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  1. Someone found me the figures I needed.


    I can't believe it. I actually have Wave 10!


    At long last I put Imperiex together and for some reason , his head is really loose! Anyone else have this problem?


    During lunch I ventured into Target to buy dog food and found Silver Banshee and Icicle.


    Today has been amazingly productive.




    Beast Boy

    Batman (Black)


    CNC Imperiex


    Silver Banshee




    It almost makes me happy that I had been waking up at the butt crack of dawn to go hunting. Something good came of it even if I wasn't the one who found them.


    It will also make me happy to go back to pre-ordering the figs!






    I am still going to be hunting for the few guys I have networked with. I will keep everyone posted.


    Also, still trying to figure out how to make a menorah out of Firestorm figures!

  2. Ladies and Gentleman, I have had yet another fruitless day of searching.


    My mind is going so crazy that I am thinking of buying all of the Captain Colds and creating Christmas Decorations out of them. Everyone in my family is getting one.


    I will just add a little metal attachment to the head and a hook and it will be the greatest Christmas decoration of all time.


    There are Walmarts in the area that have no DCUC on the shelves. Target is stocked. ToysRUs is stocked as well but WalMart is absolutely barren.


    I am going to agree with the above post. I really think that it is WalMarts problem and not Mattel.


    One WalMart employee told me that they had ordered the wave but the distribution center hasn't sent them anything yet. I was told that they had been waiting for quite some time.



    Hmmm ... Maybe I can make a Menorah out of all the Firestorm figures?

  3. While searching for figs, I frequently price packaging products and plastic bins. Sterilite is one , but I recommend getting bubble wrap for the bottoms of them to prevent the container from denting the cards.


    If I find a good deal, I buy them.


    Perhaps the best time to buy the containers is after the holidays. At Target they always have these red and green bins that get clearanced the day after Christmas. Buy those.


    Cardboard boxes can get damp and have been known to attract bugs and if there are mice in the house, they will chew through them.


    Seriously, check Targets prices on them. Sometimes they get marked way down.


    Another thought is to buy some packing materials to put over the blister of the package, it can prevent them from being scuffed.

  4. I never saw wave 8 at all so I didn't get any from the series.



    How hard has it been for people to find Wave 8 and Wave 9?


    Wave 8 is still popping up in my area as is Wave 9.



    Are we all in agreement that wave 7 is no longer needed by any collector?

  5. Here in Ohio, I had the chance to talk with a WalMart employee just the other day concerning these figures.


    In asking her if they had any DC Universe Classics, she informed me that several people have been asking and that they have them on order but have yet to receive anything. Keep in mind that they have absolutely nothing on the shelf.


    At another Walmart, they have a single figure in stock and that is it.


    Searching far and wide for these things and it isn't easy at all to track them down.


    Also keep in mind that the holiday season is right around the corner and a majority of the stores still have to do re-sets in preparation.


    So, hang in there and be patient.


    I have only scored 2 of these figures so far and they look great.


    Another thing to keep in mind is the underproduced Waves 8 and 9. Maybe they were so underproduced due to the Wave 10 demands. I will assume the best until the first of the year. At which point I will be hitting up ebay for the figs.

  6. Got manbat, forager, beast boy, batman, and powergirl from a friend in wichita, kansas


    now just need to get joker and robotman



    I have scored both Power Girl and Joker.


    Joker is AWESOME! Power Girl is pretty cool as well.


    So, now I just have to track down Robot Man, Beast Boy, Forager and Man-Bat

  7. If you are reading on BBTS, the estimated arrival date for Wave 11 is October.


    All of the pre-orders are sold out at this time.



    My thoughts are to expect them at the beginning of November as well.


    There is no way that Mattel is going to send exclusive product to both WalMart and Target and not have something for their other retailers this holiday season.


    Count on Wave 11 in November and I do mean very early November.

  8. I am in Ohio and have been searching for the past couple of weeks and hitting stores every night.


    My brother is doing the same thing and neither have come close to finding them. We have inspected palette after palette and walked into Wal Mart stores where there is no DCUC on the shelves and there is none being stocked. This is starting to get discouraging.


    At one of the stores we know there is a scalper ( she stocks the toy department and often times never puts things like DCUC or even Hot Wheels on the shelf and takes them for herself and then sells them at toy shows. )


    If I don't get this wave I will be rather disappointed. Why buy the other Doom Patrol characters if I can't have Robotman? Why buy any of the Titans if I can't get BeastBoy? Why buy another Batman fig if I can't get ManBat or Joker?


