over the next few months. I have been looking for figs for people already and have yet to find anything. I will keep my eye out.


    I will share this little piece of hope. Back in 2002 or 2003, Mattel shipped an over abundance of Masters of the Universe figs to Wal Mart stores. Several series of figs ended up on their end caps. I would encourage you to be on the look out over the next few weeks. They might repeat the pattern. This would explain why so many other stores aren't receiving the product in mass. Perhaps wal mart has been requesting a lot of it.


    For those of you who have found the figs, what type of walmart was it? Was it a super center that is open 24 hours a day or was it a standard store that doesn't operate 24 hours a day.


    So far, I think the DCUC figs have only found shelf space at the super centers.


    Well, I just finished my starbucks and the 3 shots of espresso have kicked in.


    Time to hunt ... wish me luck and I will be keeping an eye out .

  2. I got really lucky one day and found all of wave 4. Ever since that day, I haven't been able to find anything. Wave 2 through 4 have been impossible to come by.


    Granted, the only figure that I am missing is a masked Deathstroke, but I am thinking that it will be easier if I just go on ebay for him. I am wasting so much gas.


    I would love to find an Artemis as well.


    Columbus , OH seems to be getting absolutely nothing from Mattel currently.


    This next weekend I will be out in full force looking but I am not expecting much.


    I am also concerned about the WalMart wave. There are collectors that work at a few of the Walmarts here and they fish through cases while stocking shelves and then you see them at the toy shows selling what they have pulled from the cases.


    Mattel had said that they fixed their shipping problems but after reading all of these different threads, I am wondering how long it will take before we notice a change. Wave 1 was so easy to find and that was wonderful. I am hoping that they get it together and start really shipping the other waves.


    Part of the reason I quit collecting Marvel Legends is because I could never find them.


    For those of you that have messaged me and asked me to keep an eye out for you , I am doing my best.


    Here's hoping.

  3. No doubt, they are re-using parts from one figure to the next. Look at Dr. Impossible's cape and Mr. Miracle's cape. They are exactly the same.


    The most important thing is that the figures look great regardless.


    For me, as a DC Comics fan, this is a dream come true. The figs have been awesome and they remind me of when I had the Super Powers figs or even the Mego figures.


    I just hope that they keep them coming.


    The 2 packs look great too. Some of those figs I already have but would buy them again just to open them. I just hope that we get Doomsday as a Collect and Connect Fig.

  4. Collecting in Central Ohio is slowing down.


    I have been out trying to find figs for people posting on the board and I ain't finding squat. There are a bunch of empty pegs in stores.


    The craziest thing is finding the Red Hulk Marvel Legends Series at Target ... To be honest, I am totally not interested ... I am actually getting rid of Marvel Legends Variants on Ebay now to afford my DCUC habit.


    To top it off ... POWER IS OUT EVERYWHERE ... Stores have been shut down due to the remnants of Hurricane Ike and winds reached in excess of 75mph. Currently I am without power ... had to drive to my parents house 1 hour away to do laundry.


    I will get back out and start hunting as soon as I can. I am keeping an eye out for all waves. If you have made a request and you find it yourself ... please message me and tell me. I don't want to pick up something that noone wants.


    Happy hunting ... time to drive back to my powerless house.

  5. FINALLY found them at Wal-mart. Target hasn't had jack. I picked up Hal, Sinestro Corps S., regular Deathstroke and Robin.


    Start checking your Wal-marts. ;)


    Went out because of your post yesterday and didn't find jack!!! I mainly stayed in my area, San Marcos and South Austin!! All I saw where they actually had pegs for em, were wave 1!!! @grumpy@

    I went out after I found all of Wave 4 ... there are empty pegs all over the area.


    On the bright side, for all of you Marvel Legends collectors, I have had numerous sightings of the Red Hulk line and Marvel Legends 2 packs.


    If only I collected Marvel Legends still ... I am thinking of selling off some of my Marvel Legends Variants. I am going to go all out on DC ... mostly because those are the comic books that I read.

  6. For you guys that have wave 4 in your area, but are having trouble getting wave 3, howzabout we help each other out. I've got Nightwing and a masked Deathstroke, and can probably get others at the SuperTarget in town. While I want all of wave 4, the ones I want the most are Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Ares. Don't make me beg. @lol@

    I am keeping an eye out and I need the masked Deathstroke ... let's see what we can do.

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen it is true ... Wave 4 is out.


    I live in the Columbus, Ohio area and have found the entirety of Wave 4.


    Unfortunately I have come across no variants but the figs look great.


    Meijer stores seem to be your best bet for this series. They have also been stock Waves 2 and 3 at the same time. Hal Jordan seems to be in abundance and I will try to post pics of the series later on.



    As always, if anyone needs help, let me know.


    Oh and as for packing ... I think Batman Beyond is packed 2 per case with the rest of the figs being packed 1 per case.


    Happy Hunting!

  8. Just to update you on Mattel ...


    They released a ton of info from the San Diego Comic Con


    There was considerable problems with their shipping of Wave 2 and they decided to start taking care of it themselves.


    Wave 2 is slowly getting out there and I have found evidence of that today ... unfortunately it has been Black Manta and the Red and Blue Superman ... I personally like all those figs but it will take time to start really stocking the product. As the holidays get closer , I imagine that they will be easier to find.