    It is my hope that these will be easier to find in the next week or so.


    Anyone else in Ohio having any luck?

  9. I've only spotted one Wave 8 figure in the wild here in Northeast Ohio. It was a Gentleman Ghost about a month or two ago at the Target in Parma, OH.


    Ever since then I've seen nothing locally.


    Closest Wave 9 has made it to me is Fairlawn Toys R Us. I have a friend that works that who was witness to some so-and-so buying the entire case the day they arrived.


    I managed to snag a Deadshot and Vigilante in Columbus this past weekend at Meijer's; but these were the only figures in their respective waves at the two locations I went to. @hmmm@


    I want to give Mattel my money; but they're not making it easy. I wanted the Giganta wave, but noooo - now we're two waves past that?


    What elder gods do I need to sacrifice a goat to in order to get these figures in my area?



    are you in Columbus, OH ... if so I think I can help track stuff. I have wave 8 and 9 already and can point you in a few good directions and I have an extra Black Canary but the package is dinged.

  10. Im in ohio. I am trying to build a ring of people to look out for each other for wave 10. so far i have spent almost all my toy funds in gas :(



    I am in Ohio as well and having no luck at all.


    What figures are you looking for and what part of Ohio are you in?

  11. The amount of store visits that I have done this week is insane.


    In one night alone I hit 7 stores and it paid off with a Green Arrow fig, but the case mix is a bit of a mystery.


    In one instance I came across a case that had both Mantis versions , and both Wildcat versions and a single Black Canary.


    In another instance I found the case that had 2 Green Arrows and 2 Black Canarys.


    My guess is that Mattel is shipping both waves simultaneously.


    Another interesting note, Wave 8 has totally disappeared. It was completely and totally possible to find it about 2 or 3 weeks ago but now it is GONE in my area.


    Also, has anyone been noticing a lot of Shazam figures popping up and do you think this might be due to the Superman/Batman movie?

    My guess is that they will try to capitalize off that film by releasing or re-releasing any figures that may make an appearance in that film.


    Mattel is on course to push as much product before the holidays as possible. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are in the holiday season. Christmas cards and decorations are appearing in stores and Walmart and ToysRUs are receiving trucks nightly.


    One last thing to consider ... WAVE 11 !


    BigBadToyStore is saying that it is slated to drop in October. If you don't believe me, go look at the site. You know, I am thinking that it will. Walmart will have new DCUC product and Target will have new DCUC product due to both stores receiving exclusives waves. What about the other stores out there? What about the various comic book shops and ToysRUs or the Meijer stores or even Kroger. These stores might get angry when they aren't receiving any new product to sell throughout the rest of the year. At this point, I really think we need to start a Wave 11 watch.


    Anyone else feeling the financial crunch?

  12. Went to 2 TRU, 1 Target, and 1 Walmart tonight, NAFT!!!


    Seriously, one TRU 2 weeks ago had a Captain Cold and Shazam, then today they had both figs and a Flash figure, where did the random 1 figure come from to be placed on the shelves.


    Couldn't go through the stock at Walmart, so if they even have DCUC, I wasn't able to get to them, the miserable old lady who works in toys and the bloated fat dude were talking in the back, how about stocking the shelves losers!!!!!!!!






    I believe that I can explain the random Flash figure. Ready?


    Tonight I went into a store that has had absolute no Wave 9 at all whatsoever. I was even there earlier today and there were no DCUC figures on the shelf. I just recently left that store and here is what they had on the shelf.

    2 Green Arrows, 2 Black Canarys, Flash, Wildcat variant and Vigilante.


    My guess is that the mysterious Flash character came from a case that had 2 Green Arrows and 2 Black Canarys.


    Still hate Mattel?



    Oh by the way, My search for Wave 9 has completed. It is now time to officially track down Wave 10!

  13. I am happy to announce that I have completed Wave 9!



    I even found Robot Mantis!


    In fact the hunt for wave 9 ended about 30 minutes ago. Walked into a store and found 2 Green Arrows and 2 Black Canarys.


    I picked up a Green Arrow and Black Canary for my brother and I bought a Green Arrow and Black Canary for myself.


    Weird thing about it though, other than those 2 figures they only had variant Wildcat, Flash and Vigilante. Hmmmm


    Earlier today that store had absolutely no figures at all.

  14. For the life of me, I can't find this wave and I have hit several WalMarts in the past week.



    On the bright side I have picked up Black Canary and Robot Mantis.


    This wave has me extremely nervous.

    what is you're user name from, i've heard it before



    It is my last name.

    you sir are badass

    Well Thank you.

  15. For the life of me, I can't find this wave and I have hit several WalMarts in the past week.



    On the bright side I have picked up Black Canary and Robot Mantis.


    This wave has me extremely nervous.

    what is you're user name from, i've heard it before



    It is my last name.

  16. For the life of me, I can't find this wave and I have hit several WalMarts in the past week.



    On the bright side I have picked up Black Canary and Robot Mantis.


    This wave has me extremely nervous.

  17. I think to understand the appeal of Superpowers, you really had to be a kid during that time.


    It seemed as though Superfriends was thee cartoon to watch and this allowed you to re-enact your favorite cartoon.


    To top it off, each figure had it's own action that it performed and there were some really awesome vehicles and playsets.


    Part of what made Superpowers so great is what also made Star Wars and GI Joe great as well. There were great characters with lots of ways to play.


    I loved the Star Wars line growing up but GI JOE might be my all time favorite. Those figures had great articulation with great accessories and fantastic vehicles. I knew little more than what the cards said and that was all I needed to know. Most of the time it was Snake Eyes VS. EVERYONE. LOL


    Overall Super Heroes have always had a greater appeal to me than Jedi and soldiers. There was a lot less stress involved.


    Other favorite lines included THUNDERCATS, TMNT and of course Masters of the Universe.

  18. The distribution problems and the screwing over the E-Tailers got have been horrendous, but those aside, DCUC's Wave 9 appears to have been the most popular and enthusiastically received waves yet in this line.


    Can Mattel do it again? Let's look at Wave 9's "blue print"...


    1. Heavy Hitter: Wave 9's Green Arrow showed us this slot doesn't always have to be Superman or Batman. DC has many A- list heroes although many of them such as Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman have been done already. A fw are still out there like the much-clamored for Martian Manhunter and Classic Robin. Mattel might also re-invoke the Green Lantern and Flash names by making Kyle Raynor or Wally West. We're already seeing Jon Stewart anchoring Wave 11. Mattel could also tap Earth 2 for Earth 2 Superman, Alan Scott and Jay Garrick.


    2. Popular Female Character: Black Canary filled this slot in Wave 9 and Mattel is running out of popular DC chicks but there are still a couple out there. We know Raven is coming and has been very popular in the recent fan's choice poll. Our JLA displays could also use a Zatanna and a Vixen. Huntress with a cool crossbow would also make for a popular choice. Liberty Belle and Jade also seem to pop up on many want lists.


    3. Popular Second Stringer: Everyone loved Wilcat. He was a much-demanded popular character with a cool look and a well-sculpted figure. Fortunately, DC's second string is still rich with possibilities. Elongated Man is still out there as are both Hourmen and the various Star Men. A few Titans such as Speedy and Aqualad might fill this bill too. Speaking of Speedy, a Red Arrow would probably be welcomed too.


    4. Wildcard Slot: This is the highly debatable anything goes slot that is a favorite of mine. Wave 9 gave us the Guardian. Wave 8 gave us the 80's Vigilante. Mattel has been so surprising here that this slot is almost impossible to predict. Could it go to Jonah Hex? What about Warlord?


    5. TWO Villains: Wave 9 gave us TWO very popular, much-demanded bad guys in Deadshot and Black Adam. Fortunately DC has no storage of arch-enemies to call on. Reverse Flash is always requested and so are many untapped Bat foes like Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, and Black Spider. Flash rogues Captain Boomerang, Trickster, and Weather Wizard often top want lists as well.


    6. Obligatory Fourth World Slot: Mantis occupied this position in Wave 9 and Steppenwolf has it in Wave 11. Beyond that, it looks like this slot will become the Metal Men/ Doom Patrol slot with Iron in Wave 12 and allegedly Negative Man in Wave 13. We still have a couple of Doom Patrollers to go through and many Metal Men to hold this position for waves to come. I also wouldn't mine if this turned into a Legion of Super Heroes position either!


    7. The C&C: Chemo may not have been on many want lists but he's been a very well received C&C. DC still has plenty of BIG characters to draw from ...even if some are more obscure than others. Surely Elastic-Girl is in our future and hopefully Colossal Boy is too. Big thugs like Arkillo and Blockbuster would make for popular choices too. Given the upcoming Darkseid, Mattel might want to revisit other past offerings like Doomsday, Bane, and Mongul.