    Wave 3 is also out ... Green Lanterns are popping up and I have found a regular Sinestro today while out and about.


    Wave 4 is out and I just picked that line up today. I have yet to find any variants, but the line looks great.


    Mattel admitted to having problems with their shipping and there was a minor re-call ... now they are back on task and expect for the product to start popping up all over the place.


    I did find a majority of my figs at Target stores ... but Meijer stores in the midwest seem to be stocking Waves 2,3 and 4 simultaneously .


    If anyone needs help , let me know. I would be more than happy to keep an eye out for you guys and no, I wont be marking up figs. I just hate scalpers and I hate it when I like a line so much but can't find it.

  9. I just had the same luck ...



    I walked into a Meijer store in the Central Ohio area and found Wave 4.


    I didn't get any of the variants but I do have all 5 figs.


    The stand out figs for me .... hmmmm


    ARES is awesome. The sculpting and detail are beautiful.


    CYBORG looks great!


    WONDER WOMAN is a beautiful figure as well.


    I am not saying that Batman Beyond or Captain Atom are bad, but they don't shine like the others but they are still cool figs.


    Happy hunting to all.


    By the way, when I left, there was still a Batman Beyond and a few Green Lanterns on the shelf.


    This would be the Meijer in the Westerville area.


    Good luck to all!

  10. This seriously has to be the most depressing launch of a toy I've ever been witness to. After wave 1... it's like a 1 shipment run for the entire NW #WTF#


    I'm this close [ ] to giving up on the line. There's just no enjoyment of having 6 figs out of 3 waves...



    Give it time. Mattel had some problems with their shipping. They brought a lot of it in house and now they are trying to make up for lost time. The figures will get out there.


    The only problem is that you are going to have to shell out money for both series 2 and 3 at the same time and series 4 will be quickly on it's heels.


    Over the next few months, count on doing some hunting.


    Also , keep in mind that Mattel did a minor recall because they weren't happy with the quality of some of their products. They recalled and tried to fix some of the problems.

  11. If anyone needs help tracking anything down, let me know. I can make a list and the only thing I would ever charge is the actual shipping cost and the price of the figure. If you are in Central Ohio I could just meet you and drop the fig off.


    I need help picking up Series 2....haven't seen them at ALL. I'm looking for classic Aquaman and Firestorm, if you could help me out that would be great :). Thanks!

    The Series 2 figs that I have been running into have been Black Manta and the Red and Blue Superman. I will keep my eyes open for the others.

  12. When it comes to finding the figures, time of day is everything and honestly, Target is not stocking their toy shelves in the mornings ... at least not that I have seen.


    I walked into a Target at 5pm and found a majority of Series 3.


    For some reason, it just pays off to go later in the day.


    Series 2 was the same way.



    If anyone needs help tracking anything down, let me know. I can make a list and the only thing I would ever charge is the actual shipping cost and the price of the figure. If you are in Central Ohio I could just meet you and drop the fig off.


    oh and as for my finds ...

    I have all of series 1 with the exception of the Red Tornado Variant.


    From series 2 I have all of the standard figures and Gorilla Grodd is AWESOME ! I have yet to find the Jason Rusch Firestorm which kind of upsets me.


    From series 3 I am missing 1 figure and that is the Deathstroke masked figure. I found both variants and they look WONDERFUL. Sinestro in the "Yellow and Black Attack" is awesome!


    I have to add one more piece to Grundy and he is looking to be the same size as Lobo.


    From series 3, the biggest let down is Sinestro. He still looks cool and he has his power battery and the articulation is fine but I just wish he were a bit bigger.


    Happy hunting to all!


    Oh and personal favorite figures from the Mattel lines so far ... Azrael and Steel. When Azrael gets re-released, pick him up.

  13. I am here in Central Ohio and on a fluke chance, I ran into the non-variant Sinestro in a Wal-Mart.


    Of course I picked it up because I have this undeniable need to build Solomon Grundy.


    The hunt began after that. I went to Target store after Target store and upon walking into one I found 3 Hals ( I only picked up one ) . I also found Robin, Nightwing, Variant Sinestro and Variant Deathstroke. I had to buy all of them.


    I got home and opened everything but the variants. I did not get the big hand Robin and Nightwing is AWESOME !


    To be honest, the Sinestro figure was the let down. He is so much smaller than the other figures. He still looks cool. All I need is one more piece for Grundy and I am hoping to find the masked version of Deathstroke soon.


    Also, I just recently decided to open series 1 and put together my Metamorpho ... is anyone else having problems with one of his legs staying attached?


    Oh and I did get my Lobo figure. The Lobo figure and the Grundy fig are about the same size. For those of you that don't know ... that means they are HUGE !


    If anyone needs help finding anything, let me know ... I would be glad to help.


    Oh and when it comes to Walmart ... You really have to search for the figures. They have never stocked them next to the Batman figs in the Central Ohio area. Many Target stores aren't stocking anything currently even when they have sold out of series 1 and Toys R Us is starting to get both series 2 and series 3 in stock. Walmart is getting bother series in as well.


    The Hal Jordan figure is a point of interest for some on this forum ... just to let you all know , he is perfect. The power battery is awesome. The figure is put together well and he looks great standing next to all of the other figs. I just hope we get a Black Canary, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and perhaps a Collect and Connect Kilowog. Oh wouldn't life be grand?

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