    What say you?



    I think what is interesting about the heavy hitter concept is that DC is desperately trying to create new ones. Batman: The Brave and The Bold is definitely assisting. Don't you find it somewhat interesting that we have Gentleman Ghost, Deadman, the new Blue Beatle (rumored)and B'wanna Beast? All of these characters have made appearances in the new Batman cartoon. Jay Garrick really can't be far behind. IMO we should look to that cartoon to see what might be coming in the upcoming waves and my guess is that Kamandi won't be far behind maybe even Dr. Canus. DC is trying to push other figures to the head of the list. My guess is that Plastic Man is close (hopefully not an exclusive) G'Nort might even be close at hand as well as Guy Gardner.



    There are quite a few female characters that could be explored. Of course there is Donna Troy and Raven. Manitou Dawn, Cheetah, Artemis ( in something other than the WW costume )Vixen, Huntress, Talia, Vera Black, Enchantress, Poison Ivy, Magenta, Superwoman ( Maybe a Crime Syndicate team?) and we must have that Granny Goodness figure. LOL I really think they can go a good long time with the female characters. Personally, I am hoping for a Young Justice team and that provides us with Arrowette, Wonder Girl, Empress and Secret. If you want to round out the ShadowPact, throw in Nightshade.


    FOURTH WORLD or ...

    FEMALE FURIES ARE A MUST ... at the very least give us Lashina. But also consider that we have yet to see Metron and it would be nice to have a collect and connect Grayven. This would be great in a set with Jade and Kyle Rayner as GL or even ION. It really wouldn't be too difficult to give us some Forever People ... and a Black Racer would be quite awesome as well.


    It positively excites me that Doom Patrol figures are being made and it is my sincerest hope that we get The Chief as well. Add to that list Vox, Mento and Bumblebee and I will be ecstatic.


    Legion of Superheroes ... hmmm ... Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy are a must. Colossal Boy would be a great Collect and Connect and Blok might be a fun choice as well as Mon-El. Maybe we can also get a really well put together Braniac. I would love to have the a modern version.


    METAL MEN? YES ! Give us all of them.


    How about the supernatural heroes as well? We have Etrigan and we are getting Deadman and Spectre but give us Ragman and Enchantress and Detective Chimp. Let's dig deeper into the magical characters. What about Secret Six? We have Deadshot and Catman would be an easy adaptation of the existing body sculpt. Add to it Scandal Savage or Ragdoll. As for Bane ... hmmm ... a re-sculpt is in order and maybe even a C&C. Who should hold the final spot? Should it be a ReScuplted Parademon or Jeanette? Hmmm ... your guess is as good as mine and might make a good MattyCollector Figure.




    Now this is tough ... a good secondary character? Hmmm ... who could it be?

    Personally , I think this is where you throw a character like The Ray or Aztek or even Zauriel. I really have very few opinions on this one.




    Toyman, Manchester Black, Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, Anarky, Firefly, Killer Croc ( C&C ?), Effigy, Major Force, Crime Syndicate, Mr. Freeze, Red Lanterns, Black Lanterns, Black Hand, Larfleeze, Ninja Man Bats, Lady Shiva ... honestly, there are tons of villains to choose from.




    I think you are right with Jonah Hex. It is going to happen and not only does the character have a movie but he is also featured in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Wild Cards are usually characters that are totally out of left field somewhere. Maybe Kamandi belongs here. Maybe this is Where Bat-Mite goes or even Ace the Bathound or Krypto. Maybe even Beppo. LOL



    Please give us a Doomsday Collect and Connect. Do the same with Bane. You know , Granny Goodness would be a good choice here as well as Colossal Boy or Orca or Stompa. Killer Croc would suit this treatment and Mongul would as well. Elasti-Girl is appropriate along with Blockbuster. Congorilla would be a personal favorite here. Add in Ultra-Humanite and Grayven would be an awesome addition to the Kyle Rayner villains. Another great Rayner villain would be Oblivion.


    There is a large enough list of characters that Mattel could keep this line alive a long time and I am really hoping that they do.

  19. J'emm son of Saturn would be awesome as a figure and this would mean that J'onn wouldn't be too far behind.


    If you are going to make a figure, then you have to also provide some of his villains or supporting cast. Hopefully Martian Manhunter is taller than all of the other figs. He is supposed to be 7 feet tall.


    If they are to do a variant. One should come with Chocos and the other without. LOL



    If they do J'emm, how about doing Ma’alefa’ak or whatever his name is. Maybe we can get a Scorch figure or Heat Wave and a Collect and Connect Fernus.

  20. A really cool exclusive would be to do a bit of a tribute to Michael Turner.


    In the current run of Justice League of America, he did this really awesome cover with a ton of different Red Tornado style Androids. They were different colors. There was Red, Blue, Green Orange and Yellow.


    Use the modern mold for Red Tornado and Put the different colors on them and then donate proceeds to Cancer Research.


  21. damn some of you guys are funny...like every post is like me! me! me!....calm down guys if u want help u posted it already ok if someone can they will.....that desperate plea is what makes scammers come to these boards and make offers...and take advantage of u and in like blind desperation for the figures you guys fall for it.


    as people find them they will post if they have extras and what their terms will be.....till then calm down and be cool


    I am going to agree with JJ on this.


    Just be cool.


    If certain people hit the boards and see the desperation for these figs, they know they can jack the price up on you. Granted the price should increase when it comes to the re-sell market for people to get back what they paid.


    As of right now, I am out daily searching in my area and constantly on the look-out. I am even understanding the stocking methods of the various stores. My brother and myself are keeping a look-out for wave 9 and 10 and would be more than happy to trade or deal with anyone.


    We are having no luck finding product at this time and I can't guarantee anything, but if there is something that you can't find in your area and you would like for me to pick it up IF I SHOULD COME ACROSS IT, let me know.


    Also if you want to trade for older DC Direct figs, let me know and I think I have a link to some of my collection in my sig.






    I don't know if anyone remembers when the MASTERS of the UNIVERSE figs were released in 2002. Mattel and Walmart had some sort of deal going on at that time. What ended up happening is that WalMart received TONS of those figures and lots of them were very hard to find. Entire end-caps were filled with the stuff. It is my guess that lots of Wave 9 and 10 is going to hit Walmarts here in the next few weeks.


    ALSO keep in mind that the Superman/Batman:Public Enemies movie is released this week. Look for those figures too. Silver Banshee, Icicle, Black Lightning, Major Force and of course a SUPERMAN and BATMAN figure are included with a C&C Brimstone. Those should be TARGET exclusives.

  22. 5 down and 2 to go!


    My brother picked up Guardian, Deadshot and Black Adam for me.


    Today, but some amazing luck, I walked into a Target for dog food and found Wildcat (blue) and Mantis (standard version).


    I have driven hours and hours and spent tons in gasoline.


    So, I only need Black Canary and Green Arrow and then it will be time to search for Wave 10 and the Target Wave based off of the Public Enemies movie.


    btw Public Enemies gets released on Tuesday ... the figures can't be too far behind.


    Anyone else feeling the financial pinch?


    Oh and one last thing, if anyone has Green Arrow or Black Canary in package and might want to trade for some Older DC Direct stuff, just let me know. I can furnish you with a list.

  23. Negative Man - This figure I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on. One step closer to the Doom Patrol.

    Cheetah - I hope this figure looks as great as the DC Direct version. She just helps put together the rest of the Wonder Woman villains. It would be nice to get an Artemis in green and black.

    Donna Troy - I am kind of pushing for the black costume here.

    Superboy - It would be great to have the dated costume with the leather jacket and sunglasses. I would also love to have the T-shirt and jeans version and a Superboy Prime.

    Cyclotron - I am wondering how they are going to do this figure. There was an old DC character called Cyclotron and there was the SuperPowers version. I wonder which one we will get or will it be a re-imagine sculpt?

    Blue Beetle III - I think this figure is going to sell. The current Blue Beetle has made several appearances in the Batman: Brave and the Bold Cartoon. My hope is that they add some really cool accessories for this figure. I know I am buying it.

    Blue Devil - I really hope that this is the start of a series of paranormal characters. We have Dr. Fate, Spectre is coming out and maybe after Blue Devil we will get Ragman or Detective Chimp or Enchantress.


    C&C: Trigon - I could honestly care less about this one. But I will end up buying everything else.


    MY BIGGEST FEAR is that they will use Martian Manhunter in an exclusive wave or as an exclusive for Comic-Con. If they are going to do that, make it his modern costume and not his classic.

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